This letter was copied from the original. The original was received from Bessie Leona Tiffany, a granddaughter of Arthur Tyrrell and a sister of my grandfather, Ray Winthrop Justus.

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Jo Daviess Co Ill January 2nd 1853

Absent but never forgoten.  Arthur I once more take my pen in hand to inform you that wee are all well and hope these may find you enjoying the same health   I received aletter three weeks ago and Jane received one a week ago   Hirum says you both Calculate to start home next March and I do hope you will not disappoint us this time.   yesterday we all went over to Brother Leppers to spend newyears   I enjoyed myself as well as I could but the most of the time my mind was in california   if you had only been thare it would been hapy newyear for it was warm and pleasnt and good sleighing  Christmasday Lepper and Jule and Charleses folks was all over here but it was a lonesome day for me for I was homesick but I hope before a nother Christmas and newyearsdays come that you will be here   I wrote to you to weeks ago so I havent muche to wrigt   Tel Hi his folks are all well and Jane think that the first of next May he will surley be here.   she thinks if you stay any longer you will think more of gold than you ough to

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    O Arthur how I wish you was here   Remember you said you would not stay but three years at the longest but it is almost four and not here yet   it seems to me as if this last year ware almost as long as the other three and if I thought it would be three or four years longer before I could see you I would as live die at once if it was not for our children for what comfort is to be taken here not but what we are well and well provided for   that is not it no it is feelings that any one has I have seen more sad hours and days sence you went away than I thought any body could have   I no it is foolish to give away to it but I cant help it sometimes for my affections are thare and my mind is thar and thare will they be as long as you are thare   never neve will I forget the day you went away and much do I long for the day to come that will bring thee home once more   so good night   It is now the 7th of January and I hope to have a letter tomorrow   this leaves us in good health and all your folks as far as I know   Mary Ike has got a nother boy and Ab has got something I dont know whither a girl or boy   I havent heard and Jane has a girl and Charelses folks a girl but I wouldnt give our two for all they have all got would you  I know you wouldnt if you could only see them

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    Aunt Paulina and Charles was up here this week and they are agoing to move up here next week again   they have been sick a good deal of the time sence they have been thare and Uncle is homesick yet he often wishes he had went to California with you   It is now bedtime and I mut quit so good by Arthur   write as soon as you receive this if you ever do   O. I do wish you would come home   I do beg and prey of you to come   do come  O. dont dont stay any longer  if I had nothi-- to hinder me more than you have I would not stay from you so long I know   O would to god I had went with you for I am sick of staying here without you any longer   You must overlook all this. bad spelling bad writing and bad feelings.   for who can help feeling bad   I should not feel So bad if you would get my letters but dont think that I have forgotten you or that I dont answer your letters for if you do you do me wrong

Receive this from your ever affectionate wife

Eliza Tyrrell to A T

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Ray W. Justus
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