Apple River Twp.
Name Mailing Address Distance/Direction from            Post Office Rent/ Own Type of Livestock Bred
Andrews, E. J. R3 Scales Mound 3S-3W of A. R. R
Beall, H. M. R1 Apple River 2 1/2W O Holsteins
Brown, Frank R3 Apple River 1S R
Cline, J. E. R1 Apple River 3 1/2W R
Cook, Elmer Apple River 1/2S R Holsteins
Cook, Henry R1 Apple River 1/2 W-1S O
Dimmick, Lot R1 Apple River 3W O Durhams
Dotzel, Kasper R3 Apple River 2 1/2S-1W O
Dotzel, Ralph R3 Apple River 2 S R
Fenn, Harvey R1 Apple River 3W-1S O
Franscomb, L. A. AppleRiver 1/4E R Holsteins
Gerber, Edward R3 Scales Mound 3 1/2W-2S of A. R. R Holsteins
Gerber, Jacob R3 Scales Mound 3 1/2W-2S of A. R. O
Gollmer, W. J. R1 Apple River 1/2W-1 1/2S O Holsteins
Grindey, John R1 Apple River 3/4W R
Grindey, R. H. R1 Apple River 3 1/2W-2 1/2S R
Haffele, John R2 Apple River 1/4NW R
Hodgin, Geo. Apple River 3W-1 1/2S O
Hume, Alexander R1 Apple River 3 1/2W-2 1/2S O Buff Leghorns
Hume, Stanley R1 Apple River 3 1/2W-2S R Shorthorns
Ilgen, Russell R1 Apple River 1W R
King, James H. Apple River 1/4E O White Leghorns
Kippendorf, F. A. R3 Scales Mound 5W-1S of A. R. O
Koehn, Geo. L. R3 Scales Mound 5W of A. R. R
Kruger, Geo. B. R3 Apple River 1S White Leghorns & Percherons
Laird, Benj. W Apple River 2S-1/2W O
Laird, W. R3 Scales Mound 2S-2W of A. R. O
McFadden, Albert R1 Apple River 2S-2W R Plymouth Rocks
McFadden, Alexander R3 Scales Mound 2W-1/2S O Plymouth Rocks
McFadden, J. T. R3 Scales Mound 3S-3W of A. R. O
McFadden, W. C. R1 Apple River 3W-2S R
Meade, Harry E. R1 Apple River 3W-2S R Holsteins
Meade, Geo. Apple River 1/4S O
Murphy, Walter R3 Apple River 2 1/2S O
Peterson, Adam R3 Scales Mound 5W-1/2S R
Pierce, Austin R1 Apple River 2S-1 1/2W R
Price, Charles Apple River 1W R
Roberts, Joseph C., Jr. R1 Apple River 3 1/2W R
Rowe, John, Jr. R1 Apple River 3W-1/2S R
Schoenhard, H. C. R3 Scales Mound 3S-2 1/2W of A. R. R
Schlichting, Lawrence R1 Apple River 2S-1W R
Stephenson Bros. Apple River 1 1/2W-1S O Buff Leghorns
Watson, George R1 Apple River 3W-1S R
Watson, Reuben A. R3 Scales Mound 5W O Herefords
White, John R1 Apple River 2S-2W O
White, Robt. L. R3 Apple River 1S R Buff Orpingtons
White, Roy R1 Apple River 2S-2W O Durocs
White, W. J. R1 Apple River 3W-2S O Holsteins and Oxford Sheep
Williams, Clarence R1 Apple River 3W-3S O
Williams, Edmund R1 Apple River 2S-2W R
Williams, Elmer R1 Apple River 3W-1 1/2S O
Williams, William R3 Scales Mound 2S-2W R
Williamson, William R3 Apple River 2S-2W O
Berreman Twp.
Althof, Albert R3 Pearl City 5W-3S O
Althof, Chas. R5 Mt Carroll 8N-1E O
Althof, Wm. R3 Pearl City 5W-2S O
Beyer, Geo. L. R5 Mt Carroll 8N O
Beyer, Lewis R5 Mt Carroll 7N-1E O
Brininger, Lewis R3 Stockton 5S-3E R
Broshous, Ollie R2 Stockton 7S-3E O
Brubaker, Chas. R3 Pearl City 5W-1S R
Bucher, Lee R4 Mt. Carroll 7N O
Calhoun, J. B. R3 Pearl City 6 1/2W O Holsteins and Percherons
Calhoun, Roscoe R3 Pearl City 6 3/4W R Holsteins 
Cramer, I. W. R5 Mt Carroll 7N-1E O
Crofoot, Orville R3 Pearl City 6 1/4W-1/4S R
Dittmar, Fred R2 Stockton 8S-3E O
Dixon, Harry R5 Mt Carroll 7N-1/2E O
Eiseman, Mary R3 Pearl City 5W-13/4S O
Endress, Clarence R2 Stockton 6S-2E O
Frederick, J. S. R5 Mt Carroll 7N O
Frye, Lewis R2 Stockton 8S-2E R
Gates, Loyd R2 Stockton 6S-2 1/2E R
Gerke, John R2 Pearl City 5W-3 1/2S O
Glenn, Oran R2 Pearl City 4 3/4W-2S O
Green, R. R. R3 Lanark 8N-2W R
Hardacre, Roscoe R2 Pearl City Noanopronovo
Heid, J. A. R5 Mt Carroll 6 3/4N O
Katzenberger, C. A. R5 Mt Carroll 7 1/2N-1/2E O
Katzenberger, Fre R5 Mt Carroll 7N-1/2W O
Katzenberger, Mrs. J. R5 Mt Carroll 7 1/2N O
Katzenberger, J. G. R5 Mt Carroll 7N O
Krise, Geo. W. R2 Stockton 7S-2 1/2E O
Krise, Jesse L. R2 Stockton 5S-2 1/2E R
Krise, Oscar R2 Stockton 6 1/2S-3E O
Larsen, Chas. R5 Mt Carroll 8N-1/2E R
Lawfer, Merle R2 Stockton 7S-3E R Anconas
Lawfer, Myron R2 Stockton 5 1/2S-3E O White Leghorns
Masters, A. C. R2 Stockton 6S-3 1/4E O Holsteins
McPeek, Bryan R2 Stockton 6S-2 1/2E R
McPeek, Robt. R2 Stockton 8S-1 1/2E R Belgians
Mielke, Edw. R2 Pearl City 5W-2 1/2S O
Miller, Fred R3 Pearl City 5 1/2W-1 1/4S O
Miller, Reinthold R3 Pearl City 5W-1S O
Noble, Ira R5 Mt Carroll 7N-1E R
Nowak, S. A. R2 Pearl City 6W-2 1/2S O
Perry, Lewis R2 Stockton 7S-2 1/2E O
Perry, R. D. R2 Stockton 7 1/2S-1 1/2S O Durocs
Reed, John R5 Mt Carroll 7 1/2N-1W O
Rogers, Elmer R2 Stockton 5S-4E R
Rogers, Leslie R2 Stockton 6S-2 3/4E O
Schlafer, W. E. R2 Stockton 5 1/2S-3E O Wyandottes
Schmidekamp, Simon R5 Pearl City 5W-2 1/2S O
Schroeder, H. L. R2 Stockton 6 1/4S-2 1/2E O
Sites, Lewis R5 Mt Carroll 7N-1/2E O
Williams, Wilbur R5 Mt Carroll 7N O
Wise, Leon R2 Stockton 5 1/4S-3E R
Council Hill Twp
Bastian, Clyde R2 Scales Mound 5W-1S R Durocs
Bastian, Leslie R1 Scales Mound 3 1/2W R
Beebe, Everett C. R1 Scales Mound 7W-1N R Shorthorns
Bell, J. W., Est. Council Hill 1/2W-1/2N O Holsteins and Polands
Berryman, Loyd R2 Scales Mound 3 1/2W R Holsteins
Birkbeck, Thos. R4 Galena 6N-2E O
Bethel, Walter R2 Scales Mound 5W R
Coulthard, J. & Son R1 Scales Mound 6 1/2W O Belgians
Haser, Henry R1 Scales Mound 6W O
Horan, M. J. & Son R2 Scales Mound 3W O Durocs
Hughes, Mable R1 Scales Mound 3 1/2W O Durocs
Keinzle, William R1 Scales Mound 6W-1 1/2S O
Laird, Oscar H. R1 Scales Mound 4W O
Leglar, Clarence Galena 6E R
Lewis, Will R1 Scales Mound 8W R
Lupton, Geo. S & Son R2 Scales Mound 4 1/2W O
Merrifield & Merrifield Council Hill O Buff Orpingtons and Holsteins
Mills, Charles R1 Scales Mound 8W R
Pogeman, Will R4 Galena 6N-2E R
Reddington, Thos. R4 Galena 5N-2E O
Redfearn, Chas. E. R1 Scales Mound 6 1/2W R
Redfearn, Chas T. R1 Scales Mound 4 1/2W O
Redfearn, John W. R1 Scales Mound 6W O Buff Rocks
Redfearn, Temp T. R1 Scales Mound 6W R
Schmidt Bros. R2 Scales Mound 5W-1S R Brown Swiss
Simmons, Alf. R2 Scales Mound 3 1/2W O
Skaggs, Reuben R4 Galena 5N-2E R
Smart, Clifford W. R1 Scales Mound 6 1/2W R
Smart, Lester J. R1 Scales Mound 6 1/2W R
Southcott, Leslie R1 Scales Mound 7W R
Southcott, Geo. H. Galena 7W R
Spencer, Fred R2 Scales Mound 4W O
Spencer, John Council Hill 1/4N O White Wyandottes
Temperly, Frank R4 Galena 6N-2E R
Temperly, Thos. H. R1 Scales Mound 6 1/2W O
Travis, William J. R1 Scales Mound 4W R
Wells, Albert R1 Scales Mound 7 1/2W R Leghorns
Wells, Arthur R2 Scales Mound 6W-1N R
Wells, Geo. H. R1 Scales Mound 7W-1N R
White, Alvin R2 Scales Mound 6W-1N R
Williams, Albert R2 Scales Mound 4W O Polands
Williams, Wallace R2 Scales Mound 4W O Angus
Wurch, Melvin R1 Scales Mound 7W R
Derinda Twp.
Albrecht Bros. R1 Massbach 3S R
Albrecht, Jacob R1 Massbach 3S O Shorthorns
Anderson, John Massbach 1 1/2S O White Wyandottes
Atz, Geo. R2 Elizabeth 10SE O
Banworth, Geo. R2 Elizabeth 4E O
Beck, John R4 Elizabeth 7S O
Belk, Henry R1 Massbach 1W O
Bertsch, Geo. R1 Hanover 5SE O
Beyer, Henry R2 Elizabeth 5E O
Brudi, Chris R4 Elizabeth 7S O
Bruenning, Andrew R1 Massbach 4S O
Campbell, Earnest R1 Hanover 4E R
Dasher, Geo. R1 Massbach 2S R
Dasher, H. P. R4 Elizabeth 6S O
Diehl, Roy R4 Elizabeth 5S O
Dittmar, Clarence R4 Elizabeth 6S R
Dittmar, Mrs. Fredoline Massbach 1E O
Dittmar, Geo. A. R2 Elizabeth 9SE O
Dittmar, Louis E. R2 Elizabeth 6E O Brown Leghorns
Dittmar, Wm. A. R2 Elizabeth 5E R
Donegan, John R1 Hanover 5SE O
Eberle, Fred R4 Elizabeth 5S O
Ellinor, Ed. R4 Elizabeth 8S O
Endress, Wm. R2 Elizabeth 8E O
Evans Bros. R2 Elizabeth 7E O
Evans, Clarence R2 Elizabeth 8E O
Fehler, Henry R4 Elizabeth 9S R
Gamble, Mrs. John R1 Hanover 3E O
Grass Bros. R4 Elizabeth 7S O
Grass, Mrs. Bertha R4 Elizabeth 6E O Shorthorns
Groezinger, August R1 Massbach 2SW O
Groezinger Bros. R4 Elizabeth 5S R
Groezinger, Jacob R4 Elizabeth 4S O
Groezinger, John L. R4 Elizabeth 5S R
Groezinger, Paul R4 Elizabeth 4S O Brown Swiss
Groezinger, Sam R2 Elizabeth 6E O
Green, Enoch R1 Savanna 9N O
Guenzler, Edmund R2 Elizabeth 8E O
Guenzler, Ralph Elizabeth 4S R
Haas Bros. R1 Massbach 4S O
Haas, Clarence R1 Massbach 4S O
Haas, Elmer R1 Massbach 4S O Angus
Haas, Frank Massbach 1S O
Hang, Geo. R1 Hanover 5E R
Hang, Lewis R4 Elizabeth 6S O
Haring, Adam R4 Elizabeth 12S R
Haring, Albert R4 Elizabeth 9S O Guernseys
Haring, Jacob R4 Elizabeth 3S O
Haring, Mrs. John R4 Elizabeth 11S O
Haring, Lawrence R4 Elizabeth 11S R
Haring, Wilbert R1 Hanover 10S of Elizabeth R
Heer, Chris R1 Hanover 6SE O
Heer, Geo., Jr. R1 Hanover 6SE R
Heer, John R4 Elizabeth 6S O
Heer, Wm. R4 Elizabeth 6S O
Heid, Casper Massbach 1-10W O Guernseys
Helmich, John R1 Massbach 1S O
Helmich, Wallie Massbach 2W R White Leghorns
Hoffman Bros. R2 Elizabeth 8E O
Hoffman, Fred R2 Elizabeth 8E O
Kehl, Edward R1 Massbach 3S O
Kehl, Frank R1 Massbach 2S R Durocs
Kehl, O. J. R2 Elizabeth 7SE O Durocs
Kehl, Tony R1 Massbach 5SE O
Kerney, Howard R1 Hanover 4E O
Klopf Bros. R2 Elizabeth 9SE O
Knapp, Emil R4 Elizabeth 8S O
Knapp, Wallace R4 Elizabeth 8S R
Krug, Adolph R4 Elizabeth 7SW O
Krug Bros., A. & C. R2 Elizabeth 6SE R
Krug Bros., E. & H. Massbach 1NW O
Krug, Casper R2 Elizabeth 7SE O
Krug, Henry Massbach 1W O
Krug, Oscar Massbach 1W O
Krug, William R4 Elizabeth 6S O
Laughran, Frank R1 Massbach 2S R
Mattke, Emil R2 Elizabeth 6E O
McIntyre, Mrs. Clara R1 Hanover 7SE O
McKinley, Wesley R4 Elizabeth 5S R
Miller, John R4 Elizabeth 6S O
Moffett, Adam R1 Hanover 3E O
Morrison, Marion R4 Elizabeth 5S R
Morrison, Mrs. Steve R4 Elizabeth 5S O
Morrison, Tom R4 Elizabeth 5S O
Mueller, John B. R1 Massbach 1S O
Plosch, Mrs. Annie R4 Elizabeth 7S O
Plosch, John W. R4 Elizabeth 6S O
Rall, Chas. R1 Hanover 6SE R
Randecker Bros., L. & E. R4 Elizabeth 5S R
Randecker, C. A. R4 Elizabeth 6S O
Randecker, Frank R4 Elizabeth 6S O
Randecker, John W. R1 Massbach 2SE O
Randecker, J. L. R4 Elizabeth 6S O Brown Swiss
Randecker, Mrs. Minnie R1 Massbach 2S O
Randecker, Wm. G R1 Massbach 2S R
Reusch, Carl R4 Elizabeth 4S R
Reusch, Joe R4 Elizabeth 4S O
Reusch, John R4 Elizabeth 4S R
Schnitzler, Gottleib R2 Elizabeth 4E O
Schnitzler, Chris R2 Elizabeth 4E O
Speer, Robert R1 Massbach 4S O
Steffes, Fred R2 Elizabeth 6E R
Thain Bros. R1 Massbach 2SE R
Thain, Henry R1 Massbach 2SE O
Teichler, Mrs. Fannie R2 Elizabeth 6E O
Teichler, Ferdinand R2 Elizabeth 9E O
Teichler, Paul R2 Elizabeth 6E O
Teichler, Wm. R1 Massbach 1S O
Wagner, Webster R2 Elizabeth 6E R
Wand, Wm. R2 Elizabeth 4E R
Walter, Adam R1 Massbach 4SE O
Wurster, Ben R1 Hanover 8SE R
Wurster Bros., A. & E. R1 Massbach 8SE O
Wurster, Fred R4 Elizabeth 4S R
Wurster, Geo., Est. R4 Elizabeth 7S O White Rocks
Wurster, Julius, B. R2 Elizabeth 7E O
Wurster, Wm. R4 Elizabeth 6S O
Wurster, Wilmer R4 Elizabeth 8S O
Zink, Tony A. R1 Massbach 2S O
Zink, Wm. R1 Massbach 1S O
Dunleith Twp.
Bechtold, Joe R1 East Dubuque 2 1/2E O
Bonnett, Joe R1 East Dubuque 1 3/4E O
Cutter, Clarence R1 East Dubuque 2 1/2SE O
Cutter, Louis R1 East Dubuque 1 1/2E O
Deitzel, C. D. R1 East Dubuque 2 1/2SE O
Graham, John East Dubuque 3/4E O
Graham, M. Y. East Dubuque 3/4SE O White Leghorns
Hampton, Ed. R1 East Dubuque 1 1/4E R
Hopkins, F. A. R1 East Dubuque 1/2E O
Kelly, Tim R1 East Dubuque 1E O Jerseys
Kroll, William R1 East Dubuque 2 1/2E O
Kuhl, B. J. R1 East Dubuque 1 3/4E O
Leibold, V. W., Sr. R1 East Dubuque 2E O
Meyers, Joe R1 East Dubuque 1 1/4E R
Miller, Ray & Elmer R1 East Dubuque 2E O
Petitgout, August R1 East Dubuque 3/4E O
Portzen, E. G. R1 East Dubuque 2 3/4SE O
Partzen, Nick R1 East Dubuque 1 1/2E R Jerseys
Roth, Alphonis R1 East Dubuque 3/4SE O
Roth, Al V. R1 East Dubuque 2 3/4SE O
Roth, Oscar R1 East Dubuque 3/4SE O
Roth, Val, Jr. R1 East Dubuque 1 3/4E O
Schonhoff, Ignatius East Dubuque 2 3/4E O
Theill, W. East Dubuque 3/4NE O White Leghorns
Tranel, Edward R1 East Dubuque 3SE O
Vanderah, Henry R1 East Dubuque 2 1/8E O
Vanderah, Joe R1 East Dubuque 1 1/4E O
Vogel, H. J. R1 East Dubuque 3SE O
Welp, Clem R1 East Dubuque 1 1/2E O
Wetter, Anna R1 East Dubuque 1E O
Wetter, Mike R1 East Dubuque 2 1/4E O
East Galena Twp.
Berlage, Henry R5 Galena 3/4SE O White Leghorns & R. I. Reds
Biesmann, Edward R3 Galena 3/4SE O
Branagan, William R5 Galena 4 3/4SE R
Bucher, George W. Galena 1SW R
Burton, Ben & Frank R1 Galena 1 1/8E O
Cleary, James R3 Galena 3/4S O
Coleman, N. G. R5 Galena 3SE O
Conner, Donald R5 Galena 3 3/4SE R
Deininger, Edward R3 Galena 2SW O
Deininger, William R3 Galena 2 1/4SW O
Ehrler, Charles M. R1 Galena 1 3/4E O
Eustice, Everett R5 Galena 2 1/4S O Polands
Eustice, Leslie R. R5 Galena 3/4SE O
Fahrig, William R5 Galena 4 1/2SE O
Falenzer, F. A. R4 Galena 4NE O
Falenzer, Joseph R4 Galena 3 1/2NE O
Falenzer, William R1 Galena 1 1/8E R
Fiedler, Wm. R1 Galena 5 1/4NE R
Foecking, Henry R3 Galena 3NE O
Foecking, Herman R3 Galena 2 3/4SW O
Foecking, John B. R3 Galena 2 3/4SW O
Foecking, Ray R1 Galena 4 1/2NE R
Gaffner, George Galena 1/2SW R
Gerlech, Abe I. R1 Galena 2SE O
Gesselbracht, August Galena 3/4SW O
Gesselbracht, William R3 Galena 2 1/2S O
Glasgow, Robert R1 Galena 2 1/2SE O
Glick, Walter R5 Galena 3 1/4SE R
Gratton, Samuel R1 Galena 1 3/4SE O
Groezinger, Oscar R4 Galena 3NE O
Hacker, Albert R1 Galena 2 1/2E O
Hammer, A. W. R1 Galena 3 1/4E O
Hasken, H. A. R5 Galena 4SE R
Hasken, Raymond R3 Galena 2 1/4SW R
Heim, Alfred R3 Galena 1 3/4S R
Heim, Herman R3 Galena 2S R
Heim, William R3 Galena 1 1/2S O
Heller, William, Jr. R5 Galena 5SE O
Hickelsmiller, Peter R5 Galena 4 1/2SE O
Holzschuh, Charles R5 Galena 4 1/4SE O
Hornby, William R3 Galena 3/4S O
Huebsch, John R5 Galena 1SE O
Huilman, Henry R1 Galena 4SE O
Huschar, George R3 Galena 1 1/2S O
Ivey, Miss Emma R1 Galena 2 3/4NE O
Johnson, Carl R3 Galena 2 3/4SW R
Keleher, Charles R5 Galena 4SE R
Keleher, Francis R5 Galena 5SE O
Keleher, Raymond R5 Galena 4 1/2SE O
Koehler, Michel R1 Galena 2 1/4 SE R
Korte, George R3 Galena 2 1/2SW R
Lewis, Wm. R R1 Galena 1 1/2E R
Magenhiemer, A. V. R3 Galena 2SW R
Marsden, Ben R1 Galena 1E O
Miller Bros. R1 Galena 4NE R
Miller, Mrs. Peter R3 Galena 3/4S O
Muchow, Hilmer H. R3 Galena 1S O
Murpht, Wm. H. R5 Galena 1/2SE O
North, Henry R3 Galena 2 3/4S R
Obermiller, Clyde R5 Galena 3SE R
Ortschid, Albert Galena 2NE R
Ostendorff, Adolph R5 Galena 3SE R
Reddington, Frank R1 Galena 5 1/4NE O
Reed, John G. R1 Galena 5NE R
Rehm, John R5 Galena 2 3/4SE O
Riplinger, Henry Galena 1 1/4SW O
Riplinger, Mrs. N. Galena 1 1/8SW O
Sincock, Osbourne R5 Galena 4SE O
Smith, C. H. R5 Galena 1 3/4SE O
Steinstra, Cornel R3 Galena 1/2S O
Steimle, Ray R1 Galena 2 3/4E O
Temperley, Lawrence R1 Galena 4E R
Tippet, Edward R1 Galena 3 1/2E O
Tippet, John L. R1 Galena 3 3/4E O
Tippet, John J. R5 Galena 2 1/2SE O Rhode Island Reds
Tippet, W. R. R1 Galena 3 1/4E R
Tranil, Arthur R5 Galena 5 1/4SE O
Tresidder, John R1 Galena 4 1/4E O
Vincent, William R5 Galena 3 1/4SE O
Virtue, Mrs. Adam B. R3 Galena 1 1/4SE O
Virtue, Nelson R5 Galena 3 1/2SE R
Wachenheim, Charles R3 Galena 2 1/4S O
Weik, Gotleb R3 Galena 1 1/2S O
Weis, Henry J. R1 Galena 2 1/2E O
Weis, Jos. A. R1 Galena 4E O
Wein, William Galena 1SW R
White, Clarence R3 Galena 1SE R
White, Jesse L. R5 Galena 2SE O White Rocks and Chester Whites
White, William S. Galena 5SE R Herefords
Winziker, Roy O. R1 Galena 5NE R
Wolsford, Fred R1 Galena 2E O
Wullweber, Ben R3 Galena 2 1/2SW R
Yeaman, George R5 Galena 5 1/2SE O
Young, Ben R1 Galena 3 1/2NE R
Zeal, Dewey R1 Galena 4 3/4NE R
Zohrndt, Henry R1 Galena 3SE O
Elizabeth Twp.
Altfillisch, Paul R3 Elizabeth 3 1/2N O
Armstrong, John R1 Elizabeth 5 1/2SW O
Artman, Teresa R1 Elizabeth 1S O
Ashmore, Arthur A. R4 Elizabeth 1 3/4SW O Guernseys
Becker, Herman R3 Elizabeth 3 1/2N O
Berlage Bros. R4 Elizabeth 4 1/4S O
Blakely, Raymond R1 Elizabeth 4NW R
Boettner, August R3 Elizabeth 3 1/4N O
Boettner, Frank R3 Elizabeth 3 1/4N O
Brandt, Chas. R3 Elizabeth 3 1/2N O
Breed, Harley R4 Elizabeth 3 1/2SW O
Breed, Lincoln H. R1 Elizabeth 5NW O Holsteins
Brickner, August R3 Elizabeth 5N R
Callahan Bros. Galena 5NW O
Cook, Raymond R1 Elizabeth 4 3/4NW O
Coomber, Frank R3 Elizabeth 2NW O
Cooper, Arthur A. R1 Elizabeth 4 1/2W R Guernseys
Cording, Wm. H. R3 Elizabeth 5NW R
Corkrey Bros. R3 Elizabeth 1 1/2NW O
Droegmiller, Henry R3 Elizabeth 1 1/2NW O Shorthorns
Eadie, Wm. W. R1 Elizabeth 5 1/4SW O
Ebert, Nick R3 Elizabeth 1 3/4NW O
Ehredt, Elmer R1 Elizabeth 5NW O
Ensch, John R4 Elizabeth 5 3/4SW O
Eustice, R. J. R1 Elizabeth 2NW O Guernseys
Eustice, Wm. O R1 Elizabeth 5NW R
Fox, Nick R1 Elizabeth 4W O
Gill, John W. R1 Elizabeth 5SW O
Hancock, Kirby J. R1 Elizabeth 3 1/2NW O
Hancock, O. E. R1 Elizabeth 3 3/4NW O
Harkness, Daniel R4 Elizabeth 5 1/2SW R Holsteins
Harkness, Edward R1 Elizabeth 4 1/4W O Holsteins
Harkness, J. H. R1 Elizabeth 3SW R
Howarth, J. W. R1 Elizabeth 4W O Holsteins and White Leghorns
Kaul, George R1 Elizabeth 3 1/2W O Shorthorns
Kilpatrick, H. T. R3 Hanover 5SW O
Kuchemann, Chas. Galena 5 1/2W R
Levens, Albert Rodden 6 1/4W O
Levens, Edmund Rodden 6 1/4W R
Martin, Earl Rodden 5W R
Martin, Robert R1 Elizabeth 4 1/2SW O
McCoy, Thurman R1 Elizabeth 2 1/2SW R
Menzemer, Lincoln R1 Elizabeth 5NW R
Meyer, Andrew, Jr. R1 Elizabeth 4W O
Miller, Edward R1 Elizabeth 6 1/4W O
Mitchell, Glen R3 Elizabeth 3N O
Monnier, Fred R1 Elizabeth 2NW R
Moore, J. W. R3 Hanover 6SW O
Plosch, Elmer R4 Elizabeth 4S O
Plosch, W. J. R4 Elizabeth 4S O
Potter, John R1 Elizabeth 5W O
Powers Bros. Galena 6W O
Reed, Burl J. R1 Elizabeth 1/2W O Guernseys
Read, Earl R1 Elizabeth 4 1/2W O Guernseys
Reed, Freeman R3 Elizabeth 3N R
Reitz, Stephen R1 Elizabeth 5 1/2W O
Sanderson, David Rodden 6 3/4SW O
Schreck, Louis F. R4 Elizabeth 2SW O Holsteins
Schumacher, Louis H. R3 Elizabeth 4 1/2N O
Shaw, Chas. W. R4 Elizabeth 5 3/4S O
Sieman, Chas. R1 Elizabeth 1/2W O
Speer, Chas. W. R1 Elizabeth 6W O
Statham, Thomas R1 Elizabeth 5 1/2W O
Sthartham, Matt R4 Elizabeth 5 1/2SW R Holsteins
Stricher, J. E. Elizabeth 3/4S R
Tippett, Chas. R3 Elizabeth 1 1/2W O Guernseys
Tippett, Grant R1 Elizabeth 1/2W O
Tippett, James, Jr. Rodden 5W R
Tippett & Roberts R1 Elizabeth 3 1/2SW O Holsteins
Throen, Albert Elizabeth 1W O
Trousdale, James R1 Elizabeth 4SW O Herefords
Virtue, Alfred R1 Elizabeth 6 1/4W O
Virtue, Joseph R3 Elizabeth 4N O
Virtue, R. M. R1 Elizabeth 5 1/2W O
Wacker, Herman R1 Elizabeth 5 1/4NW R
Westphal Bros. R3 Elizabeth 1 1/2NW O Shorthorns
Williams, Chas. R. R4 Elizabeth 1 1/2SW O Guernseys
Williams, Ross R3 Elizabeth 5NW R
Guilford Twp.
Artfillisch, Matt R3 Elizabeth 7N-1E O
Bahr, Christian, Jr. R1 Galena 8E-1/2S R Leghorns
Bahr, Menno F. R2 Scales Mound 2 1/2S-3E O
Bahr, Wm. R1 Galena 9E R Wyandottes
Bardell, Louis Elizabeth 5W-2N O
Bastian, Orlando R1 Galena 5E-1N O
Bastain, Wilbur R1 Galena 5E-1N O
Baus, John E. R1 Galena 8E-1/2S R Jerseys, Herefords, Wyandottes
Baus, Raymond R1 Galena 9E O Rhode Island Reds
Berlage, Leo R5 Galena 7E O
Berlage, Otto R5 Galena 6 1/2E O Oxfords
Boldt, Myron R3 Elizabeth 5N R
Breed, Ralph Elizabeth 6W R
Brodrecht, Chas. R5 Galena 8E-1 1/2S O
Brodrecht, Philip R5 Galena 8E-1/2S O
Brodrecht, Wm. R2 Scales Mound 3 1/2S O Barred Rocks
Callahan, Geo. R1 Galena 5 1/2E O
Casper, Peter R2 Scales Mound 2S-1E O Percherons
Coates, Everett R1 Galena 7 1/2E R Holsteins and Wyandottes
Colin, Ed. R1 Galena 7E O
Colin, John R1 Galena 9E O
Cording, Fred R1 Galena 9E R
Davis, Alvin R2 Scales Mound 2S-2W O
Davis, Percy R2 Scales Mound 1S-1W R White Rocks
Distler, John R2 Scales Mound 1S  O Chester Whites
Drink, Albert R1 Galena 8 1/2E O
Duerr, John R3 Elizabeth 8N R
Duerr, Philip R2 Scales Mound 3 1/2S O
Ehredt, Dave R3 Elizabeth 6N O
Ehrler, Geo. R1 Galena 7 1/2E O
Engel, Joe R1 Galena 7E O
Fiedler, Chas. R1 Galena 5 1/2E O
Foley, Leo R5 Galena 5E-2S O
Frick Sisters R1 Galena 9E O
Glick, Elmer R2 Scales Mound 3S-3W R
Grube, Anton R3 Elizabeth 6 1/2N-1/2E O
Grube, Walter R3 Elizabeth 8N O
Gugler, Chas. R1 Galena 10E R
Hacker, Fred R1 Galena 8E R
Hamann, Alf. R3 Elizabeth 8N R
Hammer, Albert R2 Scales Mound 2S-3E R
Hammer, Louis R2 Scales Mound 3S R
Hammer, Wm. R2 Scales Mound 2S-2 1/2E O Shorthorns
Harwick, Thomas R3 Elizabeth 8N O
Heim, Frank R1 Galena 5E-1 1/2N O
Hess, Henry R. R3 Elizabeth 5 1/2N O
Hess, Nick R3 Elizabeth 7N O
Hesselbacher, John R2 Scales Mound 2S-2E O Rock Island Reds
Hesselbacher, Louis R2 Scales Mound 2S-2E O Rock Island Reds
Heuberger, John R2 Scales Mound 1S-1E O
Hinden, John R5 Galena 8E O
Hulscher, Joe R1 Galena 5 1/2E-1S R
Keller, Herman R1 Galena 9E-1S O Shorthorns
Keenan, Frank R2 Scales Mound 2 1/2S O
Koehn, Herman R2 Scales Mound 1S-1W R
Koester, Chas. R3 Elizabeth 8N O
Koester, Wm. R2 Scales Mound 3 1/2S O
Kohlbauer, Jerry R1 Galena 8E R
Krug, John R2 Scales Mound 4S-1E O Holsteins
Kuhse, Louis R5 Galena 6E O
Longhorn, Thomas R2 Scales Mound 3S-1W R
Menzemer, John R3 Elizabeth 8N O
Musselman, Henry R3 Scales Mound 2 1/2S-3E O
Nolan, James R5 Galena 6E R
Parrott, Nolah R3 Elizabeth 8N O
Perry, John R2 Scales Mound 2S-1 1/2E O Barred Rocks
Pooley, Albert R2 Scales Mound 3S-1W O
Saam Bros. R2 Scales Mound 2 1/2S O
Saam, Henry R2 Scales Mound 2S-2E O
Saam, John R2 Scales Mound 2S-2E O
Schmidt, Albert R3 Elizabeth 8N R
Schoenhard, A. R2 Scales Mound 2 1/2S R
Schultz, Albert R1 Galena 5 1/2E O
Schultz, Joe R1 Galena 6E-1S O
Schultz, John R2 Scales Mound 1S-4W R
Schultz, Wm. R1 Galena 6E-1S O
Schumacher, Henry R2 Scales Mound 2S-1W O
Seigel, Earl R2 Scales Mound 4S O
Spensley, Elmer R2 Scales Mound 2S-3W O
Stadel, Mrs. Christian R3 Elizabeth 5N-1W O
Stadel, Howard R3 Elizabeth 5N  R
Stadel, Leonard R2 Scales Mound 4S-1E R
Stauss, Leonard R1 Galena 5 1/2E R
Staver, Chas. R1 Galena 5E-1S O
Stiefel, Wm. R2 Scales Mound 4S O
Tobin, Chas. R1 Galena 7 1/2E R Shorthorns
Trevarthan, Joe R2 Scales Mound 1S-3W
Trevethan, Mrs. John R2 Scales Mound 1S-4W O
Wachter, Geo. R1 Galena 9E-1 1/2S O
Wachter, Henry R1 Galena 8E-1S O Herefords
Wachter, John R1 Galena 5E-1S O
Wachter, Ray R1 Galena 5E  R
Wachter, Wm. R1 Galena 6E O
Ware, John R5 Galena 5 1/2E R
Weis, Albert R1 Galena 5E R
Weis, N. R. R1 Galena 7E O Guernseys
Werner Bros. R2 Scales Mound 2S-3W R
Werner, Leo R5 Galena 7E R
White, Wm. R5 Galena 7SE O Herefords
Winter, Mrs. Martin R3 Elizabeth 8N-1W O
Hanover Twp.
Anderson, Anna R1 Hanover 2 1/2S O
Armstrong, Wm. R3 Hanover 4NW-1/2W O
Atkins, John R2 Hanover 2 1/2W R
Beck, Chas. R1 Hanover 4S-1E O
Bertsch, Wm. R1 Hanover 4S-1E O Guernseys
Bingham, F. C. R2 Hanover 2 1/2W-2N R
Bingham, Lillie Elizabeth 2E-3/4N of Hanover R
Burke & Thill R1 Hanover 1E-1/2N O
Burke, T. W. Elizabeth 2E-1N of Hanover O
Campbell, Hugh, Sr. R3 Hanover 2W-1N O
Campbell, J. Wilson R1 Hanover 4S-1E R
Chapman, J. W. R2 Hanover 1S O Guernseys
Cliff, R. H. R1 Hanover 3 1/2S R
Diehl, John R1 Hanover 4S-1/2E O
Doran, Frank & Chas. R1 Hanover 2E-1S O
Eastman, Fred, Est. R1 Hanover 1 1/2S-2E O
Eastman, Guy R1 Hanover 1 1/2S-2E O
Edgerton, Frank, Est. R2 Hanover 2 1/2W-2N O
Edgerton, Irwin R2 Hanover 3W R Herefords
Francke, Albert, Jr. R2 Hanover 4S O
Francke, W. H. R2 Hanover 1 1/2S-1/2W O Herefords and Durocs
Frazer, Chas. Elizabeth 2N-1E of Hanover O
Freeman, John & Dale Hanover 1/2E-1N O Herefords 
Garrow, Alvin R2 Hanover 2 1/2W-1/2S R
Garrow, Joe R2 Hanover 2 1/2W-1S R
Golden, John R2 Hanover 2W O
Goldhagen, Wm. Elizabeth 2E-1N of Hanover O
Gray, Homer Hanover 1N R
Hancock, Oscar & Kirby Elizabeth 1 1/2S-1E of Hanover O
Hatfield, Chas. R1 Hanover 4S R
Haug, Geo. Elizabeth 2E-1N of Hanover O
Hunt, Orrin R1 Hanover 3S R
Irwin, Bruce R2 Hanover 3W-1N O
Irwin, Donald R3 Hanover 4N-1W O
Irwin, J. J. R2 Hanover 2W O
Irwin, Ralph R2 Hanover 3W  O
Jamison, Frank R2 Hanover 3W O
Jobe, C. H. R2 Hanover 3W-1N O
Kaufman, Chas. R1 Hanover 2E-1S O Durhams
Kearney, Floyd R1 Hanover 3E R
Keilty, Chas. R1 Hanover 1 1/2S-2E O
Kennedy, Chas. R1 Hanover 2E-1S O
Kilpatrick, Roy R2 Hanover 2N-1W O
Kilpatrick, Wm. Hanover 2N-1W O
King, John R2 Hanover 3W-3N O
Kirschner, John R2 Hanover 3W-3N R
Klaypeck, Steve R2 Hanover 1 1/2S-1W R
Krippendorf, Emil Elizabeth 2E-1N of Hanover O
Kuhns, Geo. R1 Hanover 1S-1E O Holsteins
Kuhns, Orville R3 Hanover 2N R
Madernach & Reitz R2 Hanover 4S-2W O
Martin, Wallace R2 Hanover 2W-1N R
Matheson, Jas. R1 Hanover 4S-1E O
May, Ben Hanover 1W O
McColly, Earl R3 Hanover 4N-1W R
McCoy, Chas. R2 Hanover 1S-1E O
McKinley, Geo. & Son R1 Hanover 4S-3/4E O
McKinley, Ira R2 Hanover 1/2S O
McLamarrah, Russell Elizabeth 2E-2N of Hanover O
Miller, Stephen R1 Hanover 2E O
Miller, W. F. R1 Hanover 5 1/2S O
Mills, Hugh R2 Hanover 4 1/2S O Guernseys
Moorehead, Albert R2 Hanover 2W-1N O
Nobis Bros. R2 Hanover 2 1/2W R Durocs and Holsteins
Otten, Mrs. Chas. R2 Hanover 2 1/2W O
Paisley Bros. R2 Hanover 3W-1N R
Parker, Merril R3 Hanover 2N-1/2W R
Pierce, Bert Elizabeth 2N-1E of Hanover O
Pilcher, Zeb R1 Hanover 2E-1/2S O
Potter, Mrs. John R2 Hanover 3W-2N O Angus
Reifsteck, Otto R2 Hanover 1 1/2S O Guernseys
Richmond, Frank R2 Hanover 1 1/2S-2W R
Ryder, Geo. Elizabeth 2E of Hanover O
Sanderson Bros. Hanover 1/2N O
Schaible, Mrs. Jane Elizabeth 3E of Hanover O
Schaible, John Elizabeth 3E of Hanover R
Shelley, Vern R2 Hanover 3W-2S O
Speer, J. A. Hanover 1/2S O Shorthorns, Hampshires, White Rocks,
Speer, J. L. R2 Hanover 1W-1/2N O
Speer, R. J. R2 Hanover 1W O
Steele, Dave R2 Hanover 4N-1W O Shorthorns
Steele, Geo. Elizabeth 2N of Hanover O Ayrshires
Storey, Jas. Hanover 1N O
Thompson, James Elizabeth 2N-1E of Hanover O
Thompson, Joseph Elizabeth 2N-1E of Hanover O
Thompson, Jos., Jr. Elizabeth 2N-1E  R
Turner, T. J. R1 Hanover 1E O Angus
Virtue, Jas. R2 Hanover 1S O White Leghorns
Virtue, Walter R3 Hanover 1N O Holsteins
Walder, Daniel R2 Hanover 2SW O
Walker, R. C. R2 Hanover 3W O
Watts, Orville R1 Hanover 2E-1S O
Wells, Archie R1 Hanover 1E O
Wells, Robt. R1 Hanover 2E-1S O
Wells, Thos. R1 Hanover 2E-1S O
White & Girot R2 Hanover 1 1/2S-1W O
Menominee Twp.
Allendorf, John R1 East Dubuque 8E-2S O Shorthorns
Auveden, Charles R1 East Dubuque 4S-2E O
Bauer, Albert R1 East Dubuque 8E O Shorthorns
Bauer, Aloy R1 East Dubuque 8E-1 1/2S R
Bauer, Ed. R1 East Dubuque 8E-1S O
Bauer, Joseph R1 East Dubuque 5E-1S R
Berger, John R2 Hazel Green 8E of E. D. O Shorthorns and Barred Rocks
Beau, Veronica R1 East Dubuque 7E-2S O
Bonnett, Ben R1 East Dubuque 4E-2S O Shorthorns and Barred Rocks
Bonnett, Clem R1 East Dubuque 6E O Shorthorns and Barred Rocks
Bonnett, John E. R1 East Dubuque 5E-2S O Holsteins
Budden Bros. R1 East Dubuque 8E O
Budden, George R1 East Dubuque 8E O
Bussan, Leo R1 East Dubuque 8E O Shorthorns and Rhode Island Reds
Donar, Henry R1 East Dubuque 8E-3S O Leghorns
Dunleavy, John R1 East Dubuque 8E-1N R Wyandottes
Erner, Albert R1 East Dubuque 8E-3S R Barred Rocks
Erner, Jos. R1 East Dubuque 8E-2S O Rhode Island Reds
Fleege, Edward R1 East Dubuque 7E O Holsteins
Fleege, Clem R2 Hazel Green 11E of E. D. O Guernseys and White Rocks
Fleege, John R2 Hazel Green 8E of E. D. O Leghorns
Fleege, Wm. R1 East Dubuque 7E O Holsteins
Foht, Philip R1 East Dubuque 5E-3S R
Fox, Frank R1 East Dubuque 5E-3S R
Glasgow, James R2 Galena 11E of E. D. O
Glasker, Ben R1 East Dubuque 7E R
Halty, Albert R2 Galena 8E of E. D. R
Halty, Wm. R2 Galena 10E of E. D. O
Handfelt, Benedict R1 East Dubuque 4E O
Handfelt, H. J. R1 East Dubuque 5E-1S O Holsteins
Handfelt, Herman R1 East Dubuque 7E O
Handfelt, John, Sr. R1 East Dubuque 5E O Shorthorns
Handfelt, John O. R1 East Dubuque 5E O
Hargrofen Bros. R2 Hazel Green 8E of E. D. O
Heer, Andrew R1 East Dubuque 5E-3S O Shorthorns
Heitkamp, Joseph R1 East Dubuque 7E-1N O Holsteins and Barred Rocks
Hendricks, Mary R1 East Dubuque 4E O Shorthorns and Barred Rocks
Heyer, Amelia R1 East Dubuque 8E-4S O
Hicke, Eugene R1 East Dubuque 8E-5S O
Hilby Bros. R1 East Dubuque 8E O Shorthorns
Hilby, Ben R1 East Dubuque 8E-2S O Herefords
Hilby, Leo R1 East Dubuque 8E-2S R
Hilby, Paul R1 East Dubuque 7E O Holsteins
Hilby, Wm. R1 East Dubuque 7E O
Hoefer, August R2 Hazel Green 8E of E. D. O
Hoftender, John R1 East Dubuque 7E O Shorthorns and Barred Rocks
Imbus, Helen R1 East Dubuque 5E O
Kieffer, J. H. R1 East Dubuque 3E O White Rocks
Kieffer, L. H. R1 East Dubuque 7E
Kieffer, L. W. R1 East Dubuque 7E O Holsteins
Klass, Herman R1 East Dubuque 6E O Shorthorns and White Rocks
Klein, Henry R1 East Dubuque 4E O
Klett, Charles R1 East Dubuque 4E O
Klett, Frederick R1 East Dubuque 5E-3S O
Klett, Wm. R1 East Dubuque 5E-4S O
Kuhl, Ernst R1 Hazel Green 9E of E. D. O
Kuhl, Wm. East Dubuque 9E  O
Leifker, Wm. R2 Galena 4W-1N of E. D. O
Manemann, Wm. R2 Hazel Green 8E of E. D. O
McGuire, John R1 East Dubuque 8E-4S O Herefords
Meinen, Ben R1 East Dubuque 7E R Holsteins
Mensen Bros. R1 Hazel Green 7W-2S of E. D. O
Mensen, Joseph R1 East Dubuque 7E O
Middendorf, Ben R2 Hazel Green 2S-6W of E. D. O
Middendorf, Henry R2 Hazel Green 5W-1S of E. D. O
Middendorf, Joseph R1 Hazel Green 2S-4W of E. D. o Barred Rocks
Miller, Henry R1 Galena 1N-5W O Holsteins and Leghorns
Neuwohner, Ben R1 East Dubuque 7E O White Rocks
Plear, Charles R1 East Dubuque 3E O Shorthorns
Pfohl, Joseph R1 East Dubuque 8E-4S O
Raymaker, Mat R1 East Dubuque 4E R
Ricke, Henry R1 East Dubuque 5E O
Ricke, Herman R1 East Dubuque 5E-1S O Shorthorns
Ripperds, Mary R1 East Dubuque 5E O
Rojemann Bros. R1 East Dubuque 8E O Barred Rocks
Rojemann, Theo. R1 East Dubuque 7E O
Schmidt, Joe R1 East Dubuque 6E O
Schmidt, Henry R1 East Dubuque 6E O
Schneider Bros. R1 East Dubuque 9E O Holsteins and White Rocks
Schonhoff, Ben R1 East Dubuque 8E O White Rocks
Schonhoff, Leo R2 Galena 8E of E. D. O White Rocks
Schonhoff, Paul R1 East Dubuque 8E O Holsteins
Schonhoff, Theo. R1 East Dubuque 8E O
Schulting, Ben R1 East Dubuque 5E-2N O Shorthorns and White Rocks
Schulting, John R1 East Dubuque 5E-1N O Shorthorns
Schulting, Kate R1 East Dubuque 5E-1N O
Thiltgen, Ben R1 East Dubuque 8E-2S O White Rocks
Thiltgen, F. F. R1 East Dubuque 5E-2N O Barred Rocks
Thiltgen, F. J. R1 East Dubuque 5E-1S O Leghorns
Thiltgen, Wm. R1 East Dubuque 8E-1N O
Timmerman, Alice R1 East Dubuque 4E O
Timmerman, Kate R1 East Dubuque 5E-2N O
Tranel, Ben R1 East Dubuque 5E-2N O Holsteins and Leghorns
Tranel, Bros. R1 East Dubuque 7E O Barred Rocks
Tranel, Helena R1 East Dubuque 5E O Holsteins and Barred Rocks
Tranel, John R1 East Dubuque 7E O White Rocks
Tranel, John Henry R1 East Dubuque 6E-1N O Shorthorns and Leghorns
Tranel, Joseph W. R1 East Dubuque 6E O White Rocks
Tranel, Leo R1 East Dubuque 7E O Leghorns
Tranel, Urban R1 East Dubuque 5E O Shorthorns and Rhode Island Reds
Van De Weil, Anton R1 East Dubuque 8E O Barred Rocks
Vassen, Leonard R1 East Dubuque 8E O Shorthorns
Vayil, Clifford R1 East Dubuque 8E-4S O Holsteins and White Rocks
Vogel, John R2 Galena 2N-3W of E. D. O Shorthorns
Vogt, george R1 East Dubuque 5E-2S O
Vondra, Henry R1 East Dubuque 8E O Holsteins and Wyandottes
Walp, Benedict R1 East Dubuque 8E O Holsteins and Rhode Island Reds
Weydert, Joe R1 East Dubuque 8E-1S O Barred Rocks
Witherholt, Mike R1 East Dubuque 4E O Shorthorns and White Rocks
Wubben, Clem R1 East Dubuque 8E O
Wubben, Henry G. R2 Galena 5N of E. D. O White Rocks
Wubben, William H. R1 East Dubuque 8E O
Nora Twp.
Alexander, Arthur R2 Warren 3S O
Brown, Joe R3 Lena 2W-2N-3W-2N R
Butler, D. G. Nora 1/2S R
Baurman, George R1 Stockton 5N R
Brown, John R1 Stockton 6N-1E R
Broge, Lester Lena 2W-2N-3W R
Bourquin, Leo R1 Stockton 6N-1E O
Batty, J. C. R1 Stockton 3N-1E O
Bartell, Charles R1 Stockton 1E-3N R
Boyer, Allen R1 Stockton 6N-1E R
Breed, Ray R1 Stockton 5N O
Broge, Ed. Lena 5W R
Buss, Albert Lena 2N-5W O
Buss, Allen Lena 2N-5W R
Barden, C. W. Lena 5W-1N O
Clay, Roy R1 Stockton 3 1/2N O
Dittmar, Gustav R1 Stockton 2 1/2N-2E O
Daly, James R1 Stockton 6N-1E O
Donhler, Elmer R2 Warren 3S O Jerseys and Polands
Donhler, Peter R2 Warren 3S O
Dawson, Orville Warren 1E O
Drane, J. I. R1 Stockton 2E-2 1/2N O
Doubler, Will R1 Stockton 3N-2E O
Footit, W. G. Nora 1E O
Geilenfeldt, John R1 Stockton 2N-2E R
Hay Bros. R1 Warren 1E-1N O
Hay, John R1 Warren 2E-1N O
Howe, Clarence R1 Warren 2E R
Heiman, Will Warren 1E R
Hicks, W. S. R3 Lena 3N-6W O
Hintz, Herman R3 Lena 3N-5W R
Havens, Leonard R1 Stockton 1E-1N R
Horung, Christ Nora 1E-1N R
Hoy, Frank R1 Stockton 3 1/2N-2E R
Korth, Will R1 Stockton 2 1/2N-2E O
Kepner, A. C. R3 Lena 6W-2N O
Keast, Fred R1 Stockton 3 1/2N-2E R
Koppean, Lloyd R1 Stockton 2E-3N R
Kempert, Rob Lena 3 1/2W O
Kuntz, M. J. R1 Stockton 3N-2E O
Kepner, E. P. Lena 6W-2N O
Long, Arthur R1 Stockton 2 1/2N-3E O
LeGrand, Wilbur R1 Stockton 4N-2E O
Lau, Reinhold R1 Stockton 1E-2N O
Logemann, Ira R1 Stockton 3N-1/2E R
McPhillips, Chas. R1 Stockton 1E-2N O
Mahoney, R. W. R1 Warren 3S-1E R
Miller, J. W. R3 Lena 3N-5W O
Myers, Walter Lena 2N-3W O
Moore, K. M. R3 Lena 3N-5W O
Mammoser, Joe R1 Stockton 2N-2E O
Mantzke, Carl Lena 3W-1N R
Marks, T. D. R1 Stockton 2E-2 1/2N O
Parker, Floyd R1 Stockton 3N-2 1/2 E R
Polhill, Roy R1 Stockton 2E-1 1/2N O
Price, Wesley Nora 1S O
Pash, Simon Lena 5W R
Roach, Ed. Warren 1E R
Sullivan, Jim Nora 1/2N R
Sullivan, T. J. Nora 1/2S O
Sullivan, Kate R2 Warren 2E-3S O
Smeck Bros. Warren 1 1/2E R
Stadel Bros. R1 Stockton 3N-2E R
Stock, Loyal R1 Stockton 3N-2E R
Shultz, Homer Warren 1E R
Smith Sisters Warren 2E-3S O
Sincox, Melvin R1 Warren 1/2E O
Schaber, Geo. Nora 1N R
Tessendorf, Aug. R3 Lena 5W-1/2N O
Tessendorf, W. O. R3 Lena 4W R
Thompson, L. W. Lena 5W-2N O
Tesnow, Fred R1 Warren 1SE O
Tesmer Bros. Warren 2E-1S R
Tucker, L. N. & Son R1 Stockton 2E-1N O
Uecker & Son R1 Stockton 3N-3E O
Wolfram, John R2 Warren 2S O
Woodley & Jordan Lena 4W R
Williams, Geo. Nora 1/4W O
Wickland, Emma Lena 5W-2N O
Woodley, Will R1 Stockton 2E-2N O
Wolf, Ira R1 Stockton 1N-3E R
Wolfram, Peter R1 Stockton 2N-3E R
West, Sherm R1 Stockton 2 1/2N-1E O
Waddington, A. R. Nora 1/4E O
Pleasant Valley Twp. (From Stockton)
Albrecht, Chris R2 Elizabeth 61/2S-5W O
Albrecht, Ben R2 Elizabeth 7S-5W O
Albrecht, Wm. R2 Elizabeth 7S-4 1/2W O
Albrecht, Jake H. R2 Elizabeth 7S-5W O
Brunner, George R4 Mt. Carroll 7 1/2S O
Breuning, John R1 Massbach 8 1/2S-4 1/2W R
Beyer, John R3 Stockton 5 1/2S-2 1/2W O
Beck, John A. R1 Massbach 8 1/2S-1 1/2W R
Breed, Frank R3 Stockton 4S O
Brunner, Adolph R4 Mt. Carroll 7 1/2S O
Bashaw, Ernest R2 Elizabeth 7 1/2S-3 1/2W O
Backenkeller, Hanry R4 Mt. Carroll 9 1/2S-1/2E O
Carroll Bros. R3 Stockton 6S-2 1/2W O Holsteins
Carroll, Marcus R3 Stockton 6 1/2S-2 1/2W R
Carroll, Joe R3 Stockton 6 1/2S-2 1/2W R
Clark, Wm. R2 Stockton 6S-1/2E R
Curboy, Frank R1 Massbach 10S-4 1/2W R
Cramer, Bruce R4 Mt. Carroll 8 1/2S R
Clancy, Thomas R3 Stockton 5 1/2S-3W O Rhode Island Reds
Cashman, Jerry R3 Stockton 6S-1 1/2W O
Cahill, Frances R3 Stockton 4 1/2S-2 1/2W O
Collin, Ellis R2 Stockton 7S R
Davis, W. J. R2 Stockton 6S-1/2E O
Derrer, Adolph R4 Mt. Carroll 9 1/2S R
Dittmar, Arthur R2 Elizabeth 5S-4 1/2W R
Davis, Elizabeth R3 Stockton 6 1/2S-2W O
Eberle, Jacob R1 Massbach 9 1/2S-3 1/2W O White Rocks
Endress, Charlie R2 Elizabeth 61/2S-4 1/2W O
Eberhardt, Christ R3 Stockton 6 1/2S-3 1/2W O
Eustice, Thom R3 Stockton 4 1/2S-2 1/2W R
Elliot, Austin R4 Mt. Carroll 10S-1E R
Finn, Steve R3 Stockton 5 1/2S O
Gothard, Orrin R3 Stockton 5S O
Gothard, Elmer R4 Mt. Carroll 7 1/2S-1 1/2W O
Gothard, Maynard R3 Stockton 7S-2W R
Gump, Ernie R4 Mt. Carroll 9S-1/2E R
Goodmiller, Howard R1 Massbach 7 1/2S-2 1/2W O
Goodmiller, M. A. R3 Stockton 6S-1 1/2W O Guernseys
Haas, Joseph R4 Mt. Carroll 8 1/2S-1 1/2W O
Heid, Fred R2 Stockton 6 1/2S R
Irwin, Elizabeth R4 Mt. Carroll 9S-1/2W O
Kapp, Louis R3 Stockton 5 1/2S-2W O
Kappes, Joe A. R1 Massbach 8S-3 1/2W O
Katzenberger, Henry R4 Mt. Carroll 9 1/2S-1/2E O
Kaufman, Frank R2 Stockton 6 1/2S-1/2E O
Keister, George R1 Massbach 9S-1 1/2W R
Kleckner, Ernest R3 Stockton 6 1/2S O
Koch, Bryan R3 Stockton 5 1/2S-2W R
Koepp Bros. R3 Stockton 7S-2 1/2W R
Krise, Lena R2 Stockton 5 1/2S-1E O
Krug, Fred R3 Stockton 5S-4 1/2W O
Krug, George R2 Elizabeth 7S-4 1/2W O
Kupfer, George R1 Massbach 10S-3W O
Laughrin, Wm. R1 Massbach 9 1/2S-3W O
Looney, Martin R3 Stockton 4 1/2S-2 1/2W O
Leitzen, M. J. R3 Stockton 6S-1W R
Leitzen, Oscar R3 Stockton 6S R
McCall, Richard R4 Mt. Carroll 10S-1W O
Miller, John R4 Mt. Carroll 7S-3/4E O
Morehardt, Wm. R3 Stockton 5S-3 1/2W O
Morehead, Elmer R3 Stockton 7S-2 1/2W O
Musser, Edgar R2 Elizabeth 5S-4W O
Nagel, John A. R4 Mt. Carroll 7S-1W O
Nagel, Louis R4 Mt. Carroll 7S R Holsteins
Nagel, Otto R4 Mt. Carroll 7S O Holsteins
Noll, Charlie R4 Mt. Carroll 7S-1W O
Raab, Elmer R3 Stockton 6S-1/2E R
Randecker, Ben R1 Massbach 8S-4 1/2W O
Randecker Bros. R1 Massbach 8S-4W O
Randecker, Chris A. R2 Elizabeth 7S-3W O
Randecker, Jacob R2 Elizabeth 6S-3 1/2W O
Randecker, Jacob F. R2 Elizabeth 7 1/2S-3 1/2W O
Randecker, John, Jr. R2 Elizabeth 7S-3 1/2W O
Randecker, Martin J. R1 Massbach 8S-4 1/2W O
Randecker, Paul R1 Massbach 10S-3 1/3W O
Robinson, John R2 Stockton 7 1/2S-1E O
Robinson, S. R. R2 Stockton 4 1/2S-1E O
Robinson, Walter R2 Stockton 8S-1E O
Schamberger, Louis R3 Stockton 5S-1 1/2W O
Schubert, LeRoy R4 Mt. Carroll 7 1/2S-1/4E R
Schubert, Lincoln R3 Stockton 4S-2W R
Smidt, Fred R2 Elizabeth 6 1/2S-2 1/2W O
Smidt, Henry E. R2 Elizabeth 6 1/2S-3 1/2W O
Smith, Frank R3 Stockton 4S-4W R
Speer, George R1 Massbach 10S-5W O
Speer, Wm. R1 Massbach 10 1/2S-5W O
Stanley, W. R. R3 Stockton 5S R
Steffes, Matt R1 Massbach 9 1/2S-2W O
Streicher, Fred R2 Elizabeth 5S-3 1/2W R
Streicher, John R1 Massbach 10S-2 1/2W R
Swanson, Clarence R1 Massbach 8 1/2S-1 1/2W O
Teopler, Carl R1 Massbach 9S-2W O
Teopler, Chris R1 Massbach 9S-2 1/2W O
Trost, Christ R2 Stockton 5S-1E O
Trost, W. D. R3 Stockton 4S O
Vanderheyden, Ralph R2 Elizabeth S-5W O
Walters, John B. R2 Stockton 6 1/2S-1/2E O
Williams, Leslie R4 Mt. Carroll 8S-2W O
Willson, J. W. R4 Mt. Carroll 8 1/2S O
Wurster, John R1 Massbach 7 1/2S-3 1/4W O
Zink Bros. R3 Stockton 5S-3W O
Zink, Basil, Jr. R1 Massbach 8 1/2S-3W O
Zink, Ben R1 Massbach 9S-3 3/4W O
Zink, Mary R1 Massbach 9S-4W O
Rawlins Twp.
Buchman, Jacob R2 Galena 1NW O White Leghorns
Bussan, Miss Caroline R2 Galena 3N O White Rocks
Bussan, Clem R2 Galena 3NW O
Bussan, Cyril R2 Galena 3NW R
Bussan, Frank R2 Galena 3W O White Leghorns
Callahan, John J. R2 Galena 3NW O
Chetlain, Louis R2 Galena 1W O Guernseys
Dillon, Mrs. Anna R2 Galena 4NW O Holsteins
Dillon, Walter R2 Galena 3NW O Polands
Dirksen, Clarence R2 Galena 3N R Silver Foxes
Filderman, John H. R2 Galena 3 1/2N O Chester Whites
Hansen, Edward R4 Galena 2NE R Jerseys
Harney & Sheean R2 Galena 2N O Holsteins
Hartwig, Harry R2 Galena 3N O Holsteins
Haser, Wm. R4 Galena 3NE R
Holz, Louis R2 Galena 3N O White Leghorns
Koehler, August R4 Galena 2E O Barred Rocks
Korte, Oscar R2 Galena 2NW R
Leglar Bros. R4 Galena 2NE O Shorthorns
Lewis, Wm. R. R2 Galena 1W R Jerseys
Linderman, Henry R2 Galena 3N O Anconas
Nichol, August R2 Galena 4NW O Shorthorns
Nicholls, Sam R2 Galena 1E R
Norris, D. L. R2 Galena 3N-1/2W O Shorthorns
Oldenburg, Albert R2 Galena 1N-1W O Holsteins
Oldenburg, Henry R2 Galena 3N-1/2E O
Oldenburg, H. J. R2 Galena 2N O Durocs
Reed, C. W. R2 Galena 1/2W O Holsteins
Scadden, Norris R2 Galena 2N R Herefords
Scadden, Sol R2 Galena 2N O White Wyandottes
Schnerre, Otto B. R2 Galena 1N-2W O Barred Rocks
Schweitzer Bros. R2 Galena 1N-2W R Barred Rocks
Smith, Herman R2 Galena 3N-1/2E O Shorthorns
Sproule, Sam. W. R2 Galena 3N-1W O Shorthorns
Stowe, Robert R4 Galena 4E O Holsteins
Tang, Joseph R2 Galena 1N-2W O
Temperly, Irwin R4 Galena 3NE O
Uehren, A. R2 Galena 3N-1/2W O Holsteins
Virtue, D. R. R4 Galena 3NE O Shorthorns
Westemeier, Anna R2 Galena 3N-1 1/2W O
Westemeier, Wm. R2 Galena 3N-1W R
Wienen, Harry G. R4 Galena 2NE O White Leghorns
Wieters, Frank R2 Galena 2W O Polands
Wilkins, August R4 Galena 3NE O Holsteins
Zeal, Charles R4 Galena 3NE R
Rice Twp.
Armstrong, Mrs. E. R3 Hanover 5NW O
Bautsch Bros. R3 Galena 5SE O Rhode Island Reds
Beadle, Wm. R3 Galena 4SE R Herefords
Bennett, Thomas J. R3 Hanover 5NW O Shropshires
Biren Bros. R3 Hanover 8NW O White Leghorns
Boyd, A. H. R5 Galena 5SE R
Bucher, John J. R5 Galena 7SE O Rhode Island Reds
Cole, Wm. E. R3 Galena 4SE R
Crawford, Mrs. S. R3 Hanover 3NW O
Creighton, James R3 Galena 8SE O
Dankbar, Henry R3 Galena 6SE O
Davis, Wm. J. R3 Galena 8SE O
Edmunds, Byron R5 Galena 6SE O
Eversoll, Joe R3 Hanover 9SE of Galena O
Flynn, James R3 Hanover 8NW O
Foecking, Ben R3 Galena 4SE O
Foltz, Ed. R3 Hanover 5NW O White Leghorns
Francke, Charles R3 Hanover 7NW O White Rocks and Leghorns
Funston, J. G. R3 Galena 8SE O Buff Orpingtons
Gesselbracht, Charles R3 Galena 8SE O Toulouse Geese
Ginn, H. R. R5 Galena 7SE O
Gray, Charles E. R3 Hanover 6NW O White Leghorns
Gray, David S. R3 Galena 5SE O
Heckelsmiller, P. R3 Hanover 8NW O
Heller, R. H. R5 Galena 5E R
Hopkins. George R3 Hanover 9NW O
Hornby, George R5 Galena 6SE O White Rocks 
Horstich, Louis R3 Hanover 7NW O
Huebsch, Adam R5 Galena 7SE O White Leghorns and Rocks
Jennings, A. F., Est. R5 Galena 6SE O Angus
Johnson, Charles R3 Galena 7SE O
Korte, H. B. R3 Galena 4SE O
Korte, Ray R3 7SE R
Levins, I. H. & Son R5 Galena 7SE O Holsteins
Luning, Frank R3 Galena 5SE O
Lyden, James P. R3 Hanover 8NW O
McCormick, James R5 Galena 7SE O Barred Rocks
Montgomery, Harry R3 Galena 7SE R
Mougin, W. E. & Son R3 Galena 7SE O Shorthorns
Perschang, Ed. H. R3 Hanover 10NW O
Perschang, Henry R3 Hanover 10NW O
Perschang, Peter R3 Hanover 11NW O
Peters, C. J. R3 Galena 5SE R
Petitgout, Mrs. M., Est. R3 Hanover 8NW O
Petitgout, Max R3 Galena 6SE O Buff Leghorns
Power, John W. R5 Galena 5E O White Rocks
Reitz, Adam R3 Hanover 10NW O
Reitz, John R3 Hanover 9NW O
Reitz, Nick R3 Hanover 6NW O
Reitz, Peter R3 Hanover 9NW O
Rury, Fred R3 Galena 6SE R
Sanderson, Mrs. J., Est. R3 Hanover 8NW O
Scharpf, John R3 Galena 6SE O
Scharpf, Wm. R3 Galena 5SE O
Schuler, Harold R3 Galena 5SE O
Shannon, Arthur R3 Galena 4SE O
Shannon, Mrs. J. R3 Galena 4SE O
Sincock, Wm. R3 Hanover 6NW O
Smith, Peter R3 Hanover 8NW O
Stafford, Ed. R5 Galena 6SE O
Stafford Sisters R5 Galena 6SE O
Stump, W. A. R5 Galena 7SE O White Leghorns
Turner, Joseph T. R3 Galena 8SE O
Ulrich, Frank E. R3 Hanover 8NW O
Ulrich, T. J. R3 Hanover 9NW O
Virtue, Howard R5 Galena 8SE O
Virtue, Newton R5 Galena 5SE O
Volquardts, T. J. R3 Galena 6SE R
Ware, Frank L. R3 Galena 8SE O
Wienen, Elmer G. R3 Galena 4SE O
Wienen, Henry & Son R3 Galena 3SE O
Wienen, Joe R3 Galena 5SE O
Wullweber, Clem R3 Galena 6SE O
Wullweber, Louis R3 Galena 6SE O
Young, Henry & Mary, Est. R3 Galena 6SE O
Rush Twp.
Almendinger, John R2 Warren 4S-1W O
Appel, Ben R4 Stockton 3W-3N-3W O
Appel, Grover R3 Warren 2S-2 1/2W O
Appel, Wesley R4 Stockton 3W-3N-3W O
Appel, Will R4 Stockton 3W-3N-3W O
Arnold, Sherm R1 Stockton 4S-1W R
Bancroft, Wm. R1 Stockton 2N-1W R
Barthel, Casper R1 Stockton 2N-1/4E O
Barton, Albert R1 Stockton 2N-1/2E O
Blumer, Ed. R2 Warren 4S-2W R
Boelk, August R2 Warren 5S-2W O
Bonjour Bros. R3 Apple River 5S O
Bonjour, Frank R3 Apple River 6S O
Bonjour, John R2 Warren 4S-2W O
Bonjour, Paul R1 Stockton 1E-4 1/2N R
Bonjour, Richard R3 Apple River 4S-2E O
Bonjour, T. L. R2 Warren 5S-2W O Guernseys
Bonjour, W. F. R2 Warren 5S-2W O Holsteins
Bourquin, A. L. R3 Apple River 4S-2E-1S O Holsteins
Bourquin, John R3 Apple River 4S-2E O Holsteins
Bowden, Merl R4 Stockton 3NW R
Brashaw, Geo. R4 Stockton 3W-2N O
Breed, Clyde R4 Stockton 2N-1W O
Brink, Will R2 Warren 4S-1E-1S O
Bunker, Frank R1 Stockton 1E-2N O
Burke, leo Stockton 4S-2W-1SW O
Carpenter, Bert R1 Stockton 1E-4 1/2N-1/2W O
Clay, Earl R1 Stockton 5N O
Clay, I. S. R1 Stockton 6N O
Cox, Albert R1 Stockton 1E-5N R
Darnell, Peter R4 Stockton 2 1/2NW O
Darnell, Richard R4 Stockton 2W-2 1/2N-1W O
Davenport, Vern R4 Stockton 2W-4N R Guernseys
Endress, Frank R1 Stockton 2N-2NW O White Wyandottes
Evans, Fred R2 Warren 3 1/2S O
Evans, George R1 Stockton 2N-1 1/2W O
Fiedler, John R2 Warren 3S O
Fieldsend, Thos. & Son R2 Warren 4S-3SW O
Fox, Raymond R2 Warren 3S-1SE O
Fox, Sebastian R2 Warren 3S-1SE O
Gallagher, Raymond R1 Stockton 1E-3N R
Gates, Milton R2 Warren 5S-4W O
Glanville, Johnson R4 Stockton 2W-1N-1W O
Glasgow Bros. R3 Apple River 4S R
Gutzmer, Gus R2 Stockton 3N O
Heidenreich, Ernest R2 Warren 1/2W-1/2N O Durocs
Heller, Reynold R2 Warren 4S-2W-1S R
Herring, Ralph R1 Stockton 1E-2N R
Heyer, Robert R1 Stockton 1 1/2N R
Holland, John R2 Warren 4S-1W R
Hughes, James R1 Stockton 2N-1E O
Hurst, John R2 Warren 3 1/2S O
Jones, Oliver R1 Stockton 1N-1E O
Kaiser, Herman R2 Warren 4S-2W-1/2N R
Kish, Nick R2 Warren 4S-2W-1S O
Kuppersmith, Adolph R2 Warren 5S-1W R Holsteins
Kuppersmith, Ernest R2 Warren 3S-1/2W R Holsteins
Kuppersmith, Fred R2 Warren 5S R Holsteins
Leehan, C. F. R3 Apple River 4S O
Lingford, Lawrence R4 Stockton City O
Logeman, Will R4 Stockton 2W-4N-1/2W O
Long, James R2 Warren 3S O
Luke, Sam R3 Apple River 5SE O
Magee Bros. R3 Apple River 6S R
Manly, Otis R1 Stockton 2N-2W O
Mapes, George R4 Stockton 3W-2N O
Mapes, Ira R4 Stockton 3W-2 1/2N O
McCoun, Chas. R4 Stockton 2S-2N O
McKee, George R2 Warren 4S-4W O
McKee, Joe R1 Stockton 1E-1N O
Metcalf, Glen R2 Warren 4S O
Miller, Geo. R4 Stockton 3W-2N O
Murray, Leo R1 Stockton 3N R
Nadig, Albert R1 Stockton 4N-1W O
Nadig, Ernest R1 Stockton 3N-2W R
Nadig, Fred R1 Stockton 4N-1E O
Nadig, Jacob R1 Stockton 3N-2 1/2W O
Nadig, John R1 Stockton 4E-1/2N O
Nadig, LeRoy R1 Stockton 1E-2 1/2N O Brown Leghorns
Nadig, Wesley R1 Stockton 4N-1 1/2W O
Nadig, Will R1 Stockton 2N-2W R
Noller, Will R1 Stockton 2N-2W O
Phelp, W. A. R2 Warren 3S-1/2E O
Pittsley, Paul R1 Stockton 3N R
Ploth, Aug. Apple River 3E-1/2E
Posey, John R4 Stockton 2W-2 1/2N-1W O
Polhill, Bert R1 Stockton 1E-1 1/2N O
Rawlins Sisters R1 Stockton 3N O
Rawlins, Will R1 Stockton 3N-1/2E O
Renurch, George R4 Stockton 2W-3 1/2N O
Rife, Roy R4 Stockton 2W-3N O
Schuldt, Martin R1 Stockton 1E-3N R
Schutt, Martin R4 Stockton 3W-4N O
Schutt, Martin, Jr. R4 Stockton 3W-3N R
Sheetz, M. & Son R1 Stockton 2N-1W O
Siegel, Ben R3 Apple River 3S-1/2W O
Siegel, Harvey R3 Apple River 4 1/2S O
Siegel, Herman R3 Apple River 4S O
Sigafus, Christ R2 Warren 4S-1W O
Sigafus, Ed. R2 Warren 5S-4W O
Sigafus, H. C. R2 Warren 4S-1 1/2W R
Simmon, Earl R4 Stockton 2W-2N R
Smith, Paul R3 Apple River 5S O
Steffen & Son R4 Stockton 2W-1N-1/2W O
Stanton, Ed. R1 Stockton 3N O
Stock, Jane R1 Stockton 4N O
Stock, Vern R1 Stockton 4N R
Townsend, James R4 Stockton 2 1/2W-2 1/2N O
Townsend, John R1 Stockton 3 1/2N O
Townsend, Philip R4 Stockton 2 1/2W-2N R Polands
Townsend, Sam R4 Stockton 2 1/2W-2N O
Trost, Alva R4 Stockton 2 1/2W-4 1/2N R Polands
Tucker, A. C. R1 Stockton 6N O
Turner, Arthur R4 Stockton 3W-2N-1W Guernseys
Upman, John R4 Stockton 3W-3N-2W O
Uren, Lew R3 Apple River 4S-1/2W O
Vick, Will R2 Warren 5S-1 1/2W R
Watson, George R2 Warren 4S-3 1/2W O
Wenziker, H. J. R4 Stockton 2 1/2W-4N R Holsteins
West, Mark R1 Stockton 1E-1 1/4N-1/4W R
West, Sherman R1 Stockton 1E-2 1/2N O Pekin Ducks
Wickler, Carl R2 Warren 4S-1W R
Wickler, Will R2 Warren 4S-1/2E O Holsteins
Williams, G. W. R4 Stockton 3W-2n-3 1/2W O
Williams, Roy R4 Stockton 3W-2N-2W O
Wilson, Henry R1 Stockton 1E-5N O
Wing, Mike R2 Warren 4S-2W-1S O Guernseys
Wolfram, Herman R2 Warren 2 1/2S O
Wulfe, Arthur R4 Stockton 3W-4N-2W O Polands
Yungbluth, Henry R2 Warren 6S-2W O Shorthorns
Zunback, Arnold R3 Apple River 3S R
Scales Mound Twp.
Andrews, Ed. R3 Scales Mound 1/4S-3E R Polands
Bastian, Frank R1 Scales Mound 3W-1N R White Rocks
Bell, Geo. R1 Scales Mound 1/2W-2N O Holsteins
Berryman, Will R2 Scales Mound 1/2S-2W O Shorthorns
Bradt, Herbert R3 Scales Mound 1/4E-1N-1/2E O
Carr, M. B. R3 Scales Mound 1/2S-2E R Wyandottes
Cousin, Will R1 Scales Mound 1/2W-2N-1W O
Edge, Henry R1 Scales Mound 1/2W-2N-1 1/2W O Jerseys
Grebner, Ernest R3 Scales Mound 1 1/2N-2E R Chester Whites
Gunnrow, J. T. Star Rt. S. M. 1/4N O Angus and Durocs
Gessner, John R3 Scales Mound 1/2S-1 1/2E O Shorthorns and Barred Rocks
Hickman, Herbert R3 Scales Mound 1/2S-1/2E R Durocs
Hodson, George R1 Scales Mound 2 1/4W R Shorthorns
Holland, B. F. R3 Scales Mound 1/2N-1E-1N-1 1/2E O White Rocks
Holland, James R3 Scales Mound 1/2S-3E-2N R Shorthorns
Hughes, Wallie R1 Scales Mound 1/2W-2 1/4N O White Rocks and Jerseys
Killian, Bryon R3 Scales Mound 1/4W-1/2N-2E-1N-1/2E R
Klenke, L. H. R1 Scales Mound 2 1/2W-1N O Holsteins
Knuckey, A. J. R2 Scales Mound 1/2S-1W-1/2N R Shorthorns
Laity, Earl Star Rt. S. M. 1N R Jerseys
Laity, Will R3 Scales Mound 1/4W-1/2N-2E-1N-1/2E O Toulouse Geese
Martin, W. C. R1 Scales Mound 1W O Holsteins
Metz, Joe R2 Scales Mound 2W-1S R Holsteins
Meyers, Williams R3 Scales Mound 1/2S-3E R Rhode Island Reds
Neuschwanger, F. R3 Scales Mound 1/4S O Barred Rocks
Phelps, Harold R2 Scales Mound 1/2S-1 1/2W R Durocs
Peterson, John R3 Scales Mound 1/4E-1N-1E-1N-2E O Shorthorns
Phillips, John Star Rt. S. M. 1 1/2N-2E O
Rogers, Percy R1 Scales Mound 1/2W-2 1/4N-1/2W-1S R Holsteins
Rogers, Thomas R1 Scales Mound 1/2W-2 1/4N-1W O White Rocks and Bronze Turkeys
Rowe, Mrs. J. H. Star Rt. S. M. 1N-1/2W R Jerseys
Rummel, Will R3 Scales Mound 1/2S-2E-1 1/2S R Buff Rocks
Saam, Christ R1 Scales Mound 1/2W-1/2N-1/8W-1/4S R White Rocks and Holsteins
Saam, Martin R3 Scales Mound 1/2S-2E-1S R Shorthorns
Sampson, Alf R1 Scales Mound 1/4W-1/2N-2E-1N-1/2E R
Schubert, Isadore R3 Scales Mound 1/4W-1N-2E R
Sincox, Edward R1 Scales Mound 1/2W-1 1/2N R Jerseys
Sincox, Thomas R1 Scales Mound 1/2W-2N-1/2E O Jerseys
Smart, John R1 Scales Mound 1 1/2W O White Rocks
Smith, Thomas Scales Mound 1/4E R
Stadel, Will Star Rt. S. M. 1/4N O Polands
Steifel, Leslie R3 Scales Mound 1/4W-1N-1/2W-1N R
Steigner, Fred R3 Scales Mound 1/2W-1N-1E-1N R
Sweeney, Ray R2 Scales Mound 1/2S-2 1/2W R Barred Rocks
Thomas, Richard R3 Scales Mound 1/2S-3E R Shorthorns
Thompson, Ed. R1 Scales Mound 1/2W-1N R White Rocks
Tippet, Thomas R1 Scales Mound 1/2W-1/2N O Jerseys
Tranel, Geo. R2 Scales Mound 1/2S-3W R Durocs and Guernseys
Tresidder, Clifford R3 Scales Mound 1/4W-1N-1E R Holsteins
Tresidder, Leroy Star Rt. S. M. 1N O Chester Whites
Trevarthen, Geo. R1 Scales Mound 2 1/2W R Shorthorns
Trezona, Will R2 Scales Mound 1/2S-1/2W R Pekins
Webster, C. R3 Scales Mound 1/2S-1/2E R Guernseys
Wilcox, W. A. R3 Scales Mound 1/2S-2E O Polands
Wills, A. R2 Scales Mound 1/2S-1/4N-3W R
Wright, William R3 Scales Mound 1/2S-3E-1N-1/2W R
Stockton Twp.
Bartch, Chas. R3 Stockton 2 1/2S O
Bartch, Jess R3 Stockton 3S-2 1/2W R
Batchelder, N. R. R3 Stockton 3S- 1/2W O
Becker, William R2 Stockton 1/4S-1E O
Belk, Chet R3 Stockton 3 1/2S-3E R
Binkley, G. A. R4 Stockton 1/2N-2W O Holsteins
Blair, John R1 Woodbine 4W O
Bohnhoff, William R4 Stockton 1/2N-1/2W O
Bonjour, T. L. R1 Stockton 1E O Guernseys
Bonnett, Herman Stockton 4 1/2W O
Borsdorf, N. R1 Stockton 1E O
Boyle, Owen R1 Woodbine 2S-4W O
Byron, J. M. R2 Stockton 2S-1/2E O
Carpenter, Earl R2 Stockton 1/4E O
Carpenter, Frank R2 Stockton 1E-2S O
Carroll, John R4 Stockton 1N-1W O
Coppernoll, F. F. R4 Stockton 1W O
Coppernoll, Geo. R2 Stockton 1E-3S R
Coppernoll, J. C. R2 Stockton 1E-2 1/2S R
Coppernoll, Linton R3 Stockton 4S-3W R
Coppernoll, W. L. R2 Stockton 1 1/2S-1E O
Cosgrove, Tom R2 Stockton 1S O
Creighton, Walter R4 Stockton 2S-3 1/2W R
Crummer, A. B. R4 Stockton 2S-2W O
Curtiss, Homer R2 Stockton 1E R
Dittmar,W. H. R4 Stockton 1/2W-1S O
Donegan, W. W. R2 Stockton 1E R
Eden, Henry R3 Stockton 3S-4W O Polands
Ehrler, Walter R4 Stockton 3 1/2W O
Eiseman, Walter R3 Stockton 4S O
Ertmer, Robb R2 Stockton 1/2E R
Evans, Geo. W. R4 Stockton 4W O
Falkins, R. H. R4 Stockton 3W O
Fehrle, John R3 Stockton 3S-4W O
Feltmeyer, Geo. C. R4 Stockton 1N-4W R
Finkenbruder, J. V. R3 Stockton 4S O
Finn Bros. Stockton 1S R
Flack, Harry R4 Stockton 1N-4W O
Fox, Joe R4 Stockton 1 1/2W R
Frazier, A. L. R3 Stockton 1S-2W O Leghorns
Gallagher, Frank R3 Stockton 3W-3 1/2S R
Griggs, Grace R2 Stockton 3S-1E O
Haas, John V. R3 Stockton 3W-3 1/2S O
Hagan, Nettie R1 Woodbine 2S-4W O
Hall, Winfield R2 Stockton 1E O
Harris, Ivan R4 Stockton 1W R
Hartsough, B. F., Jr. R4 Stockton 4W R Leghorns
Hatton, Orville R1 Stockton 1N R
Heidenreich, H. H. R4 Stockton 1N O
Hill, Ambrose R4 Stockton 1W R
Hurlburt, C. E. R4 Stockton 2W-1/2N O
Johnson, A. R. R2 Stockton 2S-1/2E R
Johnson, C. C. R2 Stockton 3S-1/2E R
Johnson, Lyman Stockton 3S O
Lagerman Bros. R4 Stockton 4W R
Lamon, Otto R3 Stockton 4S R
Lyons, Frank R3 Stockton 2S-3W O
Mapes, Myron R4 Stockton 1W O
Marks, Rolland R3 Stockton 4S-2W O
Marshman, Earl R3 Stockton 2S-2W O
Mast, Fred R4 Stockton 1W-1S R
McKinstrey, David R1 Woodbine 2S-3W R
Millerschane, Jacob R1 Woodbine 2S-4W O
Momenteller, A. F. R3 Stockton 1/2S-1/2W O
Morrissee, R. D. R4 Stockton 1/2N O
Morrissee, William Stockton 3W-1/2S O
Murrey, John R4 Stockton 1 1/2S-2 1/2W O
Murrey, Martin R4 Stockton 2S-2 1/2W O
Musser, Edgar R2 Elizabeth 4S-3W R
Nickerson, W. R. R3 Stockton 2S-1 1/2W O
Palmer, Geo. R3 Stockton 2N-2 1/2W O
Parker, Leroy C. R3 Stockton 4S-1/2W O Holsteins
Perry, Glen R4 Stockton 1N-1 1/2W R
Perry, O. G. R3 Stockton 1S-1/2W O
Phelps, Geo. R1 Stockton 1/2E O
Pierce, Elwood R2 Stockton 3S-1E R
Pierce, Leland R3 Stockton 1S R
Pierce, Ross R2 Stockton 3S O
Pohl, Chester R3 Stockton 3S-2W R
Pohl, Herman R3 Stockton 2S-1 1/2W R
Pulfrey, Weston R3 Stockton 2S-2W O
Raab, Chas. R3 Stockton 4S-1/2E O
Raab, Clarence R3 Stockton 4S R
Reed, Pearl R3 Stockton 1S-1/2W R
Rindesbacher, Earl R4 Stockton 1 1/2W O
Rindesbacher, Frank R4 Stockton 2 1/2W-3/4S O Rhode Island Reds
Rindesbacher, Ray R4 Stockton 2 1/2W-1/2S O
Rindesbacher, Willis R4 Stockton 2 1/2W R
Roberts, T. M. R4 Stockton 3W O
Schmidt, Lee R3 Stockton 3S-2W R
Schubert, Clarence R3 Stockton 4S-1/2W R
Schuller, Fred R3 Stockton 3S-2W O
Schuller, Geo. R3 Stockton 1/2W-2S O
Sheridan, John B. R3 Stockton 3S-2 1/2W O
Simmons, C. J. Stockton 1/2E R
Smith, Frank R3 Stockton 4S-4W O
Smythe, T. M. R3 Stockton 4S-4 1/2W O
Spencer, Leon R4 Stockton 2W-1 1/2S R
Stevens, Harry R4 Stockton 2W-1/2N R
Townsend, Claude R2 Stockton 2 1/2S R
Trost, Carleton R2 Stockton 1/2E-1S R
Trost, Wallace R2 Stockton 2 1/2S-1E R
Tucker, H. J. R1 Stockton 1N O
Uecker, Fred A. R4 Stockton 1/2N-1/2W O
Vanderheyden, Ed. R4 Stockton 1/2W R
Vanderheyden, Lloyd R3 Stockton 4S-2W O
Wilcox, J. G. R3 Stockton 3 1/2S1W O
Williams, Delbert R4 Stockton 1N R Leghorns
Williams, James R3 Stockton 3S-3W O
Winters, Albert R3 Stockton 1/2W-2 1/2S O
Wolford, Andrew R1 Stockton 1/sN O
Wurster, Henry R3 Stockton 3 1/2W-3S O
Wurster, Sam R3 Stockton 3W-3S O
Thompson Twp.
Arnold, Arthur R1 Woodbine 3N R
Boettner, Ernest R3 Elizabeth 7N O Holsteins
Bohnoff, Harvey R5 Elizabeth 8N O
Bohnoff, Louis R5 Elizabeth 7N O
Bohnsack, Ernest R2 Scales Mound 5S R Jerseys
Bohnsack, H. J. R3 Scales Mound 6S O
Bohnsack, Leo R2 Scales Mound 7S O
Boldt, Henry, Jr. R5 Elizabeth 7N O
Bonjour, Fred R2 Apple River 4S O
Bourquin, Roy R3 Apple River 4S O Holsteins
Brashaw, Geo. R5 Stockton 8W O
Busch, Henry R5 Elizabeth 6N O
Busche, Elmer R5 Stockton 10W O Guernseys
Busche, Will R5 Stockton 10W O Guernseys
Cook, John R5 Elizabeth 5 1/2N O
Dittmar, Helmar R5 Elizabeth 9N R
Dittmar, Henry R3 Apple River 8S O
Dittmar, Joe R5 Elizabeth 8N O
Dittmar, Leon R3 Scales Mound 2S-3E R
Dittmar, Ray R3 Scales Mound 3S-3E R
Dotzel, Elmer R5 Elizabeth 8N-1E O
Duerstein, Geo. R5 Elizabeth 7N-1E O
Eicholtz, John Apple River 5S-1W O White Rocks
Evans, Fred R5 Stockton 7W-2N O
Eversoll, John R2 Scales Mound 7S-1W O Jerseys
Finn, Ada R5 Stockton 7W O
Grebner, Henry Apple River 5S-2W O Durocs
Grebner, Louis R5 Elizabeth 6N O Polands
Grebner, Otto R3 Scales Mound 3S-3E O Herefords
Grindy, Joshua R3 Apple River 3W-3S O
Hacker, Herman R2 Apple River 5 1/2S O Polands
Hammer, Geo. R3 Scales Mound 2E-3S O White Orpingtons
Hammer, Helmer R3 Scales Mound 2E-3S O Polands
Hayes Bros. R2 Apple River 5S O
Hess, John R3 Apple River 7S O Barred Rocks
Hesselbacher, Ernest Scales Mound 2E-2S R Leghorns
Hodgin, Chas. R5 Elizabeth 7N-1E O
Hodgin, Gardie R5 Elizabeth 7N-1E O
Holland, Wm. R3 Apple River 3W-3S R
Hoppe, Henry R5 Elizabeth 5N-1W R
Hoppe, John R5 Elizabeth 5N-2W R Brown Swiss
Hostman, Wm. R5 Elizabeth 7N O
Jaggers, Edw. R3 Apple River 5S O
Koehn, Fred R5 Elizabeth 8N O
Koehn, Wm. R3 Scales Mound 5S-2E O
Koester, Herman R3 Scales Mound 2E-4S O
Krueger, Henry R3 Apple River 3W-5S O Herefords
Kuhse, Wm. R5 Stockton 7W-2W O
Laird, Walter R3 Scales Mound 3S-3W O
Lange, Emil R3 Apple River 5S-2W O
Lange, Fred R5 Elizabeth 7N-2E O Leghorns
Menzimer, Ben R3 Elizabeth 6N-1W O Polands
Miller, Henry R3 Apple River 3W-4S O
Miller, Louie R3 Elizabeth 7N-2E O
Musselman, Henry R5 Elizabeth 6N O
Nadig, Wilbur R1 Woodbine 3W-1W O
Neiman, Archie R3 Apple River 8S-2W O
Neiman, Fred R3 Apple River 5S O Polands
Neiman, Otto R3 Apple River 6S R
Polchow, Ed. R5 Elizabeth 6N-1W O
Polchow, Louis R3 Elizabeth 6N O
Roberts, Maurice R5 Elizabeth 7N-2E O
Roberts, W. E. R5 Stockton 7W-1N O Guernseys
Ruesch, Wm. R5 Elizabeth 7N-1E O
Rummel, Wm. R3 Scales Mound 2E-2S O Buff Rocks
Scheele, Geo. R3 Scales Mound 1S-7E O Spotted Polands
Scheele, Wm. R3 Scales Mound 3E-4S O
Schlichting Bros. R3 Apple River 8S O
Schlichting, Elfie R5 Elizabeth 6N O
Schlichting, Ernest R3 Apple River 7S O
Schlichting, Louis R5 Elizabeth 6N O
Schultz, John R5 Elizabeth 7N-2E O
Schumaker, Wm. R3 Elizabeth 6N O
Siegel, Philip R2 Scales Mound 6S O
Sincox Bros. R3 Apple River 6S O
Stadel, Alfred R2 Scales Mound 5S-1/2E O Barred Rocks
Stadel, Edw. R5 Elizabeth 6N-1E O
Stadel, Fred R5 Elizabeth 6N-1W O
Stadel, Mrs. Geo. R3 Scales Mound 6S-1E O
Stauss, Aug. R2 Scales Mound 7S O
Stauss, Ray R3 Elizabeth 6N O
Stephans, Louis R3 Scales Mound 6S-2E O
Stien, Geo. R3 Scales Mound 3E-4S O
Sweeney, Tom R3 Scales Mound 6S-1E O
Teppert, Chas. R2 Scales Mound 6S O
Teppert, J. E. R2 Scales Mound 5S O Rhode Island Reds
Uren, John R2 Apple River 6S O
Vaughn Mary R5 Stockton 6W-2N O
Wasmund, Wm. R2 Scales Mound 7S O
Werner, Louis R2 Scales Mound 5S R Leghorns
Westelry, John R5 Elizabeth 7N-1E O
Westelry, Ralph R5 Stockton 7W-2N R
White, James R3 Apple River 7S O Angus
Williams, D. M. R3 Scales Mound 2E-4S O
Winters, Ben R2 Scales Mound 6S-1E O Durocs
Winters, Conrad R3 Scales Mound 5S-2E R Polands
Winters, Fred R3 Apple River 8S-1W R
Winters, Geo. C. R5 Stockton 8W-1S O Guernseys
Winters, John A. R5 Elizabeth 8N O Polands
Wulff, Henry R5 Elizabeth 6N O
Yackey, Chris R3 Scales Mound 2E-2S O
Zimmerman, Henry R3 Scales Mound 2E-6S O
Vinegar Hill Twp.
Anderburg, A. R4 Galena 4 1/2N-2E R Shorthorns
Bauer, Carl R2 Galena 4 1/2N O
Berning, Anton R2 Galena 6N O Holsteins
Berning, Henry R2 Galena 4 1/2N O Holsteins
Bodell, A. W. R4 Galena 4 1/2N-1E R Shorthorns
Brown, A. W. R4 Galena 7N-1 1/2E R
Bussan, J. G. R2 Galena 4N O
Dalsing, Benard R2 Galena 7N O Shorthorns
Dellabella, Frank R2 Galena 4N-1 1/2W O
Dugan, Edward R4 Galena 7N-1E O
Feehan, Edward R4 Galena 6N-1/2E R
Feehan, William R4 Galena 6N-3/4E R
Furlong Bros. Hazel Green 2S O Shorthorns
Furlong, Mary R2 Galena 7N O Herefords
Gans, J. J. R4 Galena 4 1/2N-1 1/2E O
Ginte, Frank R4 Galena 4 1/2N-1E O
Glasson Bros. R4 Galena 7N-1 1/2E O
Graham Bros. R4 Galena 5 1/4N-1/2E O Herefords
Hartung, Lenard Hazel Green 2S-1/2W O
Hasken, Frances R2 Galena 7N-1 1/4W R
Hasken, Joe R2 Galena 4N-1W O
Hasken, John R2 Galena 4N-3/4W O
Heitkamp, Henry R2 Galena 7N-1W O
Hess, Frank R2 Galena 6 1/4N O
Hickie, Thomas R2 Galena 4N-1W O
Hillby, John R2 Galena 6 3/4N O
Houtakker, John R2 Galena 5 1/2N O
Houtakker, Ray R2 Galena 4 1/2N R
Leifker, George R2 Galena 5N-2 1/2W O
Leifker, Henry R2 Galena 5N-2W O
Manley, John R2 Galena 6 1/4N-1/2W O
Murphy, A. D. R2 Galena 6 1/4N-3/4W O
Oldenburg, Mrs. Helena R2 Galena 4 1/4N O Herefords
O'Rourke, Margaret R4 Galena 7N-1 1/2E O
Rodda, Earl R2 Galena 7N-1 1/4W R
Schaber, C. F. R4 Galena 4 1/2N-1 3/4E O
Schonhoff, Frank R2 Galena 4N-1 1/2W O
Schulte, Elizabeth R2 Galena 7N-1/2W O
Snyder, Peter R4 Galena 5N-1E O
Soat, Wm. R2 Galena 5N O
Speaker, Joe R2 Galena 4 1/2N O
Speaker, Wm. R2 Galena 5N-1 1/2W O
Spillane, George R4 Galena 4 1/2N-1 3/4E O
Temperly, T. E. R4 Galena 4 1/2N-1 1/4E O
Timpe, Joseph R2 Galena 4 1/2N O Holsteins
Timpe, William R2 Galena 4N-1 1/2W O
Vandrah, Ben R2 Galena 5N-2 1/2W O
Walsh, Margaret R2 Galena 7N-3/4W O
Wills, William R4 Galena 5N-1 1/2E O
Zeal, John R4 Galena 4 1/2N-1 3/4E O
Wards Grove Twp.
Bergman, William R2 Stockton 2E-4S
Bergman, Benj. G. R2 Stockton 3E-4S
Blair, H. O. R1 Kent 3E-1S
Blair, Mrs. James R2 Stockton 3E-2S
Blair, Mary B. R2 Stockton 2 1/2E-4S
Borsdorf, Simon R2 Stockton 1E-1/2S
Bryson, Donald R1 Kent 3E-2 1/2S Guernseys
Cole, Chas. R1 Kent 4E-3S
Cox, W. C. R2 Stockton 2E-3S
Crummer, Geo. R2 Stockton 1E-1/2S
Dick, O. C. R2 Stockton 1E-1S Holsteins
Dittmar, Geo. R1 Lena 3 1/2E
Ditzler, Geo. R1 Kent 3E-2S
Finkenbinder Bros. R2 Stockton 3 1/2E-1S Herefords
Finkenbinder, D. A. R2 Stockton 3E-1/2S
Finkenbinder, M. L. R1 Kent 3E-1/4S
Finkenbinder, R. R. R1 Kent 3 1/2E-1S
Flickinger, L. W. R1 Kent 4E-1 1/2S
Fox, H. P. R1 Kent 4E-1 1/2S
Fox, Thomas R2 Stockton 2E-2 1/2S
Frazier, Geo. R1 Kent 3 1/2E-3S
Gallagher, Elmer R2 Stockton 1 1/2E
Graves, Clarence R2 Stockton 3E Holsteins
Graves, Jeff R2 Stockton 2E
Graves, O. E. R2 Stockton 2 1/2E
Hayer, Ralph R1 Kent 4E
Hughes, M. R1 Stockton 2E-2N
Johns, Roy R5 Stockton 1E White Leghorns
Johnson, T. W. R2 Stockton 1 1/2E-3S
Jogerst, F. J. R2 Stockton 2 1/2E Holsteins
Kaeb, John Stockton 2 1/2E-1 1/2S
Kaufman, W. W. R2 Stockton 3E-1/2S
Keifer, Geo. R1 Kent 3E-2S
Kleckner, D. C. R1 Kent 3 1/2E-3S
Krise, Harold R1 Kent 3E-3S
Lawfer, W. W. R2 Stockton 3E-3S
Leitzen, John R1 Lena 3E-1N
Machamer, A. D. R1 Kent 3E-3 1/2S
McLinans, M. R. R1 Kent 3E-2S Polands and Holsteins
Pilson, R. H. R1 Kent 4E-2S
Pimperton, L. D. R2 Stockton 2E-3S
Polhill, P. E. R1 Stockton 1E-1N
Ray, Chas. P. RFD Stockton 1E
Reiland, Thomas R1 Lena 3E-1/2N
Richtemeyer, Henry R1 Kent 4E-1S
Richtemeyer, William R1 Kent 4E
Rowe, J. W. RFD Stockton 2E
Scotchbrook, W. A. R2 Stockton 3E
Shadle, Lyle Stockton 3E-2S
Sharp, Mittie M. Stockton 2 1/2E-2S
Thomasson, Henry R1 Kent 3 1/2E
Thomasson, Leslie R2 Stockton 3 1/2E-1S
Toepfer, Albert G. R2 Stockton 2E-3S
Tyrrell, Clyde R2 Stockton 1 1/2E-1S
Werkheiser, M. W. R1 Lena 4E
White, Lloyd R2 Stockton 3E
Wise, Porter R1 Kent 4E-3 1/2S
Wixson, C. E. R2 Stockton 1E-4 1/2S
Yeager, Charles R2 Stockton 3E
Yeager, Mary R2 Stockton 3E-1S
Yeager, Ray R1 Kent 3E-1 1/2S
Warren Twp.
Bastian, Howard R3 Warren 4 3/4W O
Bausman, J. L. R3 Apple River 3W-1 1/2S of A. R. O
Boone, F. G. R3 Warren 1/2S-1W O
Broege, Robert R3 Warren 3W- 1/2S O
Clock, Edwin R3 Warren 1W O
Crause, Elmer R3 Warren 3W R
Denis, Elmer R3 Warren 1/2W O
Downs, Nelson R3 Apple River 4W of Warren R
Ernst, John Warren 3W-1N O
Evans, Richard R3 Apple River 4 1/2W of Warren O
Francis, Jake R3 Warren 4 1/2W-1 1/2S O
Gable, Frank R3 Apple River 4W of Warren R
Galloger, W. M. R3 Warren 4W-1S R
Golmer, F. E. Warren 3W-2S O
Grebner, Louis R1 Apple River 4 1/2W-1S of Warren R
Grindy, Mark R3 Apple River 4W-2S of Warren O
Hayes, Josie R3 Warren 2W O
Hicks, A. W. & Son R3 Warren 1/2W-1/2S O
Hicks, D. J. R2 Warren 1 1/2S O
Holland, Dan Apple River 4 1/2W of Warren O
Hornung, Nick R3 Warren 2W-1 1/2S O
Hunt, John Warren Edge of City R
Hurst, Chris R3 Warren 2 1/2W O
Kent, Frank R3 Warren 2 1/2W O
Koehn, John R3 Warren 3W R
Luke, Albert R3 Apple River 5W of Warren O
Maln, reynold R3 Warren 1/2W-3/4S O
Monnier, C. A. Warren 1 1/2W O
Morton, C. W. R2 Warren 1/2S O
Mosevich, Constant R2 Warren 1S R
Pansing, Elmer R3 Warren 1W-1S R
Pearson, F. B. R3 Warren 2 1/2W-1S R
Pepoon Bros. R3 Warren 2S-1/2W O
Pepoon, Louis R3 Warren 1S-1/2W O
Reed, Wesley R3 Warren 1 3/4W O
Reynolds, Chas. R1 Warren 1/2E R
Rowe, Henry R3 Warren 4W-1/2S R
Scace, Edw. R3 Warren 1W O
Schiable, Wm. R3 Apple River 5W of Warren R
Schultz, J. F. R1 Warren 1/2E O
Shultz, Geo. R2 Warren 1 1/2E O
Shaw, James R3 Warren 1/2N O
Sincox, B. F. R3 Warren 1 1/4W O
Smith, Chas. S. R3 Warren 1 1/2W R
Smith, Dan R3 Warren R
Vick, J. H. R2 Warren 1 1/2S
Walters, Frank R3 Apple River 4W-2S of Warren O
Wand, Andrew R3 Warren 2S-1W O
Wand, Dora R3 Warren 2S-2W O
Wand, Edward R3 Warren 2S R
Watson, John R1 Apple River 4W-1/2N of Warren O
Wear, Geo. R3 Warren 1W-2S O
Wetzel, Leo R3 Warren 3 1/2W O
White, Harry R3 Warren 4W O
White, Richard R3 Warren 4W O
Wilson Bros. R3 Warren 2W O
Zink, George R3 Warren 2S
Zipsie, Vernon R3 Warren 1W-1S R
West Galena Twp.
Bauer, Joe R2 Galena 3/4W R
Brown, Edward R2 Galena 1/2N O
Bruun, Carl R2 Galena 1SW R
Burke, Joseph R2 Galena 1 1/2NW O
Dayton, John R., Est. R2 Galena 3 1/4NW O
Dayton, Mrs. J. R. Gen. Del. Galena 1/4N O
Dempsey, Edmund Gen.Del. Galena 1W O
Einsmiller, Earl Gen. Del. Galena 1 1/4W O
Fleege, Henry Gen. Del. Galena 1 1/4W O
Gronner, Frank Gen. Del. Galena 1/4NW O
Hahn, Antone R2 Galena 1NW R
Heim, Fred R2 Galena 1/2W R
Heim, Henry R4 Galena 1E O
Hess, Henry Gen. Del. Galena 1 3/4W O
Homrich, Grover R2 Galena 1/2W R
Huilman, John R1 Galena 2E O
Landorf, J. W. R4 Galena 1 1/4E O
Lannon, Wm. Gen. Del. Galena 2W O
Lucy, George Gen. Del. Galena 1 1/2W R
Muchow, Delbert R2 Galena 2 1/2NW R
Roberts, Henry R2 Galena 1 1/4NW R
Schmid, Richard R2 Galena 2NW O
Shea, Dennis R2 Galena 2 3/4NW O
Slattery, M. & Son R2 Galena 2NW O Herefords
Snedecker, Charles R2 Galena 1NW R
Sproule, C. R. Gen. Del. Galena 1 1/2E R
Virtue, Lester R2 Galena 1NW O
Westimeier, Ed. R2 Galena 1 1/4W R
Woodbine Twp.
Allen, John F. Elizabeth 1 1/2N O
Allen, John L. Elizabeth 1 1/2N O
Arnold, Fred Woodbine 1/4N R
Artman, A. G. Elizabeth 3E R
Atz, Albert Woodbine 3E O
Atz, Emil Elizabeth 2 1/2E O
Atz, J. G. Elizabeth 2 1/2E O
Bawden, Henry Woodbine 1W O
Beyer, George Stockton 4 1/2S O
Boehm, Herman R1 Woodbine 1/2S O
Bonjour, Ray Elizabeth 2E O
Bough Bros. Woodbine 3S O
Brown, Ray Woodbine 2 1/2S O
Bryson, Mrs. Frank Elizabeth 3E O
Buford, C. G. Elizabeth 1E O
Cobine, Ben Elizabeth 3E R
Cobine, Robert Elizabeth 3E R
Cosgrove, Peter Woodbine 3E O
Dittmar, Ben R1 Woodbine 1/2N O
Eden, Ben Stockton 4S O
Ehredt, Joe Elizabeth 1 1/2N O
Evans, Abe Woodbine 2 1/2E O
Finicle, John, Jr. Elizabeth 3E R
Groezinger, Johnnie Elizabeth 3E O
Hancock, C. Elizabeth 3N R
Heidenreich Bros. Woodbine 1 1/2E O
Heidenreich, Delbert Woodbine 2W O
Heidenreich, R. R. Woodbine 2E O
Herman, Ed. Woodbine 3S O
Herman, Elmer Woodbine 1 1/2S O
Herivald, Evans Stockton 5W O
Hess, John Woodbine 2N O
Holland, Fritz Woodbine 2N O
Holland, Wesley Woodbine 1N O
Hotenlosher, Fred Woodbine 1 1/2W O
Hughes, Chas. Woodbine 2N O
Hutton, Haldor Elizabeth 1N R
James, Robert Stockton 5W O
Jones, Fred Stockton 5W O
Kearney, John Woodbine 1 1/2N O
Klopf, Fred Stockton 4S O
Klopf, Wm. Stockton 4S O
Koehn Bros. Elizabeth 3N R
Koehn, L. J. Elizabeth 2 1/2N O
Krell, George Woodbine 2S O
Kuhn, E. W. Elizabeth 3N O
Kuntz, George Woodbine 2 1/2S O
Nadig, L. Elizabeth 1 1/2N R
North, Wm. Woodbine 3E O
North, W. L. Woodbine 2 1/2E R
Prisk, C. O. Elizabeth 2E O
Prisk, J. W. Woodbine 3E O
Reber, George Woodbine 2E O
Read, Evert Elizabeth 2 1/2E O
Reed, Amos Elizabeth 3E O
Roberts, Chas. Elizabeth 3N O
Roberts, Griff Woodbine 2N O
Roberts, Wallie Elizabeth 3N O
Roberts, Wm. Stockton 6W O
Schreck, George Woodbine 1N O
Schubert Bros. Woodbine 3E O
Shore, George Woodbine 1 1/2N O
Sieman Bros. Woodbine 2 1/2E O
Sieman, Wm. Woodbine 2N O
Stadel, Chas. Stockton 5 1/2W O
Thomas, A. E. Woodbine 2N O
Thomas, George Woodbine 1 1/2N O
Toms, Wesley Elizabeth 1/2E O
Wand, Mrs. John Woodbine 1 1/2W O
Wood, Henry Elizabeth 1E O
Wurster, Carl Woodbine 3S O
Wurster, C. S. Elizabeth 4E O
Wurster, George Woodbine 1/2S O