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Hoay (Houy), James Galena #4 259B
Hock, Mary A. ScalesMd 180B
Hockets, John Apple 044B
Hockevor, Antone Rice 165A
Hocking, Charlotte Galena #3 233A
Hocking, Elinor CouncilHill 060B
Hocking, John ScalesMd 180A
Hocking, Lavina ScalesMd 179B
Hocking, Mary J. VinegarHill 056B
Hocking, Samuel Galena #4 257B
Hocking, Thomas Thompson 205B
Hocking, William J. VinegarHill 057A
Hodges, Emily EDubuque 074A
Hodgin, Charles Thompson 208A
Hodgin, George Apple 046B
Hodgin, Gerard Thompson 207B
Hodgin, James Thompson 205B
Hodson, Thomas H. EGalena #1 086B
Hodson, William T. EGalena #1 086B
Hoefle, Henry C Stockton 191B
Hoelting, Fred Y Galena #5 272A
Hofenke, Henry Thompson 210B
Hoffman, Coleman V Galena #3 237A
Hoffman, Elizabeth Derinda 067B
Hoffman, Florence Apple 042A
Hoffman, George Woodbine 279B
Hoffman, John Ward 050A
Hoffman, John Derinda 065B
Hoffman, Laine Stockton 193B
Hoffman, William R Warren 223A
Hofmann, Ludwig EGalena 103A
Hoftander, Henry Galena #5 274B
Hoftender, Hubert Menominee 290B
Hoftender, Nichols J Menominee 291A
Hoftender, Sylvester Menominee 290A
Hogan, Frank Stockton 202A
Hogan, Garrett Stockton 195B
Hogan, James Rice 161B
Hogan, Owen J Stockton 202A
Hogan, Richard P. CouncilHill 062A
Holcomb, Emeline Warren 220A
Holder, William R Galena #4 254A
Holdford, Joacham F Warren 225B
Hole, William Menominee 290B
Holehow, Edward Guilford 124A
Holland, Albert Galena #5 271A
Holland, Daniel Warren 227B
Holland, Edward J. ScalesMd 182A
Holland, Edwin ElizabthVil 109B
Holland, Fred E Woodbine 280A
Holland, Herman Guilford 125A
Holland, James C. ScalesMd 182A
Holland, John Rawlins 142A
Holland, Margret Hanover 132A
Holland, William ElizabthTwp 117A
Holland, William Galena #3 230A
Hollander, Aloysius J. VinegarHill 057A
Hollander, Chas E Galena #5 263B
Holrahan?, Nora Ellen Apple 040A
Holt, Enos Warren 214A
Holtkamp, Henry EGalena #1 094B
Holtkamp, Mary E. EGalena #1 089B
Holtz, John Warren 228A
Holtzshol, Michael Woodbine 280A
Holy, Mary A. VinegarHill 058B
Holz, Albert Rawlins 142A
Holz, Fred Rawlins 142A
Holz, Frederick C Galena #4 250B
Holz, Henry Galena #4 259A
Holz, Mary Galena #3 232B
Holzschuh, Christ EGalena 101B
Holzschuk, Frederick CouncilHill 063B
Homrich, Grover Rush 176B
Homrich, Louis Galena #5 269A
Honeyman, Ben James W. Derinda 068A
Honeyman, Carrie Derinda 069A
Honeyman, Elizabeth ElizabthVil 107B
Hood, Henry ElizabthTwp 116B
Hood, Mary PleasantVal 159B
Hoofman, John Rice 163B
Hooks, Charles EDubuque 080B
Hooling, Edward Apple 040A
Hoorsie?, Edward PleasantVal 152B
Hoover, Thomas E. Apple 040B
Hopkins, George Rice 162B
Hopkins, W T Stockton 189B
Hopkins, Wick L Warren 218B
Hoppe, John Thompson 206B
Hoppe, Josephine Woodbine 279B
Hoppe, Theodore Thompson 207B
Horace, Annie EGalena #1 087B
Horace, Kathrine ElizabthVil 106B
Horan, Michael J. VinegarHill 057A
Horingard?, Christian Thompson 206A
Hormby, George Rice 165A
Horn, Mark B. EDubuque 080A
Hornbrecht, Henry Galena #5 274A
Hornby, William EGalena 098A
Hornung, Fred Thompson 206B
Hornung, Louis Galena #5 268A
Horsch, Saml J Stockton 192B
Horsch, William Stockton 188B
Horsey, Katherine EGalena #1 094A
Horton, Delia C. EGalena #1 090A
Horton, Philomena EGalena #1 090A
Hosberg, Henry EDubuque 083B
Hosking, Mary ElizabthTwp 117A
Hosking, Richard ElizabthTwp 118A
Hostman, Henry Thompson 208B
Hostmann, William Thompson 208B
Hotchkiss, William J Hanover 136B
Hotze, Criel Woodbine 281B
Hough, Charles Hanover 136A
Housman, Ray C Galena #4 250B
Houtakker, John VinegarHill 058B
Houy, Alice Galena #3 237B
Houy, Daniel EGalena #1 093B
Houy, Daniel Galena #5 268A
Houy, George Galena #5 267A
Houy, George W. EGalena #1 095A
Houy, Katharine Galena #4 250B
Houy, William H Galena #4 254A
Howard, Henry H Galena #2 249B
Howard, Jeremiah B. EGalena #1 088B
Howard, Katharine A Galena #2 242B
Howarth, Harry G Woodbine 281A
Howarth, J. Walter ElizabthTwp 117B
Howarth, Lewis Warren 217B
Howe, William Galena #2 249A
Howell, John H Stockton 187A
Howell, William Derinda 070A
Hoy, Alice Stockton 202A
Hoy, Frank PleasantVal 153B
Hub, Lottie Stockton 202B
Hub, Minnie E Stockton 201B
Hubach, John Rice 165B
Hubacher, Nicholas Galena #4 251B
Hubacher, Nick Galena #5 271B
Hubanstreit, Edward Galena #5 274B
Hubb, Bertha Rush 172B
Hubb, William Thompson 209B
Huber, August EGalena 100B
Huber, Frank Rush 175A
Huber, Joseph A Galena #4 256A
Hudgens, Margret Hanover 139B
Hudruff, Christopher VinegarHill 057B
Hudson, David EGalena 100B
Hudson, James Galena #4 253A
Huelman, John Guilford 120A
Huett, Carl J Warren 216A
Huett, Charles F Warren 222A
Huett, William H Warren 222A
Hughes, Edward Menominee 293A
Hughes, Owen Woodbine 286B
Hughlett, Emma Galena #3 234A
Hughs, Charles Nora 151B
Hughs, Michael Ward 048A
Huilman, Henry A. EGalena 102B
Hulbert, Clifford E Stockton 194B
Hull, David WGal Twp 241B
Hullett, Roy Stockton 189A
Hulsey, Bonie Galena #5 272A
Hulsohn, Joseph H. VinegarHill 060A
Hume, Alex Apple 046A
Humhoff, Jacob Galena #5 274A
Hunkins, Sidney C. EGalena #1 087A
Hunsaker, Lucinda EDubuque 078A
Hunt, Arthur M Hanover 134A
Hunt, Carie A Warren 216A
Hunt, Edward Galena #4 262A
Hunt, Ernest T Hanover 134B
Hunt, Hiram S Hanover 135B
Hunt, Mary ElizabthVil 111B
Hunt, O. Earl ElizabthTwp 116B
Hurley, Margaret Galena #2 244B
Hurst, Charles Apple 043B
Hurst, Christine Rush 176A
Hurst, George Rush 166B
Hurst, Raymond Galena #5 268A
Hurst, Sarah H Hanover 127A
Hurst, William Rush 166B
Hurst, William Galena #3 233B
Hurt, Frank D. EGalena 103A
Husch, Fred Woodbine 286B
Huschar, John EGalena 099A
Husted, Letitia J. EGalena #1 090A
Hutchison, Gilbert ElizabthTwp 113B
Hutchison, W W Stockton 190A
Hutton, Catherine ElizabthVil 110B
Hutton, George EDubuque 077A
Hutton, Neil ElizabthVil 112A
Igo, Michael Galena #2 246A
Ihde, Frank C Galena #4 258A
Imbus, George J Menominee 291A
Indry, Edward EDubuque 082B
Ingersoll, Louisa Mrs. EDubuque 076A
Ingerson, Fred EDubuque 078A
Ingerson, Theo EDubuque 074B
Ingram, Elizabeth ScalesMd 177B
Ingram, Pearl Thompson 209A
Ingram, William ScalesMd 182B
Ingwersen, Chris EDubuque 082B
Inman, Gilbert W. ElizabthVil 106A
Ireland, Harry Ward 050A
Ireland, Mary Guilford 121A
Irvine, Fanny Apple 038B
Irvine, Robert Apple 044A
Irvine, William Apple 042B
Irwin, Drury Hanover 138B
Irwin, John J Hanover 139A
Irwin, Robert PleasantVal 159B
Irwin, William D Hanover 139B
Isbell, Arminta Stockton 192A
Isbell, John ElizabthVil 109A
Isbell, Magie ElizabthTwp 114A
Isbell, Pleasant Rush 172B
Isbell, William C Galena #4 259A
Isenberger, George W. Ward 050B
Ivery, Werne Galena #5 266A
Ives, Delia Galena #5 274B
Ives, Howard F. EGalena #1 087B
Ivey, Charles Galena #4 261B
Ivey, Charles B ElizabthVil 106B
Ivey, James E. EGalena 102A
Ivey, James H. EGalena 103A
Ivey, Jennie Galena #5 268B
Ivey, Mary J. CouncilHill 062A
Ivey, Thomas E. ElizabthTwp 116A
Ivory, Patrick Galena #2 248A

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