This letter was copied from the original. The original was received from Bessie Leona Tiffany, a granddaughter of Arthur Tyrrell and a sister of my grandfather, Ray Winthrop Justus.

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Weeverville.  Trinity Co.  Call. Oct. 20th. 1852

	Dear Friends  I have once more taken my pen to inform you that I am well
and I hope this may reach you the same  Hieram is allso well  he and I have
bin to work to gether most of the time this summer and only made expences
we worked at Canyon Creek most of the time daming and flooming it but it did
not pay us  we are now at Weeverville  Hiram is to work for eight dollars a
day drifting  I have bin getting five dollars and a half a day winlesing and
shoveling and board our selves which cost over - dollar a peace a day  at
the prices we have to pay for provisions and cook it our selves  to hire our
board it would cost fourteen dollars a week a peace.
I am wating patiently for a letter as I have not received any since last
spring that was directed to Hi. and me Sacramento  Hi has received two from
Jane  one by the way of Sonora  it was wrote in the spring  the other from
Shasta dated July 30th  she says in it she has not received a letter from
him but got her news by way of my letter  he has wrote as many as three and
I have wrote two before this and sent papers twice  the Shasta Courier
directed to E J Tyrrell one to J R Patrige.  the mail comes again to morrow
if I git aleter all right if not the same all right.
	Whoraw for Pierce King and Democracy

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I will give you a sketch of my views of California  I look at it as on the
extreme in evry point  the climate is from verry warm to perpetual snow and
as far as I have seen it is verry Healthy  I have heard of Cho---a and other
diseases in some parts verry bad but the way people live in some places it
is a wonder to me that all dont die that thare is thare  The soil is from
the richest to the poorest and lays from the Ocean beach to everlasting snow
on the mountains  the productions are as numberous as I ever saw in any
Country  I have seen oring on the tree agrowing and could see the mountains
white with snow at the same time  Figs Apples Pears Peaches and grapes
growin abundance  the vine of all --nds grows well  Pumpkin Squash and
mellons  allso all kinds of vegitables raised in the garden  for the size
and weight of some of then I will refur you to the agriculteral faire at
Sacramento  the acount is in the Shasta Courier that I sent you which you
will received befoure you do this if post masters have done their duty
The timber is from the largest to the smallest  I have bin told from twenty
two feet in diamenter down but the largest I have seen was eight and nine
feet in diameter  Hi tels me of an oak that he saw it was fourty feet in
circumferance up above breast high  thare is four kinds oak  as a general
thing it is worthless for timber  five kinds of pine two of fir one of
redwood or sedar all valuable for timber whare it can be used  thare is
various other kinds of timber which answers for firewood  I have not bin
whare large and tall timber

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grows  it is at Trinidad and humbolt bays and that section of the country
The mountains and valies are inhabited by Grizly Brown black and Cinnamon
Bears and California Lions Panthers all kinds of wolves and various kinds of
the cat species various kinds of Squirels Elk Deer Antelope and rabits wild
goats and mountain Sh--- wild Cattle Ho--- and Hogs Mules and Jackasses
Thare is various kinds snakes  the rattle snake is the worst  they are
plenty in places  allso venemous insects Tirantalus Scorpion Santipede
Hornets wasps Bumblebee (no honey bees) musquetoes flees and lice (no bed
bugs that I have seen)  plenty of horned toads and lisards  As for the
feathered tribe thare is all that you have thare or substitutes for them
except the wild Turkey  Geese and D----- -re plenty  the rivers and Creeks
are allso on the extream  some of them at times is large enough to float
Steam Boats  at other times allmost dry  they are generaly well stored with
fish -- the best kinds  I have seen Salmon from three feet down.  The watter
in the mountains is cold and good  as I go down the valies it gits warmer
and is not so good  the springs in the valies are more or les warm but the
watter from them as far as I can learn is healthy  thare is salt soda
sulpher and other kinds of springs that the watter is mixed with minerals
that gives it a nasty taste
I will now try and tell you what I think of --- people in this country
Hiram has wrote his views in a letter to Jane  I hope she has received it
Friends your imagination must help me  First think of what atracts most
people to come here and you will see it is riches  the riches of California
atracts from the states many of the scheming and raskaly persons and from
most evry other inhabited country on the globe  well the- -re here mixed in
a m--- each and all striveing

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to git rich (many of them I would as soon try to understand a goos as their
talk)  it is natural for each to try to excel the other by so dooing and
takeing the advantage evry chance  disputes and quirels arise which
terminate in the death of persons on both sides.  and some of the foreigners
have to leave the place and others takes their place.  think of yankies and
irish on the Canalls and railroads then think of the mixed mess here  is it
to be thaught strange that the pistels --- a knife should be yo---d in a
crowd like the one we have here when they do as they do in the states with
only americans Irish and English.  I think it is not.  I have spoken of the
working class or miners mostly so far
I will now speak of two of the most dispisable clases of Gods creation in my
estimation.  they are gamblers and h_____s  they go hand to gether  thare is
hundreds of them here and what one cant cheat steal or rob from the honest
and industrious the other tries to coax from them  Both clases are often
succesful  then the miner goes back to his dig----s to git more gold perhaps
to spend the same way  if the gambl-- -- unsuccesful he wont work  he has no
digings he tries to make a ---ing without working  I will not say that he
steals horses and mules and murders men along the roads but such deeds are
done  who dose it may be the miner that has bin gambling and lost his money
and dose these deeds in order to make up his los  if it is the ill goten
gain soon goes from him into the hands of the gamblers and they partake of
the stolen property while the man comits more deeds of perhaps robery and
murder to renew his purse again and thus becomes indirectly a gambler and is
no better nor worse then they are.  I put gambling robing murdering all down
to gether one leading directly to the other
Thare is three clases of cientific men here mostly from the states.  they
are lawyers doctors and preachers  th--- is no youse for the first as the
sivel law is little regarded  not much for the second on acount of the good
health of the country and the last for so many of them turn gamblers but
thare is exceptions  one preached in Weeverville last tuesday eavening  he
has the aperance of a fine man I think his discourse a good one  I heard him
preach at Shasta last spring  he is a methodist I believe  I shal now wait
for the mail and see if I git aleter  The mail arived to day Oct 21st  no
letter for me  it le---- next monday then I shall send this

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		This is to you Eliza			Oct 23rd

As I have plenty of time and room I will write a little more but I do not
know what is going on thare and I cannot tell you what to do  only to say as
I did before  do as you think best  I wish you was here and the children
because I dont see as I can git money to come home and pay your Father and
Nathan  if I git money enough I shall come home in the spring  if not I
shall send some money and stay longer  Dont think because I stay a way that
I have forgotten you and the children or that I dont care any thing for you
and them.  Time nor distance from you cannot erase the afections that I have
for you and them.  Thare is not a day pases by but a part of my mind is
thare and I look forward to the time when I shall meet you and other friends
once more  I can not discribe the anxious feelings that I have for fear that
things may go a miss with you and the children  when I speak of the children
I mean Henry as well as the other two and I think it my duty to look to his
welfare as much as theirs and I hope you do the same  if things goes wrong
with him they will go wrong with me more then if it was one of the others
it is through you and with the asistance of your Farther and Mothe (that I
think you can git by asking) that I look for his and their protection until
I return.  I believe you will not disapoint me
As for your self you know how to manage with out any instructions from me as
long as I am so great a distance from you.  on the other side I will tel you
what to tel Mother

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Tell her I have one request to make of her  it is that she will not think
that I have forgotten her allthough I am far from her  memory glides back to
my younger days when I loked to her for what I should eat drink and ware and
from that time up until the day I die her instructins has bin and will be
before me and as I look at them I must say they are good and that I cannot
go wrong and follow them and when I go contrary to them it is an eror of the
head more than the heart  her image will be in my mind as long as life and
season has its sway.  and I hope and trust we may live to meet again
I think I have wrote enough this time to keep you studing until I Write
again  as the subject is so mixed up and so little explained I think you
will not want any more this time.  you must over look bad spelling

I send by this my best respects to you after you to all all others that you
think proper to give them to

							 Arthur Tyrrell. to
								 E.J. Tyrrell

P.S. If you receive this and answer it direct your letter to Shasta.  As
long as I have room I will allso state that I like the country here  with
all the eavels spoken of  it is the people and their acts that I dont like.
but time and the good acts of the people will do a way most of the eavle
ones.  Then California will take her place the richest and best state in the

								 A T

 Hiram says the country is God forsaken  I do not believe it

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