This letter was copied from a handwritten copy. The handwritten copy was received from Sara Leota Mutz, a granddaughter of Arthur Tyrrell. She copied it from a handwritten copy of the original she received from her Aunt Mary (Tyrrell) Pitcher, a daughter of Arthur Tyrrell.

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Shasta California
Jan 23rd 1852

Dear Freind

     I have taken my pen to answer a letter I recieved frome you dated in June & directed to Marysville  I recieved it last Sunday    it is the first news I have from you for over a year and the third one that I have recieved in this country.   You must guess the pleasure it was to me to read it and hear you was all well.

     The letters you have sent to San Francisco I have not recieved but I do not know why for I have tried every way I could except go myself and it was to far for that  When I saw Hierum last he had not had any news from home since he has been in the Country     I have not seen him since August    I recieved a letter from him dated in November    he was well    I expect to see him soon allthough we are over 200 miles apart at present    I intend to go & see him and I shall go and see Mr Rice and I must say Mrs Rice died last summer    he burried three of his children before she died.    Ira Benton is dead   I do not know of any more deaths of any one that you are acquainted with     I do not know any thing about any of them from the Townsen settlement as I have not seen any of them since I left Nelson Crick except David Hamelton    I saw him in September at Shasta Butte City    he came from Oregon    he was Well and to work for one hundred dollars a month hurding horses    I inquired for Arden     he did not know any thing about him but I saw a man that said he knew him and that he was in Oregon

    You wanted to know how I liked the country    Where they farm it I like it well what I have seen of it

   I have so much to write about myself that I have not got paper enough so I will not write any

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thing only my health has not been better for the last ten years than it has for the last two months   You brag of the boy much in your letter    it makes me feel proud of him but you must learn him to be a good boy     tel Henry and Eliza Ann to wait patiently     I was sorry to hear of hard feelings between your father and Nathan    I will try and settle it when I get there

   Give my respects to all inquireing friends

     Recieve this from your friend till time is no more

Arthur Tyrrell

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Ray W. Justus
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