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Muchow, August F WGal Twp 240B
Muchow, Charles L Galena #4 260B
Muchow, Helmer H. EGalena 098A
Muchow, Henry J Galena #2 244A
Muchow, Louis Galena #2 246B
Muehleip, Herman Thompson 204B
Muehleip, Louise Apple 042B
Muehleip, Selma Apple 041B
Mueller, Christina Galena #4 258A
Mueller, Fredericka Galena #3 231B
Mueller, Gust. A. ElizabthVil 109A
Mueller, Michael Derinda 065A
Mulfinger, Anna G. EGalena #1 090A
Mulfinger, Mary R Galena #4 259A
Mulhorn, James EGalena #1 088B
Mull, Samuel Rush 166B
Mullen, Charles Apple 041A
Muller, Frank PleasantVal 159B
Munson, Joel S Warren 215A
Muntz, Chas. ScalesMd 181A
Munye?, Peter CouncilHill 060B
Murdoc, Mary Stockton 200B
Murley, Andrew EGalena #1 089B
Murley, John Galena #4 261B
Murley, Samuel EGalena #1 090B
Murphy, Andrew D. VinegarHill 060A
Murphy, Charles C Galena #4 256A
Murphy, Cora Galena #3 237A
Murphy, Edward W Warren 219A
Murphy, Elizabeth EDubuque 074A
Murphy, Ellen EGalena 103B
Murphy, F. P. Rush 170A
Murphy, James Apple 043A
Murphy, James W. VinegarHill 059A
Murphy, Johanna EGalena #1 091B
Murphy, John EGalena 100B
Murphy, John ElizabthTwp 115A
Murphy, John A Warren 212 A
Murphy, John J Woodbine 284A
Murphy, Maggie Galena #3 232B
Murphy, Mary EGalena 100B
Murphy, Milborne S Warren 215A
Murphy, Mortimer Warren 213B
Murphy, Nicholas Apple 041B
Murphy, Patrick VinegarHill 058B
Murphy, Walter Apple 044B
Murphy, William H. EGalena 099B
Murray, Charles J. Sr. EDubuque 079A
Murray, Kerray EDubuque 076A
Murray, Martin Stockton 202B
Murray, Nicholas Dunleith 085B
Murray, Thomas ElizabthVil 110A
Murray, Thomas W. EDubuque 073A
Murray, William EDubuque 083B
Murry, Frances Galena #4 251B
Murry, Julia Galena #4 252A
Murry, Tomas Rice 161B
Murtzell, Daniel Warren 212 A
Musselman, August W Warren 213A
Musselman, Chris Warren 218B
Musselman, Chris Woodbine 286B
Musselman, David Guilford 124A
Musselman, Henry Guilford 124A
Musselman, Henry Guilford 125B
Musselman, Mary C Woodbine 285A
Musser, Arthur Stockton 197A
Mussleman, Henry ScalesMd 180A
Mutchler, Fred EDubuque 073B
Myer, John Apple 044A
Myers, Allen B Nora 146B
Myers, Blanche M. EGalena #1 086B
Myers, Frank Rush 167B
Myers, Fredinand Rush 176A
Myers, Irvin R Warren 220A
Myers, Jennie Nora 149B
Myers, Joseph Guilford 123B
Myers, Joseph Rice 162A
Myers, Susan Nora 148B
Nack, John A Galena #4 251A
Nack, Joseph M Galena #5 267B
Nadig, Albert Rush 169B
Nadig, Antone ElizabthVil 111A
Nadig, Barbara Rush 170B
Nadig, Charles Thompson 210B
Nadig, Fred Rush 168A
Nadig, George Rush 170A
Nadig, Jacob Rush 173A
Nadig, John Rush 168A
Nadig, Wesley Rush 173A
Nadig, William Rush 173A
Nagel, Edward Galena #4 256B
Nagel, Jacob Galena #3 229B
Nagel, John PleasantVal 154A
Nagle, Josephine Galena #3 233B
Naiderhauser, Jacob Thompson 205A
Nash, Francis A Hanover 128A
Nash, Katie Stockton 197B
Nash, Maggie ElizabthVil 107B
Nash, N S Stockton 192B
Nash, Northorp Stockton 202A
Nash, Olive I Stockton 202A
Nation, William H Nora 148A
Naylor, William Warren 223B
Neesly, Charles Guilford 120A
Neff, Charles Warren 212 A
Nehren, William Galena #5 274A
Neinan, Felix Rice 164B
Neisemier Harry Nora 149A
Nellis, Katie Galena #5 265A
Nellis, Louis Galena #5 264B
Nelson, Laewis Ward 049A
Nelson, Peter ElizabthVil 105B
Nelson, Peter S. ElizabthVil 110B
Nenziker, John L. Rush 175A
Nesbett, James ElizabthTwp 118A
Nesbitt, Elizabeth J Hanover 131A
Nesbitt, Jessie S Hanover 133B
Neuibert, Louis R Galena #3 234A
Neulisk, Joe Guilford 125B
Neuwohner, Bernard Menominee 288A
Neuwohner, Christina Menominee 288A
Nevelasar, Lewis Hanover 140A
New, Mary A Galena #2 244B
Newcomer, C. E. Rice 162A
Newhall, Mariam Galena #5 270B
Newsom, John W. CouncilHill 061A
Newswanger, Fred ScalesMd 184A
Newton, John J. ElizabthVil 107B
Nicholas, Joseph Galena #5 273B
Nicholas, Samuel Rawlins 142B
Nicholason, Arthur W Hanover 136B
Nicholls, Jennie Galena #4 255A
Nichols, Asa ElizabthVil 107A
Nichols, Augustus Rawlins 143A
Nichols, Elizabeth Stockton 186B
Nichols, Richard Galena #4 256A
Nichols, Thomas Galena #5 271A
Nieman, Caroline A Galena #2 245A
Nieman, Charles H Warren 225B
Nieman, Christof Rush 173B
Nieman, Fred Thompson 209B
Nieman, John P Thompson 208A
Nieman, Teana ElizabthTwp 113B
Niemann, Albert Apple 044B
Niemann, Bertha Menominee 292B
Niemeyer, Henry Stockton 188B
Nieseman, Anna Stockton 189A
Nieseman, Ferd Stockton 195A
Niles, Frank D Hanover 138A
Nilkes, Eva F Hanover 135B
Nipple, Charles PleasantVal 156B
Nixon, Carrie Galena #3 231A
Noah, Phillip Galena #4 258B
Noah, Phillip J Galena #4 258B
Nobis, Charles W Hanover 136A
Nobis, Gustav C Hanover 127A
Nobis, Henry A Hanover 130A
Noble, John W. Berreman 054B
Noble, Mary A. Berreman 055B
Nolan, Annie Galena #3 237B
Nolan, James Ward 050A
Nolan, Michael Guilford 121A
Nolan, Patrick Apple 039B
Nolan, Thomas Galena #4 262A
Noll, Charles Rush 174B
Noller, David J Nora 150B
Noller, Minnie C Stockton 195B
Noller, William Rush 172A
Noller, William Stockton 193B
Noonan, Patrick EGalena 100B
Noonan, Patrick Galena #4 251B
Norris, David L Rawlins 142A
North, George PleasantVal 157A
North, John PleasantVal 156B
North, Wallie L Woodbine 284A
North, William Woodbine 283B
Northam, George A Nora 147B
Northrup, Ralph E. Berreman 052A
Norton, George W Galena #4 256A
Norton, John Galena #4 262A
Norton, John Galena #5 270B
Noton, William E Hanover 128B
Notors, Filid Hanover 140B
Nowak, Stephen Ward 047B
Nuss, Henry Ward 050A
Nye, James L Jr Galena #4 252B

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