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Scace, Anna Warren 220B
Scadden, Thomas Rawlins 142A
Scanell, Timothy F Stockton 193A
Scapaceio, James Rice 161B
Schaber, Charles T. VinegarHill 058A
Schaber, George T. VinegarHill 058A
Schade, George Warren 223A
Schadel, Robert Warren 225A
Schaefer, Gustav Galena #4 251B
Schaefer, Otto ElizabthVil 110A
Schafer, Albert H Galena #4 253A
Schaffact, Baltazar EDubuque 081B
Schaible, Jacob Hanover 129A
Schaible, John Hanover 133A
Schaible, John Hanover 133B
Schaible, William H Hanover 134A
Schaley, Minnie Galena #3 238A
Schamberger, Peter Stockton 187A
Schap, Anton Jr Thompson 210B
Schap, Anton Sr Thompson 210B
Schap, Martin Stockton 189A
Scharpf, Antone Rice 161A
Schattenck?, Richard Galena #5 271B
Schauer, Anna L. EDubuque 081A
Schauer, George W. EDubuque 078B
Schauer, Henry EDubuque 078B
Schauer, Samuel EDubuque 078B
Schavone, Joseph CouncilHill 063A
Schedel, Adam C Warren 216B
Scheeborder?, John ScalesMd 184A
Scheerer, Emma L Galena #3 236B
Scheerer, John ElizabthVil 111A
Scheerer, Philippina Galena #3 234B
Scheerer, William Galena #4 255B
Scheilter, Margaret Galena #4 262A
Schepple, Fred EDubuque 083A
Scherr, George Warren 225A
Schiekoff, Henrietta Thompson 205B
Schienk, Ferdinand Thompson 206A
Schiffer, Edward Hanover 136B
Schildhamer, Theresa H Galena #2 245B
Schildhammer, John Warren 215A
Schilling, William Galena #4 259A
Schlafer, Ward Berreman 052A
Schleicher, Elizabeth Galena #5 269A
Schleicher, Mary Galena #5 273A
Schlenning, Conrad F. Ward 051A
Schleuter, Henry Thompson 205A
Schlichting, Ernest Thompson 206A
Schlichting, Henry Thompson 210A
Schlichting, Louis Thompson 207B
Schmeck, George W. Berreman 052A
Schmeck, Werner Hanover 134A
Schmid, Richard WGal Twp 240B
Schmidt, Fred PleasantVal 157A
Schmidt, George ElizabthVil 109B
Schmidt, George Galena #3 231B
Schmidt, Henry EDubuque 083A
Schmidt, Henry Guilford 124A
Schmidt, Henry PleasantVal 154B
Schmidt, Henry J Menominee 293A
Schmidt, Herman J Rawlins 142B
Schmidt, Joe Menominee 293A
Schmidt, John Dunleith 085B
Schmidt, John H Stockton 198B
Schmidt, Leopold Galena #2 247B
Schmidt, William A. Berreman 055A
Schmitdecamp, Simon Berreman 055B
Schmitt, Valentine EGalena #1 092A
Schmohl, John G Galena #3 236B
Schneider, Frank Galena #3 237B
Schneider, Henry Menominee 290A
Schnidler, Emil A. Berreman 055B
Schnirre, Henry T Rawlins 141B
Schnitzler, John Derinda 067B
Schnure, George H. VinegarHill 059A
Schoenhaar, Samuel J. Derinda 070A
Schoenhard, -- Galena #2 248A
Schoenhard, E. Mrs. Guilford 122B
Schoenhard, George Apple 045B
Schoenhard, George Guilford 122B
Schoenhard, George C. ScalesMd 184A
Schoenhard, John Thompson 205B
Schoenhard, John V. ScalesMd 181A
Schoenhoff, Clem H Menominee 288B
Schofmeyer, Julius ScalesMd 177B
Schonhoff, August Menominee 293A
Schonhoff, Ben Menominee 289A
Schonhoff, Gerhard Menominee 288B
Schonhoff, Herman C Menominee 290B
Schonhoff, Ignatius Menominee 290A
Schor, Ely W Galena #3 236B
Schrader, Henry Galena #2 247A
Schreck, Ella E. Derinda 068A
Schreck, Elsie Woodbine 281A
Schreck, Frank Woodbine 281B
Schreck, George E Woodbine 286A
Schreck, John Woodbine 282A
Schreck, Joseph Woodbine 282A
Schreck, Lewis F Woodbine 281B
Schreck, Lucinda Woodbine 286A
Schreck, Michael ElizabthVil 106A
Schreiner, Cecelia J Galena #4 253B
Schrier, George Stockton 185B
Schrier, Henry Stockton 198B
Schroder, George Stockton 186A
Schroder, Peter Stockton 186B
Schroeder, Charles J Galena #2 245A
Schroeder, Grover Warren 221A
Schroeder, Henry Berreman 053B
Schroeder, Henry L. Berreman 055B
Schrofer, Joseph W Galena #3 238A
Schrumm, Charles Warren 223A
Schubert, Catherine Stockton 194B
Schubert, Cristena Rice 162A
Schubert, Fred Stockton 194B
Schubert, George PleasantVal 155A
Schubert, John Stockton 197B
Schubert, Robert Rice 160B
Schubert, William Galena #3 236A
Schubert, William F Woodbine 285A
Schuchart, Maria Galena #4 259B
Schuck, Alfred M Woodbine 283A
Schuemeyer, Belle H Galena #2 242B
Schulats, Martha Apple 040A
Schuldt, Henry Thompson 207A
Schuldt, Martin Woodbine 282B
Schuler, George Rice 161A
Schuler, Joseph B. Rice 161A
Schuler, Minnie Rice 161A
Schuller, Bessie Derinda 068B
Schuller, Fred Stockton 198A
Schults, Emil Derinda 070B
Schulty, John T. VinegarHill 059B
Schulty, William C. VinegarHill 058B
Schultz, Rudolph ScalesMd 184A
Schultz, William ElizabthTwp 118B
Schultz, William J Rawlins 143A
Schultze, Louie Woodbine 285A
Schumacher, Charles Thompson 206B
Schumacher, Henry Guilford 123A
Schumacher, Will Thompson 207A
Schumaker, Henry EDubuque 077A
Schumaker, Henry M. EDubuque 079B
Schumaker, John Hanover 138A
Schute, August Thompson 204B
Schuth, William Stockton 198B
Schutt, Henry J Woodbine 285B
Schwantz, Henry J Hanover 132B
Schweitzer, John T. EGalena #1 093A
Schweitzer, John W Rawlins 141B
Schweitzer, Leopold Galena #2 246B
Schweitzer, Philip C Rawlins 141B
Schwindel, Mary Nora 148A
Sckeel, August Guilford 123A
Scofield, James A Nora 144B
Scofield, William M Warren 217B
Scone, Mary A Galena #3 235B
Scools, Veto Rice 161B
Scotchbrook, Ray M Stockton 194B
Scotchbrook, W A Stockton 187A
Scott, Catherine Apple 042B
Scott, Charles R. VinegarHill 057B
Scott, Edward ScalesMd 180A
Scott, Ellen Derinda 068A
Scott, Elmer B Rawlins 143A
Scott, Fannie I Warren 224B
Scott, Frank Galena #5 270B
Scott, H L Stockton 193B
Scott, John Apple 040B
Scott, John Apple 040B
Scott, John C Galena #3 234A
Scott, May ElizabthTwp 116B
Scott, Robert Warren 219A
Scott, Thomas Apple 041B
Scott, Thomas ScalesMd 181A
Sculley, Mary Apple 041B
Sear, John C WGal Twp 241B
Seck, Sophia A. EGalena 102A
Sedgwick, George S Galena #5 266B
Seeber, Herman L Stockton 189A
Seeger, Conrad Hanover 134B
Sefrig, Jacob H. VinegarHill 057A
Segner, Dorsey Stockton 198A
Seidenburg, John Rice 162B
Seifert, Frank Thompson 206A
Seifker, Herman J Menominee 288A
Seingus, Ernestine Galena #5 263B
Seise, HEnry Warren 218B
Semper, Cora E Galena #4 253B
Senapp, Henry Warren 223A
Senday - also see Sunday  
Senday, Walter H. Ward 048B
Sender, Charles Ward 051A
Senders, Frank Stockton 186B
Senders, Fred Stockton 192A
Sertle, John Galena #5 267A
Serviss, Beeri Warren 217B
Seubart, Fred Galena #5 273B
Seubers, George F Galena #4 261B
Seubert, Anna Galena #3 234B
Seubert, John Galena #3 231A
Seubert, John G. EGalena #1 092B

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