Henry C. Hoy


Henry C. Hoy, farmer, actively engaged in his chosen calling on section 9, Berreman Township, has a valuable, highly improved farm of nearly 200 acres, which he has brought to a fine state of cultivation, making it one of the most desirable estates in this neighborhood. He was born in Centre County, Pa., Jan. 14, 1843. John George Hoy, father of our subject, was born in Brush Valley, Centre Co., Pa., in 1810. He was a farmer by occupation, and spent his entire life in his native county. He was a man widely respected and prominent in the denominational work connected with the German Reform Church, of which he was worthy and influential member. In the fall of 1862 he attended a church conference held in Gettysburg, and after the battle of Antietam, visited the scene of the conflict, and caught the camp-fever, with which he was stricken soon after his arrival at his home, and from which he never rallied. The maiden name of his wife was Susan Zeigler. She was born in Maryland, and when a child removed with her parents to Clinton, Pa., where her father died when she was eleven years old. Mrs. Zeigler subsequently removed with her family to Brush Valley, Pa., and lived there until seventy years of age, and then came to Jo Dayiess County, and spent her declining years with our subject, dying at the venerable age ninety-one years. She was a most estimable woman, and though an invalid the last seventeen years of her life bore her infirmities with patience and cheerfulness, sustained by the religious faith of the Lutheran Church of which she was a devoted member. To her and her husband were born twelve children, of whom nine grew to maturity, and six are now living: John, George S., Henry C., Josiah J., Sarah A., Mary Elizabeth, Margaret, Susan, and Emma. John, who resides on the old homestead in Centre County, Pa., married for his first wife Rebecca Yarick, who died leaving him eight children: William S., Jeremiah A., John N., George S., Calisca, Amanda, Mary, and Vietta. For his second wife he married the widow of thc Rev. Mr. Schoff, once a Methodist minister of Lycoming County, Pa., and they have one child, Harry. George, a farmer in Centre County, Pa., married Katie Ann Yarick, and of the eight children born to them the following are living: Samuel, Calisca, Angeline, Caroline, Melissa, Agnes. Josiah, a farmer in Centre County, Pa., married Sarah Yarick, and they have five children: Sarah married Allen Yarick, a retired farmer of Centre County, Pa. He is a prominent man in his county, and at one time held the office of County Treasurer. At the expiration of his term of office he engaged in the mercantile business. To him and his wife have been born the following daughters: Ellen, Susan, Vietta, Sankey, Kate, Minnie, and Olive. Ellen married Frank Wetzel, formerly a professor in the German Reform College in Stephenson County, Ill., and now a minister of the German Reformed Church in Northern Iowa, and they have two children. Susan married Jeremiah Wetzel, brother of Prof. Wetzel, a lawyer in Iowa, and they have one child. Mary married Jacob Dunkle, a farmer and Commissioner of Centre County, Pa. Margaret (deceased), married William Waite, and died leaving three children: Mary E., Catherine, and Franklin. Susan married John Hoy, and died leaving three children: Emma, wife of Wesley Smith of Dakota, Ill., Minnie, and Holloway. Emma married Dr. Tibbins, and died leaving one son, George Hoy, who is a physician.

Henry Hoy, the subject of this sketch, was reared and educated in his native county, acquiring a substantial education in the district schools; and, on the home farm, becoming thoroughly familiar with the genera] principles of tilling the soil. During the late Civil War, he enlisted and was sworn in as a member of the Pennsylvania State Militia, but there being no further need of troops, was not called to the front.

The most important event in the life of Mr. Hoy took place Feb. 9, 1865, on which date he was united in marriage to Miss Lucinda M. Betts. She was born Oct. 25, 1843, in Lycoming County, Pa., and lived under the parental roof until her marriage. Her parents, Samuel and Hester (Morrison) Betts, subsequently removed to Stephenson County, this State, where her father is now living. The mother is deceased. After their marriage our subject and his wife remained in their native State a few years, then decided to establish themselves in Illinois where they could enjoy thc numerous advantages offered by the Prairie State to a farmer. Accordingly, in 1869, they came to Jo Daviess County, and being pleased with the location and future possibilities of Berreman Township, Mr. Hoy bought 115 acres of land on section 9, fifty-five acres of which were under cultivation, and the place was further improved by a good house and grainary (sic). Our subject set to work in a practical, intelligent manner to further improve his homestead, and by his industry, skill, and careful attention to the minor details of his business has made his farm pay well for the time and money expended upon it. He has added eighty-two acres more to his first purchase, so that his homestead now includes 197 acres of arable land, all of which is under cultivation, and he has erected a conveniently arranged barn. He carries on general farming on an extensive scale, having good herds of Short-horn cattle, Poland-China hogs, and raising a fine grade of horses for the city market. As a man he is always honest and upright in his dealings with others, and as a citizen heartily cooperates in any movement for the advancement of township or county. Both he and his excellent wife have won for themselves the respect of the community by their diligence, geniality, and numerous acts of kindness. Their religious faith is that of the Methodist Episcopal Church, of which they are active members; Mr. Hoy having been Class-Leader and Steward. Socially, our subject is a Master Mason, and in politics is a good Democrat, earnestly advocating tile principles of that party.

The union of Mr. and Mrs. Hoy has been blessed by the birth of nine children: Cora Etta, Josiah J. Samuel E., Hattie L., William George, Isaac Pierce, Cyrus Elliot, James Nelson, Herbert Albert. Cora married James White, a farmer and stock-raiser of Stephenson County; and they have two children - Lloyd Way and Rosella.

Source: Portrait & Biographical Album of Jo Daviess Co., IL (1889)