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The Jo Daviess County ILGenWeb greatfully acknowledges the tremendous work in the transcription done by Marjorie Smith to complete this listing. Thank You Marjorie!

Mead, Ellen Galena #5 265B
Meade, Geo Apple 043A
Meade, Michael Apple 044B
Meader, Caesar Galena #5 274B
Mears, Evelyn I Warren 225A
Mears, James Warren 225A
Mears, Joseph Warren 220B
Medbury, Irene H Galena #2 243B
Meek, James H Stockton 194A
Meeter, Joseph Galena #5 268A
Meffley, Benjamin ElizabthVil 112A
Meffley, Jacob Galena #5 275B
Meier, Lawrence Galena #3 235B
Meister, Peter V. EDubuque 081A
Melies, Joseph A Galena #4 255A
Meloy, James Derinda 069A
Meloy, John Guilford 124B
Meloy, John Rawlins 141B
Melter, William Stockton 188B
Melville, George H. EGalena #1 089B
Melville, Mary Galena #2 245B
Menadue, Thomas Galena #5 272A
Meneguin, Frank Galena #3 238A
Meneguin, John E Galena #2 246A
Meneguin, Zeph F Galena #2 246A
Menequin, Asa P. EGalena #1 088B
Mengas, Peter Derinda 067B
Menifield, Elizabeth CouncilHill 061B
Menizimer, Geo W Stockton 186A
Mennick, William EDubuque 076B
Mensen, Bernard Menominee 287B
Menzemer, Alvin Rush 172B
Menzemer, Charles Guilford 120B
Menzemer, Charles Guilford 124B
Menzemer, Edwin J Galena #3 233B
Menzemer, Florentine ElizabthTwp 117A
Menzemer, William E Warren 218B
Menzimer, Angeline Apple 040B
Menzimer, Whilmina EGalena 102A
Merrick, Charles F. EGalena #1 089A
Merrifield, Henry Hanover 139A
Merrifield, Oren A Hanover 136B
Merrill, Ida I Warren 213B
Mertes, Agnes Mrs. EDubuque 079A
Mertes, Matheias EDubuque 081B
Messinger, Enyien? Galena #4 259A
Mest, Henry ElizabthVil 105B
Metacatis, Cort Hanover 140A
Metalski, Mildred Hanover 131A
Metcalf, Fred Rush 167B
Metcalf, Mary J. ScalesMd 177B
Metcalf, Pierce Galena #5 274B
Metiff, Theadore Rice 162B
Meto, Remo Hanover 140B
Metzger, Charles C Galena #2 243B
Metzger, Henry Galena #3 230B
Metzger, John C Galena #4 259B
Metzger, Lena Galena #3 230B
Metzger, Mary Galena #5 273A
Metzger, Theobold Galena #2 242B
Meur, John Galena #5 268A
Meusel, Albert Galena #4 252A
Meusel, Frank B Galena #4 256B
Meusel, Herman C Galena #4 257B
Meusel, John W Galena #4 255B
Meusel, Louisa Galena #3 237A
Meyer, Andrew Woodbine 282B
Meyer, Barbara Galena #5 266A
Meyer, Christian Galena #5 267A
Meyer, Christina Galena #5 263B
Meyer, Frank Woodbine 282A
Meyer, Frank G Galena #5 264B
Meyer, Herman A Woodbine 280B
Meyer, John ElizabthTwp 117A
Meyer, John H Warren 223B
Meyer, Margaret Galena #3 238A
Meyerhofer, Katherine R Woodbine 280B
Meyers, Margaret EDubuque 079A
Michaelin, Mary Warren 212 B
Michaels, Joseph Ward 049A
Michel, Jessie Hanover 132A
Michelet, John Menominee 291B
Middendorf, Bernard Menominee 288A
Middendorf, Henry Menominee 287B
Miers, John Galena #3 237A
Milan, Azildis M. ElizabthVil 110A
Milan, John Galena #4 261B
Milddreda, Sister Galena #3 236B
Mill, Charles C Warren 224B
Mill, Frank J Warren 225B
Mill, William P Nora 147B
Millane, Harry PleasantVal 158A
Millard, Stanley Stockton 190A
Millelstaedt, William CouncilHill 063A
Millen, Honore Stockton 196B
Miller, Albert Guilford 122B
Miller, Alfonza VinegarHill 058B
Miller, Anna Galena #3 237A
Miller, Anthony Berreman 053A
Miller, Anton EGalena #1 094A
Miller, August Guilford 120B
Miller, Augusta Hanover 135B
Miller, Chloe Hanover 130A
Miller, Dalid? W Nora 150B
Miller, Doris E Warren 223A
Miller, Edward D. Stockton 185B
Miller, Elizabeth Ward 051A
Miller, Emily Hanover 132B
Miller, Emily R Galena #4 255B
Miller, Emma J Warren 214B
Miller, Estella A Warren 223A
Miller, Frank Ward 050A
Miller, Frank ScalesMd 183B
Miller, Frank F Hanover 128A
Miller, Frank J Galena #3 233B
Miller, Franklin P Hanover 131A
Miller, Frederick Berreman 055B
Miller, Frederick Galena #2 245A
Miller, Fredericka Mrs. Dunleith 084B
Miller, Fritz Rice 161B
Miller, George Rush 173A
Miller, George J Woodbine 280A
Miller, Gurney E Warren 214A
Miller, Harriett M Warren 222A
Miller, Henry Galena #4 251A
Miller, Henry H Galena #4 255B
Miller, Henry J Galena #2 248B
Miller, Jacob Galena #3 231A
Miller, James S Galena #4 253B
Miller, Jas E Nora 145A
Miller, Jesse F Stockton 200B
Miller, John EGalena #1 093B
Miller, John PleasantVal 153A
Miller, John ScalesMd 181B
Miller, John Thompson 208A
Miller, John A Hanover 130A
Miller, John F Warren 213B
Miller, John J Hanover 128B
Miller, John J. Derinda 067A
Miller, Leslie ElizabthTwp 114B
Miller, Louisa Galena #2 244B
Miller, Mariah E Hanover 128B
Miller, Nickolas Guilford 122B
Miller, Orlando M Warren 222B
Miller, Paul Woodbine 286B
Miller, Pauline Mrs. EDubuque 078A
Miller, Peter Guilford 123B
Miller, Richard Rice 165A
Miller, Royal A Nora 150B
Miller, Samuel Ward 049A
Miller, Sarah C Galena #4 252B
Miller, Theresa M Galena #4 257B
Miller, Tillman T Warren 211B
Miller, Valentine Galena #4 256A
Miller, Walter Stockton 195B
Miller, Will Galena #5 274A
Miller, William E. Stockton 186A
Miller, William H Galena #4 252A
Miller, William N Hanover 130B
Millhouse, August J Galena #4 252B
Millhouse, George T. EGalena #1 090B
Milligan, Edward Hanover 129A
Millner, John EGalena 100B
Mills, Hugh Hanover 135A
Mills, Jane Apple 040B
Mills, Sophia A Warren 217A
Miner, Charles A. EDubuque 073B
Miner, Henry B Nora 145A
Mitchel?, Arthur CouncilHill 063B
Mitchell, Elia VinegarHill 057B
Mitchell, Jesse B. ElizabthTwp 118B
Mitchell, Lee B. ElizabthVil 106A
Mitchell, Lorenzo D Woodbine 280A
Mitchell, Matilda Galena #5 270A
Mitchell, Phillip Nora 146A
Mitchell, Samuel W Woodbine 280A
Mitchell, Wallace E Woodbine 279B
Mitchell, Wesley ElizabthTwp 117A
Mitchell, Wilbert B. ElizabthVil 108B
Mitchley, John EDubuque 077B
Moffett, Thomas Derinda 065A
Mohan, James Galena #5 270B
Moher, Ann Galena #5 276B
Mohr, John Galena #5 265A
Moist, Frank ElizabthVil 107A
Molitor, Joseph Galena #5 274B
Molitor, Leo Galena #3 230B
Moll, Raymond Warren 213A
Molvoy, James Menominee 292B
Momenteller, A F Stockton 198A
Momenteller, Ira W Stockton 188A
Momenteller, Jacob Stockton 192A
Momenteller, W Stockton 190A
Monahan, Daniel C Warren 217B
Monahan, Leo Warren 223B
Moni, Stephan Galena #5 276B
Monier, Anderson Nora 146A
Monkley, Thomas PleasantVal 156A
Monnier, Charles A Warren 227B
Monnier, Dorcas ScalesMd 178B
Monnier, Edward W. ElizabthTwp 113B
Monnier, Philip S. ScalesMd 178B
Montach, Josephina Menominee 292A
Montag, Christopher EDubuque 080A
Montgomery, Alonzo Rawlins 143A
Montgomery, Eugene W. EGalena #1 090A
Montgomery, Wm Sr Galena #4 261B
Moon, Amelia Galena #5 266B
Moore, Hattie B Galena #5 268A
Moore, Henrietta Hanover 129B
Moore, Isaac F. EGalena #1 090A
Moore, James ElizabthTwp 114B
Moore, Jenevieve Stockton 187B
Moore, Josiah ElizabthTwp 118A
Moore, Kelly M Nora 148B
Moore, Monroe P Nora 146B
Moore, Philip J Stockton 191B
Moore, Robert W Hanover 140A
Moore, Thomas E. EGalena #1 090A
Moore, William K Nora 148B
Moorehead, Albert O Hanover 139A
Moorehead, Anna Hanover 139B
Mora, Franck Hanover 140B
Moran, Katherine L Warren 224B
Morehead, Elmer PleasantVal 157B
Morehead, James S Stockton 186A
Morelli, Clara F. EGalena #1 093A
Morelli, Frank EGalena #1 093B
Morettlo, Bocii Hanover 140B
Morgan, Clinton Stockton 200B
Morgan, Lawson Galena #5 271A
Morgan, Martin VinegarHill 060A
Morisse, Catherine Woodbine 285B
Morisse, Renhard D Stockton 202B
Morisse, William F Stockton 202A
Morley, Leona Stockton 192A
Morrill, Albert H Warren 224B
Morris, Edgar H Warren 212 B
Morris, Edgar N Warren 221A
Morris, Edward Rice 164B
Morris, Elmer Hanover 126B
Morris, Harvy Rice 161B
Morris, Lewis E Warren 214B
Morris, Mary EGalena #1 092B
Morris, Otho Galena #5 266B
Morris, Sophia M Hanover 129B
Morris, William O Hanover 132B
Morrison, Annie M. ScalesMd 177B
Morrison, David Galena #5 274B
Morrison, George Derinda 068A
Morrison, Stephan Derinda 068A
Morrison, Thomas Derinda 068A
Morse, Amos Stockton 197A
Morse, Charles Stockton 196B
Morse, Edwin Ward 051A
Morton, Charles E Warren 217B
Moseff, Angel VinegarHill 057B
Moseff, Costo VinegarHill 057B
Moseley?, Emily Galena #4 251B
Moser, Edgar J Galena #4 250B
Mosler, Matthias Galena #5 267B
Mosley, Eliza C Hanover 130B
Mosley, James Derinda 067B
Most, Joseph EDubuque 072A
Motke, William Stockton 188B
Mougin, Agustus M. ElizabthVil 108A
Mougin, William Rice 162B
Mounger, Thomas Ward 050B
Mouther?, Henry Derinda 065B
Mouton, Nicholas P. EDubuque 076A
Mowery, William Berreman 052A
Moyer, George E Galena #4 255A
Moyle, Annie E. ScalesMd 179A

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