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?nney, John Apple 041B
Aalla, Raffela Hanover 140A
Aaron, Anna EDubuque 078B
Abbott, Anice C Warren 216A
Abraham, Archie ScalesMd 182B
Accola, Josias EDubuque 081B
Achison, Thomas J Hanover 126B
Acilo, Ralsolors Hanover 140B
Adam, Cora M Woodbine 285A
Adams, Anna Apple 039A
Adams, Carrie J. ScalesMd 182B
Adams, Fay? F Galena #5 272B
Adams, Harry Ward 050B
Adams, James A ScalesMd 178A
Adams, Joaih Galena #3 238B
Adams, Lillie E Galena #5 272B
Adleman, Fred J. EDubuque 080A
Aide, John R. VinegarHill 059A
Airhardt, Horace Galena #5 266A
Akins, Margaret L Warren 220A
Albert, Margaret EGalena #1 095A
Albert, Thomas EGalena #1 091B
Albrecht - also see Albright  
Albrecht, Benjamin PleasantVal 157B
Albrecht, Chris PleasantVal 157B
Albrecht, David Derinda 066A
Albrecht, Henry PleasantVal 157A
Albrecht, Jacob Derinda 066A
Albrecht, Jacob Derinda 069B
Albrecht, John Derinda 069B
Albrecht, Samuel Derinda 065B
Albrecht, William PleasantVal 157A
Albright - also see Albrecht  
Albright, Anna Stockton 195A
Albright, Oscar W. ScalesMd 180A
Alderson, Gwendeline Warren 213A
Alderson, John T Warren 214B
Alderson, Julia CouncilHill 063B
Alexander, Augustus T. Ward 049A
Alexander, Fred Guilford 125B
Alexander, Gus Galena #5 272B
Alexander, Lulu Galena #3 238A
Alexander, Margaret Galena #4 260A
Alexander, Pauline Galena #3 238B
Alexander, William Galena #4 262A
Algeyer, John J. EDubuque 076B
Algier, Joseph EDubuque 076A
Allan, Alexander Galena #4 262A
Allan, Daniel Galena #4 262A
Allan, James ScalesMd 179B
Allan, William ScalesMd 179B
Allard, Helen C. EGalena #1 095A
Allen, Alphonso ElizabthVil 109B
Allen, Charles ElizabthVil 105B
Allen, Charles Galena #4 253B
Allen, Charles W Galena #3 232B
Allen, John E. Galena #5 274A
Allen, John F Woodbine 279B
Allen, John L Woodbine 280A
Allen, Joseph Ward 050A
Allen, Robert Galena #5 273B
Allen, William ElizabthVil 109A
Allendorf, Albert EGalena #1 088A
Allendorf, Louisa Galena #3 231B
Allendorf, Mary EGalena #1 087B
Allendorf, William EGalena #1 089B
Allinson, Elizabeth E Galena #4 256A
Allison (Allinson), Richard Nora 151B
Almandinger, John Rush 175A
Altenn, Peter Galena #3 231A
Altfilisch, Mrs. Guilford 125A
Altfillisch, Florian A Galena #2 243B
Altfillisch, Paul ElizabthTwp 117B
Althof, Albert Berreman 054A
Althof, Charles Berreman 054A
Altmann, George Nora 152A
Altona, George Galena #5 268A
Alvin, Belle L Warren 213B
Alwell, Ella Galena #3 229B
Ambre, August Hanover 135A
Amoruso, Victor ElizabthVil 112A
Amsden, James G. CouncilHill 060B
Anderburg, August VinegarHill 057B
Anderson, Albert J Hanover 128B
Anderson, Andrew Stockton 185B
Anderson, Anna C Hanover 134B
Anderson, James R Hanover 140A
Anderson, John Apple 040A
Anderson, Josephine Hanover 128A
Anderson, Margaret Apple 041A
Anderson, Ole Ward049A
Anderson, Robert Derinda 069B
Andres, Oscar R. ScalesMd 179B
Andrew, John Apple 043B
Andrew, Solomon Rawlins 142A
Andrews, Ann Hanover 134A
Andrews, Nelson B Warren 215B
Andrews, Robert M Warren 223A
Andrews, William E. ScalesMd 179A
Anger, John Galena #3 238B
Anger, Mary J. EGalena #1 094B
Anglelo, Lipomlopolo Stockton 196A
Angur, John WGal Twp 241A
Angwin, Eliza EGalena #1 091A
Annett, Thomas J. EGalena #1 091B
Anschuetz, George Thompson 206A
Anschutz, Charles Apple 038B
Anschutz, Louis E Warren 213B
Anschutz, William H. Apple 043A
Anton, Louis ElizabthTwp 114A
Antoni, Mary Galena #3 235B
Aper, Dennis Galena #3 238A
Apfeld, Edward EDubuque 081B
Appel, Grover Warren 218A
Appel, Joseph Warren 219B
Apple, John Rush 174B
Appuhn, Augusta EGalena #1 093B
Appuhn, Henry WGal Twp 241A
Arand, Josephine Galena #5 265B
Archey, Jane Rush 168B
Archibald, James B Warren 222B
Armbruster, Henry Galena #4 250B
Armbuster, William EDubuque 073A
Armenci, Frank ElizabthVil 112A
Armitage, Janet Galena #4 257A
Armitage, Joseph Jr. ElizabthVil 107B
Armitage, Joseph Sr. ElizabthVil 107B
Armstrong, Carl Galena #3 237A
Armstrong, Frank Berreman 053B
Armstrong, Frank Stockton 195B
Armstrong, John Hanover 138B
Armstrong, William Hanover 137B
Armstrong, William Rice 165A
Arnne (Annear?), George Galena #2 243B
Arnold, Albert Stockton 192B
Arnold, Charles Rush 172B
Arnold, David Stockton 201B
Arnold, Elizabeth M Galena #2 246A
Arnold, Fred Rush 169B
Arnold, Fred Thompson 209B
Arnold, Hiram S Warren 218A
Arnold, Jacob Stockton 191A
Arnold, Katherine Hanover 132B
Arnold, Parley Rush 169B
Arnold, Rippey V Galena #4 254B
Arnold, Stephen Stockton 195B
Arnold, William Rush 167A
Arnold, William Rush 167B
Arrand, Frank J. Guilford 125B
Arrand, John Galena #5 267B
Artman, Andrew G Woodbine 281A
Artman, Charles ElizabthTwp 118B
Artus, Andrew J Galena #3 236B
Artway, Aaron Warren 218A
Ascher, Henry Berreman 054A
Ashmore, Arthur ElizabthTwp 118A
Ashmore, Mary E. ElizabthVil 109B
Askey, John Galena #2 245B
Asmus, Catherine Galena #3 232B
Asmus, Charles Galena #3 234A
Asmus, Charles A Galena #5 269A
Atchison, Amos ElizabthVil 110A
Atchison, Marcus T. ElizabthVil 108B
Atchison, William ElizabthVil 111B
Atkins, Jane Hanover 129A
Atkins, Marion Hanover 138A
Atkins, William F Hanover 139B
Atkinson, Gladys EGalena #1 086B
Atkinson, Nellie Galena #5 270B
Attrdo, Santo EDubuque 083B
Atz, Charles G Woodbine 282A
Atz, Emily Apple 041B
Atz, Fred Woodbine 281A
Atz, Jacob G Woodbine 285A
Atz, John G Woodbine 282A
Atz, John Mrs Thompson 210B
Atz, William Woodbine 281B
Auer, Mattie J Warren 213B
Aurand, Cora Ward 051A
Aurand, Edward Woodbine 283B
Aurand, Thomas Stockton 198B
Auschutz, George E. Apple 039B
Austin, Maud PleasantVal 159B
Austin, Thomas J. Ward 049B
Avery, Anna J. EGalena #1 095A
Avery, Cecelia Galena #4 255A
Avery, George S Galena #2 244A
Axtell, Alma ElizabthVil 110A
Ayers, Oscar EDubuque 081B

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