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Sufelt, Edith Warren 221A
Suggett, John B Warren 215A
Suggett, Thomas Warren 217B
Sughroue, Geo Stockton 192A
Sughroue, John Stockton 189B
Sugroue, Martin Stockton 187B
Sullivan, Charles J. EDubuque 082A
Sullivan, James Dunleith 086A
Sullivan, John Apple 040A
Sullivan, John Galena #4 251A
Sullivan, Katherine Apple 041B
Sullivan, Lawrence Nora 147B
Sullivan, Leo EDubuque 077B
Sullivan, Marie Apple 040A
Sullivan, Myron W. Rush 169B
Sullivan, Pat EDubuque 083B
Sullivan, Timothy A Warren 216B
Sullivan, Timothy J Nora 148A
Sullivan, William Galena #5 275B
Sullivan, William J Hanover 134B
Summerville, John PleasantVal 155A
Summerville, William PleasantVal 152B
Sunday - also see Senday  
Sunday, Harvey Ward 048B
Sunston, John ElizabthTwp 114B
Surum, Martin C Warren 219B
Surum, Ole J Warren 219B
Sutter, Robert EDubuque 078A
Sutton, Gaines Apple 038B
Swain, Isaac N Warren 223B
Swanland, John S Stockton 186B
Swanson, Albion Guilford 119B
Swanson, Maynus CouncilHill 062A
Swartz, Joseph Guilford 124B
Swearingen, Emma J. EGalena #1 088B
Sweeney, Raymond Thompson 205A
Sweeney, Thomas Thompson 208A
Sweitzer, Arthur WGal Twp 241B
Swift, Eliza CouncilHill 062A
Swihart, Henry F Hanover 136B
Swinbank, Thomas S Warren 214A
Swing, Louise B. EGalena #1 090B
Switzer, Tyrissia Warren 214A
Symons, Absalom CouncilHill 060B
Tackaberry, Frank Galena #4 258B
Taggetts, William L Galena #5 273B
Talbert, Henry R. Ward 050B
Talbert, Richard Apple 040B
Talley, Percy E. EDubuque 082A
Tamblyn, John B. CouncilHill 061B
Tang, Joseph Galena #5 273B
Tange, Anna Galena #2 244A
Tapley, Frank W Galena #2 247B
Tapley, William ElizabthTwp 117B
Tarbet, Frank Ward 049A
Tarkett, William E Galena #4 260B
Tarkowsky, Abraham Galena #3 239B
Tarkowsky, Paul Galena #3 239B
Tastiro, Oarllo EDubuque 083B
Tatchio, Simon Guilford 123B
Tavinner, Frank E Warren 222A
Taylor, Cecilia O. ElizabthVil 105B
Taylor, Charles F Warren 221A
Taylor, Daniel A. EGalena #1 091A
Taylor, George CouncilHill 062A
Taylor, Harry ScalesMd 180A
Taylor, Lucy A Warren 223A
Taylor, Obadiah WGalena 277B
Taylor, Orville E Warren 213B
Taylor, Sarah J Stockton 203A
Tear, Harmony Warren 222A
Teddisco, Peter ElizabthVil 112A
Teeter, Frank Stockton 202B
Teeter, Jerome Stockton 193B
Teeter, Roy Stockton 202B
Teichler, August Derinda 064B
Teichler, Ferdinand Derinda 065B
Teichler, Paul Stockton 199B
Telford, Wilbur Galena #3 236B
Temperle, Henry Apple 040B
Temperley, Alfred A. CouncilHill 061B
Temperley, Thomas CouncilHill 061A
Temperley, Thomas CouncilHill 061A
Temperley, Thomas E. VinegarHill 057B
Temperley, Vickers CouncilHill 063B
Temperly, Alfred ScalesMd 184A
Temperly, Grace CouncilHill 062B
Teppert, Charles Thompson 206B
Teppert, William Thompson 206B
Ternow, Charles Warren 221A
Terpeny, Wallace W Stockton 196B
Terry, Edwin E Warren 222B
Terry, Michael Warren 223B
Tesnow, Fred R Nora 150A
Tessendorf, August Nora 148B
Tetrault, George ElizabthTwp 114B
Thain, Henry L. Derinda 069B
Thain, John Derinda 069A
Thain, Nicolas Derinda 064B
Theill, William Dunleith 085A
Theis, Carrie ElizabthVil 106B
Thiede, Charles N Galena #4 256A
Thielen, Anthony Mrs. EDubuque 076A
Thill, Christopher EDubuque 072B
Thill, Frank EDubuque 075A
Thill, Frank J. EDubuque 073A
Thill, Peter Hanover 129B
Thiltgen, Frank F Menominee 291A
Thiltgen, Margaret Menominee 292A
Thiltgen, Nick J Menominee 292A
Thode, August W Galena #4 257B
Thode, Caroline L Galena #4 257B
Thode, Charles N Galena #5 274A
Thode, Edward C Galena #3 236B
Thode, John J Galena #4 254A
Thoins, Barbara EDubuque 080B
Thomas Albert E Woodbine 285B
Thomas George Woodbine 285B
Thomas Mary E Woodbine 283A
Thomas, Albert Ward 049A
Thomas, Anna Galena #3 234A
Thomas, Gene Warren 217B
Thomas, Hannah Stockton 187B
Thomas, Henry ScalesMd 183A
Thomas, Jane ElizabthVil 108B
Thomas, John ElizabthVil 111B
Thomas, Margaret Apple 041B
Thomas, William I. ElizabthVil 110A
Thomasson, Henry L. Ward 051B
Thomasson, Hiram Stockton 192B
Thompson, Anna Apple 042A
Thompson, Earl EGalena #1 087A
Thompson, George W Galena #4 251A
Thompson, Hannah M. VinegarHill 058B
Thompson, Henry A Galena #3 233B
Thompson, James VinegarHill 059A
Thompson, James ElizabthVil 111A
Thompson, James Hanover 133A
Thompson, Jane R. VinegarHill 059A
Thompson, Joseph Hanover 133A
Thompson, Joseph S Galena #5 274A
Thompson, Mary Galena #5 274A
Thompson, Vince A Warren 217B
Thoms, Carl Nora 146A
Thornton, Arretta J Warren 217B
Thorp, John A Warren 214B
Thorpe, Frank Rush 176B
Thraen, Albert ElizabthTwp 116A
Thraen, William ElizabthVil 111B
Thraen, William Woodbine 278B
Thruman, Charles Rice 161A
Thuirer, Charles CouncilHill 061B
Thuirer, Frances Galena #4 256A
Thulin, John Derinda 070B
Tice, Jacob Nora 151A
Tickbohn, Edward WGal Twp 240B
Tiffney, Palmer M. Berreman 053A
Tilley, Walter Galena #4 259B
Timmer, Martie Menominee 290A
Timmerman, Alice P Menominee 291B
Timmerman, John H Menominee 291A
Timpe, Joseph VinegarHill 060A
Timpe, William VinegarHill 060A
Tindell, William Galena #4 259B
Tippet, Edward E. EGalena 103A
Tippet, William H. EGalena 103A
Tippett, Charles R. ScalesMd 178B
Tippett, Grant ElizabthTwp 117B
Tippett, Henry J. ScalesMd 182A
Tippett, James ElizabthTwp 118A
Tippett, Joseph Galena #3 238A
Tippett, Lizzie ElizabthVil 108B
Tippett, William ElizabthTwp 116A
Tischer, Elizabeth Mrs. EDubuque 076B
Tito, Louis EDubuque 083B
Toay, Christina Warren 221B
Tobin, Charles Guilford 120B
Tobin, James Galena #4 259B
Tobin, James E. EDubuque 081A
Tobin, John Guilford 120A
Tobin, Mary Mrs. EDubuque 078A
Todd, John Stockton 191B
Toepel, Mary Galena #5 265B
Toepel, William V Galena #4 253B
Toepfer, Margrett PleasantVal 159A
Toepper, Christ PleasantVal 158B
Tolde, Pete Apple 044A
Tolken, Christian L Woodbine 286B
Toms, Elizabeth ElizabthVil 112A
Toms, Wesely J Woodbine 278B
Toms, William H Woodbine 284B
Topping, George Hanover 131B
Townsend, Chester Apple 044B
Townsend, Frank C Warren 224B
Townsend, J. M. Rush 170B
Townsend, Jas. B. Rush 171B
Townsend, Ruby Stockton 192A
Townsend, Samuel Rush 172A
Townsend, W. F. Rush 171B
Tracy, Thomas EGalena #1 092B
Trader, Aurelius P Warren 224B
Trafford, Harry W Warren 217B
Tranel, Bernard Menominee 290A
Tranel, Edmond Menominee 290A
Tranel, George Menominee 290A
Tranel, George Herman Menominee 291A
Tranel, Henry Menominee 289A
Tranel, Henry H Menominee 291A
Tranel, Henry H Menominee 291B
Tranel, John Menominee 289A
Trannel, Herman EDubuque 077B
Trannel, Herman John EDubuque 073A
Trautman, Jacob Woodbine 285A
Trautwein, Charley Galena #3 231A
Traviaban?, Michael Apple 040A
Travis, Kate EDubuque 071B
Travis, William CouncilHill 063A
Tregenza, James T Galena #2 249B
Tremayne, John M ScalesMd 183A
Trenary, Frank M Warren 217A
Trepel, Herman J Galena #5 263B
Tresidder, Eliza ScalesMd 178A
Tresidder, Frank Galena #5 268A
Tresidder, Joel EGalena 100B
Tresidder, John W. EGalena 103A
Tresidder, Richard R Woodbine 279B
Tresidder, William T. ScalesMd 182B
Tresillian, Mamie Galena #3 233B
Tressel, Edward Galena #5 270B
Tressilian, Robert Galena #4 260A
Tressler, Frank M. Ward 050A
Trevarthan, Thomas Galena #5 274B
Trevarthen, Frank EGalena #1 087A
Trevarthen, Joseph T. CouncilHill 060B
Trevethan, Frances Stockton 195B
Trewarthan, William H. ScalesMd 183A
Trezona, Emma ScalesMd 179A
Trezona, George Stockton 195B
Trezona, Mary ScalesMd 177B
Trichel, James R Galena #4 254B
Triller, John B Galena #4 258A
Troast, Elizabeth Berreman 052A
Trost, Christ PleasantVal 154B
Trost, Jacob Stockton 202B
Trost, John Stockton 198A
Trost, William Stockton 200A
Trousdale, James ElizabthTwp 114A
Troxell, Edward PleasantVal 153A
Troxell, Ida V. Berreman 053A
Troxell, William PleasantVal 153A
Troy, Patrick WGal Twp 241B
Troystad, Fred M Warren 225A
Trude, Alzina Stockton 189A
Trude, Charles Hanover 136A
Trude, William Stockton 192B
Trudgean, Thomas EGalena 103A
Trudgian, Charles Guilford 119B
Trudgian, Charles Guilford 122A
Trudgian, Wilbur Guilford 120A
Trudgin, Nicholas ScalesMd 183B
Truman, Henry J Warren 218B
Truske, Saml Ward 049A

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