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The Jo Daviess County ILGenWeb greatfully acknowledges the tremendous work in the transcription done by Marjorie Smith to complete this listing. Thank You Marjorie!

Dahle, Andrew Galena #4 252A
Dailey, James Nora 150B
Dailey, Patrick J Nora 147B
Dailey, William E Nora 147B
Dales, Benson H Stockton 196A
Dales, George ElizabthVil 109B
Dales, Judson ElizabthVil 107A
Dallyn, Herbert Galena #5 267A
Dallyn, Herbert J. VinegarHill 057B
Dalsing, Bernard N. VinegarHill 058A
Damon, Adam Galena #2 243A
Danglemeyer, Joseph EDubuque 082B
Daniel, Hannah ElizabthVil 106B
Daniel, Henry ElizabthVil 107A
Daniel, William J. ElizabthVil 111A
Daniels, Lulu EGalena #1 087A
Dankbar, Frank Rice 162A
Dankbar, Henry Rice 162A
Darnell, Fred Thompson 209A
Darnell, Mary J Stockton 186B
Darnell, R. W. Rush 173A
Darr, Edgar PleasantVal 153A
Darr, Ellen PleasantVal 155B
Darr, Emil Hanover 138A
Darr, William Derinda 070A
Darrell, John PleasantVal 154A
Dascher, Herman Derinda 068B
Dasher, Herman Stockton 199A
Daters, Antone B. EGalena 099A
Daters, George Rice 161A
Daters, Henry G. EGalena 099B
Daters, Joseph EGalena 099A
Davenport, Geo L Stockton 190B
Davenport, George Stockton 190B
Davenport, Samuel Rush 173B
Davies, Harriet M Galena #2 249A
Davies, William Rice 160B
Daviess, John Rice 163A
Davis, Alvin Guilford 119B
Davis, Charles S. EDubuque 077A
Davis, Clyde E Galena #4 250B
Davis, Frank EDubuque 076A
Davis, Frankie Dunleith 086A
Davis, George Woodbine 286B
Davis, James PleasantVal 156B
Davis, John D. ScalesMd 184A
Davis, Joseph Woodbine 279B
Davis, Leroy A PleasantVal 153B
Davis, William PleasantVal 153A
Davis, William J PleasantVal 154A
Daw, Regie E. ElizabthTwp 116A
Dawe, Mary ElizabthVil 106B
Dawes, Thomas Warren 216B
Daws, Leslie H Nora 148A
Dawson, George W Hanover 132A
Dawson, John Rev. EDubuque 073B
Dawson, John T. EGalena #1 090A
Dawson, Mary G Warren 219B
Dawson, Pheba J. Berreman 052A
Dax, Margeret Galena #5 273B
Dayton, Emma Galena #5 274B
Dayton, John R WGal Twp 240B
Deam, Andrew Warren 213A
Deam, Samuel J Nora 150B
Dean, David Derinda 066A
Dean, Emerson Rush 170A
Dean, John S Stockton 188B
Dean, Susie Stockton 188B
DeBord, George E. EGalena 099B
DeBord, John H. EGalena #1 091B
DeBord, Samuel L. EGalena #1 092A
DeBord, Sarah A. EGalena #1 095A
Dedick, Andrew Nora 149A
Dee, Thomas H. Ward 050B
Deedone, Barbarno EDubuque 083B
Deeds, John L Hanover 129A
Deerer, Emma PleasantVal 159B
DeGear, Abraham Hanover 136A
Degenhardt, Casper EDubuque 075A
DeHaven, George C Warren 220B
Deininger, John EGalena 098A
Deininger, William EGalena 098B
Dellabella, Frank R. EGalena 098A
Deluco, Tom Hanover 140B
Deming, Albert Apple 041B
Deming, Margaret Apple 043B
Demkier, Jeppe EDubuque 074A
Dempke, Herman Galena #5 265B
Dempsey, Ellen M Galena #2 248B
Dempsey, John WGal Twp 241A
Dempsey, Michael WGal Twp 241B
Demuth, John Dunleith 085B
Dena, Tushn Rice 162B
Dennis, Dan Apple 044A
Dernburger, Joseph Galena #5 272A
Derr, Helen M Stockton 186A
Dersham, Maces? L Warren 217A
Dersham, Mary A Warren 216B
Desch, Barry EDubuque 078A
Desch, Benjamin EDubuque 081B
DeShara, John E. ScalesMd 180A
Desmond, Kathrain Galena #4 257A
Despalotio, Toney CouncilHill 063A
Deters, John J. EGalena 102B
Detoria, Frank Rice 161B
Devereaux, D R Stockton 186A
Dewitt, Eugene O. VinegarHill 058B
Dick, Joseph Stockton 200B
Dick, Oscar C. Ward 048B
Dick, Robert Hanover 132B
Dick, Robert Stockton 192B
Dickinson, Frank J PleasantVal 156A
Dicklick, Mela Rice 162A
Diddams, Tomas Rice 161B
Diehl, Henry Derinda 066A
Diehl, John Hanover 135A
Diehm, Peter Guilford 124A
Diers, Charles EGalena 102B
Diers, Chris Galena #3 230A
Dietsch, George Galena #5 276B
Dietz, Minnie F Galena #4 255A
Dietz, Phoba Galena #5 273B
Dietz, Robert Galena #4 259B
Diggs, Ann Warren 221A
Digman, Delia EDubuque 077A
Digman, John C. EDubuque 076B
Digman, Joseph EDubuque 079B
Dignan, John EGalena 102B
Dihuco, Luiosi Hanover 140B
Dillbo, James Rice 161A
Dillon, Bridget Galena #5 270B
Dillon, Frank Rawlins 143A
Dillon, Martin Galena #5 273A
Dillon, Walter Rawlins 141B
Diluco, Remms Hanover 140B
Diluid, Franck Hanover 140B
Dimkee, Henry Galena #2 244B
Dimkee, Joseph Galena #2 244B
Dimmick, Lot Apple 045B
Dimple, Herman Galena #5 274A
Dinatale, Sam EDubuque 083B
Dingel, Joseph EGalena #1 095A
Dinsdale, Brazillia C. EGalena #1 089A
Dinsdale, John E. EGalena #1 089B
Distler, Simon Guilford 123A
Ditsworth, Howard PleasantVal 152B
Dittmar, Abe Woodbine 285A
Dittmar, Adam Thompson 208B
Dittmar, Albert Derinda 064B
Dittmar, Albert F. Berreman 053A
Dittmar, Ben Woodbine 286B
Dittmar, Bernhard ElizabthVil 108A
Dittmar, Ef---d? Woodbine 279B
Dittmar, Erhard Woodbine 279B
Dittmar, Frederick Berreman 053A
Dittmar, Fredoline Derinda 065B
Dittmar, Geo Apple 039A
Dittmar, George Jr. Derinda 065B
Dittmar, Gustave Nora 149B
Dittmar, Henry Thompson 210A
Dittmar, John Derinda 065B
Dittmar, John EDubuque 072A
Dittmar, John PleasantVal 155B
Dittmar, John Thompson 209B
Dittmar, John Thompson 210B
Dittmar, Justa Derinda 064B
Dittmar, Karper PleasantVal 159B
Dittmar, Lillie Derinda 069A
Dittmar, Lorence Stockton 185B
Dittmar, Louis E. Derinda 064B
Dittmar, Rudolf Derinda 065B
Dittmar, William Derinda 065B
Dittmar, William H. Derinda 065B
Dittsworth, Aaron Stockton 196B
Dittsworth, John Stockton 191B
Ditzworth, Alvin Ward 049B
Divenero, Vincenzo ElizabthVil 112A
Dixon, Harry Berreman 055A
Dixon, Leo Berreman 055B
Doan, William T. ElizabthVil 111B
Doan, William W. ElizabthVil 111B
Dobler - also see Doubler  
Dobler, Andrew J Warren 216B
Dobler, Bert Nora 148B
Dobler, Ellen Warren 223A
Dobler, Elmer R Nora 150B
Dobler, Harold S Warren 219B
Dobler, James T Warren 212 A
Dobler, Joseph E Warren 213B
Dobler, Lewis F Warren 219B
Dobler, Samuel S Nora 149B
Dobler, Simon H Warren 213A
Dobler, Tillman Rush 168B
Dobler, William Nora 150A
Doblin, William Galena #3 237B
Dobson, Mary E Warren 228B
Dodds, Alexander Galena #4 257A
Dodds, John A Galena #4 257A
Dodge, Claude E. EDubuque 082A
Doersam, George Warren 220B
Doersam, George Warren 222B
Dolan, Thomas Galena #5 269B
Doll, Frank Apple 040B
Doll, Irene Guilford 122B
Domagola, John VinegarHill 058B
Domans, Menne Stockton 196A
Dominic, Diestieg Stockton 196A
Domotta, Galeti Rice 161B
Donagan, John Derinda 067B
Donahue, Daniel Derinda 069A
Donahue, Daniel EDubuque 080B
Donahue, Daniel PleasantVal 154A
Donahue, Daniel A Stockton 189B
Donahue, Dennis Stockton 201A
Donahue, Ellen C Galena #5 263B
Donahue, Henry Derinda 069A
Donahue, James Stockton 195A
Donahue, James E Hanover 131A
Donahue, John PleasantVal 155B
Donahue, Terrence PleasantVal 153B
Donahue, TImothy PleasantVal 157A
Donar, Henry Menominee 292B
Donavan, William P Warren 227A
Donegan, Mary EGalena #1 094B
Donehue, Harry J. Berreman 053B
Donehue, Michael Ward 050B
Donnelly, Abbin Galena #3 235B
Donnelly, Edward Hanover 127B
Donnelly, Edward J. EDubuque 082A
Donnelly, James F. EGalena #1 092B
Donnelly, Mary Apple 039A
Donohue, Cornealus Berreman 053A
Donohue, Jeffrey Galena #2 242B
Donovan, John F Warren 211B
Donovan, Thomas Apple 043B
Dood, Joseph Galena #2 248B
Doolin, Adella Galena #4 255B
Doolin, Mary Galena #5 273A
Dooling, William D Galena #4 252A
Doran, James Hanover 133B
Doran, Lawrence Hanover 127A
Doran, William ElizabthTwp 116B
Doran, William Galena #5 268B
Dorland, Neal Galena #5 266A
Dormer, Edward Apple 042B
Dorsk, Joseph Galena #3 237B
Dorst, John H Warren 224B
Dottomy, Mike Rice 161B
Dotzel, Adam Thompson 208A
Dotzel, Annie Thompson 207B
Dotzel, Casper Apple 046A
Dotzel, John Thompson 207B
Dotzel, Robert Thompson 208A
Doubler - also see Dobler  
Dougharty, Hugh EGalena 100B
Dougherty, Terrance Stockton 202A
Douglas, Cameron F Warren 218A
Douglas, Morton E Warren 216A
Doulahan, Martin F. EDubuque 081A
Dow, Henry T. Ward 051A
Dow, Walter L Stockton 193A
Dower, Jos M Galena #5 264A
Dower, Mary E Galena #4 252B
Downes, Celia Apple 041A
Downey, John J Stockton 189B
Doxy, William H. VinegarHill 058B
Doyl, John Rice 161B
Doyle, Edward Ward 049A
Doyle, Emma Rush 175B
Doyle, Peter J Stockton 201A

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