This letter was copied from the original. The original was received from Bessie Leona Tiffany, a granddaughter of Arthur Tyrrell and a sister of my grandfather, Ray Winthrop Justus.

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November 2, 1851

Dere friend

I most cheerefuly grasp my ever ready pen to answer of a few lines that I received from you that came to hand to day witch was a welcom mesenger I was exceeding sorry to hear of your bad helth I have enjoyed good helth sence you left After you left I worked on in the bank that week then I went to Canyon Creek I looked round 4 or 5 days then I came back to Nelson then I bought Ripperdon out in that clame below the bridg I payed him $225 for it then went on and fonud it put in fore pumps to run by watter whitch cost us a bout $200 and 2 weeks work for all hands wee then got into the clame it did not pay much for the first 2 weeks then wee done tolerble well for two weeks it was a paying from $100 to 200 per week to the hand then the Celly co. turned in the watter to the bed of the creek and drowened us out So wee then vacated the claim I came down to Nevada whair I still remain but I do not know how long I shal stay I brought $600 down from Nelson creek with me I am a going to sent $500 home for if I keep it I shall spend it for something

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I have not heard from home cept what you rote Kingsberry hes don verry well he will have not less then $2000 when he leavs I think eventualy wee shall do as well as you that hav gon so far I will put a flee in your ear concerning fortune Quartz operations is going on verry extensively in this potion of the contry if you can get hold of a Quartz lead it probely will make you a fortune enny Quartz tht you can see the gold is very rich and meny times it is verry rich where you can not see it most enny of it that is open and full of pors has got som gold in it and enny that will pay 2 cts per pound givs a small proffit you can prove enny of it by pulverising it and Quick Silver it or you ma pan it carfuly in watter and prove it to some extent that point that wee use to travel over down to Deer Creek to Jim Robs digins is all taken up now and are raiting form $1 to 10 000 and some are not to be bought at enny price thair is a mill in operations at presant an several more going up thair is 6 at grass valley and 8 or 10 more going up clames that will pay from 8 to 12 cts per pound is worth 2 to 8000 dollars So yo can see the speculation thair is in it

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I think you had better try to find on if you can and if you do enter 3 claims for me and Kingsburry G Foster and if wee find enny wee will enter for you tha generly enter into Co of 30 or 40 men organise and record the claims thay generly claim 60 feet to the shair then tha have 3 or 6 months to worke then in be for thay becom forfited you can trace rangs for miles by thee flote Quartz that is on the top of the ground by dig down you will strick the ledy some times you will find nere the top other places it will bee de-- wee have herd by the by that it was in grat- qantites in that secion of the contry if you can find aledy whear it will aford watter privelidg it is more valuble then one that you have to run by stream I receaved a letter from John Eustus he is at Auburn throing up dirt John Beell has done verry well Buckley has don well he says that the Old women has ounce digins but as to that I do not know Ira Benton is is ded he died at Quartz Mountain with the fevor Peter Huse on Canyon Creek is ded tell Ward & Tomas that I sold the stove at $20 and put it in to my pocket that is all that I can sell and I let Taylor

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have the rest of the stuf to make his money of if he cood tell Ward that he had a letter cum for him from home but as I cood not here from you I sent it back to Sacremento it got as far as Marys ville and hair was burnt up in fire that is all the nuse I have to write I talk of going to Snoria next week wright to me direct your letters to Sacremento


H Tyrrell

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