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Faber, Leonard Dunleith 085A
Faber, Mary Galena #5 274B
Fabien, Lanio Rice 164A
Fabling, Jane Hanover 137B
Fablinger, Clara Hanover 138B
Fablinger, Ed ElizabthVil 105B
Fablinger, John W Hanover 138B
Fablinger, Lewis ElizabthVil 110A
Fablinger, Minnie Hanover 127A
Fablinger, William Hanover 137B
Fadden, Melvin Apple 045B
Fahrenkemp, John Galena #3 230B
Fahrig, Mary Derinda 067B
Fahrim, Clara A Woodbine 282A
Fahrion, Emma Thompson 210A
Fahrion, Katharine Woodbine 280B
Fahrion, William Woodbine 282A
Fairbank, Otis R Galena #5 265B
Fairfax, Louisa EDubuque 081B
Fairweather, Charley Galena #3 229B
Falancer, John W. EGalena 102B
Falancer, William F. EGalena 102A
Falencer, Arthur EGalena 103A
Fank, Charles M Nora 146B
Farley, John C. EDubuque 073B
Farnan, Martin F. EDubuque 075A
Farnham, Fidelia Warren 215B
Farnsworth, Edward J Warren 224B
Farnsworth, Manley G Warren 223A
Farrall, Elizabeth EDubuque 079A
Farran, Charles Warren 213A
Farran, Robert Warren 218A
Farrel, James J Warren 225B
Farrel, Joseph M Warren 227B
Farrell, John EGalena #1 086B
Farrell, John Hanover 133A
Farrell, Maggie ElizabthVil 109B
Farrell, Moses H. ElizabthVil 111A
Farwell, John C Hanover 127B
Faust, Josephine PleasantVal 158A
Faval, Charles B Warren 221A
Faver, Hobert Galena #4 252B
Fawcett, Ralph Warren 223A
Fay, Roy Stockton 201A
FColey, M. Anna Galena #4 260A
Feehan, Martin E. VinegarHill 057A
Feeley, Daniel Galena #3 233A
Feeley, George Galena #3 232B
Feeley, Hannah T Galena #4 254A
Feeley, Jerry Galena #3 232A
Feeley, John A Galena #2 247A
Fehler, Henry Derinda 067A
Fehler, Henry Derinda 070A
Fehler, Herman Berreman 054B
Fehler, John Derinda 070B
Fehler, Michael Derinda 070B
Fehring, Louis EDubuque 082B
Fehrle, John Stockton 198B
Feige, John Galena #3 237B
Felderman, Fred Rawlins 142A
Felderman, John A Rawlins 142B
Felkins, Walter A Warren 220A
Fellenzer, Henry J. EGalena 103B
Fellenzer, Joseph A. EGalena 103B
Feller, Fred Warren 226A
Felt, Anna E Galena #3 233B
Fenn, Harvey Apple 046A
Fenn, Henry Y Stockton 185B
Fenn, James Apple 040A
Fenn, Thomas Apple 044A
Fenn, Thomas Apple 046A
Fenton, Charles E. Ward 047B
Ferguson, George EGalena 100B
Fernald, Belle Mrs. EDubuque 076A
Ferry, Elmer E Hanover 135B
Fickbohn, Henry H Galena #2 249B
Fiddick, John Galena #3 234A
Fiddick, Mary S Stockton 194B
Fiddick, Philippa Galena #3 234A
Fiddler (Fiedler), Emma Galena #2 250A
Fiedler, Caroline Galena #3 231A
Fiedler, Christian F. Rush 170B
Fiedler, Christopher A Warren 228B
Fiedler, Ellen Stockton 193A
Fiedler, Flora Galena #5 266A
Fiedler, Frank Stockton 190A
Fiedler, Frederick H Galena #2 244A
Fiedler, John M Stockton 191B
Fiedler, Martin Warren 213A
Fiedler, Walter N Stockton 191A
Fiedler, William Rush 175A
Fielder, Charles Guilford 119B
Fielding, Harriett Apple 038B
Fieldren, George ScalesMd 182A
Fields, Addie N Warren 216B
Fields, Harry Apple 045B
Fields, Henry EDubuque 081A
Finch, Margaret A C Galena #4 254B
Finicle, John Woodbine 284B
Finicle, John W Woodbine 284B
Finicle, William M Woodbine 283A
Fink, Edward G Galena #4 251A
Finkenbinder, David A. Ward 047B
Finkenbinder, David C. Ward 047B
Finkenbinder, Emanuel Ward 047B
Finkenbinder, Henrietta Ward 047B
Finkenbinder, J V Stockton 203A
Finkenbinder, John Ward 049B
Finkenbinder, Martin L. Ward 047B
Finkenouer, Catherine EDubuque 074A
Finn, John PleasantVal 154B
Finn, Martin PleasantVal 155A
Finn, Stephen PleasantVal 154B
Finn, Timothy PleasantVal 154B
Finn, Timothy J Thompson 209A
Finner, Paul ScalesMd 180A
Fiori, Toni Hanover 140B
Firsenden, Louis P. EGalena #1 087A
Fischer, John C Hanover 129A
Fischer, Louis Hanover 135B
Fisher, Lavina Apple 043A
Fisher, Lester Apple 039B
Fisher, Sherley H Stockton 193B
Fisk, Stephen Galena #5 263B
Fiskin, Barbara J Hanover 127A
Fitch, Earl A Galena #4 254A
Fitz, Adam Galena #5 267B
Fitz, Phil D Galena #5 268A
Fitzgerald, Mary Galena #5 273B
Fitzgerald, Michael J. Ward 049A
Fitzpatrick, Joseph EGalena 099B
Fitzpatrick, Katharine Woodbine 279A
Fitzpatrick, Mary E Galena #3 230A
Fitzsimmons, Leah Stockton 193A
Flack, Laura Galena #4 250B
Flack, Milton Rush 172B
Flack, Milton M Stockton 202B
Flanburg, Claud Rice 163B
Fleege, Annie Menominee 289B
Fleege, August Menominee 289B
Fleege, Henry WGal Twp 241B
Fleege, Henry C Menominee 288A
Fleege, Herman C Menominee 289A
Fleege, John B Menominee 289A
Fleege, Joseph EDubuque 071B
Flegee, John WGal Twp 241A
Fleharty, George W Warren 224B
Fleharty, William H Warren 212 A
Fleming, E J Stockton 193B
Fleming, Frank ScalesMd 184B
Fleming, William EGalena #1 091A
Flescher, Christopher EDubuque 080B
Flickinger, Elvin ElizabthVil 107A
Flickinger, Irvin Berreman 055B
Flickinger, Lawrence W. Berreman 054A
Flint, Peter EGalena #1 088B
Fluhr, Charles EDubuque 074B
Flynn, Catharine Galena #4 260A
Flynn, James Rice 164A
Flynn, Patrick J. EGalena #1 093A
Foecking, Bernard EGalena #1 088A
Foecking, Henry J. EGalena 103A
Foecking, John EGalena 099A
Fogga, John EDubuque 083B
Foht, Andrew Menominee 288A
Foht, Godfred Menominee 292A
Foht, John Galena #5 271B
Foht, Lawrence EGalena 103A
Foht, Thressa EDubuque 077A
Folan, Michol Menominee 290A
Foley, James EDubuque 075B
Foley, Johanna Apple 043A
Foley, Louis ScalesMd 178B
Foley, Mary EGalena 102B
Foley, Nellie A. Apple 040A
Foley, Thomas G. Apple 040A
Folk, Lawrence I Galena #2 246A
Folkens, R H Stockton 201B
Folkens, Rheinhard Stockton 201B
Foltz, Edward Hanover 136B
Foolino, Joseph Hanover 140B
Foorbo, Anciolo Hanover 140B
Foot, Bert Apple 043B
Footitt, George J Nora 145A
Footitt, William J Nora 147B
Forbes, Joseph PleasantVal 156A
Forbes, Oliver PleasantVal 159B
FOrbo, Gisappe Hanover 140B
Forbs, French Hanover 140B
Ford, Amos J. Guilford 122A
Ford, Elizabeth Galena #5 268A
Ford, Francis L. EGalena #1 093A
Ford, Jesse Guilford 122A
Ford, Olin Warren 213B
Ford, Richard Galena #5 266A
Ford, Russel Galena #3 235B
Ford, Wallace M. Guilford 119B
Ford, Walter Galena #2 249B
Foster, Alexander D. ElizabthVil 106A
Foster, John H Warren 216B
Foster, Milsent A Galena #4 255B
Foster, Nellie Stockton 194A
Foster, Truman Ward 050B
Foster, William Stockton 192A
Fostino, Pietro Hanover 140B
Fottitt, George Nora 144B
Foval, Lloyd Stockton 186B
Fowler, Nathaniel Galena #2 245A
Fowler, Oppie Rice 162B
Fox, Christ Rush 166B
Fox, Fred Warren 220B
Fox, John Nora 146B
Fox, Martin Nora 148A
Fox, Morris F Galena #3 238B
Fox, Peter Nora 147B
Fox, Sebastian Nora 151B
Fox, Sebastian Rush 166B
Foyt, George Galena #5 272A
Foyt, William W. EGalena #1 086B
Fozi, Seppi Hanover 140B

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