This letter was copied from a handwritten copy received from Sara Leota Mutz, a granddaughter of Arthur Tyrrell. She copied it from a typewritten copy of the original.

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    Oct. 1 1852 Dearest Arthur Tis with pleasure that I once more take my pen to write you a few lines that you may know that we are all well except Mother she is sick now but I hope she will soon be better Oh may these lines find you in good health I received your letter dated July 30 you spoke of one you wrote in May I had received it and had written an answer to you I am very sorry you have such bad luck about getting gold I think you had better get enough to come home with and then give it up as a bad job I dont believe you and Hi will be as lucky as old darby lawrence was. he came home to or three weeks ago with to or three thousand dollars and now it is Mr Lawerence sir. but for my part I should be better pleased to see you come home now than I should to have you stay thare another year if you get thousands by it I often wish thare never had been such a place as California and I guess thare is as much as to fellows thare that wish so to sometimes if theyd tell their honest sentiments about it. The darned place has caused more trouble than it will ever amount to. 
    Your brothers and sisters are all well. Your Mother is not very well and hasent been this summer. She has grown quite childish for a year or so past. Thares nothing agoing on here much more that thare was when you was here so thare isent much 

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to write about anyway and it is almost midnight so I must tel you a little about your boy and then quit. Oh how much I wish you could see them both Omer is almost the prettiest and best boy ever was only once in awhile he will swear. He is almost as large as Eliza. Eliza is a good girl to she has been to school all summer six months now she learns fast She has a great deal to say about her Pa yet Henry has been to school almost all the time youve been gone but dont seem to gain very fast. I want you to write to me when you are a come-ing home. I wish you would write oftener it cant take you a grate while do you have any of the spirit rappings or writing out thare they have grate times with them here in some places they can find out almost any thing they ask them or pretend they can I dont believe thare is anything in it although I have seen them write thare is something curious about it but it is something like mesmerison I think more than anything else but I must stop So Write Write Write

Receive this from your affecteonate friend and Well Wisher 

Eliza Jane Tyrrell to Arthur Tyrrell 

O may the time come soon that we can sit by each other and talk not have to sit and scratch our thoughts on paper and then it dont amount to shucks.

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