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Gladden, Joseph EGalena #1 093A
Glanville, James Stockton 194A
Glanville, John ScalesMd 181B
Glanville, Johnson Stockton 201B
Glanville, Thomas ScalesMd 181B
Glanville, Wm Stockton 188A
Glascow, John G. ScalesMd 184A
Glaser, Frank Stockton 200B
Glasgon, Edwin T. CouncilHill 062B
Glasgow (Glascow), James G Galena #5 264A
Glasgow, Hattie Rush 175B
Glasgow, James G Menominee 293A
Glasgow, William H Warren 224B
Glasker, August Menominee 288A
Glasker, Frank Menominee 293B
Glassen, John Rush 167B
Glasson, James VinegarHill 056B
Glazer, F C Stockton 202A
Glazier, Howard Rush 172B
Gleason, William H. EGalena #1 089A
Gleeson, Richard H. EGalena #1 096B
Glegow, Sam Apple 044A
Glenn, Dessie Berreman 054A
Glenn, Fred Rush 173A
Glenn, J. P. Rush 173A
Glenn, Wilford E Nora 151B
Glesener, Margaret E. EGalena #1 089B
Glick, Anton Rawlins 143A
Glick, Chris Guilford 122A
Glick, Fred Galena #3 230B
Glick, Henry Guilford 120A
Glick, Henry Galena #4 258B
Glick, John EGalena 101B
Gloeckner, Constantine Galena #2 245B
Gloeckner, Louisa Galena #3 237A
Glomas, Nicklos Rice 162A
Glover, Elizabeth Warren 224B
Glover, Maria Galena #3 234A
Glunus, George Ward 050A
Glusapa, Minnie Stockton 196A
Glynn, Michle Rice 161B
Goard, Margaret ElizabthVil 110B
Gobel, Alfred Galena #5 268A
Gobel, Raymond J Warren 226A
Goble, Albert EDubuque 075A
Godat, Mary L Galena #4 254B
Goddard, Julia A Warren 217A
Godfrey, Henry T Galena #3 237A
Godfrey, Sarah Galena #3 236A
Godson, William T. EGalena #1 091A
Golden, John Hanover 138B
Golden, Katherine EGalena #1 088B
Golden, Pauline A Hanover 127B
Goldhagen, Christ Hanover 133A
Goldhagen, Clem K Warren 218A
Goldhagen, Ferdinand EDubuque 078B
Goldhagen, Ignatz Warren 213A
Goldhagen, William Hanover 133B
Goldhorn, Henry ElizabthVil 108A
Goldsworthy, Amby ElizabthVil 110B
Goldsworthy, Mary ElizabthVil 110A
Goldthorp, Elmer ElizabthVil 110A
Goldthorp, Ethel ElizabthTwp 116A
Goldthorp, Sarah K Stockton 186A
Goldthorp, Thomas R. EGalena #1 086B
Gonia, Frank Ward 049A
Goodmiller, Elmer Stockton 189B
Goodmiller, Homer J Stockton 186A
Goodmiller, John Stockton 189B
Goodmiller, Lewis PleasantVal 158A
Goodmiller, Mike PleasantVal 153A
Goodmiller, Ray PleasantVal 158A
Gopel, Bernhart Hanover 130B
Gordon, Benj F Stockton 186B
Gordscke, Frank Ward 049A
Gorman, John P Galena #3 235B
Gosney, John Woodbine 279A
Gosney, William J Woodbine 279B
Gothard, Joseph Berreman 054B
Gothard, Orrin Stockton 197A
Gouse, Jane M Woodbine 284A
Gouse, Marcus A. Derinda 066B
Grabliam, William Apple 045B
Grabner, Fred C Warren 215B
Grace, Ann EGalena #1 087B
Grace, John Stockton 199A
Grace, John T Stockton 197B
Grace, Thomas J Galena #4 250B
Grady, Timothy P. EGalena #1 092B
Graham, Charles W Warren 213A
Graham, Harlow Dunleith 085B
Graham, John Ward 050B
Graham, John F. Dunleith 085A
Graham, John L Warren 215A
Graham, Mary J Hanover 126B
Graham, Thomas W. VinegarHill 057B
Grant, John Warren 226B
Grape, Frank B Nora 152A
Grass, Christian Derinda 064B
Grass, F---d Derinda 067A
Grassel, Florin EDubuque 071B
Gratiot, Mary J C Galena #4 254B
Gratton, John W. EGalena 103B
Graves, Charles Ward 047B
Graves, Emma ElizabthVil 112A
Graves, Emma H. EGalena #1 088B
Graves, Everest L. EGalena #1 087A
Graves, Jefferson H. Ward 049B
Graves, Julia Stockton 194A
Graves, Wallace E. Ward 048B
Graves, William ScalesMd 183B
Gray, Albert Galena #5 268A
Gray, Charles Rice 163B
Gray, David W Hanover 131B
Gray, Edward Hanover 137B
Gray, John F Warren 211B
Gray, John J. EGalena #1 086B
Gray, John W Galena #5 264A
Gray, Orpha Berreman 054A
Gray, Vern S Warren 219A
Gray, William J. Rice 161A
Grebner, Christian Thompson 209B
Grebner, Esther Thompson 208B
Grebner, George Guilford 125B
Grebner, Katie Thompson 208B
Grebner, Leonard Galena #3 235A
Grebner, Otto Thompson 205B
Grebner, Valentine ScalesMd 180B
Green, Ansel Guilford 121B
Green, Charles Apple 046B
Green, Charles Rush 173B
Green, Edward Morris EGalena 104B
Green, George Galena #5 263B
Green, Harriett S Stockton 195A
Green, James F Stockton 197A
Green, John EDubuque 076A
Green, Marcus D L Hanover 137B
Green, Odel Warren 227B
Green, Pearl Stockton 187B
Green, Walter Ward 051A
Green, William Galena #5 264A
Green, William H T Galena #5 269B
Greenan, Sarah Galena #2 248B
Greene, Edward T. EGalena #1 088A
Greenwald, Andrew Menominee 292A
Greenwald, Charlie Menominee 292A
Greenwald, Christenia Menominee 291A
Greenwald, Julia EDubuque 076B
Greenwald, Paul Menominee 288A
Greenwald, Sophia M Menominee 291A
Greenwood, Thomas J Warren 221A
Gregor, Elsie M Galena #4 257A
Gregor, John A Galena #4 256A
Greibe, Rosalia Galena #4 259B
Greund, Albert EDubuque 077B
Gribble, John H. EGalena #1 089B
Gribble, William Warren 216A
Griebe, Nellie Galena #3 233A
Gries, Joseph VinegarHill 059B
Griffith, Chrsitina M Galena #4 257B
Griffith, John Galena #4 251A
Griggs, Grace A Stockton 201A
Grigsby, Rufus Apple 040A
Grimm, Edward Galena #5 269B
Grimm, Henry Galena #3 237A
Grimm, Louisa Galena #5 273A
Grindey, Frank Thompson 205A
Grindey, Joshua Thompson 204B
Grindey, Mark W Warren 226A
Grindy, Margaret J. ScalesMd 183A
Grinner, Mary Ann Galena #4 252A
Grinyer, James Galena #5 266A
Groesbeck, Peter E Galena #4 252A
Groetsch, John Hanover 137B
Groezinger, August Derinda 068B
Groezinger, Christian Derinda 066A
Groezinger, John Woodbine 281A
Groezinger, John Woodbine 283B
Groezinger, John L. Derinda 066A
Groezinger, Julius Derinda 070B
Groezinger, Mike Derinda 065A
Groezinger, Phillip Stockton 199B
Groezsinger, Oscar PleasantVal 153B
Groff, Agustus P. EDubuque 076B
Groff, John EDubuque 075B
Groff, Mary EDubuque 072A
Groff, Mary Miss EDubuque 081A
Groff, Michael EDubuque 076B
Gronner, Frank Galena #3 239A
Groom, Alfred Nora 148A
Groom, James Warren 213A
Groom, William Warren 222A
Groom, William A Warren 212 A
Gross, J. W. Rush 168B
Gross, Miles E. Ward 047B
Gross, Minnie D Stockton 191B
Gross, Richard Galena #2 242B
Grossman, Roy J Stockton 195A
Grosunback, John Derinda 069A
Grove, Clyde Ward 050A
Grover (Grove), Charles W Galena #5 272A
Groves, Jane Apple 041A
Growley, Michael EDubuque 072B
Grube, August Guilford 124B
Grube, George Galena #4 258A
Gruber, Natsy ElizabthTwp 117B
Grumme, William F Galena #4 252A
Gruner, Henry Rush 175B
Guadenfelt, John Nora 150B
Gualer, Gotlieb Galena #3 232A
Guaylardo, Toney Nora 145B
Guayluerdo, Joseph Nora 145B
Gubser, Joseph EDubuque 081A
Guensler, Francis Hanover 136A
Guenzler, Adam Derinda 068B
Guenzler, Fred PleasantVal 153A
Guggenheim, Joseph Galena #4 253A
Guilbert, William EDubuque 079B
Guild, Charles J Warren 225A
Guintra, Cologero EGalena #1 087B
Guites, Margrett PleasantVal 155A
Gummow, Elizabeth ScalesMd 178B
Gummow, John T. ScalesMd 184A
Gump, Pearl Berreman 053A
Gundrey, Jane R Warren 213A
Gundrey, Thos C Stockton 185B
Gundry, Albert Galena #3 234A
Gundry, Jane Galena #3 233B
Gundry, John Stockton 193B
Gundry, Joseph Ward 049B
Gundry, Leslie Galena #5 267B
Gunn, Annatasia Galena #3 234B
Gunn, Hugh F Galena #3 236A
Gunn, Isabella EGalena #1 088B
Gunn, Patrick EGalena #1 091B
Gurtner, Benedict EDubuque 076A
Gutshow, Charles Thompson 208A
Gutzmer, August F Warren 228B
Gutzmer, William F Warren 225B
Gutzner, Gustave Rush 170A
Guy, Elmer Warren 221B
Guy, George Apple 044A
Guy, Harry Warren 221A
Guy?, John Galena #5 274A

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