Capt. William White


Capt. William White, a noted man of Rice Township, and a farmer in good circumstances, was born in the city of St. Charles, Mo., April 25, 1813, at the time when there was very slight indication of a town upon its present site. His father, Capt. James White, commanded a company in the Black Hawk War. He was a native of Vermont, and of Irish descent. He married Miss Lurana Barber, also a native of the Green Mountain State, and they became the parents of nine children, of whom William was the only son. James White emigrated to the West and spent his last days at Nauvoo, this State.

The boyhood and youth of William White were spent mostly in Illinois engaged in agricultural pursuits, and upon reaching man's estate he married Miss Mary A. Davis, who was born in Butler County, Ky., Aug. 1, 1838. The parents of Mrs. White died when she was quite young, and she made her home thereafter with her aunt in St. Francisville, Mo., until her marriage Jan. 1, 1852. In April following the Captain and Mrs. White came to Jo Dayiess County, where Mr. White followed the river until his death. He had in the meantime been frugal and economical, and purchased the homestead which his widow now occupies, and where he spent his last days. Three of the sons remain there with their mother, two being married and one single.

Capt. White was a man well known throughout this region, and one who made his influence felt wherever he was. He had decided views upon the temperance question, being utterly opposed to the sale and manufacture of intoxicating drinks. In his family he was kind and indulgent, and among his neighbors generous and hospitable, making friends wherever he went, and being especially benevolent to thc poor. He identified himself with the I. O. O. F. early in life, belonging to the Encampment at Galena; his widow and one daughter belong to Rebecca Lodge, I. O. O. F., at Galena.

The first marriage of Capt. While was with Miss A. Golden, daughter of Abraham Golden, of Nauvoo, Ill. This union resulted in the birth of three daughters and one son, of whom only two daughters are living. Alice married George Harris and lives on a farm in the vicinity of Point Douglas, Minn.; Missouri is the wife of Fred Parris, formerly of Galena, but now a merchant of Parkersburg, Iowa; Jennie is the wife of George Parris, also of that place, and a merchant dealing principally in hardware. Of the second marriage there were born nine children; four of whom are living. Hugh married Miss Eva E., daughter of Squire Spratt of Rice Township, and they live at the old homestead. This son is the present Assessor of his township; May L., Mrs. Pierce Richards, lives on a farm in East Galena Township; Russell B. married Miss Edith, daughter of Willard Townsend, of Shullsburg, Wis., and lives with his mother at the homestead; Frederick P. is unmarried, boards with his mother, and operates a farm of his own adjoining that of the latter.

In his youth Capt. White served as a drummer-boy in the Black Hawk War. Although not identified with any religious organization he was a good man in all that the term implies; a man of correct principles, and uniformly voted the Republican ticket. Mrs. White is a lady greatly respected in her community, and a member in good standing of the Presbyterian Church, at Galena, of which the Rev. Dr. Smith is now (1889) the pastor.

Source: Portrait and Biographical Album of Jo Daviess Co., IL (1889)