The Galena Directory

and Miner's Annual Register,

for 1847-8

Published by E. S. Seymour, Galena, 1847




res. for residence

h. for house

b. for between

cor for corner

n. e. s. and w. for north, east, south and west, side of streets

l. for left and r. for right side of streets, in ascending from the river.

 Adams, B & J, dry goods and groceries, 83 Main.

Adams, B, of B & J A, res American House.

Adams, F, laborer, h Gear b Prospect and High.

Adams, J, of B & J A, res American House.

Adams, John, plough maker at I. Evans.

Adams, Norville N, smelter.

Adams, Swanzey, drayman, near Catholic Church

Adsit, L B, near Frederick's Point.

Agate, W M, printer, at Chas Sweney's.

Ahl, John N, farrier, h Spring st.

Albert, F & Co, clothing store, 130 Main.

Aldrich, Cyrus, agent J Frink & Co, h cor Second and LaFayette.

Allen, Joseph, carpenter, Elk b Prospect and High.

Allen, Miss G A, assistant teacher, G Female Academy.

Allen, Mrs E C, Spring b Dodge and Prospect.

Allen, Wm P, res E D Turner's.

Allman, Thomas, cabinet maker, h Harrison b Jackson and Brown.

Anderson, David, teamster, west Broadway.

Anderson, John, laborer, h Fourth near Bouthillier.

Anderson, Mrs Margaret, res McQuean's [McQueen?].

Anright, Wm, blacksmith.

Applegate, Perry, boarding house, 62 Main.

Armitage, Isaac, blacksmith, res Franklin above West.

Armour, James, bakery and confectionery, 134 Main, h Bench op 1st Presby Ch

Armstrong, Thomas, cook at Mansion House.

Arnett, Mary Ann, milliner, res E S Curry's.

Atchinson, John, capt steamboat Lynx, h east Bench near Magazine.

Atchinson, M L, capt steamboat Kentucky, h corner Third and Jefferson.

Atwood, John, carpenter, h Elk b Dodge and West.

Atwood, Joshua, carpenter, h Hill b Dodge and West.

Bacchus, Stephen, painter, h Gratiot near Broadway.

Backman, -----, gunsmith, 225 Main.

Bacon, Thomas, Gear street.

Bailey, Jeremiah, laborer, h Franklin st.

Bailey, N, blacksmith, at Isaac Evans.

Baldwin, H S, fruit dealer, 58 Main st, h same.

Bancroft, E W, saddler, 179 1/2 Main, res Wm Bothwell's.

Bardwell, Orestes, carpenter, h corner High and Wight sts.

Barnes, Christopher, chairmaker, h west Gratiot near Broadway.

Barnes, Comfort, stone mason.

Barnes, Mrs Nancy, h West b Franklin and Meeker.

Barnes, R, carpenter, res W E Bryant's.

Barnhurst, Robert moulder, at I Morris' foundry.

Barr, James, h Second near Monroe st.

Barrows, D A, confectioner, 143 Main, h 145 1/2 Main.

Barry, Garrett, stone mason, h cor Third and LaFayette sts.

Barry, John, miner, h Dodge, b Elk and Franklin sts.

Barry, Philip, merchant, 213 Main, h Bench b Magazine and Spring.

Barton, John, carpenter, h Franklin above West.

Barton, John, drayman, h Bouthillier b Third and Fourth st.

Barton, Wm, carpenter.

Basler, F, confectionary, 118 Main st.

Basler, J J, confectionary, 118 Main st.

Battles, Geo, carpenter, res W W Chase.

Baxendale, Wm, shoemaker, h 66 Main.

Beaton, Daniel, blacksmith at J Thompson's.

Beebe, Tho H, of Wm Hempstead & Co, h Prospect b Spring and Gear.

Beerup, Stephen, blacksmith, h left Franklin b High and Bench.

Beille, Edwin, bootmaker, 177 1/2 Main st.

Belfield, John, res Wm Baxendale.

Bell, Geo, res J Bell's.

Bell, James, h Franklin b High and Dodge sts.

Bell, James, painter, res J Bell's.

Bell, Thomas, laborer, h Meeker near court house.

Bell, Zephaniah, plasterer, h Prospect b Gear and South.

Bellingal, P W, tailor, h east Bench, b Hill and Washington.

Bender, A L, res American House.

Bergman, F E & Co, cabinet makers, 150 Main.

Bergman, F E, of F E B & Co, h east Bench b Hill and Washington sts.

Bermingham & Bro, groceries, 175 Main.

Bettis, J, recorder, court house, h Adams near Fourth st.

Biers, H N, carpenter, res Bear Tavern.

Billon & Norris, smelters, office 168 Main st.

Billon, Alfred C, of Billon & Norris, res J Achinson's

Billon, G P, h west Bench b Washington and Hill Sts.

Bingham, A W, clerk G W Campbell, res M J Howards.

Binniger, Mrs, h Fourth st near Decatur st.

Black, Wm, farmer, h corner Fourth and LaFayette sts.

Blair, Mrs Grace, h Franklin near Commerce st.

Blair, Wm, miner, Spring b Dodge and Prospect sts.

Blaisdell, A, laborer, h corner High and South sts.

Blish, Thos, carpenter, left Spring b Prospect and Bench.

Blood, V J, stone mason, h Dodge near Mars st.

Bloomer, James, lumber yard, 247 Main, h west Bench below Episcopal church.

Bloomer, r, clothing store, 81 Main, res J Eddowes'.

Bockius, Francis, teacher, h Branch st.

Bockius, Joseph R, h corner Dodge and Gratiot sts.

Boggs, John, clerk G W Campbell, res same.

Bogus, Wm, miner, east Second b Jackson and Monroe sts.

Bohay, Chs, shoemaker, west Gratiot near Broadway.

Bolitho, Henry, farmer, Brown near Gratiot st.

Bond, E A, constable, res James Keeler's.

Bond, Thomas, plasterer, h Wight b High and Dodge sts.

Bopp, I H, laborer, h Wann st.

Borghess, P, grocery, Hill b Main and Commerce sts.

Bostwick, G M, teamster, h Commerce, b Franklin and Perry sts.

Bostwick, William C., justice, 78 Main, h corner Franklin and High sts.

Bothwell, Wm, boarding house, corner Bench and Hill sts.

Bower, Henry, tinware, right Franklin b Bench and High sts.

Boyce, A D, druggist, 145 Main, h corner Spring and High sts.

Boyd, Hugh, grocer, 122 Main st.

Boyd, Jeremiah, laborer, Green b High and Dodge sts.

Bradford, Wm, teamster, Spring b Dodge and West sts.

Bradley, Wm H, clerk circuit court, h Prospect b Hill and Elk sts.

Brady, John, catholic clergyman, h near Catholic church Bench st.

Braheny, Michael, grocery, 236 Main, res same.

Braman, A S, laborer, h Townsend near Ridge st.

Branch, I B, dentist, corner Main and Hill, h Ridge st.

Brandt, John, coffee house, Commerce op Market house.

Bray, N, lower ferry, h south Bouthillier b east Water and Second sts.

Breen, David, Illinois House, Franklin near Bench.

Breen, John, boarding house, cor Diagonal and Franklin sts.

Brenizer, Amos E, tin plate worker, N Dowling's, h corner Spring and Dodge.

Broderick, Timothy, teamster, res the Bear tavern.

Bromley, ----, res American House.

Brookes, Joshua, of Burley and Brookes, h Prospect b Hill and Elk sts.

Brown, Adam, h Ridge near Division st.

Brown, H V W, wagon-maker, 271 Main, h Harrison b Jackson and Meeker sts.

Brown, James, carpenter, h Meeker b West and Dodge.

Brown, Leonard, laborer, west Gratiot near West st.

Browne, Thomas O, judge supreme court, res I P Hoge's.

Brownell, Geo W, wheelwright.

Bruce, Wm, groceries, junction of Gratiot and Broadway.

Bryant, W O, boarding house, Hill st near West st.

Buckner, Lewis, 3d ward.

Bunce, Wm, clerk at Truett's, res J Eggleson's.

Burichter, J A & Co, groceries, 138 Main st.

Burke, Perry, res A Swanzey's.

Burke, Richard, laborer, res J Sherrill's.

Burley & Brookes, book store, 162 Main st..

Burnes, Simeon, cakes and beer, Franklin above West st.

Burnett, Morrison, musician, Spring st.

Burnett, S. D., butcher, res Jo Daviess house.

Burrows, Daniel, blacksmith, res P J Dunevan's.

Bush, J., confectioner, h west Bench b Perry and Franklin sts.

Butcher, Robert, of Jacobs & B, h Meeker b Dodge and High.

Butler, Mrs, candy and cakes, left Franklin above West st.

Butler, Thos, laborer, res Bart Mahony's.

Button, Peter, plasterer, h Wight b High and Dodge sts.

Bye, F W, clerk, Lorrain & Co, res S Lorrain's.

Byers, John, jail keeper, Meeker st.

Byrne, James, shoemaker, 65 Main, h 29 Main st.

Byrne, Michael, grocery, 56 Main st, h same.

Byrne, P, boarding house, 174 Main st.

Byrnes, Patrick, blacksmith, Washington b Main and Commerce sts.

Byrnes, Patrick, stone mason, west Bench, b Franklin and Perry sts.

Byrnes, Timothy, laborer, Gear st.

Byrnes, Wm, laborer, West b Spring and Gear sts.

Cady, ----, at Eagle House.

Cady, Wilmot, surveyor, res M Howard's.

Campbell & Smith, wholesale grocers forwarding and commission, 35 Main st.

Campbell, B. H., of C & Smith, h Bench near Magazine.

Campbell, Geo W, forward'g and commission,34 Main,h east Prospect b Spring & Gear

Campbell, James, agent State Bank, cor Bench and Warren sts.

Campbell, John, h west Bench b Warren and Magazine sts.

Campbell, Thompson, attorney, res American House.

Carey, James, dry goods, 90 Main, h same.

Carlos, John, laborer, h Franklin st.

Carpenter, James, teamster, res A Hale's.

Carriger, Thomas, Meeker near High st.

Carson, R W, clerk, R Bloomer's h High b Washington and Green sts.

Carter, James & Co, forwarding and commission, 10 Main st.

Carter, James, of J C & Co, res J Eddowes'.

Carter, John, confectioner at J Armour's.

Case, Daniel, brick mason, r Franklin b High and Dodge sts.

Cassin, M., boarding house, Bench near 2nd Presbyterian church.

Chaeffer, George, cooper, w Gratiot near poor house.

Chamberlain, Wm., wagon maker, h left Franklin, above West st.

Chambers, Enoch, carpenter, cor Ridge and Division sts.

Charles, J Q & Co, groceries, 154 Main st.

Charles, J Q of J Q C & co, res American House.

Chase, Cromwell, commission merchant, 25 Main, h cor Ridge and Oak.

Chase, E D, h 243 Main st.

Chase, W W, carpenter, h cor Meeker and Broadway.

Church, Benj, flour dealer, 28 Main, h Bench next 2nd Presbyterian church.

Churchill, E N, carpenter, h Hill near Academy.

Churchman, James, attorney, 144 Main, h Franklin b Bench and Main.

Clarcey, James, laborer, h Meeker.

Clark, H S, at Rossiter's sash factory, res H Clark.

Clark, H, at Rossiter's sash factory, h West b Ridge and Washington sts.

Clark, Joseph, miner, res James Jackson.

Clark, Russell, printer, at C Sweney's.

Clemmons, D, blacksmith, at I Evans.

Clifford, Patrick, drayman, cor Third and Van Buren.

Cloran, John, drayman, third Ward

Code, James K., blacksmith, res the Bear Tavern

Cogley & Co, wholesale groceries, 49 Main st.

Cogley, D H of Cogley & Co, h Second b LaFayette and Decatur.

Colard, B, druggist, 174 Main, h cor Second and Jefferson sts.

Coleman and Maughs, drugs, 119 Main st.

Coleman, John B. of C & Maughs, res Mrs. Melvill's.

Coleman, Mrs, h cor Diagonal and Franklin sts.

Coleman, Thomas, miner, spring, b High and Dodge

Collins, E A & Co, leather and hardware, 105 Main st.

Collins, E A of E A C & Co, h cor Hill and West st.

Collins, G O, boots and shoes, 152 Main, h cor Dodge and Mars sts.

Columbus, John, grocery, 46 Main, h same.

Colver, Lewis B, res Eagle House.

Comstock, Lucius, wagon maker.

Comstock, Mrs Mary, east Gratiot near Brown st.

Condon, David, carpenter, cor Gear and High sts.

Condon, J, carpenter, res David Condon's.

Connel, Barney, porter at Lorrain & Co's.

Connolly, J, boots and shoes, 76 Main st, h same.

Connolly, Michael, res Mansion house.

Connor, Arthur, stone cutter, h rear Franklin b Dodge and West.

Connor, Patrick, laborer, h cor Gear and High sts.

Connor, Patrick, laborer, h High b Hill and Washington Sts.

Connoughy, Michael, laborer, h Franklin st.

Conroy, James, blacksmith, Washington b Main and Commerce sts.

Conway, James, dyer and scourer.

Conway, Margaret, dressmaker, cor Diagonal and Franklin.

Cook, Miss A H, teacher Galena seminary, res Wm Bothwell's.

Cook, Miss J A, precep Galena seminary, res Wm Bothwell's.

Cook, Miss P, teacher, cor Washington and Prospect sts.

Cooney & Hickey, livery stable, 171 Main st.

Cooney, Christopher, of C & Hickey, h Franklin b High and Dodge sts.

Cooney, Michael, porter at N Dowling's.

Coopser, John, carpenter h east Bench b Hill and Washington sts.

Cootney, John, hostler, at Cootney & Hickey's.

Cornell, J S, wagon maker, at A Leach's, res Mrs M H Wells'.

Corwith, E A, clerk, N Corwith & Co, res American House.

Corwith, H P, clerk N Corwith & Co, res Mansion House.

Corwith, H, of N Corwith & Co, res J Eddowes'.

Corwith, N & Co, clothing, 38 Main st.

Corwith, N, of N C & Co, res E Ripley's.

Courtad, Michael, carpenter, Dodge b Gear and Springs sts.

Cowles, Rockwell, physician, 176 Main, res Mansion House.

Cox, John, grocery, 116 Main, res M Cassin's.

Cox, Patrick, teamster, h Diagonal st.

Craft, ----, butcher, h Franklin st.

Craig, W R, wagon maker, h Franklin b High and Dodge

Crawford, ----, painter, h Bench near 2nd Presbyterian church.

Crawford, J S & Stewart, drugs, Main st.

Crawford, J S, physician, 129 Main, h Franklin near Bench st.

Crawford, Stewart, of J S & S C, res J S Crawford's.

Creips, Nicholas, tinner at F Roberts

Cribb, Robert, dry goods and clothing, 32 Main, h Second b Madison and Monroe st.

Crippes, Wm, stone cutter, h West b Gear and Spring sts.

Crissey, Orson, wagon maker, res H V Brown's.

Crocker, J L, clerk Porter & Rood's, h cor Mars and West sts

Crocker, r clerk Merrick & Co, h Poplar avenue

Cronyl, George.

Crow, Mrs, teacher, cor Second and LaFayette sts.

Crowell, S S, miner, Poplar avenue.

Crowley, Wm carpenter, h cor Bench and Franklin sts.

Crozehan, Michael, laborer, h 86 Main st.

Cruikshank, A, clerk J Carter & Co, res American House.

Cruikshank, John, w Second b Madison and Monroe.

Crumbacker, John M., miner, Spring near High st.

Cubbage, W P, groceries, 149 Main st.

Cumberland, John, saddle and harness, 146 Main, h cor Main and Meeker

Cumberland, Wm, saddler, res J Cumberland's.

Cunningham, Francis, miner, h 3d ward.

Cunningham, James, farmer, Harrison st.

Curkeet, John, miner, Dodge near Meeker st.

Curley, John, groceries, 71 Main, h Third b LaFayette and Decatur.

Curran, Henry.

Curran, James, of Tromley & Curran.

Currico, Thomas, shoemaker, w Gratiot near Brown st.

Curry, E S, clerk B Gallaway, h north Wight b High and Dodge

Cushing, Patrick, Franklin House, Franklin above West st.

Cypiot, Edmond, bar-tender at American House.

Dalliman, George, tailor, Franklin near West st.

Dambey, Patrick, laborer, h on railroad.

Dargin, L, laborer, h Franklin b Dodge and West sts.

Dargin, Richard, laborer, h Franklin b Dodge and West sts

Darling, Zachariah, painter, Third b Madison and Jefferson sts.

Davis, A C, dry goods and hardware, 97 & 99 Main, h west Bench below south alley

Davis, C H, physician and Druggist, 73 Main, res American House.

Davis, Edward, barber, 59 1-2 Main st.

Davis, Wm, porter, h Gratiot above Dodge st.

De Webber, plasterer, h Jackson b Third and Fourth.

Dean, John, clerk of Daniel Wann, agent, h Magazine near Bench.

Deatley, George, carpenter, h Gear b Prospect and High sts.

DeCamp, clerk J Trembly's, h Bench b Hill and Perry sts.

Deckin, Julian, wagon maker at J. Mandrux's

Deem, J, harness maker at C R Perkins & Co.

Defour, Augustus, laborer, h Dodge b Warren and Spring sts

Delaney, Stephen, laborer, Gear b Prospect and High sts.

Delaunay, A N, laborer, w Gratiot b Brown and Jackson sts.

Delong, Alphonsos, carpenter, w Gratiot near Brown st.

Demarest, James, grocer, w Gratiot st.

Dempsey, Patrick, eating house, 61 Main.

Denio, C B, brick-layer and plasterer, res Jo Davies House.

Dennison, E W, pedlar, h east Gratiot near West st.

Desmond, James, laborer, h 1st ward.

Devlin, Charles, laborer, h east of Fever river.

DeWitt, Geo S, physician, cor Main and Hill sts, res Bothwell's

Dexter, Wm P, cabinet maker.

DeZoya, I P, clerk of the Market House.

Dick, Mrs Nancy, eating house, 202 Main St.

Dignan, Mrs Mary, Washington b Bench and Main sts

Dimpsey, James, h Dodge b Spring and Gear st

Dix, Horatio, millwright, res S B Morris'

Dixon, Wilson, h 3d ward

Dodds, Andrew 2nd, carpenter, h West b Mars and Washington sts

Dodds, Andrew, carpenter, h Prospect b Washington and Green

Dodge, J of H Newhall & Co, res A M Haines'

Donaldson, W M, clerk, A C Davis, res American House

Donhou, John, stone mason, h West near Meeker

Donnellan, Wm, hatter at G M Johnson's, h Broadway

Doplar, Joseph, tailor, 114 Main, h south Spring b High and Dodge sts

Dorey, F, physician, h Bench opposite Methodist church.

Dowling, N, copper tin and sheet iron man'y, 213 Main, h Diagonal st.

Downie, G B, music teacher, cor Main and Hill, res Broadway House

Doyle, Owen, laborer, h High, b Spring and Gear sts.

Drenin, Mrs C, h cor Dodge and Gear sts.

Driscol, Daniel, stone cutter, h cor Franklin and West sts.

Drum, P & S, chairs, 180 Main

Drum, Simon, of P & S C, res at I D Noble's

Drum, Thomas, h west Bench b Hill and Washington sts

Drummond, T, attorney, 139 Main, h cor Water b Bouthillier and Johnson sts

Drynan, Davis, stone cutter, h east Bench near Perry st.

Duncan, Mrs J, h High b Hill and Washington sts.

Dunevan, John, stone mason, h near cor West and Meeker.

Dunevan, P J, wagon maker, 268 Main, h near same.

Dunevan, Richard, stone mason, Bench opposite Court House.

Dunlap, H W, res Mansion House

Dunn, Wm, carpenter, res White Bear Tavern

Dunnegan, Michael, cor Third and Bouthillier sts

Durant, Alfred, cabinet maker, h Bench near 1st Presbyterian church.

Durning, John, carpenter, w Bench, b Franklin and Perry sts

Durst, -----, laborer, h Green b High and Dodge sts

Duston, Augustus, dyer and scourer, Franklin st

Dwye, Reuben, cabinet maker, h Hill b West and Dodge sts.

Dwyer, James T., scriviner, res American House

Eberhardt, J., tailor, 102 Main, h cor Dodge and Warren sts

Echols, R A, butcher, res Jefferson House

Eddowes, J K, clerk H F McCloskey, res J Eddowes'

Eddowes, John, notary public, h east Bench near Magazine st

Eddy, D K, teamster, Ridge near Townsend

Edward, Charles, drayman, h Gear b Prospect and High Sts

Edwards, James, miner, Wann st.

Edwards, John, miner, res Mrs A Whitham's

Eggleston, Joseph, h lower Franklin b High and Bench sts

Elberth, Jacob, cabinet maker at C K Townsend's.

Ellis, B F, clerk J Frysinger's, res J Eddowes'

Ely, M M, tin and coppersmith Harklerodes', res Wisconsin House

Emery, W P, h Franklin st near Bench st.

Ennor, Thomas, miner, h Harrison b Brown and Jackson.

Enright, John, laborer, h on railroad

Enright, Wm, h Franklin St

Espl, Wm, of Lieginger & E, res Washington House

Estey, A, h cor High and Warren sts

Evans, ----, dentist, res Mansion House

Evans, Isaac, plough manufactory, lower Franklin b High and Bench sts.

Faighan, James, carpenter, h Gear st

Faighan, John, laborer, h Gear st

Fairfax, Wm H, tailor, Commerce near Green st

Fallon, Timothy, laborer, h Spring st

Fanik, Hiram, merchant, Second st, near Bouthillier

Fanning, Alex N, blacksmith, Spring b Prospect and High sts

Farnsworth, T B, office 43 Main St

Farrar, Mrs. Sophia, school teacher, near cor Bench and Perry sts

Faucett, Matthew, stone mason, Franklin above West st

Faughney, Tho, teacher, Gear, b Prospect and High, res Mrs McDowell's

Felt, B F, groceries, 157 Main, res American House

Felt, L S, dry goods and gro, 153 Main, h Bench b Spring and south alley

Ferguson, Geo, merchant, h cor Prospect and Hill

Fiddick, J, tin and copper smith, at Harklerodes', res same

Fiddick, John, clerk Wm Fiddick's, res same

Fiddick, Wm, dry goods and gro, 156 Main, h same

Fin, N W, of Willoughby & Finn

Fink, A., grocery, 104 Main, res Mrs Binniger's

Finley, Mrs, h Meeker, b West and Dodge sts

Fitch & Brother, grocers, 246 Main st

Fitch, Chas B, of F & B, res Mrs Mary Well's

Fitch, Chas Butler, cabinet maker, h Hill b Dodge and West sts

Fitch, T S, of F & Bro, res Mrs M Well's

Fitzgerald, John, laborer, h West b Hill and Elk

Fitzgerald, Michael, drayman, h cor West and Meeker sts

Fitzgerald, Patrick, stone mason, res Tremont House

Fitzpatrick, James, stone mason, h cor Jackson and Fourth sts

Fitzpatrick, Patrick, h cor Fourth and Decatur

Flanegan, John, laborer, h Dodge b Gear and South sts

Fleming, John F, carpenter, b West and Dodge sts

Floyd, J G, res American House

Flynn, Thomas, res St. Charles.

Foley, Mrs, h west Bench near Perry st

Foot, David, pavillion 124 Main, h Diagonal st

Forbes, Andrew J, turner, res E Grahams'

Forbes, Moses, driver J Frink & CO, res Jo Davies House

Foster, A H, book-keeper Wm Hempstead & Co, res J Eddowes'

Foster, Cephas, and Mrs. C., prinicpal's of G Female Academy, res A M Haines

Foster, J W, h cor Spring and High sts

Foster, James, carpenter, Franklin st.

Foster, Thomas C., clerk B & J Adams, res J W Foster's

Foster, Thomas, of Woods, Howse & Co, res James Campbell's

Fowler, Robert, carpenter, h West b Washington and Green

Frank, J & Co, stage office, 131 Main st

French, D A, teacher and author gram, h r Franklin b West and Dodge

French, M A, res D A French's

French, W D, clerk Welch & McCully, res D A French's

French, Wm B, teamster, h Commerce near Franklin

Freysz, S, family groceries 104 Main street, res D Swap's

Fricke, H, dyer, Main st opposite American House

Frink, H B clerk J Frink & Co, res Jo Davies House

Frost, Jonas, carpenter, h Hill b High and Dodge sts

Frysinger, J, clothing, 39 Main, h west Bench b south alley and Magazine st

Fugle, Balzer, baker, west Bench near Washington st

Fuller, George W., smelter, res Wm Bothwell's

Funston, M H, clerk R Cribb's, res American House

Gab, Henry, physician, 79 1-2 Main st.

Gaibroy, Joseph, grocery, 272 Main

Gailbraeth, Joseph, physician, Second near River st.

Gallagher, James A, east High b Gear and Spring

Gallaway, Benson, gro and provisions, 210 Main, h same

Galvin, Dennis, drayman, h High b Gear and Spring st

Galvin, John, drayman, h High b Gear and Spring sts.

Gamble, James, laborer, h Hill b High and Dodge

Gammon, Joseph, teamster, h cor Green and Dodge sts.

Gardner, ----, painter, res Mansion House

Gardner, David, at N Rosseter's sash fac, res Wm Bothwell's

Garlinger, Henry, tin and coppersmith Harklerodes', res American House

Garner, John, carpenter, Commerce st, h Franklin b High and Dodge sts

Garner, John, h Dodge b Hill and Elk sts

Garner, Wm G., jeweler, 182 Main, no 4 Whitham's Row

Garner, Wm, wagon maker, Franklin, near High st.

Garney, Wm, wagon maker, h 3rd ward

Garrigan, Owen, laborer, h Spring b Prospect and Bench sts

Garritt, Mrs Elizabeth, milliner, Diagonal st

Gayetty, C R, clerk at H W Miller's

Gear, H H, h cor Gear and Water sts

Gentile, Vincent, laborer, h rail road

George, Mrs. Elizabeth h west Gratiot, near Brown st

Gilchrist, James, carpenter, res Joseph Thomas

Gilde, James, cabinet maker at C K Townsend's

Gladitch, Louis, bar-tender John Brandts

Gleeson, Patrick, cutlery, 64 Main, h same

Goard, Henry, White Hart Inn, 255 Main St.

Golden, Thomas, h on railroad

Goodrich, Hiram, laborer, h West b Warren and Green sts

Goodrich, Moses, res H Goodrich's

Goodwin, C, of W & CG, res J Brookes

Goodwin, W & C, dry goods, 160 Main

Goodwin, W, of W & C G, res J Eddowes

Gordon, T & Co, carpenters, Hill b Commerce and Water

Gordon, Thos, of T G & Co, res American House

Gorman, Michael, chandler, h Gratiot l above Dodge st

Gove, A S, clerk D A Barrows, res same.

Grace, Edward, groceries, 4 Franklin b West and Dodge sts.

Grace, Wm, boots and shoes, 140 Main, h rear Franklin near Diagonal st

Graham, E, chair factory, 273 Main, h east Gratiot near Broadway.

Graham, Robert, laborer, h Gear b Prospect and High sts

Graham, Wm, turner at E Graham's, h east Gratiot near Broadway

Grason, James, cakes and beer, Franklin above West st

Gratiot, Mrs G W, h Gratiot w b Brown and Dodge sts

Grave, John H., shoemaker, 245 Main st

Gray, Barnard, clerk post office, res P Byrne's

Gray, Martin.

Gray, Mrs. Agnes, h Harrison st.

Green, John, tinner, res the Bear Tavern.

Green, M, clerk steam boat Red Wing.

Green, W B, surveyor, h Bench near Franklin st.

Green, Wm F, miner, west Gratiot above Dodge st

Greenfield, Thomas, at the Pavillion, h Bench b Washington and Hill st

Gridley, Geo W, horse dealer, h Franklin near Bench st.

Griffith, J G, Eagle Saloon, 127 Main, h cor Spring and Dodge sts

Gross, Clayborne, laborer, High b Warren and Green sts

Guanalla, Thomas, groceries, Gear b Prospect and High sts

Gulliver, Charles, the Shades, in basement 121 Main st.

Hagar, John, miner, res American House

Haines, A M, boots and shoes, 136 Main, h High b Hill and Washington sts

Haines, S H, clerk W H Bradley's h High b Hill and Elk sts

Hale, A, brick mason, h cor High and Wight sts

Hammond, George, clerk Stillman & Rood's res J Eddowes

Hammond, Patrick, drayman, h Third b Jackson and Bouthillier sts

Hammond, Thomas C, lead clerk W Hempstead & Co, res Mansion h

Haney, J B, plasterer, h Jackson b Third and Fourth sts.

Haney, John, surveyor, High b Hill and Elk sts

Hannafin, John, grocery, 242 Main st.

Hannan, John, stone mason, h Gratiot east

Hanson, Abraham, Methodist clergyman, h Gratiot west near Brown st.

Harcort, Leonard, merchant, h cor Prospect and Gear sts

Hardy, J R, painter, Warren near Main st.

Hardy, Wm, tin-plate worker N Dowling's, h Third b Monroe and Jackson

Hargus, James, clerk Barrows & Co, 72 Main, res A D Barrows'

Harklerodes, H C, of J & H C H, res J H.

Harklerodes, J & H C, stoves, cop and tin manuf's, 147 Main

Harklerodes, J, of J & H C H, h east Water b Bouthillier and Johnson sts

Harnden, Amariah, painter, h Gratiot near Broadway

Harpin, Charles, driver J Frink & Co, res Jo Daviess House

Harrington, John, carpenter, Gratiot west near Broadway

Harrington, Philip, res B Mahoney's

Harris, D Smith, capt steamboat War Eagle

Harris, J, of J Q Charles & Co, res American House

Harris, James M, of R S Harris & Co, h Bench west near Spring st

Harris, M Keeler, res Mrs Blair's

Harris, M, Wisconsin House, 173 Main st.

Harris, R S & Co, groceries, 14 Main st.

Harris, R S, of R S H & Co, h cor Bench and Gear sts

Harris, Wm, miner, h Gratiot above Brown st.

Harris, Wm, moulder at J Morris's foundry

Harrison, John, wagon manufacturer, Gratiot east near Broadway

Harrold, J, of Telford, H & Co, h Franklin b High and Dodge sts.

Harsha, W W, pastor 1st Assoc Presby Ch, h east Gratiot near Dodge st

Hart, R W, clothing store, 40 Main, res J Eddowes'

Harthon, Gilman, laborer, h Spring above West st.

Hatch, Geo, laborer, h on railroad.

Hathaway, Abraham, superintendent of poor house, Gratiot st.

Hays, John, h Gear st

Hays, Kerrn, laborer, h Spring above West st.

Hays, Patrick, laborer, h on railroad.

Hazard, H F, tanner, Frank b Dodge and High st.

Healey, Daniel, tailor, h basement 127 Main st.

Heggins, John, at J Armour's

Heitz, Francois, Napoleon House, 137 Main st.

Hellagan, James, chandler, H west Gratiot near Dodge st.

Hellman, John, of Burichter & Co, lower Franklin b Dodge and West sts.

Hempstead & Washburne, attorneys, 49 Main st

Hempstead, C S, of H & Washburne, h Bench west near Magazine st.

Hempstead, Edw, commission and forwardg & groceries, 41 Main, res C S Hempstead's

Hempstead, Wm & Co, forwarding and commission, 34 Main (upstairs)

Hempstead, Wm, of W H & Co, res Thos H Beebe's

Henley, W, butcher, Market house, h cor Brown and Gratiot sts.

Hennick, Frederick, laborer, h on railroad

Henny, Mrs Jane, grocery, east Gratiot b Brown and Dodge sts

Henry & Ritters, groceries, Franklin b High and Bench sts.

Henry, D L, student at Dr E B Houghton's

Henry, Mrs Margt, Second b Bouthillier and LaFayette sts

Henry, Robert, of H & Ritters, res Mrs M Henry's

Henry, Robert, tailor, res Mrs M Henry's

Heogh, Edward, groceries, 44 Main st

Heron, S B, of Merrick and Co, h Hill above West st.

Herring, Mrs., laundress, Broadway west

Hess, Henry, miner, h Green b Commerce and Water sts

Hess, P, tailor, h Bench near Hill st.

Hickey, P J, blacksmith, Hill below Main st.

Hicks, Geo D, miner, h West b Spring and Gear st.

Hiddin, C C, the Tontine, h Water b Hill and Washington sts

Higgins, David, res Wm Warbriton's

Higgins, Van H, of Pratt & H, res E A Collins'

Highland, James, stone cutter, h Third near Madison st.

Hill, Forest, boarding house, 50 Main st.

Hill, Frank, cook at the Shades.

Hill, Wm, watchmaker at Wm J Garner's, res Jo Daviess house.

Hindman, Robert N, hatter, Bench st, h Gratiot near Broadway

Hinkle, Charles, carpenter, h east Dodge b Spring and Gear st.

Hinkle, D K, painter, Commerce near Perry, h No. 1 Whitham's row.

Hirst, Mrs. Elizabeth, west Gratiot above Dodge st.

Hodge, B O, clerk L S Felt's, h Bench near Green st.

Hodgin, A F, miner, h cor Hill and High sts.

Hoge & Wilson, attorneys, 79 1-2 Main

Hoge, J P, of H & Wilson, h east Second b Jackson and Monroe sts

Hoge, T S, wholesale groc commission and forwardg,33 Main, h Bench near Magazine.

Holden, Geo, painter, h Wann st.

Holden, Thos, butcher, h on railroad

Holding, John, bricklayer, h Brown near Gratiot st.

Holiday, B, laborer, Franklin lower above West st.

Holland, B J, painter, rear of Main, h near Frederick's Point.

Holland, John, machinest, h cor Turner & Muir sts

Holmes, A L, attorney, 67 1-2 Main, h east Second b LaFayette and Decatur

Holmes, D A dry goods, 166 main res American House.

Hoskins, James, miner, h cor Brown and Gratiot

Houg, Geo, grocery and boarding house, 5 Main

Houg, John, brewer, Franklin st

Houghton, E B, physician, 196 Main, h Hill near the Academy

Houghton, H H, assistant editor Gazette & Advertiser, res Broadway House

Howard R B, 1st Lieut of volunteers for the Mexican war

Howard, Marcus J, boarding house, 130 Main (up stairs)

Howe, Bart, teamster, h Franklin st

Howe, Lyman, res Willoughby & Finn's

Howse, ---- of Woods H & Co, res American House

Hoyne P A, clerk N Sleeper's, res same

Huber, F, upholsterer, cor Prospect and Spring sts

Huddleston, Mrs. Elizabeth, res P Judson's

Hughs, F J, carpenter, b cor Fourth and Decatur

Hughs, Mrs, boarding house, south alley near Bench st

Humbert, Wm, saddler at W W Venables'

Hunkins, D, carpenter h Second near Benton st

Hunt, Hiram, engineer, h High b Gear and Spring sts

Hunter, Lewis, h Gear b Dodge and High sts

Hurley, Wm, butcher, Market House, h High b Gear and Spring sts

Husted, L, groceries, cor Bouthillier and east Water sts.

Isaac, Robert, Blacksmith, res H V Brown's

Ivey, Edward, White Hart Inn, Main

Jackson, A J, city clerk council chamber, h High b Hill and West st

Jackson, Allen, laborer, Branch st.

Jackson, James, miner, h Bench b Hill and Perry sts.

Jackson, M L, student Dr Stickel's, res same

Jacobs & Butcher, stoves and tin ware, 198 Main st.

Jacobs, Pyam, of Jacobs & Butcher's, h High b Hill and Elk

Jameson, J M, clerk Campbell & Smith's, res the Shades

Jaombs, Wm, laborer, h Spring b Dodge and West

Jennings, N H, carpenter, h Hill b High and Dodge

Johns, John H, harness maker, Perkins & Co., h cor Gear and Dodge sts

Johnson, Geo M, hats, 60 Main st, h same

Johnson, J H, physician, 176 Main, h Bench west near Perry st

Johnson, James L, clerk James Bloomer's, h Bench east below Episcopal Ch

Johnson, James, teamster, h 3rd ward

Johnson, Joseph M D, h Perry north b Bench and Main sts

Johnson, M Y, attorney, 176 Main, res Joseph Johnson's

Johnson, Mrs Catharine, h West near Meeker st

Johnson, Mrs Mary Ann, Wann st

Johnson, O S, merchant, h Dodge near Hill st

Johnson, Stephen, at Eagle saloon, h High b Washington and Green sts

Johnson, Wm W, laborer, h Gear b Dodge and High sts

Jones, Connolly, r Franklin above High st

Jones, E, physician, 136 Main, h Hill b Bench and Prospect sts

Jones, Edward, laborer, r Franklin st b Dodge and West

Jones, J R, clerk Campbell & Smith's, res B H Campbell's

Jones, Mrs Narcissa, h left Franklin b High and Bench

Jones, Wm, stone cutter, res P Moore's

Jordan, Wm A, clerk G Shissler's, h cor Second and Decatur sts

Joyce, Andrew, laborer, res Mrs D O Reilley's

Judson, Philo, Methodist clergyman, h Hill above West st

Kamphius, Henry, miner, h Commerce near Franklin st

Kanan, Margaret, h on railroad

Karrmann, Geo, coffee house, 70 Main st

Katteerr, Lewis, brewer, P Spacht's

Keef, Dan, h Third st

Keef, Timothy, laborer, Gear st

Keeler, J F, groceries, 178 Main, h cor Prospect and Elk sts

Keeler, Jacob, butcher, Market house, h Spring above West st

Keeler, James, h High b Hill and Elk sts

Keenan, Patrick, mason, h cor Gear and Prospect st

Kehl, A, shoemaker, 117 Main, h 122 Main st

Keho, Michael, printer, h Gear st

Keith, Timo T, laborer, h High b Gear and South sts

Keller, E, cabinet maker, h Third, b Jefferson and Adams sts

Kelly Mrs. laundress, h east Bench cor s alley

Kelly, Daniel, laborer, h on railroad

Kelly, Thomas, grocer, Diagonal st

Kelso, Joseph, attorney, 144 Main, res M Howard's

Kemler, Chas, painter, Warren above Main st

Kennedy, Bernard, h Dodge b High and Meeker sts

Kennedy, Mrs, h on railroad

Kent, A, pastor 1st Presbyterian ch, h Hill north b Bench and Prospect sts

Kent, Robert, carpenter, h Hill near Division st

Kenworthy, J T, tailor, 110 Main, h Bench west b Washington and Green

Kerr, J D, clerk J Carter & Co, res American house

Kimball, H R, h Hill b High and Dodge sts

King, G J, pavillion, 124 Main, h Prospect near Hill st

Kinner, Anthony, porter American House

Kinney, Mrs, h cor West and Meeker sts

Klett, tailor, h Bench east b Hill and Washington sts

Kline, Abraham, laborer, res Spring b Dodge and High sts

Klingell, P, of F Albert & Co, res American House

Knell, Nicholas, carpenter, h west Dodge b Gear and Spring sts

Kookman, Henry, h Spring left near Dodge st

Kotz, Peter, clerk R W Hart's

Kountz, Abraham, blacksmith, 266 Main st

Kountz, Mrs Elizabeth, h on railroad

Krim, Henry, h Bench near Hill st

Kyle, J, miner, h Harrison b Meeker and Jackson st

Ladd, H H, teamster, h cor Gratiot and Brown sts

Laib, J M, tailor, cor Dodge and Franklin st

Landrigen, John, laborer, h Gear b Dodge and High sts

Lane, Geo, teamster for Galena brewery

Lane, Patrick D, laborer, left Franklin b West and Dodge sts

Large, John, blacksmith, res A Kountz's

Larkin, Rev E A, pastor of south Presbyterian church

Latimer, Charles, laborer, h Gratiot st

Laughlin, John, res M Cassin's

Lawlor, Wm, teamster, h Bench east b Bench and High sts

Lawrence, Leander, bowling saloon, 109 Main, h same

Leason, E H, groceries, 209 Main

LeCompte, Mrs Mary N, res J B Merrick's

Lee, Josiah, gardener, h cor Harrison and Jackson sts

Lemastes, Mrs, Gratiot west above Dodge st

Lemon, Isaac, family groceries, 88 Main, h same

Lennfalser, Fred, laborer, res Spacht's

Lent, John, carpenter, Gratiot near Broadway

Leonard, Wm, hostler at Geo W Rice's, res White Bear Tavern

Lesher, P H, clerk post office, res M J Howard's

Letton, V W M, painter, h Franklin b High and Dodge st

Lewis, Milton, bar-tender, Eagle saloon, res M Howard's

Lieginger & Espl, shoemakers, 75 Main st

Lieginger, Henry, res H Shroader's

Lightner, Adam, cabinet Maker, h Water b Hill and Perry sts

Ling, C, watchmaker at J Ling's

Ling, J, watchmaker, 68 Main st

Logan, Hugh, smelter, h Second b Bouthiller and LaFayette sts

Logan, I, clerk W P Cubbage, res same

Long, Enoch, clerk W H Bradley's, h Hill b Prospect and High sts

Long, James, laborer

Longston, Miss Harriet, teacher piano forte and guitar, res Dr E Jones'

Loomis, W C, carpenter, res W W Chase's

Lorrain & Co, wholesale grocers, 96 Main st

Lorrain, J S, or Lorrain & Co, w Bench below Green st

Lorrain, S S, of Lorrain & Co, res American House

Louderback, Rev Alfred, Bouthillier south b east Water and Second sts

Loveland, -----, clerk B F Felt's, res American House

Low, Asa, millwright, h Hill b Dodge and West sts

Lynch, Cornelius, laborer, res E Grace's

Mack, Francis, butcher, Franklin b High and Bench sts

Madden, John, laborer, h Bench near Mansion House

Mahanna, Bart, drayman, h Dodge b Spring and Gear sts

Mahanna, Jeremiah, h High near Gear st

Maher, Edward, drayman, h cor Fourth and Van Buren sts

Maher, Matthew, Repealer's Hall, 187 Main st

Malony, Patrick, h Franklin above West st

Mara, Thomas, water drayman, cor Franklin and West sts

Marble, B W, carpenter, res P Byrne's

Marble, Oliver, carpenter, h West b Spare and Washington sts

Marfield, H, U S dep Marshal, h Dodge b Gear and Spring sts

Marlow, Wm, drayman, h Meeker near Court House

Mars, G H, tailor, 127 Main, h Prospect b Washington and Green sts

Martin, Samuel, grocery, cor Diagonal and Bench sts

Martin, Thomas, farmer, h Dodge b Hill and Elk sts

Massey, John, bootmaker, 239 Main st

Massott, Eugene L, clerk H Newhall & Co, res American House

Massouir, Leopold, res American House

Mattews [sic], Benj, carpenter, h Prospect near Magazine st

Mattheson, Alexander, laborer, h Meeker st

Matthews, Chas, Globe Hotel, 148 Main st

Maudrux, Francis, wagon manufacturer, r Franklin near West st

Maughs, James M, of Coleman & M, res M M Maughs

Maughs, M M, lumber dealer, cor Perry & Water, h cor Bench & Hill

McAlpine, John, wholesale grocery and hardware, 212 Main, res American House

McAvoy, James, grocery, 66 Main st.

McBride, Patrick, cor High and Franklin sts

McCaffrey, laborer, h on the railroad

McCartee, Daniel, drayman, h left Franklin near Division st

McCartee, Dennis, stone mason, h cor Dodge and Harrison sts

McCauley, John, umbrella maker, near cor Gear and High sts

McCleery, James, wagon maker, res The Bear Tavern

McClellan, Robert H, principal Galena Academy

McClosky, H F, wholesale grocer, forwardg & commission,31 Main,res American House

McComber, Mrs R, millinery and fancy goods, 151 Main st

McConnel, Samuel, bowling saloon, 149 Main, res Jo Daviess House

McCormick, Michael, h Meeker near Branch st

McCorristen, Wm, book-keeper, H B Truett's, h cor West and Dodge

McCrabb, Mrs, h Prospect near Green st

McCully, Geo, of Welch & McC, res O Welch's

McCusker, Patrick, Hill near High st.

McDermot, Michael, laborer, cor Bouthillier and Second sts

McDonnell, Thomas, laborer, h High near Gear st

McDouglass, J, attorney, 155 Main, h Hill, near Townsend st

McDowell, Mrs, h Second west b LaFayette and Decatur sts

McElroy, Daniel, High near Hill st

McEwen, Wm, carpenter, res Daniel Rugh's

McGinnis, Mrs Ann, h Washington b Dodge and High sts

McGowan, -----, grocery, 48 Main st

McGowan, John, laborer, h cor Bench and Perry sts

McGuire, John, fruit dealer, h Wann st

McGuire, Mrs Mary, h Bench, west near South Alley

McGuire, Thomas, laborer, h Water st

McHanna, B, laborer

McKee, J S, St Anthony Coffee House, 30 Main st.

McKelvey, H C, carpenter, res W C Bryant's

McKinney, John, water drayman, res Glove Hotel

McKown, John, laborer, Dodge near Meeker st

McMahon, Simon, laborer, High below Elk st

McMaster, L P, of D H Cogely & Co, h Second b LaFayette and Decatur

McMullen, Joseph, laborer, High b Gear and South sts

McNeil, H, grocer, 238 Main st

McNulty, Thomas, constable, h Dodge b Franklin and Harrison sts

McQueade, H M, shoemaker, east Bench b Perry and Diagonal sts

McQueen, John, carpenter, h Monroe b Third and Fourth sts

McRoberts, Wm S, clerk, R S Harris & Co, res Wm Blair's

McShary, James, b Bouthillier, near Second st.

Meegan, Terrance, carpenter, Diagonal st

Melick, Jacob, carpenter, h Wann st

Melvill, George, clerk F & N Stahl, res Mrs Melvill's

Melvill, John, clerk

Melvill, Mrs, h Bench west near 1st Presbyterian Church

Merrick & Co, dry goods and groceries, 108 Main st

Merrick, I B, of M & Co, h Franklin near Diagonal st

Merriman, W, attorney, 67 1/2 Main, h Second b Jefferson and Adams sts

Metzger, Michael, distillery, Fourth st

Metzger, T H, boarding house, 23 Main st

Millard, Wm P, sheriff, res American House

Miller, Christopher, laborer, Dodge b Green and Warren sts

Miller, H F, saddler, h Dodge b Gear and Spring sts

Miller, H W, flour store, 69 Main, h same

Miller, M, hominy manufactory, cor Spring and High st

Miller, Mrs M, Broadway House, Broadway st

Miller, Wm R, Jo Daviess House, Washington near Main st

Mitchell, Geo M, clerk county court, h Second b Jefferson and Adams st

Mitchell, Jas, superintendent U S lead mines, res Wm Strawbridge's

Molloy, P, tailor, h Gratiot west above Brown st

Monroe, Nelson, laborer, h High near Warren st

Montgomery, Ralph, laborer, h 1st ward

Monti, Joseph, grocery and bakery, 210 Main, h same

Mooney, James, blacksmith, Hill below Main, h cor Elk and High st

Moore, David, Farmer's Saloon, Commerce near Market House

Moore, Ephraim, carpenter, res I D Noble's

Moore, John, cor Gratiot and Dodge sts

Moore, Patrick Tremont House, Diagonal st.

Moorehead, Miner, h 3rd ward

Moran, R, laborer, h Franklin above West st.

Morelli, Peter, coffee house, 177 Main st.

Morello, P, grocery, Hill b Main and Commerce sts

Moriatty, John, laborer, h on railroad

Morley, Patrick, laborer, Prospect b Gear and South

Morris, James, Galena foundry, rear 261 Main, h Third b Madison & Jefferson

Morris, Samuel B, cabinet maker, Spring b High and Prospect sts

Morrison, Henry J, miner, Spring near High st

Morrison, J A, city Saloon, 185 Main st

Morrison, Joseph, Spring b Dodge and Prospect sts

Morse, Edward F, driver for Frink & Co, res Jo Daviess house

Mosce, Mark, barber, 133 Main, h Spring near Bench st

Moss, D H T, clerk M M Maugh's, h west Bench near Hill.

Mulford, P S, Tontine, 142 Main, res Mrs M Wells'

Mullen, Joseph, laborer, h High b Gear and South ss

Muller, E, book-binder, 102 1/2 Main st

Mulligan, Thomas, h Spring st

Mullinder, Alex, tailor, High near Gear st

Munn, Silas, driver for J Frank & Co

Murphy, Andrew, carpenter, res Bear Tavern

Murphy, Mrs Lucy, h west Broadway

Murphy, Thos, Social Hall, 93 Main st

Murphy, Timothy, drayman, h cor High and Elk sts

Murray, John, tailor J Eberhardt's

Murray, Michael, smelter, Third st near Benton st

Nable, Inletts, laborer, h on the railroad

Napper, S T, butcher, Market House, res American House

Napper, S, S & Co, butchers, Market House.

Neele, Chas, cabinet maker, h east Bench, b Hill and Washington sts

Nelson, J, laborer, res Gratiot near West st

Neuschwander, Julian, butcher market house, h Spring above West

Neven, W.

Newell, Wm, driver J Frink & Co, h basement 131 Main st

Newhall, H & Co, drugs, 170 Main st

Newhall, H, physician of H N & Co, h Hill near Main st

Nisson, Jacob, grocery, 106 Main, h same

Nobles, Geo A, physician, add 1/2 Main st, res Mrs M Henry's

Nobles, J D, clerk Stephen's hat store, h cor Bench and Hill sts

Noder, Leonard, h cor Green and Water sts

Noggle, Isaac, wheelwright, Prospect b Gear and Spring sts

Norris, Barney, sexton 2nd Presbyterian Church, h Bench near Perry st

Norris, R S, of Billon & N, h West b Washington and Green sts

Nutt, Jonathan, brick mason, res W H Bradley's

O'Brien, Dennis, laborer, h Gear b Dodge and High sts

O'Brien, Dennis, laborer, J I Frank above West st

O'Brien, J, physician, 186 Main st, h same

O'Connor, ------, blacksmith, Bench st.

O'Donnell, C, grocery 86 Main, res Mrs Hughes'

O'Donnell, H

O'Keeffe, Timothy, High near Gear st

O'Marra, John, laborer, res Bear Tavern

O'Neill, Bernard, groceries, r Franklin b Dodge and West sts

Olds, C, clerk N Corwith & Co, res Mansion House

Oliver, Alex, miner, h cor Gear and West sts

Oliver, Mrs Isabella, h cor Gear and West sts

Olney, Wm, blacksmith, Franklin b Dodge and High sts

Osborn, Mrs Mary Ann, w Gratiot near Broadway

Ott, Henry, at P Weber's brewery

Otten, Mrs Eliz, h west Bench near south alley

Ottendorf, Mrs h railroad

Packard, J A, dry goods, Broadway west h same

Packer, Geo, blacksmith, h cor Dodge and Franklin sts

Park, H C, blacksmith, 209 Main, h Hill b Dodge and High sts

Parker, Martin, sexton 1st Presbyterian Church, res S H Haines'

Parks, ----- painter, h Third b Jackson and Van Buren sts

Parks, I C, clerk American House

Parnell, Wm grocery, w Gratiot st

Parvin, J Mansion House, Bench st b Warren and south alley

Pate, Thomas P, gardener, h Second b Madison and Monroe st

Patterson, Jacob, carpenter, h left Franklin b High and Bench sts

Patterson, Robert W, butcher Market House, res Galena House

Paul, John, stone mason, h Bouthillier, b Third and Fourth sts

Peck, Chas, office 49 Main st, res M I Howard's

Peltrie, P G, clerk N Corwith & Co, res Wm Peltrie's

Peltrie, Wm, h cor High and Green sts

Pelzer, B H, clothing store, 219 Main

Peoplas, Hugh, clerk at H Boyd's

Perkins, C R & Co, saddle and harness, 107 Main st

Perkins, C R, of C R P & Co, h east Bench, b Hill and Perry st

Perrigo, Patrick, laborer, h on railroad

Perring, Anthony, h Bench near court house

Perry, Oliver, plasterer, h Washington b Dodge and West sts

Peters, Mrs Mary, bakery and confectionary, 15 Main st, h same

Pickett, Edw, upper Ferry, h Second near Monroe st

Pigg, Garrett, laborer, h Third b Adams and east Water st

Pighetti, J P, Eagle House, Water st near lower ferry

Pilgrim, Geo, butcher, h Hill st near Market House

Pitts, H G, wagon maker, 253 Main, res the Bear Tavern

Porter & Rood, dry goods, 172 Main, cor Main and Hill st

Potts, Chas F, clerk E A Collins & CO, h Bench op Methodist Church

Potts, I C, justice, 67 1/2 Main, h cor Dodge and Meeker sts

Potts, T R, physician, 166 Main, res American House

Powell, Evans, shoemaker, at A Kehls'

Powers, John, stone mason, res Franklin b High and Bench sts

Powers, Thomas, stone mason, h cor Franklin and High sts

Pratt & Higgins, attorneys, cor Main and Hill sts

Pratt, O C, of Pratt and Higgins, res American House

Presley, Anthony, segar factory, 50 Main, h Washington b High and Dodge

Presley, Bartlett, tobacconist, 112 Main

Preston, Jona, cabinet maker, res W C Bryant's

Price, Geo W, barber, 133 Main, h same

Price, James, stone mason, 3rd ward

Pugh, Alfred, cooper, Gear st.

Quinn, Patrick drayman, h Meeker b Dodge and High sts

Rablin, Henry, h Meeker b High and Dodge sts

Rablin, J, White Bear Tavern, 235 Main st

Rafter, Patrick, laborer, res M M Maugh's

Ragan, Michael, h Gear st

Rambo, Sam A, plasterer, 3rd ward east of river

Rassette, Joseph, American House, 1568 Main st

Rathbone, N M, driver J Frink & Co

Raus, Christian, h on railroad

Raynard, Chas, laborer, h Water st

Raynix, Alex, tinplate worker N Dowling's, h Third st

Reardon, John, drayman, High b South and Gear sts

Reed, G D, blacksmith, Gratiot east b Jackson and Dodge sts

Reichardt & Tully, Washington House, 59 Main st

Reichardt, Wm, of R & Tuff

Reilly, James, laborer, h cor Third and Jackson sts

Reilly, Mrs D O, h Washington b Main and Commerce sts

Reilly, Mrs Ufany, Bench west near Mansion House

Reilly, Owen, Gear st near West

Reinwald, Wm h west Dodge, b Spring and Gear sts

Rete, Wm, stone cutter, res John Hannan's

Rice, Geo C, livery stable, h left Franklin b High and Bench sts

Richards, Francis, stone cutter, h Third near Madison st

Richards, Francis, stone mason, res J Hannan's

Richards, I Allen, shoemaker, east Gratiot near Brown st

Richardson, A H, blacksmith, east Water b Bouthillier and Johnson sts

Rickel, Samuel, cabinet maker, h Gratiot st

Rimus, John, drayman, h Prospect near Warren st

Ripley, Edwin, office 204 Main, h cor Magazine and Bench sts

Ripley, S B, driver for J Frink & Co, res Jo Daviess House

Risedorph, Geo, farmer, h east of Frederick's Point

Risner, F, tailor, 102 Main, h cor Bench and Warren sts

Risse, L, shoemaker, h Franklin right b High and Bench sts

Rittenhouse, Garret, miner, h 1st Ward

Ritter, Isaac, of Henry & R, res Patterson's

Robe, J C, mason, h cor Prospect and Washington sts

Roberts, F, stoves, tin and sheet iron, 193 Main

Roberts, Henry & James, butchers, Market House

Robertson, Geo E, physician, h Bench west near Franklin st

Robinson, -----, brick mason, h right Franklin b Wight and Dodge sts

Robinson, James, dry goods and groceries, 184 Main, res same

Robinson, John W, laborer, res Wisconsin House

Robinson, John, driver J Frink, & Co, h basement 133 Main

Robinson, Joseph, laborer, Prospect b Green and Warren sts

Robinson, Wm, bar-keeper, Bear Tavern

Rock, Francis, driver, J Frink & Co

Rodahan, T, physician, Hill st near Main

Roddewig, F, tailor, Spring b Dodge and West

Roddewig, G H, eating house, 223 Main st

Rodolph, John, grocer, 63 Main st

Rogans, Joseph, Catholic clergyman, h near Catholic Church

Rogers, Pearce, Plough Inn, 191 Main st

Rood, E of Porter & R, res American House

Rood, James, of Stillman & Rood, res J Eddowes'

Rosenberger, A, grocery, 54 Main st

Ross, David, finisher at J Morris' foundry

Rossington, Thos P, res Broadway House

Rossiter, N, sash and door factory, res C Chase's

Rotchford, Geo P, carpenter, res P Byrne's

Rugh, D, gunsmith, 211 Main, h Franklin near Diagonal st

Rugh, S, gunsmith, 201 Main, res Mrs N Dick's

Ryan, Dan, copper and tin smith, res American House

Ryan, Dennis, laborer, Bench opposite Mansion House

Ryan, James M, groceries, 192 Main, res Jas Ryan's

Ryan, James, h Franklin b High and Dodge sts

Ryan, Michael, laborer, h Gear b Prospect and High sts

Ryan, Mrs, h cor Hill and Commerce sts

Ryan, Wm

Ryder, Mrs Ann, school teacher, Bench, opposite 1st Presbyterian Church

Rygan, Michael, laborer, h b Prospect and High sts

Sackett, David, h west Gratiot above Dodge st

Safely, J W, watchmaker, east Second b Jackson and Monroe sts

Sagar, Richard, at N Rossiter's sash factory

Sage, Patrick, laborer, h Dodge b Elk and Franklin sts

Salomon, Edw, clothing, 42 Main st

Salyer, James, driver, J Frink & Co

Sammon, Thomas, tailor, res T D Kelly's

Sanger, L P, stage office 131 Main, res American House

Saunders, Geo, boarding house, res Franklin b High and Bench sts

Saunders, George, clerk Woods, Howse & Co, res American House

Saxton, N W, left Franklin near Division st

Sayre, J S, saddlery, 233 Main, res at the White Bear

Schindler, David, Commerce st

Schirmer, P F, of J E Smith & Co, res cor Bench and Washington sts

Schroader, H, Galena House, Warren b Main and Water sts

Schultz, Thomas, German Methodist Episcopal missionary

Schwatka, F W, blacksmith, Gratiot near Brown

Schwatka, Fred G, cooper, Gratiot near Dodge st

Scott, Charles P, plasterer, h cor High and Wight sts

Scott, George, laborer, h Franklin near Division st

Scott, J, teamster, Gratiot east near Brown st

Scott, Thos, plasterer, h Washington b Dodge and West sts

Seal, R, county commissioners clerk, h cor Second and LaFayette sts

Sears, Lewis, plasterer

Seidel, Charles, groceries, Diagonal st

Sessions, Elijah, tailor, Bench east cor south alley

Seymour, E Sanford, attorney, 176 Main, h Washington b High and Dodge

Shallay, Pat, laborer, h east of Fever river

Shaw, John, carpenter, res J Harrold's

Shea, Wm, laborer, h Fredericks Point

Shees, David, brewer, Frank west above Dodge st

Shehen, Thomas, farmer, Spring above West st

Sheldon, -------, carpenter

Sheldon, B R, attorney, 119 1-2 Main, res Mrs Melvill's

Shellenbarger, Mrs Mary, h cor Madison and east Water sts

Shellum, ------, butcher, Dodge st near Meeker

Sherall, John, shoemaker, Gear st near Bench

Sherman, -----, h High b Spring and Gear sts

Shissler, Godfrey, clothing store, 78 Main st

Shuster, Philip, painter, h Wann st

Silverburgh, M P, merchant, res American House

Simpson, Thomas, h Gratiot east above Dodge st

Slaymaker, J L, postmaster, 121 Main, h cor Third and Jefferson

Slayton, W, bar-tender, St. Anthony Coffee House

Sleeper, N, auction and com, 190 Main, h Franklin near Diagonal st

Smith, David, justice, 136 Main, h Meeker st near court house

Smith, Frank, carpenter, 1st ward

Smith, Henry, h Magazine st

Smith, J E & Co, jeweler, 85 Main st.

Smith, J E, of J E S & Co, h west Bench b Gear and South sts

Smith, Mrs Elizabeth, h West b Franklin and Meeker sts

Smith, Orrin, of Campbell & S, h cor Van Buren and east Water sts

Smith, S P & Co, leather and saddlery, 188 Main st

Smith, S P of S P S and Co, res American House

Smith, Saml R, clerk Taggart, res American House

Smith, T, barber, 161 Main st

Smith, Thomas, Third, west b Adams and Jefferson sts

Smith, W B, carpenter, h cor Dodge and Washington sts

Snow, Robert, miner, Gratiot st

Snyder, I A, of T Gordon & Co, res American House

Snyder, W H, clerk D A Holmes, res American House

Souer, Mich, of T E Bergman & Co, h west Bench, b Hill and Washington

Spacht, Peter, brewery, Dodge b Spring and Warren, h same

Spare, James, house-wright, h cor Dodge and Mars sts

Spillman, Mrs, bakery, west Bench b Hill and Washington sts.

Springer, J N W, brick mason, h east Second b Jackson and Monroe sts

St. Cyr, B C, clerk, R Bloomer's, h cor Washington and High sts

Staffocke, Rodolph, h on the railroad

Stafford, Henry, h on Wann st

Stahl, F & N, dry goods and groceries, 89 Main st

Stahl, F of F & N W, h west Bench near Spring st

Stahl, James W., clerk, res W K Stahl's

Stahl, N of F & N S, west Bench near 3rd Presbyterian Ch.

Stahl, Wm K, dry goods and groceries, 144 Main, h Ridge near West st

Stamps, Clayborne, brick mason, Prospect b Washington and Green sts

Stanton, D, upper ferry, h Second st near Monroe

Starns, G H, livery stable, 101 Main, res Mansion house

Starr, Robert, city marshal, west Dodge, b Spring and Gear sts

Stemler, Peter, coffee house, 51 Main st.

Stephens, I C, hats and caps, 167 Main st

Stephens, Thomas, h east Gratiot st

Stephens, Wm, at Willoughby & Finn's

Stephenson, Benj V, surveyor, res M Howard's

Stevens, I P, attorney, 144 Main, h Second b Madison and Monroe sts

Stewart, Silas, baker, 2 Main st

Stickel, J, physician, 144 Main, res west Second b Monroe and Madison

Stillman & Rood, forwarding and commission, 29 Main st

Stillman, W H, dry goods and groceries, 52 Main, res Dr Jones

Stills, Jesse, baker at J Armour's

Stoffer, H J, carpenter, h Bench, west b Spring and Gear sts

Stoker, E, tailor, Franklin rear near Bench st

Stone, -----, h Third b Madison and Jefferson sts

Stone, Dan, attorney, 43 Main, res J Eddowes'

Stone, Mar, h on the railroad

Story, Wm P, livery stable, cor Gear & Water, h near cor Gear & Bench

Strawbridge, Wm, smelter, h Broadway

Strode, Eugene, res Mrs M B Strode's

Strode, Mrs M B, h Broadway, no 3 Whitham's row

Strother, B F, law student at H & Washburne's, res Mrs Strother's

Strother, Geo C, student Dr. Davis

Strother, Mrs E W, h Bench b Hill and Perry sts

Strott, Nichols, stone mason

Sullivan, John, laborer, h on the railroad

Sullivan, Michael, Stoughton bitters, Franklin rear b High and Bench sts

Swan, A C, carpenter, h Spring left b Dodge and West sts

Swap, John, Water st

Swap, Lawrence, barber, 125 Main, h cor Water and Spring sts

Sweney, Charles, Galena Jeffersonian, cor Hill and Main sts

Sweney, Montgomery, assistant editor of the Galena Jeffersonian

Swift, S W, sign painter, h Franklin left b High and Bench sts

Switzer, Augustus, 123 Main st

Taggart, J I, fancy store, 159 Main, res W K Stahl's

Taylor, Geo, saddler, Gratiot near Brown st

Taylor, I E, plough maker for I Evans, h Branch st

Taylor, James, barber, E Swap's

Taylor, Joseph, barber, 59 1-2 Main st

Taylor, Wm, barber, h Jackson b Third and Fourth

Telford, Adam L, of Telford H & Co, Second b Madison and Jefferson sts

Telford, Andrew, of Telford, Harrold & Co, east Water st

Telford, Harrold & Co, carpenters, Commerce b Washington and Gear sts

Telford, Mrs Ann, milliner, east Water b Jackson and Monroe sts

Temple, James, groceries, 254 Main, h same

Thatcher, D A, at G T Thatcher's, res American House

Thatcher, Geo T, dry and fancy goods, 79 Main, res American House

Thomas, Charles G, probate justice, 141 Main

Thomas, Joseph, boarding house, east Water near Bouthillier st

Thomas, S R, farmer, Wann st

Thomas, W C E, Gazette and Advertiser, 141 Main, h Prospect Hill & Elk

Thompson, Anthony, city porter, h west Bench near South Presbyterian Church

Thompson, J, blacksmith, cor Bench and Franklin sts

Thompson, Jas W, clerk Mrs M Peters, res same

Thorp, T, blacksmith, Franklin, b Bench and High sts

Tippet, John, h cor Second and Jefferson sts

Todd, Robt, carpenter at Willey and Dodd's

Tolburn, John, hostler, h Meeker near court house

Tomkins, R J, clerk J Bloomer's, res American House

Tomlin, Allen, attorney, h cor Spring and West sts

Tonkin, Philip, laborer, Gratiot near Dodge st

Townsend, C K, cabinet warehouse, 207 Main, h same

Trembly, J, agent groceries & produce, 190 Main, h Jackson b Third & Fourth

Trisland, Walter, h West near Warren st

Troll, Joseph, miner, h Gratiot east

Tromley & Curran, City Hotel, 74 Main st

Tromley, M, of Tromley & Curran

Trueman, John, baker, J Armour's

Truett, H B, merchant at M F Truett's, h Bench west near Green st

Truett, M F, liquors and groceries, 37 Main, res J Eddowes'

Tufly, Christian, res Washington House

Tufly, Geo, of Reichardt & Tufly

Turner, E D, miner, Dodge, b Meeker and High st

Turner, E W, res American House

Turney, Mrs N J, Bench near Catholic Church

Tyler, Geo, Galena House, 183 Main st

Uncapher, Michael, carpenter, res Jos Thomas'

Underwood, Jordan, plough maker at I Evans'

Vallee, Anthony, clerk Dr Houghton's, res same

Van Arnam, R H, bootmaker, Franklin st left

Vaughan, James, laborer, h Third b Madison and Monroe sts

Venable, W W, of Venable & CO, h 205 Main st

Venable, Wm W & Co, saddles and harness, 205 Main st.

Verbridge, I M, carpenter, near cor Elk and Prospect sts

Wade, ------, h Bench near Warren st

Wadleigh, Milton, city surveyor, res Galena House

Wagener, Ernst, bakery, 108 Main st

Waggoner, J N, principal Galena seminary, h no 5 Whitham's row

Waggoner, Jas Jun, clk city book store, 95 Main, res J N Waggoner's

Waggoner, Jas W, turner, h cor Ridge and Oak sts

Wall, Benj, driver J Frink & Co

Wall, Patrick, drayman, h Third b LaFayette and Decatur sts

Walters, T, tailor, 221 Main st

Wann, Daniel, agent dry goods, 80 Main, res American House

Warbriton, Wm, carpenter, h south Bouthillier b Water and Second

Ward, C, agent A Hamilton & Co, clothing store, 169 Main, res American House

Ward, J, shoemaker, Diagonal, h Bench east b Perry and Franklin sts

Warner, Nicholas, h Spring cor Dodge st

Washburne, E B, of Hempstead & W, h Third b LaFayette and Decatur

Webber, E J, laborer, Spring right b High and Dodge sts

Weber, B, teamster, res J Neuschwander's

Weber, Philip, brewery, h cor Spring and Dodge sts

Webster, David, blacksmith, 269 Main, res Bear Tavern

Webster, Mark, butcher, Market House, h Harrison b Jackson and Brown sts

Weirich, A, physician and Druggist, 100 Main, h same

Welch & McCully, hardware, 194 Main st

Welch, Henry, laborer, West near Meeker st

Welch, James

Welch, Osee, of W & McCully, h Elk b Prospect and High sts

Welch, Pat, laborer, h on railroad

Weldon, James, teamster, h Third st near Adams

Wellington, Elijah, Bench west near Catholic Church

Wells, I W, student Dr Stickel's

Wells, J B, attorney, cor Main and Hill sts, res Dr E Jones'

Wells, Mrs Mary, h 244 Main st

Wells, N M, pastor 2nd Presbyterian Church, res Wm Bothwell's

Wells, T G, grocer, 246 Main, res Mrs M Wells'

Welshonse, Jacob, carpenter, res W C Bryant's

Welshonse, M, carpenter, res W C Bryant's

Whaley, John, carpenter at Telford, Harrold & Co's

Wheeler, J T, carpenter, h Washington b Dodge and High sts

White, Joseph, res Mrs D O Reilly's

White, Saml, carpenter, High b Spring and Warren sts

Whitehead, Ezra G, at N Rossiter's sash factory

Whitely, t, city sexton, h cor Ridge and Division st

Whiteside, W B, h right Franklin near Bench st

Whitham, Mrs Ann, Harrison b Brown and Jackson sts

Whitson, Henry, shoemaker, Shears st

Wiedder, Danl, carpenter, h Gear b Dodge and West sts

Wight, A G S, h cor Bouthillier south and east Water sts

Wight, C L, capt of volunteers for Mexican war

Willey, Mrs, h cor Dodge and Spring sts

Willey, S, stone mason, east of river in 3rd ward

Willey, Wm, carpenter, h cor Ridge and West sts

Williams, Andrew A, h cor Franklin and West sts

Williams, D R, sash factory of N Rossiter's, h Gear b Prospect and Bench

Williams, John, coffee house, 70 Main st

Williams, Mrs, h Franklin near High st

Willis, W B of T Gordon & Co, res American House

Willis, Wm B, carpenter, res American House

Willoughby & Finn, St Charles House, 135 Main st

Willoughby, A of W & Finn.

Wilson, Hiram, plasterer, h Wight north b High and Dodge sts

Wilson, James A, mason, h Third b Jackson and Van Buren sts

Wilson, John, Rossiter's sash factory, h Bench b Gear and Spring sts

Wilson, S M, of Hoge & W, res American House

Wincoop, J.

Wirt, Chas, clerk at B Presley's

Witsil, George, baker at J Armour's

Wonderly, J Y, clerk J F Keeler's, h Elk near Prospect st

Wood, John, carpenter, Meeker st

Wood, Mrs Mary, school teacher, Spring b High & Prospect, res Mrs Ryder's

Woodruff, Wm, h Washington b Bench and Main sts

Woods, Howse & Co, dry goods, 87 Main st

Woodward, Geo W, Unitarian clergyman, h Second west near Decatur st

Wright, Wm H, hats and caps, 179 Main, h Wann st

Wyatt, Jordon, laborer, Spring, b Dodge and West st

Yost John, stone mason

Yost, Chas, stone mason, h near Division st

Young, Alex, of T S Napper & Co


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