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O'Brien, Daniel PleasantVal 156A
O'Brien, Ellen Stockton 194A
O'Brien, Myra B Galena #2 249B
O'Day, Patrick Galena #3 231A
O'Neil, May ScalesMd 180A
O'Neill, David EGalena #1 092B
O'Neill, John C Galena #4 260A
O'Rourke, James W. VinegarHill 056B
O'Rourke, John P. EDubuque 077A
O'Rourke, Thomas VinegarHill 056B
Oatway, Mary E Warren 212 B
Oberholter, Vincent Galena #5 274A
Obermiller, Louis Jr Galena #5 267B
Obermiller, William Galena #2 244B
Obye, Charles H Galena #3 234B
Odell, Ernest EDubuque 081B
Odell, Fred EDubuque 080B
Oheeren, John Menominee 293B
Oldenburg, Albert J Rawlins 141B
Oldenburg, Fred Rawlins 142A
Oldenburg, Henry J. VinegarHill 058B
Oldenburg, John Galena #3 237B
Olderson, martin Rice 161B
Olds, John Woodbine 283A
Olds, Lydia Warren 222A
Oldson, Osker Rice 161B
Olgard, Robert EGalena 098B
Olhousen, Elizabeth M. Berreman 054A
Oliver, John W. Apple 042B
Oliver, Richard A Stockton 189B
Oliver, W T Stockton 195A
Olmstead, B E Stockton 196B
Olmstead, George PleasantVal 156B
Olmstead, O H Stockton 197A
Olsipina, John EDubuque 083B
Olthoff, Stanley Ward 050B
Omer, James W Warren 217A
Onahan, Bridget Galena #5 274B
ONeale, John Rice 161B
ONeill, James EDubuque 071B
ONeill, Marcella EDubuque 072A
Onstrauf, Orlando EGalena 100B
Opgenhoffen, Jacob Menominee 292B
Opie, Charles B Warren 221B
Opie, James Apple 042B
Orboso, Maik Hanover 140B
Oren, Jackson Ward 048B
Orre?, Lea Woodbine 279A
Orth, Fredrick Stockton 185B
Ortscheid, August EGalena 102B
Ortscheid, Francis J. EGalena #1 088A
Ortscheid, Fred Galena #5 270A
Ortscheid, John EGalena 103B
Ortscheid, Joseph F. EGalena 103B
Osben, Henry Rice 163B
Ostendorf, Christian Galena #4 257B
Ostenkoetter, Charles Galena #4 262A
Oster, Elizabeth Mrs. EDubuque 077A
Oster, Joseph EDubuque 071B
Oster, Mary C. Mrs. EDubuque 076A
Osterday, Edward Stockton 188A
Osterholt, John H. EGalena #1 096B
Otten, Charles Hanover 138A
Otten, Henry Hanover 129A
Otto, Myrtle Thompson 206A
Otto, Will Galena #5 266A
Overmer, Alvah Dr. EDubuque 072A
Overmeyer, Katherine Apple 042B
Overstreet, Cora ElizabthVil 105B
Overstreet, Lawrence Galena #4 256A
Owens, Hugh EGalena #1 090A
Owens, John C. VinegarHill 058B
Owens, Robert Galena #2 249A
Owens, Thomas EGalena #1 093A
Oxford,Herbert Apple 044B
Ozburn, James Apple 041A
Paar, Edward Galena #5 264B
Paar, Sarah H Galena #4 254A
Packer, Ellery ScalesMd 183A
Page, Harvey Ward 048B
Page, John W. Ward 048B
Page, Zacharia Ward 048b
Paige, Edward Apple 045B
Paisley, Alexander P Hanover 126B
Palmer, George Stockton 202A
Pamper, Gust Hanover 140A
Pamperius, James EDubuque 083B
Panes, Anna Stockton 196A
Pankin, John EDubuque 072B
Pansing, Edward S Nora 151A
Paparatha, Franck Hanover 140B
Parish, Harry Hanover 132B
Parker, Abigail Stockton 194A
Parker, C C Stockton 195B
Parker, Charles Stockton 192B
Parker, Emerson Hanover 139B
Parker, Floyd Nora 148B
Parker, Harry Galena #5 268A
Parker, Jonas C. Ward 048B
Parker, Joseph Hanover 130A
Parker, Joseph C H Hanover 139B
Parker, Julia C Warren 218A
Parker, Lincoln A Stockton 197B
Parker, Mary A Stockton 197A
Parker, Mead P Stockton 197B
Parker, W C Stockton 196A
Parkin, Ann Apple 039A
Parkin, Thomas R. Apple 041A
Parkins, Charles W. CouncilHill 062A
Parkins, John B. CouncilHill 062A
Parkins, Thomasine CouncilHill 062A
Parkinson, Frank M Stockton 190B
Parkinson, Isaac W Stockton 187A
Parkinson, John L Stockton 198A
Parks, Levi Hanover 136A
Parris, Fred F Nora 151A
Pascoe, Joseph B. EGalena #1 092B
Pascoe, Susan E. ScalesMd 178B
Pascolla, Tony ElizabthVil 112A
Pash, Annie Galena #4 260A
Passmore, Mary J. CouncilHill 061B
Patchinger, John EDubuque 075B
Patten, Hattie ElizabthTwp 114A
Pattersen, Alexis Hanover 127B
Patterson, Edward S Stockton 189B
Patterson, Joseph Galena #3 238B
Paul, Edwin R. EDubuque 072B
Paul, Henry Galena #3 230B
Paul, Mabel J Warren 214B
Paul, Mary EGalena #1 093A
Pax, John Nora 145B
Pax, Michael Warren 227A
Pearce, James A Hanover 133A
Pearce, James A. ElizabthTwp 118A
Pearce, John B Hanover 137A
Pearce, Sol ElizabthVil 108B
Pearson, Liddle EGalena 103A
Pease, Dillon J Galena #3 237A
Peck, Ira J Stockton 195B
Peirce, Matilda Galena #3 237A
Penaluna, Ellenor ScalesMd 178B
Penaluna, William C. ScalesMd 179A
Pengra, Marshal Stockton 191B
Pengra, Preston Stockton 194A
Penhollow, Edward L. Berreman 054B
Penilia, Joseph Rice 161B
Pennel, Anton Menominee 290A
Pepoon, George W Warren 216A
Pepoon, Louis Warren 228B
Pepoon, Mary C Warren 227A
Pepoon, Mortimer M Warren 212 B
Perce, Louis K Hanover 129A
Perigo, Mary ElizabthVil 107A
Perkins, Bessie J Warren 214B
Perrault, Andrew Galena #2 245A
Perrault, William Galena #3 233A
Perry, C F Stockton 203B
Perry, Chas F Jr Stockton 196A
Perry, Edward ScalesMd 184A
Perry, Grant O Stockton 192B
Perry, Henry ScalesMd 181B
Perry, Ira W. Berreman 053A
Perry, Lewis O. Berreman 053B
Perry, Mary Warren 212 B
Perry, Mary E. ScalesMd 178A
Perry, Peter ScalesMd 177B
Perry, Reuben D. Berreman 053A
Perry, Richard H. ScalesMd 181B
Perry, Thomas W. ScalesMd 182B
Perry, William B Nora 144B
Peschang, Nicholas Hanover 130A
Peshang, Edward Rice 163A
Peshang, Henry Rice 163B
Peshang, Peter Rice 163A
Pesk, Anna Stockton 196A
Peter, Jacob Menominee 292B
Peters, Amanda Galena #5 267B
Peters, Anna Galena #3 233A
Peters, Annie EGalena #1 093B
Peters, Barbara Galena #3 231A
Peters, Christin Rice 160B
Peters, Conrad Galena #5 265A
Peters, Edward EDubuque 083B
Peters, Louisa EGalena #1 087A
Peters, Roy A Stockton 188B
Peters, William F Stockton 192B
Peterson, Caroline Warren 225A
Peterson, Edna PleasantVal 159B
Peterson, John F Galena #3 231B
Peterson, Peter EDubuque 074A
Petgers, John Rice 161B
Petitgout, Emile ElizabthTwp 115A
Petitgout, Zeph ElizabthTwp 115A
Pettibone, Alice A Warren 216B
Pettigout, Adolph Rice 164A
Pettigout, August EDubuque 075B
Pettigout, Desire Rice 164A
Pettigout, Maximilian Rice 164B
Pettigout, Nicklas Rice 165A
Pettingill, Kate Hanover 134A
Pettit, Henry Warren 219B
Pfeffer, John Galena #3 236A
Pharo, Elizabeth Galena #4 253B
Phelps, Arthur S. Stockton 185B
Phelps, George L Thompson 207A
Phelps, Harold H. CouncilHill 062B
Phelps, Harvey A. Ward 048A
Phelps, John Stockton 200B
Phelps, Laurilla ScalesMd 178A
Phelps, Reed N Stockton 200B
Phelps, William Rush 166B
Phelps, William E. ScalesMd 178A
Phialmlee, Charles Hanover 139B
Phialmlee, James Hanover 136A
Phialmlee, William Hanover 138A
Phillip, Benjamin Galena #4 251A
Phillips, Amelia S Warren 212 B
Phillips, Charles Warren 219A
Phillips, Charles L Hanover 128B
Phillips, Esther E. ScalesMd 179A
Phillips, James Woodbine 283B
Phillips, Katherine Galena #4 256B
Phillips, Mary J Hanover 128A
Philpot, Effie Hanover 133B
Phinney, Leonard C. EGalena #1 091B

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