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Coad, Charles Galena #4 261B
Coater, Lester Rice 162A
Coatsworth, Joseph W. EGalena #1 088B
Coatsworth, Matilda Galena #3 236A
Cobine, Robert J Woodbine 284A
Cochran, Mary Galena #5 273A
Cocoti?, Michael Ward 050A
Cogan, Emma Galena #3 238A
Cogan, Henry M Galena #4 253B
Cogan, Leslie Guilford 121A
Cole, Em Galena #5 274A
Cole, George Hanover 139B
Coleman, Nathan G. EGalena 102A
Coleman, Theodore VinegarHill 058B
Coley, Mary Jane ElizabthVil 107A
Colin, Edward Guilford 125B
Colin, John Guilford 123A
Collier, Edward J Galena #5 274A
Collins, Caroline EGalena #1 089B
Collins, Charles Nora 148A
Collins, Ellen M. EGalena #1 095B
Collins, Michael F. EGalena #1 093A
Colona, Dominick Rice 161B
Coltman, Martin E Galena #3 238B
Colvin, John Apple 044A
Colvin, Selena Apple 042B
Colvin, Stephen Apple 039B
Combellick, Alice CouncilHill 062A
Combellick, Frank ScalesMd 183B
Combellick, John A. EGalena 103A
Como, Sarah E Hanover 130A
Conklin, Harris J Galena #2 249A
Conley, Andrew Stockton 202A
Conley, Forest R Hanover 138A
Conley, John W Warren 224B
Conley, Mary B Hanover 138A
Conley, William S. EGalena #1 094A
Connell, John EDubuque 079B
Conner, Caroline EGalena #1 091A
Conner, Hugh P. EGalena 101B
Conner, Timothy J. EGalena 101B
Conners, Patrick EDubuque 083B
Connolly, Michael EGalena #1 088A
Connor, Bryan Galena #3 238B
Connor, Kathleen Galena #5 266A
Conoghouy, Jennie Galena #4 253A
Conoughy, Henry EGalena #1 093A
Conrad, David VinegarHill 058B
Conroy, Michael Ward 050A
Consallus, George Nora 145A
Consallus, Joseph E Nora 145A
Consallus, William J Nora 145A
Considine, Julia A Galena #2 246B
Consliam, Henry C Galena #4 253B
Constantino, Lovero ElizabthVil 112A
Conyne, Sarah A Warren 217A
Conyne, William F Warren 217A
Cook, Agnes B Galena #5 274B
Cook, Bertha Thompson 205A
Cook, Charles Thompson 208A
Cook, Edward ElizabthTwp 116B
Cook, Elnora Galena #3 233A
Cook, Ernest A Woodbine 279B
Cook, Henry Apple 045B
Cook, Henry F. ElizabthTwp 117A
Cook, James ElizabthTwp 116B
Cook, James Hanover 130A
Cook, John Thompson 209B
Cook, John H. Ward 049B
Cook, Louisa Galena #5 273A
Cook, Marion H. EGalena 102B
Cook, May J Warren 217A
Cook, Quincy A Nora 151B
Cook, William ElizabthTwp 117A
Cookingham, Raymond T CouncilHill 062A
Cookson, Silas A Nora 145B
Cooley, William R Warren 217B
Coolin, L. P. Rice 161A
Coomber, Frank ElizabthTwp 118A
Coomber, Mathew Stockton 200B
Coombs, Eugene C Hanover 132B
Cooper, Albert Hanover 135B
Cooper, Anna Hanover 127B
Cooper, Hiram B Hanover 134B
Cooper, Royal Nora 144B
Cooper, Willard N. ElizabthTwp 116A
Copeland, Ginn L Warren 224B
Copp, Andrew Rice 164A
Coppernoll, E C Stockton 197A
Coppernoll, Emma C Warren 219A
Coppernoll, Frank Stockton 200B
Coppernoll, Fred E. Rush 168B
Coppernoll, Walter Stockton 196B
Corby, Lottie Hanover 127B
Corcoran, May N. VinegarHill 056B
Corcoran, Patrick J. EGalena #1 093A
Cordes, Abbie EGalena 099A
Cordes, Mary A. EGalena #1 088B
Cording, Chris Guilford 123A
Cork, Viola Dunleith 084B
Corkery, John ElizabthTwp 118A
Cormany, George PleasantVal 152B
Cornelious, Wayne EDubuque 082A
Corwith, Alice R Galena #2 244B
Corwith, Cecile EGalena #1 087A
Cosgrove, Peter Woodbine 286A
Cosgrove, Tom Stockton 196B
Costello, Dennis Rush 175B
Costello, Edward Rush 175B
Costello, Patrick Mrs. Rice 163A
Cotilk, Frank Apple 040A
Cotter, James J. EDubuque 075B
Cottingham, Miles D. ScalesMd 177B
Cottral, George H Hanover 130B
Coulson, John ScalesMd 177B
Coulson, John ScalesMd 177B
Coulthard, Jonathan CouncilHill 063B
Counsing, John E. ScalesMd 182A
Courtade, Prosper EDubuque 074B
Cousins, Eliza H. ScalesMd 179A
Cousins, William G. ScalesMd 182A
Coveny, Anna Stockton 187B
Coveny, John ElizabthVil 108B
Covington, Elizabeth Stockton 192A
Cowels, Eddie M Stockton 188B
Cowen, Margaret Warren 212 A
Cowens, Harriett Warren 223A
Cowles, Genoa S. ElizabthVil 111A
Cowling, James Galena #4 252B
Cox, Abraham L. ElizabthVil 106A
Cox, Albert Guilford 124B
Cox, Albert Thompson 209B
Cox, Elijah ElizabthTwp 117B
Cox, George Stockton 202A
Cox, John Galena #4 255B
Cox, Joseph A. Ward 048A
Cox, Lydia Woodbine 286B
Cox, Orville Thompson 210A
Coyle, Albert A. EDubuque 076A
Coyle, Edward W. EDubuque 076B
Coyle, Francis EDubuque 077A
Coyle, Jay F. EDubuque 076A
Coyle, Joseph EDubuque 073B
Crabb, James M Warren 213B
Crachenberger, Eva Ward 049B
Cragg, Edward A. CouncilHill 062A
Craig, Elizabeth Hanover 128B
Craig, James E Hanover 127B
Craig, Margret Hanover 131B
Craig, Sarah A Hanover 127B
Crain, Hamilton Apple 046A
Cramer, Irene Galena #3 238A
Cramer, Isaac W. Berreman 054B
Crammer, Leonard EDubuque 083A
Crauston, Jess C Galena #4 251B
Craver, Clements Galena #5 273B
Crawford, John Rice 165A
Crawford, John W. EGalena #1 088B
Crawford, Louisa Galena #3 237B
Crawford, Maggie ElizabthTwp 114B
Crawford, William M Galena #4 251A
Crawly, John Ward 049A
Creighton, Bridget EGalena #1 093B
Creighton, Bridget Stockton 186B
Creighton, Edward H Stockton 194A
Creighton, George Stockton 188A
Creighton, James Rice 164A
Creswell, James J Galena #5 273A
Crimmins, Arthur EGalena 097B
Cringle, James EGalena #1 095A
Crissman, Ralph M Galena #4 252B
Cristenson, Robert Rice 161B
Cristo, James Rice 162B
Croffort, Frank H Hanover 140A
Croggan, Louisa PleasantVal 152B
Croggon, A. Somar Derinda 064B
Cromer, Henry F Galena #2 243A
Cromer, Henry X Galena #2 243A
Cromer, John J Galena #3 238B
Cronwell, Bernhard Hanover 128B
Crooks, Jesse G Galena #2 249B
Cropper, Robert Nora 145B
Crowell, William L Nora 146A
Crowley, James EGalena #1 095A
Crumbacher, Vincent Galena #3 234B
Crummer, Arthur Stockton 199B
Crummer, H F Stockton 200A
Cubbon, William E. ElizabthTwp 117A
Cullen, Richard C Warren 215A
Cullen, Theresa VinegarHill 056B
Cummings, Andrew EGalena #1 090B
Cundiff, Archibald Hanover 135B
Cundiff, Thomas J Hanover 140A
Curboy, Frank PleasantVal 158B
Curry, Frank Galena #3 234B
Curtis, Cecil A Galena #4 255A
Curtis, Ord Apple 039B
Curtiss, W G Stockton 200B
Cushing, John A Galena #5 273A
Cutler, James W Hanover 131A
Cutter, Louis Dunleith 085B
Czibulka, Alphonso C Warren 214B

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