This letter was copied from the original. The original was received from Bessie Leona Tiffany, a granddaughter of Arthur Tyrrell and a sister of my grandfather, Ray Winthrop Justus.

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Canyon Creek. Trinity. Co. Cal.
July. 30th . 1852

Dear Friends

   I have again taken my pen to inform you that I am well and have been since I wrote last to you  Hieram is here with me and is allso well    we have been to gether this last month  I have no more good news to write  I must write some bad  I am not makeing anything  not eaven my board and it costs me over a dollar a day to live and I have worked hard in the watter part of the time  I git all most discouraged at times but I have not given up trying to git gold yet   I am in a country whare thare is gold and some are findeing it and I live in hopes of findeing it.  if I was thare I would tell you more  The last newe I received from you was wrote in January only by the way of Hirams wife  I was sorry to hear of sickness thare and deaths a mongst you  I am in hopes you received my last letter  I wrote to you in May and have answered it before you git this  Hiram has written two letters since he received any  he is going to the post office at Weverville today and expects to git a letter from home  thare was three letters advertised for him at Sacramento and he has sent for them  he is allso looking for one from Shasta from Jane

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Write to me  direct your letters to Shasta Cal or to Weeverville Trinity Co. Cal  I am about fifty five miles from Shasta and fifteen miles from Weeverville  I can git letters from eather place  I send you this with my respects and best wishes that it may reach you and find you injoying good health and prosperity  I can give you no directions what to do   manage as you think best until I return  I trust to your judgement to see to things.

no more

Arthur Tyrrell

Compliments of:
Ray W. Justus
1331 West Folley Street
Chandler, AZ 85224-7511
(602) 963-4811