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C--cury?, Marie Galena #5 272A
Caccia, Joe EDubuque 083B
Caffee, Jane S Warren 225A
Caffie, Rena Warren 217B
Cahill, James PleasantVal 155B
Cahill, James PleasantVal 155B
Caille, George Galena #4 258B
Caille, George Galena #5 273A
Calahan, William Galena #4 259B
Calderwood, Ralph E Galena #3 237A
Calderwood, Ruby E Galena #2 242B
Caldwell, Leroy E Galena #5 273A
Caldwell, Thomas EDubuque 074A
Calhoun, James B. Berreman 053B
Callahan, Donald A. EGalena #1 093B
Callahan, Earl Hanover 139B
Callahan, Edward J Galena #5 272B
Callahan, Hugh Guilford 121A
Callahan, Hugh Galena #5 270B
Callahan, John ElizabthTwp 115B
Callahan, Joseph Galena #5 266A
Callahan, Mary ElizabthTwp 116A
Callahan, Mary J Galena #5 266A
Callahan, Michael EGalena #1 093B
Callahan, Michael EGalena 100B
Callahan, Naomi ElizabthVil 109A
Callan, Edward PleasantVal 155A
Caltago, Fobruck Hanover 140B
Calvert, Edward Rice 162A
Calvert, James W Hanover 131B
Calvert, John Hanover 129A
Calvert, John J Hanover 131B
Calvert, Mabel Galena #3 235B
Cam, Arthur E. CouncilHill 061B
Cam, George W. CouncilHill 062B
Cambell, John D Woodbine 284B
Camm, John ScalesMd 177B
Campbell, Annie E Hanover 127A
Campbell, Arthur ElizabthVil 109A
Campbell, Daniel D. PleasantVal 154B
Campbell, David Hanover 140A
Campbell, David A Galena #5 269B
Campbell, Fitz J Galena #3 237B
Campbell, Hugh Hanover 139A
Campbell, Hugh J Hanover 130B
Campbell, James Hanover 134A
Campbell, Jones Rice 162B
Campbell, Louisa Hanover 126B
Canamoro, Cosmo Rice 161B
Canfield, Angela R Warren 217B
Capf, Max Galena #3 231A
Capruzzo, Nieblo Hanover 140B
Cardenas, Nicholas Galena #2 245A
Carey, Henry Galena #5 267B
Carey, James EDubuque 079A
Carey, James Galena #3 230A
Carey, John T Hanover 134A
Carey, Mary E. ScalesMd 180A
Carey, Thomas Galena #5 271B
Carley, Fredrick D Hanover 134B
Carlson, Albert Rice 161B
Carlson, Aujgust Rice 162B
Carlson, Carl G Galena #4 251A
Carlson, Charley Rice 162A
Carlson, Erick Rice 161B
Carlson, Osker Rice 161B
Carlton, Eva J Warren 213B
Caroco, Anciols Hanover 140B
Caroso, Giacamo Hanover 140B
Caroso, Nicola Hanover 140B
Carothers, William H. VinegarHill 057B
Carpenter, Bert Rush 167A
Carpenter, Cyrus ElizabthVil 107A
Carpenter, Earl A Stockton 195B
Carpenter, Marvin F Stockton 189A
Carpenter, Tony Hanover 140A
Carr, Edgar ScalesMd 183A
Carr, Harvey ScalesMd 178B
Carr, James ScalesMd 178A
Carrier, C N Stockton 193B
Carroll, Daniel PleasantVal 154A
Carroll, Daniel S. PleasantVal 153A
Carroll, Dennis PleasantVal 157A
Carroll, George Stockton 201A
Carroll, James PleasantVal 156B
Carroll, James P. EDubuque 081B
Carroll, John Stockton 201A
Carroll, John S PleasantVal 157B
Carroll, Margaret Galena #5 273B
Carroll, Mary Stockton 196A
Carroll, William A PleasantVal 156A
Carson, James P Warren 221A
Carson, Mary EGalena 098A
Carson, Ora Hanover 132B
Caruso, Samuel Nora 145B
Carvino, Carmel EGalena #1 087B
Casey, Thomas Ward 050A
Cashman, Jerry PleasantVal 156B
Cashman, John M Warren 219A
Cashman, Michael Apple 039A
Cashman, Micheal PleasantVal 154A
Cashman, Nell Apple 039A
Cashman, Robert Apple 040A
Casper, Julius ScalesMd 181A
Casper, Peter Guilford 123B
Casper, Thomas ScalesMd 180A
Casserley, Edward L Galena #2 244B
Casserley, John Galena #2 245B
Casserley, Michael EGalena #1 088A
Casserly, Catherine C Galena #2 248B
Casserly, Nicholas Galena #2 248A
Casserly, Peter Galena #2 250A
Casserly, William Galena #2 246A
Cauak, Mela Rice 162A
Cavy, Michael EGalena #1 095A
Cawthorn, LeRoy Galena #4 258B
Cerney, Joseph EDubuque 072B
Chaffee, Fred S Nora 146B
Chamberlain, Effie Galena #4 254B
Chamberlain, Elmer J Galena #4 254B
Chambers, Carrie Nora 145B
Chambers, Edward Nora 146A
Chambers, Emma Nora 145B
Chambers, Lola Apple 044A
Chambers, Mary Warren 214B
Champion, Henry VinegarHill 056B
Chandler, Elkins Dunleith 085B
Chandler, Horatio H Galena #3 235A
Chapier, Susan A Hanover 137B
Chapier, Victor ElizabthTwp 115A
Chapin, Adele J Galena #3 233B
Chapman, Benj ElizabthVil 105B
Chapman, Charles Hanover 129A
Chapman, Charles W Hanover 127A
Chapman, Charles W Hanover 137A
Chapman, Edmund EDubuque 079B
Chapman, Fred L Warren 213A
Chapman, George Hanover 126B
Chapman, Horace A Warren 214A
Chapman, John W Hanover 137A
Chapman, Joseph Hanover 129B
Chapman, Joseph Hanover 136A
Chapman, Joseph B. EDubuque 079B
Chapman, Luella ElizabthTwp 114B
Chapman, Nellie J Hanover 126B
Chapman, Pheobe A C Hanover 131A
Chapman, Ray Galena #5 276B
Chapman, Thomas Hanover 129A
Chapman, William H Hanover 126B
Charlton, James Apple 041A
Charlton, Leo Apple 041A
Charlton, Samuel Apple 041B
Charndt, Henry ElizabthTwp 117A
Chase, Edward S Hanover 129B
Chase, Hiram Galena #3 232B
Chase, James N Hanover 130B
Chase, Mabel Galena #2 249B
Cheek, John W Hanover 129B
Cheek, Robert E L Hanover 135B
Cheeseman, Alfred Stockton 194B
Cheridan, Elizabeth ElizabthTwp 115A
Cheswick, William Ward 050A
Chetlain, Henry B Rawlins 141B
Chetlain, Louis a Rawlins 142A
Cheyney, Joseph Warren 213B
Chicensen, Hance Rice 161B
Childers, Emaline Warren 220A
Childers, J B Stockton 186B
Childers, Passingfair Warren 214A
Childs, Alfred S Galena #4 253B
Childs, Henry J Galena #4 252A
Childs, Sherman Galena #2 245A
Cholen, mary J. Rice 165A
Christberg, Alfred Galena #3 238A
Christian, Evie Galena #4 254B
Christian, Paul W Galena #2 248B
Christie, John B Galena #5 268A
Clancy, John Rush 173B
Clancy, Thos M Stockton 191A
Clapham, Harry L. Ward 049A
Clarence, Hawes Rush 172B
Clark, David W. Berreman 052A
Clark, Edward Galena #3 234A
Clark, George Galena #3 238A
Clark, George D. EDubuque 081B
Clark, Henry E Stockton 196B
Clark, John E. ElizabthVil 108B
Clark, Margaret ElizabthVil 109B
Clark, Stephen A Warren 217A
Clark, William EGalena #1 087B
Clarke, Markham CouncilHill 062A
Clauer, Henry S Warren 223B
Clausen, Lucy Stockton 195A
Clausen, William F Galena #4 257B
Clay, C. H. Rush 168B
Clay, George W Stockton 194B
Clay, Jefferson C Nora 146A
Clay, Milton PleasantVal 155A
Clay, Roy S Nora 150B
Clay, S. S. Rush 167B
Clay, Warren Rush 168B
Clay, Williard W Stockton 187B
Claypool, Jos Stockton 195B
Claypool, Mary ElizabthTwp 118B
Cleary, James T. EGalena 098A
Cleary, Margaret Guilford 124B
Cleary, Michael H. EGalena #1 094B
Clement, James Apple 043A
Cleveland, William P. EGalena #1 089A
Clevidence, Elizabeth Berreman 054A
Clevinger, Wilber P Hanover 126B
Cliff, Eliza J Hanover 128B
Cliff, Henry H Hanover 134B
Clock, Edwin Warren 227B
Clock, Frank W Warren 220B
Cloran, Alice Galena #4 253A
Cloran, John J Galena #4 252A
Clow, Fred Dunleith 086A
Cluna, Dennis Galena #4 255A

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