Andrew Simmons



Andrew Simmons, one of the most reliable farmers of Nora Township, was born in Albany County, N. Y., March l2, 1819. His parents two years later changed their residence to Cayuga County, where he was reared to man's estate, and became familiar with agricultural pursuits. He was married in Onondaga County, Jan. 8, 1840, to Miss Eliza Scofield, a native of that county, and born Dec. 6, 18l9.

Mr. and Mrs. Simmons after their marriage settled on a farm in Onondaga County, N. Y., where they. sojourned a period of ten years. Mr. Simmons now decided to seek his fortunes in the West, and in the year 1850 came to this county with his family. He settled in Nora Township, of which he has since been a resident. In New York State were born their two sons-Andrew A.. and Byron B., who are now residents of Jo Daviess County.

Mr. Simmons owns and occupies a farm 200 acres in extent, where be has effected modern improvements and constructed a most comfortable homestead. He has good buildings, plenty of shade and fruit trees, and all the other appliances calculated for the comfort and happiness of the family. He votes the straight Democratic ticket, and has held some of the local offices, among them that of Highway Commissioner. The quiet and unobtrusive citizen, be pursues the even tenor of his way, making very little stir in the world, but enjoying the esteem and confidence of all who know him.

Source: Portrait and Biographical Album of Jo Daviess Co., IL (1889)