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Woildermuth, Fred WGal Twp 240B
Wolcott, Alden E Hanover 127B
Wolcott, Henry O Hanover 127B
Wolcott, Henry O Hanover 131B
Wolcott, William Hanover 130A
Wolcott, William A Warren 212 A
Wolfe, Arthur L Warren 221B
Wolford, Frank Galena #5 264A
Wolford, Joseph B Stockton 196B
Wolfram, John Rush 166B
Wolfram, John Warren 215A
Wolfram, Philip Rush 167A
Wolfram, Tena Warren 216A
Wolonetz, Albert Galena #3 238A
Wonderly, Susan Galena #3 233B
Wonderly, Thomas G Galena #3 233A
Wondrsheid, John ScalesMd 181B
Woodard, Hollis Rice 164A
Woodcock, D B Stockton 188A
Wooding, Hattie Dunleith 086A
Woodley, Will Rush 166B
Woods, Edward EGalena #1 094B
Woodward, Elizabeth Apple 041A
Woodward, Eugene P Hanover 132A
Woodward, Herbert Hanover 135B
Woodworth, William H Warren 218A
Woolf, Elen Nora 152A
Woolley, George Rush 173A
Woolweber, Henry Galena #4 258B
Woolweber, John Rice 162B
Woolweber, William N Galena #4 259A
Woolwever, Henry Rice 163A
Worley, Mary A Warren 215A
Wright, Byron L Warren 211B
Wright, Charles F Warren 213B
Wright, Charles W. ScalesMd 183A
Wright, George Stockton 200A
Wright, Mark J. ScalesMd 182A
Wright, Millard Stockton 203A
Wright, Walter Rush 170B
Wright, Walter W Warren 214B
Wruster, George Woodbine 285B
Wubben, Ben Galena #5 271A
Wubben, Clem Menominee 288B
Wubben, Gerhardt Menominee 288A
Wubben, Henry G Menominee 287B
Wuenscher, Margaret EDubuque 080B
Wulff, Henry Jr Thompson 208B
Wulff, Henry Sr Thompson 208A
Wullweber, Bernard EGalena 098B
Wurster, Andrew Derinda 067B
Wurster, Andrew Derinda 070A
Wurster, Catherine Derinda 067A
Wurster, Chris J Woodbine 285B
Wurster, Chris S Woodbine 283B
Wurster, George Derinda 066B
Wurster, Jacob Woodbine 284A
Wurster, John J Woodbine 282A
Wurster, John W. Derinda 069B
Wurster, Julius B Woodbine 284B
Wurster, William Derinda 066B
Wurster, William A Woodbine 284A
Wuster, Albert Stockton 199A
Wuster, Henry Stockton 199A
Wuster, Pauline Stockton 198B
Wymann, Godleip Berreman 052A
Wymann, Henry Rush 176A
Yackey, Louisa Thompson 207B
Yackey, Valentine Thompson 205A
Yarg, Michael Galena #4 259B
Yaukack, Francis CouncilHill 060B
Yeager, Charles Ward 051A
Yeager, John E. Ward 048B
Yeager, Peter Ward 049B
Yeakle, Newton Nora 151A
Yeaman, George Galena #5 265A
Yeaman, Hannah Galena #5 267A
Yeoman, Charles F. Berreman 053B
Young, Agnes Galena #5 271B
Young, Alice Galena #5 273B
Young, Andrew J Nora 144B
Young, Caroline Galena #3 236A
Young, Charles Guilford 122A
Young, Emil Woodbine 280B
Young, George Galena #4 253A
Young, Hugh Rice 164A
Young, John T Galena #5 271B
Young, Mary J Hanover 137A
Youngblut, Henry Rush 167B
Youngbluth, Agustus EDubuque 079B
Youngbluth, Emil EDubuque 083A
Yundt, Samuel J Galena #4 252B
Yung, Christian Galena #4 259A
Yunker, Katherine EGalena #1 093B
Yunker, Louise Galena #2 244A
Zaffins, Gicarnn Hanover 140B
Zahner, Henry ScalesMd 179B
Zander, Frank ScalesMd 183A
Zander, Fred ScalesMd 180B
Zanes, Charles ScalesMd 179A
Zanger, Louis Hanover 130B
Zarbinder, Chas. J. ScalesMd 182A
Zeal, George VinegarHill 057B
Zeal, John VinegarHill 058A
Zeigle, Louis M Warren 220A
Zeng?, George Ward 049A
Zeugel, Frederick Galena #4 251B
Zick, John Thompson 210B
Zimmer, Herbert J Galena #4 256A
Zimmerman, Henry Thompson 205A
Zimmerman, Henry Galena #4 251A
Zink, Basil PleasantVal 155B
Zink, Basil PleasantVal 159A
Zink, Ben J. Derinda 067A
Zink, Benjamin Derinda 069B
Zink, Charles PleasantVal 159A
Zink, George PleasantVal 159A
Zink, Joseph PleasantVal 158B
Zink, Joseph PleasantVal 159A
Zins, Emil J Galena #4 258A
Zipse, Edward F Warren 227A
Zlahars, Carl PleasantVal 156B
Zoffl, Victor ScalesMd 183A
Zowver, Joseph V. ScalesMd 180A
Zugle, Edward T Warren 222A
Zugle, Margaret Warren 221A
Zweifel, Henry Warren 220A

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