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The Jo Daviess County ILGenWeb greatfully acknowledges the tremendous work in the transcription done by Marjorie Smith to complete this listing. Thank You Marjorie!

Mace, Hugh J Hanover 130A
MacFee, William Rice 164A
Machamer, George Ward 050B
Machling, Charles Ward 048A
Mackey, Joseph WGal Twp 240B
Mackey, Rebecka Stockton 196A
Macomesch, Joe ElizabthVil 109B
Madden, Michael Ward 050A
Mader, William H. Berreman 055A
Maeder, Emil Galena #2 246A
Magee, George A. ScalesMd 180B
Magee, Henry Rush 174B
Magee, John E. ScalesMd 182A
Magina, Mary S Galena #2 244B
Maginis, Catherine Galena #3 235B
Magson, George EDubuque 077B
Maguire, Francis EDubuque 078A
Maguire, Thomas EDubuque 081A
Mahan, Barney Guilford 120A
Mahan, John Rush 175A
Mahan, Lawrence Galena #5 266A
Mahlman, Augusta J Galena #4 252B
Mahon, George F Warren 214A
Mahoney, James Nora 144B
Mahoney, Michael CouncilHill 062A
Mahoney, Michael Nora 147B
Mahoney, Thomas CouncilHill 062A
Mahony, Charles P. EGalena #1 089B
Mahony, Edward Galena #2 248B
Mahood, John Galena #4 252A
Main, Joey Stockton 195B
Maine, Gladys EDubuque 083A
Maire, August EDubuque 079B
Maire, Michael EDubuque 079A
Malarky, Mary A Galena #2 248A
Malloy, Henry Galena #5 272A
Malloy, Nellie C Galena #2 249B
Mallu, August Warren 227B
Malone, Edward Galena #5 270A
Malone, Margaret ElizabthVil 111B
Manariho, Franck Hanover 140B
Mancauley, Anna Rush 168B
Maneman, Mary A Menominee 288A
Manley, John A. VinegarHill 059A
Manley, Kingsley Stockton 192B
Manley, Otis A. Rush 170B
Manley, William Stockton 196A
Mann, George E Galena #3 233A
Manthis, Henry Derinda 064B
Manuel, John CouncilHill 060B
Manuell, Richard Galena #5 270A
Manz, John EGalena 102A
Mapes, George Rush 173A
Mapes, Ira S Stockton 197B
Mapes, Marvin F Stockton 190A
Mapes, Myron G Stockton 203B
Mapes, William E Stockton 191B
March, George C. ScalesMd 178A
Marcroft, Eben Hanover 130A
Marcroft, John T Hanover 130B
Marcus, Jacob Ward 049A
Marfield, John H Galena #2 249B
Marino, Franck Hanover 140B
Maris, Fredericka Galena #4 260B
Mark, Nichols J Stockton 192B
Markem, C. E. Rice 161A
Markling, Charles Ward 048A
Marks, John Rush 170A
Marks, Theodore S Nora 150A
Marmouth, Lilly ScalesMd 183B
Marone, Remo Hanover 140B
Marony, Michael Ward 049A
Marsden, Benjamin EGalena 102A
Marsden, Catherine Galena #2 245B
Marsden, John M Galena #2 245B
Marsden, Walter P Galena #2 245B
Marsh, Dona Stockton 193B
Marshall, Alonzo G Nora 144B
Marshall, Jennie E Nora 144B
Marshall, Rosena? Ward 050A
Marshall, Willard K Nora 144B
Marshman, Minnie Stockton 198A
Marten, George H. EGalena 098A
Martens, Charles W. EGalena 098A
Martin, Bessie Mrs. EDubuque 078B
Martin, Caroline EGalena #1 094B
Martin, David Hanover 140A
Martin, David Galena #5 269A
Martin, Edward Galena #3 229B
Martin, Edward J. ScalesMd 179B
Martin, Elmer D Stockton 190A
Martin, Frank Ward 050B
Martin, George R Galena #4 255A
Martin, Henry Rice 163A
Martin, James Apple 045A
Martin, James ElizabthTwp 115B
Martin, James Warren 223B
Martin, Joseph H Warren 212 A
Martin, Maggie Galena #5 272B
Martin, Martin E. EDubuque 073B
Martin, Mary Galena #2 243B
Martin, Mary G. ScalesMd 177B
Martin, Nicholas EDubuque 072B
Martin, Robert Apple 041A
Martin, Robert ElizabthTwp 116A
Martin, Robert Hanover 137A
Martin, Ruth Dunleith 086A
Martin, Susan J. ScalesMd 181B
Martin, Thomas Apple 040A
Martin, Thomas T WGal Twp 241A
Martin, William C. ScalesMd 183A
Martink, Schutt Rush 173B
Marton, Gustavus A Warren 229A
Marvin, Christine Apple 039A
Mason, Edward G Galena #4 254B
Mason, James R. Apple 046B
Mason, John L Hanover 132A
Massey, Alexander P Warren 214A
Massey, Lee D Warren 214B
Masters, Aaron C. Berreman 053B
Masterson, Andrew Galena #5 271B
Matalo, Rocka EDubuque 083B
Matheson, James A Hanover 135B
Mathews, Frank W Warren 217B
Mathews, William Derinda 067B
Mathey, Charles Galena #2 247B
Matka, Emil Derinda 065A
Mators, Ginneri Hanover 140B
Matson, James C. ScalesMd 178B
Matthews, Richard ElizabthVil 109A
Matucha, Huston Galena #4 251A
Mauer, John EDubuque 081A
Maughs, Thomas EGalena 098A
Mavis, Louis Galena #5 274A
Maxeiner, Elizabeth Galena #4 250B
Maxeiner, George L. EGalena #1 087A
May, Amanda Derinda 068A
May, Benjamin T Hanover 132B
May, David Galena #5 268B
May, Elmer Galena #3 238A
May, James Hanover 139A
May, James M Hanover 129A
Maybanks, James W. CouncilHill 061A
Maybanks, Matt Galena #5 273B
Mayhew, Mitchell EDubuque 082A
Maynard, Earl M Warren 223B
Mayne, Elmer E. CouncilHill 061B
Mayne, Georgiana CouncilHill 061B
McAllister, Anthony Hanover 132B
McArdle, William H Warren 211B
McBreen, Phillip Galena #5 271A
McBride, Bert EGalena #1 093A
McBride, George G. ScalesMd 180A
McCabe, James EGalena #1 091A
McCabe, James ElizabthTwp 115B
McCafferty, Anthony Galena #2 247B
McCafferty, Susan Galena #3 236B
McCains, Daniel Galena #5 274B
McCall, Richard PleasantVal 152B
McCammon, C D Stockton 196A
McCan, Peter Ward 049A
McCann, Frank Galena #5 268A
McCann, John J Hanover 129A
McCann, Robert EGalena #1 088A
McCarthy, Ann Galena #4 255A
McCarthy, Edward M. EGalena #1 095A
McCarthy, John EGalena #1 087A
McCarthy, John V Galena #2 248B
McCarthy, Mary Galena #3 236B
McCarthy, William Menominee 290A
McCarty, Daniel Galena #4 260B
McCarty, James Stockton 192B
McCarty, John E. EGalena #1 092B
McCarty, Katherine EGalena #1 092B
McCarty, Michael EGalena 101B
McCarty, Patrick Stockton 194B
McCarty, Patrick Galena #2 246A
McCarty, Patrick Galena #2 246B
McCauley, Arthur J. ElizabthVil 112A
McCauley, Rose Apple 041B
McClave, Alexander Hanover 137A
McClave, Charles A Hanover 136B
McCloskey, Henry EGalena #1 086B
McColley, Joseph Hanover 136A
McCollum, Fidila Stockton 190B
McColly, Joseph J Hanover 136A
McConnel, Horace EGalena #1 086B
McConnell, Jospeh Galena #3 238A
McCormack, Ed J Stockton 193A
McCormack, Elizabeth Warren 225A
McCormack, Mary A Galena #2 244B
McCormack, Robert J Warren 226A
McCormick, Edward Rice 164A
McCormick, James Rice 164B
McCormick, Joseph Galena #5 272B
McCormick, Michel Rice 164A
McCormick, Patrick Galena #5 273A
McCormick, Thomas ElizabthVil 107A
McCoun, Charles Rush 171B
McCoun, Richard Stockton 192A
McCoy, Charles Hanover 134B
McCoy, Henry Hanover 134B
McCoy, Joseph M Hanover 140A
McCoy, Sarah Woodbine 281B
McCrillis, Frank Warren 218B
McCullough, John EGalena #1 087A
McDermott, Ambrose Galena #4 257A
McDermott, Thomas F. EGalena #1 095A
McDermott, Thomas L. EGalena #1 089A
McDonald, Bernard Hanover 137B
McDonald, James EDubuque 082B
McDonald, Jennie Galena #2 248A
McDonald, Marcus Apple 041B
McDonald, Mary WGal Twp 241A
McDonald, Patrick Thompson 204B
McDonald, Patrick WGal Twp 241A
McDonald, Peter EGalena 100B
McDonald, Thomas EDubuque 072A
McDougall, Eva ElizabthVil 110B
McEnarney, Bridget EGalena #1 090B
McEvers, John N Galena #2 245A
McFadden - also see Fadden  
McFadden, George Apple 040B
McFadden, James T. Apple 045A
McFadden, John Apple 046A
McFadden, Samuel ScalesMd 178B
McFadden, Thomas Apple 043B
McFadden, William S. Apple 044B
McFarland, Sarah JM Warren 221A
McGann, Peter Ward 049A
McGaughey, Winfield Dunleith 084B
McGee, John F. Mrs. EDubuque 082A
McGinnis, Duglas PleasantVal 154A
McGorman, Frank H. Ward 049A
McGough, Elinor ElizabthTwp 114A
McGovern, John EDubuque 079A
McGowan, Ebbie Stockton 185B
McGrath, Katherine EGalena #1 093A
McGraw, Joanna L. EGalena #1 091B
McGregor, [blank name] Hanover 129B
McGuire, George W Galena #2 247A
McGuire, John E Menominee 292B
McGuire, Michael VinegarHill 058B
McGuire, Michael Galena #4 252B
McGuire, Philip M. VinegarHill 057A
McGurk, William Stockton 187A
McGVuire, Hugh Galena #2 248A
McHugh, John ElizabthVil 105B
McHugh, John Galena #4 261B
McHugh, Mary Apple 039A
McIntyre, Duncan Derinda 067B
McIntyre, John Hanover 128A
McKale, James Ward 049A
McKeague, Andrew Galena #3 238A
McKeague, Robert Galena #3 236A
McKee, David Apple 042A
McKee, Edward Rush 167B
McKee, George Rush 175A
McKee, James A. Apple 042B
McKee, Joseph Rush 176B
McKee, Robert I. EGalena #1 087A
McKenzie, John C. ElizabthVil 106B
McKenzie, William L. ElizabthVil 108B
McKernan, Mary EGalena #1 094B
McKernan, William Galena #3 238B
McKibben, Perry W Warren 216A
McKillip, William A. ElizabthVil 106B
McKillips, Edwin Galena #4 260B
McKinley, George L Hanover 135B
McKinley, John M. Derinda 066B
McKinley, Robert ElizabthTwp 118A
McKinley, William Hanover 135A
McKinstry, David Apple 042B
McKinstry, David Nora 147B
McLamarch, Robert Derinda 066A
McLamarrah, J Stockton 192B
McLamarrah, Samuel Stockton 203A
McLaughlin, Andrew Galena #5 272A
McLaughlin, John Galena #2 247B
McLaughlin, Mary Galena #2 244B
McLaughlin, Mary Galena #5 268B
McLaughlin, Thomas Galena #5 274A
McLeahan, Jas M Stockton 187A
McLean, Elliot Thompson 205A
McLean, George B. ElizabthVil 107B
McLean, Leonard ElizabthVil 111B
McMahan, [Blank} EGalena #1 089A
McMahan, Annie EGalena #1 094B
McMahan, Annie Galena #3 238A
McMahan, Eliza A Galena #4 254B
McMahon, George W. EGalena #1 094B
McMahon, Honora EGalena #1 096B
McMahon, John Galena #4 250B
McMahon, John F. EGalena #1 095A
McMahon, Stephen B Galena #2 247A
McMahon, William Galena #3 236A
McMann, Frank Warren 217B
McManus, Michael Galena #4 261B
McManus, Sarah Apple 041A
McMillen, Alice Warren 216B
McMullen, Mary EGalena #1 090B
McNeill, Agnes Galena #3 233B
McNeill, Thomas Galena #3 234B
McNett, DeWitt W Warren 222B
McNett, Emery T Warren 223B
McNett, James N Warren 222A
McPeek, Mary Berreman 055A
McPeek, Perry Stockton 200A
McPhillips, Chas Stockton 196B
McPhillips, John Stockton 203B
McPhillips, Thomas Galena #5 265A
McQuillen, Herman Thompson 206A
McQuillen, Mary Thompson 210A
McQuillen, William J. ElizabthVil 106A

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