This letter was copied from the original. The original was received from Bessie Leona Tiffany, a granddaughter of Arthur Tyrrell and a sister of my grandfather, Ray Winthrop Justus.

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Ward's Grove
Jo Daviess Co, Ills
Jan, 23rd 1852

Dear Sirs

   I have taken my pen to let you know that we are all well both of your families in particular  all your relations and connexions are enjoying their usual health as far as I know  we had heard nothing from either of you since last April until two weeks ago.  Jane recieved a letter dated Nov. 5 at Nevada City enclosing a five hundred dollar draft  she has been to Galena and sold the draft for three fourths of one per cent premium&nbps; we were all glad to hear that you were enjoying health when so many there and on the way home are losing both health and life  the passage home seems more fatal this winter then ever before  the Chagres or isthmus fever is killing a great many  Capt. Abner Eads and Wm Strawbridge known to all the old settlers here are among the dead.  It is strange that you do not get any letters from your wives

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they have written a great many  they had given up looking for letters and were expecting to see you both home every day when that letter came to disappoint their hopes  .Jane says she would rather you would have spent the money coming home then to have sent it  she wrote and sent an answer last week, if you get it you will know her wishes.  Eliza is here and will write herself  Mother wishes to be remembered by you both and says tell them to come home  Nathan and Margaret are at Moline Rock island Co. Ills.  they have no boys yet  Charles & Mary Isaac & Mary Benjamin & Abigail John & Jane are following the old track multipliing and punishing the earth  Miles curses California and all who say anything about going there  Francis is at home going to school  he wishes he was there with you  Ansel, George, and Henry Hastings remain the same as when you left  John Leppear is with I. Lyon and the girl with Wm Brewer as he left them.  Uncle Artemas and aunt Abigail

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are in luck  he has got a Land Warrant for 160 acres of land for his services in the war of 1812  George & Mary Dow have made a raise of a fine boy  George Tyrrell is chopping wood with Elijah Foster this winter at the timber  they come out to the Grove every tow or three weeks to see the girls   Lucy is teaching school down Plum River near Mr. Edwards  Foster, Samuel, Cynthia, Elvira, and Horace are attending school  Thomas Foster is with Jane   he is about as he has been for two years unable to work.  Alden has built him a house on his place and lives in it  Mary & Noah are married and have a fine daughter  Mary A. Bixby is teaching our school this winter  she boards here with me  she says tell Hiram she is not ma--ied yet.  We have another change in our Post Office here  Joseph Moore is the Post Master  please answer this immediately and let me know what you think of that country

Samuel Tyrrell

To Arthur & Hiram Tyrrell

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Dear Arthur

   I once more will try to write afew lines to let you know that I am alive and well and hope this will find you the same   i have not written any before ---- ---- ---- ----    looked for you home this winter all the time till Jane got her letter  he did not say much about you    I was sorry to hear you was not together  if you calcalate to stay any longer then til spring I want you to do as you told me to   that is to write evry month   dont be so fraid of your pens and paper  I have wrote a grate many times but all for nothing  it seems you can get other peoples letters but not mine, but I would rather you would come home than to do anything else   I think you have stayd plenty long enough  remember you promised to be back in three years at the longest but if no other place will do you but that I want you to come home and take me and the children thare tofor thare is not much comfort to be taken in living so I am sure but I dont know what you think but I beleive the best thing you can do is to come home move on to your ------ ---- --- be contented  I have ben here too weks  dont know when i shall go home  Jule is here to day  she has just got a letter from Ike  he says he is coming back next fall and wants she should be ready to go back with him in the spring  Samuel has wrote about all the folks so thar aint much to write  the children are well and if you want to know much about them you must come and see but you must write   write often

from E.J Tyrrell

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Jan 23rd 1852

   Not having room enough to write all I wished I have written a few lines more   I would say to both of you come back and if you are not satisfied and cannot content yourselves here arrange your affairs and take your families  I am sure they would rather go there then live as they do now here  you know they are differently situated from what you are there, where all is life and excitement  with them here days are long and lonely

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while the one who is the life of the family circle is absent  I have a few words to write about myself  I am living the same as formerly not married yet and hope not to be at present  I am offering to sell my land if I can do it  to my mind I shall come out there  nearly all of those who are coming back now are after their families and will return with them in the spring  no more at present

S Tyrrell

Compliments of:
Ray W. Justus
1331 West Folley Street
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