The Diary of Lillian Trudgian

Part 2

July 1916

Sat. 1 Just think its July. Ma in bed all day again today. Not a great deal better. I baked cake + drop cakes this forenoon. This afternoon I was sick in bed all afternoon.

Sun. 2 Well Uncle Edd brought Aunt Annie [Tippett] down this morning then he and Pa went to church. Nearly surprised to death when about half past twelve Helen Weis called up wanted to know if Ruby + I wanted to go riding. We didn't have no dinner. We hurried awfully. We started twenty after one. Mr. Weis, Bert + Helen, and us. We went to Galena. It looked an awful lot like a storm all the time. Went out on the turnpike. went out several miles. it looked so much like rain, we turned back. First time I ever was on the pike. They wanted to go to Hazel Green {Wisconsin] or farther. We stopped at Canes and had ice cream. Then rode around town awhile and came home. Mr. Weis got out at home. Helen [Weis] run it up went up the road quite a way. and came back. Had a fine ride. John Tresidders were here to when we got home. Uncle Edd's [Tippett] staid to supper. Mamma was up quite a bit today.

Mon. 3 It rained some this morning but not enough to make it muddy. It cleared up this afternoon. Pa + Ruby went to the Station got a barrel salt and 50 lb flour. Ruby went up to Mrs. Southcoat's and paid for some blinds for the parsonage. Ma is some better.

Tue. 4 Well it has been a lovely day. Ma wasn't well enough to go anywhere. or hardly to leave home alone. Anyway I wouldn't have gone anywhere with a balky horse. I felt kind of dissapointed all day. But this evening Josie Weis called up said they were going in town this evening just the three said Ruby + I could go along. So we went. We went down to Weis's. started at half past seven. Quite a crowd in town. We rode around town and sat in the auto. Then Josie, Helen [Weis] Ruby + I went to dreamland. The pictures were quite good. We got home just eleven. Had a fine time. Roads were just full of autos today.

Wed. 5 Lot of autos on road again today. W. W. Hicks came and showed Pa a Ford car this evening one he has been using. Gave him a little ride. We washed today. Ruby ironed all but those that are to be dampened. I cut some lawn.

Thu. 6 Well we hauled three loads of hay this afternoon. I am trying to get some lawn cut. Ma went to meet Aunt Annie [Tippett] this evening to get some kale plants.

Fri. 7 Quite hot today. We hauled four loads of hay this afternoon. Seven in now. pitched it all in. More down to haul tomorrow.

Sat. 8 We hauled four loads of hay pitched it in the barn. I got quite tired by evening. It has been terrible hot today. I nearly finished cutting the lawn.

Sun. 9 Ma, Ruby, + I went to church this forenoon. Five others there and Mr + Mrs Haines . They were talking to having bush meetings around here somewhere. Hope he don't. We all went up to Aunt Annie [Tippett] for dinner + staid to supper. Ruby + I had a ride part way up with Mr + Mrs Temperly in auto. Just an awful lot of autos going along especially this eve. Ruby + I came home did the chores. Then Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie came down to Weis. Pa + Ma went in to and called us up we then went down. Lovly day.

Mon. 10 Fine clear day. We hauled what hay we had down. Two small loads called it one.

Tue. 11 Another fine day. We hauled four loads this afternoon. Used a horse for putting it in. have sixteen loads in now.

Wed. 12 This morning Uncle George's [Dittmar] phoned in said they were coming in. Mayme [Dittmar] is home. came home yesterday. Ma + I went raspberry picking this morning. in Tresidders lane. they said we could have them. got a gallon. Just got home a few minutes they came staid to dinner. All along but Uncle George [Dittmar]. After dinner they went up to Aunt Annies [Tippett]. They all went to Galena a little while this afternoon. They called us as they went home. Gave them some roses. Edward didnít stay. Some of them evidently intended to stay. Had two suitcases along. Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] and Loretta and Olive came to Galena today. Uncle Edd [Tippett] went in after them this eve. We got in the hay this afternoon. Two loads makes eighteen. This evening we had an awful storm about ten oíclock. Terrible cracks. Thought sure once it struck the house. Terrible hot today.

Thu. 13 Well, Pa + Ruby went to Galena today. Couldnít work at hay. My but the oats is flat. Lightening struck one of our evergreens. Second up from the road. Ma + I washed today. Awful hot again today.

Fri. 14 We hauled four loads of hay this afternoon making twenty-two loads. Have been just terrible tired all day. Ma + I picked berries this forenoon. Got some over a gallon.

Sat. 15 hauled fourloads today making twenty-six loads. Just awful hot. Ma churned. I cut a little lawn. Ruby did some ironing. Aunt Tillie [Dittmar], Olive + Loretta came down this evening.

Sun. 16 Ma + Ruby went to church this forenoon. The rest of us staid at home. Aunt Annie [Tippett] came down to. Uncle Edd [Tippett] went to church. It was Fannie Crosby Sunday. It is Rubyís + Olive birthday today. Ruby is twenty-three and Olive six. We gave Olive a blue hair ribbon. Aunt Annie gave Ruby a tie or bow. Uncle Edds went home after supper. This eve Ruby, Olive, Loretta + I went down to Tresidders a little while.

Mon. 17 We brought in three loads of hay today making twenty-nine. Ma + I went picking berries over in the lane this forenoon. Got about half gallon between us. Ruby went up in woods got half gallon. Tillie [Dittmar] and children went up to Aunt Annies [Tippett] this afternoon.

Tue. 18 We hauled four loads of hay today which makes thirty-three. Ruby picked some gooseberries this forenoon. We baked bread today. I also made some drop cookies.

Wed. 19 Hauled four loads this afternoon. Thirty-seven loads in now. It is storming tonight guess we wonít haul any hay tomorrow. Dad finished cutting the big piece today. About three or four loads.

Thu. 20 Well, Pa + Ma went up to Scales Mound today. Went up to Uncle Nicks [Dittmar] awhile. Ruby + I washed. A big washing. This evening Aunt Tillie [Dittmar], Loretta + Olive came down this evening. They were down to Tresidders.

Fri. 21 Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] and the girls went up to Aunt Annies [Tippett] again this afternoon. We hauled four loads of hay today. And finished up the big field . which makes forty-one loads for this field. Dad cut down the piece across the road today.

Sat. 22 We finished haying today. We made a stack of the hay. About four loads. Making about forty-one loads. We baked a cake, pies, bread and coffee cake today. Been quite busy.

Sun. 23 This morning a auto stopped it was Uncle Joe [Dittmar] and Aunt Rachel [Dittmar] + baby with John Westaby and Miss Pratt. Just called a few minutes. Uncle Joeís went up to Aunt Annies [Tippett] and came down this afternoon late. Aunt Annie came to. Had supper. Then went so they could get out to S-ll [Schapville] for church. Pa + Ruby went to church this forenoon. An awful lot of auto going along today. Uncle Edd [Tippett] came down this eve.

Mon. 24 Ma and I went to look at the blackberries this morning. The blackberries are just starting to get ripe. We got enough blackberries + raspberries to make one quart.

We heard yesterday that Mr. Popp is crazy. Today we heard they took him to Watertown today.

Tue. 25 Dad cut the grain here by the house with the mower. Ma bound some. I bundled some. Just awful hot today. We got a letter from Wilbur today.

Wed. 26 Awful hot today. We hauled some grain today. But canít work much.

Thu. 27 We hauled four loads today. Just terrible hot. Ninety-six here I believe. Our stack is getting quite high.

Fri. 28 Mamma and I went to pick blackberries this morning. Didnít get many. Drying up so. We need rain very badly. Hauled part a load of hay to finish up the stack. We washed this afternoon. Ruby + I met Aunt Annie [Tippett] on the hill tonight. Gave her some apples and cucumbers.

Sat. 29 Did Sat. work today. Dad and Ruby went to town this afternoon. Awful hot in there. Itís been terrible hot today.

Sun. 30 Ma + Ruby went to church. Only ones there besides Mr. + Mrs. Haines. Didnít have any services. We all went up to Aunt Annies [Tippett] this after. Dad + I rode up the hill with John + Alta Combellick. John Tresidders were up there to. Uncle George [Dittmar], Aunt Lizzie [Dittmar], Wesley [Dittmar] + Naomi [Dittmar] took Mr + Mrs Johnnie Weis to Galena today. Called at Uncle dds [Tippett] toward evening. Had supper. Dad + Ma rode down with them. Dad had a ride up to Temperlys hill with Bert Weis this afternoon.

Mon. 31 I got a letter from Vada today. It has been cooler today. An awful nice breeze. Ma + I picked blackberries today. I picked the cucumbers to. My I wish it would rain.


August 1916

Tue. 1 Ruby ironed last weeks ironing today. Dad went down to Tresidders to help shock grain today. Wanted to help John back for helping us with fodder and other things. Ma hemmed up her black silk skirt.

Wed. 2 Last day of Chautaqua on Galena. We didnít get to go once. Ma + I picked blackberries this forenoon. Put up six qts. And made some jelly. Ruby + I finished picking this after, didnít do anything with them. I picked cucumbers. Put up two half-gallons.

Thu. 3 We washed this afternoon. Dad cut the weeds in the road with Della + Fannie. Old Fannie balked again. We got a card from Anna [Trudgian] today. From Chicago. Said she may see us in a week or more all depends on how they feel. Are going to take the trip on Great lakes.

Fri. 4 We picked about a milk pail of berries this forenoon. Ma + I put up nine quarts. Got twenty-four qts now. And a ton of jelly. Didnít pick all the berries today. I picked the cucumbers. We also ironed.

Sat. 5 Dad + Ruby went to Galena today. It rained a little last night but not enough.

Sun. 6 No services at Union today. Haines to lazy I guess. Home all day. But took a walk down to Johnís [Tresidder] this eve. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippett] were there to. A few auto went along. Uncle George, Aunt Lizzie, Wesley + Edward [Dittmar] took Mr + Mrs Johnnie Hammer over to Alvin Hammers today. Wesley and Edward were over to Aunt Annies awhile.

Mon. 7 Papa took our lambs over the Station this morning. Seven of them. Got forty-nine dollars. Average about eighty pounds apiece. Ruby + I picked blackberries this morning. This afternoon Aunt Annie [Tippett] came down and she, Ruby + I picked. Didnít get them all picked. Then from this mornings batch Ma put up six qts without sugar and 1 Ĺ qts jam. One qt. Jar busted and wasted it all. Got the rest to put up tomorrow. Ma put six half-gallon bottles of cucumber pickles up today.

Tue. 8 Papa went down to Johnís [Tresidder] to help stack today. Ruby + I picked berries this forenoon. Got forty-five and Ĺ qts of blackberries put up including two + one half qts jam. We washed this afternoon.

Wed. 9 Been awfully busy today. Dad helped stack down at Johnís [Tresidder] again today. We ironed, baked bread bake a batch of cookies and a cake. Ma + Ruby picked berries this forenoon. And made jelly and jam out of them. And other things. We expected to her from Uncle Thomasís [Trudgian] or Anna [Trudgian] today, but didnít. Been thinking Uncle Tís would be coming back for the Fair. And Anna to maybe. First day of Fair today.

Thu. 10 Well we got a letter from Uncle Thomas. Didnít say anything about coming back. He thought Anna would be in Galena by Fri for the Fair. Thought she might come out here. Dad hitched to the hack this forenoon to go to fair. We wouldnít go so unhitched started out walking got a ride part way. It stormed. This afternoon showery. Dad walked home. Called at Win Tippetts while it stormed. Quite a few autos going along today. It rained awfully hard. Uncle Herman [Dittmar] and Miss Martha Fiedler went to the fair. Came out here at eight tonight. We got some supper for them. They staid until ten oclock. I feel just terribly disappointed couldnít go to the fair. There was a balloon ascension at the fair. Saw the balloon out here.

Fri. 11 Iím just terribly disappointed I couldnít go to the fair today. But didnít expect to go for a long time. A lovely day. We didnít hear anything from Anna [Trudgian]. Last day of fair.

Sat. 12 Got a card from Uncle Thomas. He said Anna is home. Got home Thu. At midnight. Tired out. The girl she was with didnít want to stop and Anna didnít want her to go home alone. Ruby is sick today. Has an awful sore throat.

Sun. 13 Awfully cool today. Rubyís throat is awful bad yet. Ma + I took a walk up as far as the school house this afternoon. Otherwise we all staid home. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippett] came down this eve, Roads are just fine. Not too many autos today but quite a few tonight.

Mon. 14 Cloudy most all day. Ma picked and put up three qts blackberries. I picked cucumbers. Nigger [horse] cut his foot in wire I guess. Bled terrible. Donít know when or where he did it.

Tue. 15 Uncle Ben [Dittmar] called up Aunt Annie [Tippett] tonight. Will Dittmar, wife and two children from Kansas and Grandpa [John Dittmar] + Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] are down there. Are coming to Galena tomorrow and want to come out. Uncle Edd [Tippett] has to go thrashing tomorrow.

Wed. 16 Dad and Ruby went to Galena. Got some hog feed. John Tippett went in and got the folks in the auto. Ma made a cake didnít get anything.

Thu. 17 They all walked down this forenoon. Aunt Annie [Tippett] to. They boysí name is Glen [Dittmar] and the girlís is Lucille [Dittmar]. They are going to stay all night.

Fri. 18 Dad hitched up took the women + kids up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] this forenoon. Will + Grandpa [Dittmar] walked and Ruby + I walked.This afternoon Uncle Edd [Tippett] took them all in to Gesselbrachts. Today quite hot.

Sat. 19 Ruby is complaining with the ear ache today. I made two angel cakes today. One for us, one for Aunt Annie [Tippett]. Busy as usual.

Sun. 20 Ruby quite sick with her ear. Didnít sleep any last night. It seems it breaks and runs some bloody matter. Donít know whether to call a Dr. or not. Quite hot. Aunt Annie [Tippett] walked down this after noon. Agnes, Milton, + Blanche [Tresidder] came up this afternoon. A great lot of autos going along today.

Mon. 21 Ruby didnít sleep much last night. Some times her ear pains her terrible and some times its easier. I pick all the duchess apples this forenoon. Helped Dad with a fence and picked the cucumbers this afternoon.

Tue. 22 Ruby feeling about the same, maybe some better. Slept more last night. I picked our first watermelon today. Ma + I washed a large wasing today. Dad helped clean the cemetery this afternoon.

Wed. 23 Ruby is about the same today. We ironed today.

Thu. 24 We had our first muskmelon today. Ruby isnít much if any better yet. We donít know if we should call a doctor or not. Mama took some apples down to Agnes T. [Tresidder] this evening.

Fri. 25 A nice day. Ruby is about the same. Ida + Della Bastian came back from Montana today.

Sat. 26 Ruby donít seem to get any better. Such a time to know is shold get doctor or not. Pa went to Galena today.

Sun. 27 There is two services at Union today. But didnít go. Well, we had Dr. Logan come out this afternoon. He lanced some in her throat and some was in to deep. Aid should apply ground flax seed poultice. That the rest might break tonight or tomorrow morning. Maybe longer. She felt a little easier. Nobody else came near.

Mon. 28 Well Rubyís throat is more gathered again. The doctor called outthis morning and this afternoon. Said he was going away tomorrow. If we wanted another doctor he would send one out. Fiedler kids were down this afternoon. Had to threaten to give them thrashings several times. Harold Monnier hearing, or what ever it is, is today. My the autos and teams. More than for the fair.

Tue. 29 Its my birthday today. Such a time. Nearly drive a person crazy. Ruby throat is about all shut. Donít know whether to have a dr. out or not. But didnít. Uncle Edds [Tippett] are thrashing this afternoon. Mattie + Mary are out helping.

Wed. 30 Ruby was awfully bad all night last night. We called Dr. Dolamore before six oclock this morning. He didnít come out for several hours. He couldnít do much, it is in to deep to lance. He did lance several points. Dad had to go to town for medicine. He ought to be kicked for not bringing it. But Dad had to go to town anyway. Uncle Edds [Tippett] got through thrashing this forenoon. Ruby is feeling some better today. Aunt Annie [Tippett] came down late this afternoon.

Thu. 31 I got two birthday cards today. Well today is the Schapville picnic. Not a great many people went past here. Aunt Annie [Tippett] went out with Winterís. she is coming back with Martha T [Tresidder] tomorrow. Ruby feels quite a little better today. Cloudy all day. Late this afternoon it started to rain.


September 1916

Fri. 1 Well we had a nice rain last night. John Tresidder came up this forenoon. Just came home from Des Moines this morning. Stopped at Waterloo Tuesday. He said Uncle Thomasís were coming back in their car tomorrow. He doesnít know if they will come now it rained. Wilbur canít come. To busy in packing house.

Sat. 2 We were just awfully busy all day. Dad went to Galena this afternoon. Came jome at about five. Didnít see anything of Uncle Thomasís [Trudgian]. Ruby helped us some today. At half past six Aunt Annie [Tippett] called up said Uncle Thomasís were coming. That is Al + Nancy and Wilbur, Olive + Wayne came down here. Uncle Thomas and Aunt Rachel staid up to Aunt Annieís. They had their supper at Klothes. Got to Galena about five oclock. They started at half-past five this morning. Had four blow outs.

Mr. Young died this morning. At seven oclock. He had been out door and came in and lay down and died.

Sun. 3 They said they wanted to go up and get Uncle Nick + Aunt Lizzie [Dittmar] this morning. Coaxed me to go along. Wilbur Wayne, Al [Trudgian], Dad + I went. They came along down. Uncle Thomas [Trudgian] came down this forenoon. Aunt Rachel [Trudgian] went to church with Uncle Eddís [Tippett]. Then they came down too. This afternoon John, Agnes, Milton, Blanche + Ida [Tresidder] came up. Also Josie + Helen Weis. Quite a house full. Helen is going to start to school again Tuesday. After supper they would have Anna + I go along with them to take Uncle Nickís back. Al run the car. Uncle Thomas went to. Uncle Thomas + Aunt Rachel went down to Johnís [Tresidder] to stay all night. They want to start home at half-past five tomorrow morning.

Mon. 4 Well it rained last night and this morning. They couldnít go home. Wilbur + Al [Trudgian] declared they had to be home to go to work tomorrow. So they started out walking to Galena. Hear they got a ride part way. They are going on the one oclock train. A [Anna] + N [Nancy] didnít like to see them go. Donít like to ride with Uncle Thomas. Dad went up church helped to clean up for the funeral. Pa + Ma went up to the church this afternoon. It was about half-past three when the funeral got there. They think the church was about full. [????] Green of Galena preached. Ma went to cemetery with Win Tippett. Uncle Thomas + Aunt Rachel [Trudgian] are going to stay here all night.

Tue. 5 Looked quite rainy again this morning. They didnít know what to do. It looked better and they started about eight oclock. It rained just awful hard this afternoon. I suppose they got in to it somewhere.

Wed. 6 We didnít hear anything of Uncle Thomasís [Trudgian] this morning. We washed just an awful nig washing today. Ruby works around a little but feel awfully weak.

Thu. 7 It rained again last night. Thought sure we would hear from Waterloo today but didnít. We ironed today.

Fri. 8 Heard from Uncle Thomasís [Trudgian] today. They got home Wed. at noon. They had a time of it. Olive and Nancy went home on the train from Dubuque.

Sat. 9 The picnic at Apple River today. Ruby + I wanted to go. But Ruby isnít well enough. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippett] went.

Sun. 10 Home all day. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippett] came home from A. R. today. Came down here this evening. A lovely day.

Mon. 11 Papa took a calf over the Station this forenoon. Ma went up to the melon patch this forenoon. And all the melons are gone but two little watermelons.and several small muskmelons. Some people took them last night. An awful lot of rinds up there also cut some corn off. Dad + Ruby took a ride up the road this afternnon. Took the insurance card for the school along. It came here. Gave it to Walter Werner. He looked quite pale. They gave Milton [Tresidder], Willie + Mary a ride home. They questioned Milton. He + Willie + Ray Werner had been up in the patch in the afternoon. Took several. We guess who took the rest. We went up to Uncle Eddís [Tippett] this evening. Took up some cucumbers. It rained so Ruby stayed all night. Mrs. John Weis came over a little while this afternoon.

Tue. 12 Cloudy + rainy today so Ruby didnít come home.

Wed. 13 I rode horse back up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] this forenoon. Thought Ruby could ride the horse home, but I met her down by Weis. We washed today. Thinking to go to Warren Fair or mission feast at Scales Mound tomorrow.

Thu. 14 We got up early. And Dad took us over the Staion. And we went to the Warren Fair. It was just awful cold all day Nearly froze. Ate dinner with Grandpa [Dittmar]. Went to Bumgardners for supper. Came back to Apple River to stay all night at Grandpaís. a big crowd at the fair. Lots of nice things. Uncle Joes [Dittmar] were there + Uncle Dan [Dittmar]. Sadie [Dittmar] was down. Lots of people we knew.

Fri. 15 We didnít know if we should come home or not but decided to stay until tomorrow morning. Tillie [Dittmar] went to the fair today with Jake Staussíes. Uncle Georges [Dittmar] came down to Grandpas for the evening.

Sat. 16 We came home this morning. We went in to Uncle Georgeís [Dittmar] store to say goodbye. Aunt Lizzie [Dittmar] asked us to go up stairs to say good bye to Pearl [Dittmar]. That she had her trunk packed. Mr. Bunker was up stairs. She said come and see us so I guess they are going to be married very soon.

We sent for bread with Uncle Edd [Tippett]. (Ruby made a sponge but a mouse got drown in it.) I went up there this afternoon. Dad come up in the evening.

Sun. 17 Ma went up to Aunt Annies [Tippett] this forenoon. Pa + Ruby + I went up this afternoon. A nice day.

Mon. 18 I made some chilla sauce this afternoon. Ruby has something the matter with her legs. They have big red spots on them and are quite painful.

Tue. 19 Pa Ma, + Ruby went to Galena today. I staid at Aunt Annies [Tippett]. The Dr. said Ruby had something with a long name. On the rhumatic order.

Wed. 20 We washed today. We picked off wild grapes today. J Tresidder thrashed today. Dad helped.

Thu. 21 We put up peaches today. Nine quarts and a half. Dad cutting corn. Weis thrashed today.

Fri. 22 We put up pears and ironed today. Ruby legs are awful bad. Cant walk at all. Just hobble around a little. Fiedler thrashed last night + this morning. Dad helped this morning for John Tresidder.

Sat. 23 Lots + Lots of work today. Awful tired tonight. A nice day.

Sun. 24 We were home all day. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippett] were to church and came down to dinner. John, Agnes, Milton, + Blanche [Tresidder] came up this afternoon. Last Sunday for [Rev.] Haines He is going away this week. Rubys one leg is awfully swelled today. It is just a lovely day.

Mon. 25 I helped cut a little corn this forenoon. I made chilli sauce this afternoon. Ma dug potatoes. Ruby staid in bed nearly all day. One of her legs looks to be quite a little better.

Tue. 26 Mamma went to Aunt Annies [Tippett] this afternoon to get some crabs. I helped cut a little corn this afternoon.

Wed. 27 Rainy today. We put up a half gallon + a quart of pickled crabs today. We got the National Cloak + Suit Coís catalog today. I picked out my dress, a navy blue silk taffeta and a petticoat and Ruby a serge skirt. Got the order ready tonight. Dress is $7.95 Petticoat 1.69. Skirt 2.98.

Thu. 28 We washed today. Ma churned. I put up three quarts tomatoes. Awfully rainy all day.

Fri. 29 Papa and Ruby went to Galena today. Ruby went to the Dr. He said she has an ulcer on her eye. Ma and I husked four sacks of corn for the hogs today.

Sat. 30 Busy as usual. Baking and cleaning. Papa busy cutting corn.


October 1916

Sun. 1 Nice day only windy. We were at home all day. Lottie Hocking came here awhile this afternoon. Rubys legs are much better. Her eye about the same.

Mon. 2 Had lot of men here looking at the calves and steers. Some travelers past here today. Lots of autos on road.

Tue. 3 Finished cutting corn. Got three hundred ninety shocks. Papa + I went up to Uncle Edds [Tippett] tonight. We picked some apples.

Wed. 4 We saw something new today. Four big auto loads of dirty ragged gypsies went by here. One lady came in to Papa. Wanted to wish him good luck and tell his fortune. They certainly were a show. The way it looked they had the back of auto all piled full and the woman sitting + lying on that. Some had their legs hanging out. We washed today. Papa busy picking apples.

Thu. 5 We ironed today. Thought we might get the stuff from National Co. today but didnít. A beautiful day.

Fri. 6 Papa and Ruby took the calves and two steers down to Weisís to weigh this forenoon.

Sat. 7 Busy as usual on Sat. Papa husked some corn. It has been just a grand day. We got Rubys skirt and my petticoat from the National today. Didnít have my dress in stock will send it soon as possible. Ruby skirt is to big. We sent for 28 waist 38 hip + 41 length. It is 30 waist, 40 hip + 43 long. I sent for 40 Ĺ in for my petticoat it is 45. It makes me mad.

Sun. 8 Nearly hot today. This afternoon Papa hitched Della in the buggy and drove off down the road. Didnít tell us where he was going. He went to Galena. He called on Old Mr. Ford.

About a quarter after two, Uncle George [Dittmar] came in and four fellows from Apple River in a Ford. Left it here and Wesley [Dittmar] + they went in Uncle G. car and went to Galena. I looked the Ford over good. Sadie + Edward [Dittmar] explained some things about it. They staid to supper. We wanted them to stay and spend the evening but I guess Wesley wanted to go home. An awful lot of cars on the road today. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippett] came down this evening.

Mon. 9 Colder today. Pa + Ma husked corn this forenoon. Ma fixed Ruby skirt this afternoon. Papa + Ruby picked some apples. We picked lots of tomatoes for preserves today.

Tue. 10 Well we all went to town today. I bought a new hat. It is black velvet faced in Copenhagen blue with floppy brim. With yellow ornaments. Paid four dollars for it. I also got a new corset and new rubbers. A lovely day.

Wed. 11 We picked some apples this afternoon. We had pasty for dinner + supper today. Grandpa, + Uncle Dan [Dittmar] are up to Aunt Annies [Tippett]. They started out from A. R. yesterday morning. Went to New Diggings, Benton, Shullsburg and Hazel Green [all in Wisconsin]. Staid all night at H. G. Then stopped at Galena. They are coming down here sometime tomorrow.

Thu. 12 Grandpa + Dan [Dittmar] were here to dinner. They started for home right after dinner. Papa picked some apples today. Ma + I dug some potatoes. I thought surely that my dress would come by this time.

Fri. 13 We washed today. Papa picking apples.

Sat. 14 Busy as usual with Sat. work and ironing. Well Win Tippett got a new seven passenger Studebaker car today from L Durstine. Saw them go along here. Charlie Zarnt runs it. the hired man.

Sun. 15 Cloudy and rainy this forenoon, cleared up this afternoon. We went up to Aunt Annies [Tippett] for dinner. Tresidders were up there to in the afternoon. We were thinking something of going to Mt. Morley school house to services today but didnít go because it was raining.

Mon. 16 Pa, Ma + Ruby husked corn this forenoon. I have an awful sore front tooth. It aches sometimes. This evening. Win, Martha Tippett and Charlie Zarndt made a short visit here in their new car. Charlie Zarnt has to run it.

Tue. 17 This is Mammaís fiftieth birthday today. She got a card from the folks at Apple River. I got my dress today. Not a bit satisfied with it. Its about like cobweb and two short waisted and to big around the waist. Donít know if I should send it back or not.

Wed. 18 Papa Ruby + I husked corn this forenoon. Mamma got a broach and handkerchief from Aunts Margaret + Tillie [Dittmar] and a post card from Aunt Annie [Tippett]. We washed this afternoon.

Thu. 19 We husked ten shock this morning. Papa + Ruby went to town this afternoon. Aunt Annie [Tippet] came down this afternoon. They took three bu. Apples to town got $1.25 per bu.

Fri. 20 It rained all last night. And nearly all day. I fixed my dress today also made a batch of cookies. Ma fixed my petticoat.

Sat. 21 We husked some corn this afternoon. It cleared up this afternoon.

Sun. 22 The roads sre muddy yet. Not an auto over the road today. We all went for a walk this afternoon up Bastianís pasture. Called in at the school house. Saw the new furnace. Walked out Guilford road and came back on Joe Weis hill. This evening we all went down to Johns [Tresidder]. They havenít their car yet. Heard Werners have a [blank]

Mon. 23 We all husked corn today. Husked forty shocks tied up up. Shocked it up and hauled in the corn. Nice for husking today.

Tue. 24 We husked this forenoon. Raining all afternoon so we couldnít husk. Getting order ready this afternoon to send for magazines.

Wed. 25 Cold + windy today. Ruby + I husked five shocks of corn this afternoon. It cleared up this evening. We baked bread today.

Thu. 26 Pa, Ma + Ruby husked this forenoon. Took two bushels apples for Tippets at a dollar quarter a bu. Ma + I washed this afternoon.

Fri. 27 Husking corn again today. And hauled it in this evening. A beautiful day. Tonight Uncle Edd, Aunt Annie [Tippet] and Johnnie + Ethel [Weis] came down. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie are going to Galena tomorrow and they are going to stay all night.

Sat. 28 We ironed + churned. and baked bread with out salt (I forgot it) coffee cake cinnamon rolls. Apple coffee cake + patty cakes. And cleaned up. And Pa and Ruby husked + hauled in corn this afternoon. Heard over the telephone a lady was run into by a Ford car and terribly hurt. She died soon afterward.

Sun. 29 Rainy nearly all day. Quite a lonesome. It wasnít such a bad evening so we all went up to Fiedlers. One visit made.

Mon. 30 We all husked today. We have twenty-two shocks left. We got the Montgomery Ward catalog today. that I sent for.

Tues. 31 Papa and Ruby husked all and hauled in one load of corn. Glad we are through but would like to have more corn. A very beautiful day. It is halloween today.


November 1916

Wed. 1 Mamma washed bed blankets, comforters today. Papa + Ruby finished hauling in the corn. Ruby + I doing the carrots today. We got two bushel. We got a letter from Uncle Thomas today.

Thu. 2 We washed today. Today thirty-one autos went by. A Republican parade. The candidates. We went out and saw them go by. We put out the flag. Some waved some shouted Hurrah, for Hughes. The roads were awful rough but they wore them down nicely.

Fri. 3 We ironed and hauled three loads of fodder this afternoon. This evening we all went up to Uncle Edds [Tippet].

Sat. 4 Papa, Ruby + I went to Galena today. An awful lot of people in town. Ruby had her hat made over. Aunt Margaret [Dittmar] came today on the noon train. Lot of autos out today. Aunt Mag rode out with Win Tippets.

Sun. 5 Aunts Annie [Tippet] + Margaret [Dittmar] came down to dinner today. A lovely day. Ma + I went part way up with Aunts tonight. Lots of car going along.

Mon. 6 Pa, Ma + Ruby hauled some fodder this forenoon. It was awful windy all day and quite warm. Tomorrow is election day.

Tue. 7 Pa, Ma + Ruby hauled fodder this forenoon. They finished up the one stack. It has been showery all day. Pa + Ruby went to vote this afternoon. The first time she ever voted. Women could only vote for President + Vice President electors and for surveyor and trustees of Ill. University. There were lots of women over there to vote.

Wed. 8 We heard today that the election went straight Republican. Awful rainy all day. I started to make myself a night gown with the crochet yoke.

Thu. 9 A lovely day. This afternoon Papa + Mamma took Win Tippets apples over. Aunts Annie [Tippet] + Margaret [Dittmar] were there too. So Mamma staid to supper then went up to Uncle Edd [Tippet] with them. This evening we went up to Johnnies [Weis]. Mamma and Aunts Annie + Margaret came over there to. It is full moon tonight. We washed today. It isnít decided wether Hughes or Wilson won. It seems to be running very close.

Fri. 10 Cloudy and clear today. It didnít rain much. We finished with the fodder today. Uncle Edd [Tippet] came down and helped. We ironed today. I baked a batch of cookies. Ma also churned. I finished making my night gown tonight. Will have to make some edging for sleeves yet.

Sat. 11 Papa chanced it to Galena today. He sold the two steers to John Tresidder. Cloudy all day. Started to snow this evening. Rev Paul Palmer our new minister came over to Uncle Edds [Tippet] to stay all night this eve.

Sun. 12 Well a very stormy day. Pa, Ruby + I went to church this morning. There were seven others there with the minister. The minister seems to be a nicer man than the last man. Aunts Annie [Tippet] + Margaret [Dittmar] was not to church. Thought Aunt Mag. Would try to come down today. But she didnít.

Mon. 13 Snowing about all day. It cleared up tonight. It is very cold. John Tresidder got our two steers today. We got one hundred four and one half dollars for the two. or seven cents per pound. John Tís New Ford car is in Galena. It was in there Sat. Papa saw it.

Tue. 14 A lovely day but awfully cold. It was down to zero this morning. I have an awful cold. Aunt Margaret [Dittmar] came down this evening.

Wed. 15 Well today was Mrs. Popps sale. Papa and Ruby + I wanted to go but Papa has such an awful cold he couldnít go. It is quite cold yet. We sent a big grocery order to Montgomery Ward yesterday.

Thu. 16 Well we washed today. Aunt Annie [Tippet] came down this forenoon. This evening Aunt Annie, Aunt Margaret [Dittmar], Mamma + I went down to J Tresidders. Uncle Edd [Tippet] came down there.

Fri. 17 A very nice day. We ironed and churned today. This evening we all went with Aunt Margaret [Dittmar] up to Aunt Annies [Tippet]. She is going home tomorrow.

Sat. 18 Papa + Ruby went to town today. A nice day but muddy. There is going to be a basket social at Fords school next Fri. eve. Ruby bought some pink crepe paper and some white and some pink ribbon. We are going to just tie up some boxes.

Sun. 19 Just a lovely day. But it is muddy. This afternoon we all went to church. There wee thirty-three there with the minister.

Mon. 20 Cleaned out the stables this forenoon. Cleaned out the chicken house this afternoon. Papa went over the Station this afternoon after the goods from Montgomery Ward + Co. Lots of the things didnít come. And nearly all the rest are not just what we ordered. Two different kinds of flour - all different from what we ordered. We sent for three pks of ice cream powder. Got nine. Well this is Papa birthday. He is sixty years old.

Tue. 21 We washed today. Papa got a birthday card from Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] today. We made ice cream today with ice cream powder.

Wed. 22 Rainy today. Didnít do much. Papa took chickens over the Station this afternoon. Got sixteen cents per pound for young roasters.

Thu. 23 Cloudy all day. It is awfully dark tonight. Hope it will be nicer weather tomorrow night for the social.

Fri. 24 It was just terribly windy last night and today. and cold. But it is nice tonight. Clear. Agnes + Milton [Tresidder] came up here and Ruby + I went with them to the social. There wasnít a very big crowd there. There were fifteen or sixteen baskets. They made between twenty-one and twenty-two dollars, Some folks came out from near Galena. Mr. Sanders was auctioneer. The baskets brought from about sixty cents to nearly three dollars. Rubys basket brought one dollar ten cents. Charles Tobin bought it. My basket didnít bring so much as Rubyís. Albert Schultz bought my basket. Milton bought Mary Fiedlers basket. We had quite a nice time. My basket was a shoe box tied up with pink tissue paper tied with a white ribbon. Ruby had a square box tied up with pink tissue paper and pink ribbon.

Sat. 25 Cloudy today. Papa chanced it to Galena and out again today. It is Alvin + Nancyís first wedding anniversary today. It will be Nancyís nineteenth birthday tomorrow.

Sun. 26 Well we all went to church this forenoon. Quite a nice crowd there. Twenty-one with the minister. We all went up to Uncle Edds [Tippet] this evening to supper. Mrs. Young + Ben were up there this afternoon for dinner.

Mon. 27 Ma + Ruby started to clean the dining room today.

Tue. 28 Dad went up to Scales Mound to buy some roosters. Hicks was buying. He got four. He went up to Uncle Nicks [Dittmar]. John Trudgian is married been married several weeks now. The girl own three hundred twenty acres land so they own a section now.

Wed. 29 We are getting a little ready for tomorrow. Ma made a roaster this evening. Ruby + I each made some candy tonight. A very nice day. The roads were dragged today.

Thu. 30 Thanksgiving Day. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippet] came down for dinner. We had a can of asparagus. We made chocolate ice cream this afternoon. Lots of cars going along. roads look just lovely along here. Its just a beautiful day warm and not a cloud on the sky. John [Tresidder] + Mr Westaby called here to get two bushels of apples this afternoon.


December 1916

Fri. 1 Another lovely day. Papa was out working on the telephone line today. We washed. Are ironing this evening. Ma is churning.

Sat. 2 We all went to town this afternoon. A very beautiful day. Lot of people in town.

Sun. 3 Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippet] went out to Westabys with Win + Martha [Tippet] + Charlie Zarndt in car today. John Tresidderís all went for a ride this afternoon. Bert Weis went along to run the car. We all went to church this afternoon. Not many there.

Mon. 4 Papa took the old sows over the Station this forenoon. We got nine cents per lb. Awful lot of stock over the Station.

Tue. 5 We washed this forenoon. Papa and John Tresidder took ten of our hogs over the Station today. We got eight fourty - per lb. I went up to Aunt Annies [Tippet] this afternoon. Ma + Ruby ironed most of the things this evening.

Wed. 6 Uncle Edd [Tippet] went over the Station today and ordered two stock cars to take the stock tomorrow. Our poor calves will have to go along. Ma + Ruby did some sewing today.

Thu. 7 Well they took the stock over the Station this forenoon. Cloudy all day and very warm this afternoon it thundered and lighteninged and rained. Papa didnít get home till quite late this afternoon. Uncle Edd [Tippet] + Johnnie both went to Chicago. Fiedler hulled clover today. John Weis hulled some but had to stop on account of the rain. Aunt Annie [Tippet] went down to Marthaís [Tippet] to stay all night.

Fri. 8 About eleven oclock Aunt Annie [Tippet] came down. Rev. Palmer came. We had to hurry and get dinner. Had to make biscuits. Rev Palmer staid until about 2 thirty. Aunt Annie went up to stay at Ethels [Weis] about half-past four. She thinks Uncle Edd [Tippet] will come home tonight.

Sat. 9 Uncle Edd [Tippet] came home last night. He received the returns by mail this morning. Papa went up, anxious to know what we got. We got two hundred fifty-eight dollars for the calves. We are fairly satisfied. Got seven sixty per lb. And only six cents per lb. For the bull. All did well with cattle. But they didnít do well with hogs. All of the stocker were sold to packers but our bull. Probably he was sold to a farmer. John Tippet and Eustice are going to stay until tonight.

Sun. 10 We all went to church this forenoon. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippet] came down to dinner. John Tresidders came up this afternoon.

Mon. 11 Mamma cut out Rubys green waist [blouse] today. Papa hauling manure.

Tue. 12 Pa hauling manure. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippet] went to Scales Mound today.

Wed. 13 We got up quite early this morning. Didnít know if we should try to get ready to go to Dubuque or not. But didnít go. A very beautiful day but very cold.

Thu. 14 We had thought last night that we would go to Dubuque today. If it wasnít to cold. But it was awful cold. Ruby + I went up to Aunt Annies [Tippet] this afternoon.

Fri. 15 It has been just awful cold. We ironed today. It was awful windy to. Hope it will get warmer.

Sat. 16 Papa and Ruby went to Galena today. Some warmer today.

Sun. 17 We all went to church this afternoon. Mrs W. Combellick said they are going to have a surprised pound social on the minister Monday night. The people over here are invited. Some said they couldnít go. Lottie, Ruby + I thought we might walk over. Ma went up to Uncle Edds [Tippet] from church. Then we went up to supper.

Mon. 18 We had the terriblest time to make up our mind to know if we should go to the pound social. Didnít hear of anybody else going so we didnít like to be the only ones from over here. We didnít go but feel very disappointed. It is pretty cold. Snowing a little tonight.

Tue. 19 Quite cold today. We washed today. I made some fondant last night made it into chocolates and bon-bons today.

Wed. 20 I made two batches of candy today. Brown sugar fudge and chocolate fudge. I ironed some this evening. Mamma churned today.

Thu. 21 Quite cold. Nice and clear. I baked a batch of cookies. Mamma went down to Agnesís [Tresidder] and then called at Weisís and got a dressed duck. John Tresidder went up to Wilbur Tresidders sale.

Fri. 22 We all went to Galena today. It was awful cold. Had to hurry to get our shopping done.

Sat. 23 We sent a parcel for Uncle Thomasís today. Quite busy today.

Sun. 24 Snowing today. Ruby + I went to church. thought there wouldnít be any body else there. but the minister and Mrs W Combellick was there. We sng several songs. And prayed. Then we came home again. This afternoon Anna Trudgian phoned out from Galena she came today at noon. Wants to come out here tomorrow then she wants to go home tomorrow night.

xMon. 25 Papa went to meet Anna [Trudgian] this forenoon. Got here a quarter of twelve. And left again a quarter of six. Papa and Ruby took her to Galena. Got home about nine oclock. John, Agnes, Milton + Blanche [Tresidder] came up this afternoon. We had a nice dinner asparagus, and lettuce, celery. And they had duck.

Tue. 26 A bad day, Snowing, raining and warm. We got a card from Raymond said they might come in this week.

Wed. 27 Lovely day but cold. We washed today. Aunt Annie [Tippet] came down this afternoon. Uncle Edd [Tippet] came down to supper. I made a green auto cap this evening.

Thu. 28 Clear and nice again today. I ironed some today. Poor little Tabby died today. I think she must have froze to death. Poor Kitty.

Continued from 25th

Mon. 25 I forgot to say what we got for Christmas. I got a cap and scarf set. A pair of leggings, and a little tie. A pink and white kimona from Uncle Thomasís [Trudgian] A nice warm pair of mittens from Aunt Annie [Tippet]. Ruby got a pair of house slippers. A budour cap. A kimona. A pair of gloves from Aunt Annie. Mamma got a table runner from Uncle Thomasís a pair of slippers a pocket book. A scissor Ruby + I bought. A woven pillow from Aunt Annie. Papa got a pair of gloves. A light shirt from Uncle Thomasís a pair suspenders from Aunt Annie.

Fri. 29 Been expecting Uncle Henryís boys in today but they didnít come. Nice day only cold.

Sat. 30 A nice day. Lots of teams going along, sleighs and wheels. The boys didnít come today. Donít suppose they will come now.

Sun. 31 It was quarterly meeting over the Station today. services afternoon and evening. We would like to have gone but the roads are so icy. We went up to Aunt Annies [Tippet] this afternoon. We staid to supper. We all went down to John T [Tresidder] tonight. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie were down to Snowing this evening.

Well this is the last of nineteen sixteen. And the last day of leap year. I left it slip by. Will have to wait four more year now.