The Diary of Lillian Trudgian

Part 3

January 1917

Mon. 1 It has been an ideal day. Not to cold nor to warm. And such beautiful blue sky. And such a beautiful evening. We had a good dinner but nothing extra. White beans This afternoon Mother and I got ready and went over to see Mrs. John Weis. We were just there a few minutes when Ruby called up said Gus and Ella Dittmar and Lennis and Donald were here. So we came home. They just come down for a ride. They staid to supper. We had ice cream for supper. Ruby and I went down to Weisís this evening. Helen [Weis] has a week more vacation.

Tue. 2 Ruby and I cleaned out the stable today. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippett] went to Galena yesterday. And Aunt Annie went to Apple River and came back again today. She said Uncle Herman [Dittmar] + Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] are going to drive in soon.

Wed. 3 We all took a sleigh ride to town today. Ruby got a pair of high tan shoes. There isnít any sleighing left near town.

Thu. 4 We washed today. Cloudy and quite warm today. Reading day.

Fri. 5 We ironed today. At just about six o'clock this evening Raymond, Leon, and Helmer [all are Dittmar] came in. We were surprised. We thought first it was uncle Herman and Aunt Tillie [Dittmar]. They [Herman & Tillie] then called in here about half past seven. They staid up to Scales Mound for supper. They went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] because the boys were here.

Sat. 6 Warm today. The boys [Raymond, Leon & Helmer Dittmar] went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] this forenoon. They went to town this afternoon. Quite busy today.

Sun. 7 We all went to church this forenoon. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippett], Aunt Tillie and Uncle Herman [Dittmar] came down to dinner. The boys called in about four o'clock just long enough to eat a lunch. Uncle H, Aunts A. + T. staid to spend the eve.

Mon. 8 We washed today. Also cleaned the stables. About noon Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] called up wanted to know if Ma wanted to go with Herman [Dittmar] to Scales Mound. She went didnít get home until about half past nine. About half past five, Rev Palmer came. Quite surprised. He staid til nine o'clock then went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] to stay all night.

Tue. 9 We ironed today. Uncle Herman [Dittmar] here. Papa went to the telephone meeting tonight at J. A. Weisís.

Wed. 10 We are busy today. Uncle Herman [Dittmar] went up to Uncle Edd [Tippett] this afternoon. brought Aunts Annie [Tippett] + Tillie [Dittmar] down to Tressidders. This eve. Herman and Tillie came up here. Rev. Mr. Palmer came from Spensleyís to stay all night. We had lots of playing and singing. We served brown sugar fudge and apples. Council Hill gave the minister a reception last night. about forty there.

Thu. 11 Awfully cold today. Mr. Palmer was going to cut wood for Spensley again today. Uncle Herman and Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] went up to Aunt Annie [Tippett] again this evening.

Fri. 12 We got a letter from Uncle Thomas and Anna [Trudgian] today. It has been snowing all day today. There is to be a sociable up to Council Hill this evening Mr. Palmer wanted us to try to go up. but it was to stormy.

Sat. 13 Awfully cold. Papa, Ruby + I went to Galena in the sleigh. Nearly froze to death. Quite a few people in town.

Sun. 14 Very cold again today. We all went to church this afternoon. Only nine there.Mother went up to Uncle Eddís [Tippett] from church. Pa, Ruby + I went up for supper.

Mon. 15 Didnít get much accomplished today. Getting more lazy every day. We did get the cow house cleaned out.

Tue. 16 Ruby went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] this afternoon to get the large Sears, Roebuck catalogue. She wants to send for a spring coat and a dress.

Wed. 17 We washed tod ay. I wrote a letter to Anna [Trudgian] this evening. Itís quite windy this evening.

Thu. 18 We ironed today. Reading day. So many people sick with the grip.

Fri. 19 Well Papa, Ruby + I went up to Scales Mound this afternoon. We went up to Uncle Nickís [Dittmar]. Uncle Nick is better but quite poorly yet. We did not go up to Uncle Erhard Dís [Dittmar]. Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] came down this evening.

Sat. 20 Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] again this forenoon. She didnít know if she would go home today or not. They went to town. Aunt Tillie came out again. She said this eve she heard Aunt Lizzie D. [Dittmar] of Scales Mound is very sick. Had all the children come home yesterday. She said Mrs. John Combellick is very sick to. She had a stroke.

Sun. 21 Very, very stormy all day today. It snowed last night and rained this morning. to stormy to go to church. Just awful windy all day. We went to bed at eight o'clock.

Mon. 22 A lovely day, but cold. We heard this evening that Mrs. John Combellick is dead. She died this forenoon. Has been unconscious since she had the stroke.

Tue. 23 Another lovely day. The services for Mrs. Combellick is to be tomorrow at ten o'clock. Sheís going to be buried in Galena. Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] went home today. Aunt Annie [Tippett] is taking treatments with Dr. Hardy nearly every day. We have a pretty little calf today.

Wed. 24 We had to hurry to get ready for the funeral. We all went in the sleigh. Mr. Elvin Palmer preached the sermon. Mr. + Mrs. S. Lupton, Mrs. Benda and John Spencer sang. Minnie Merrifield played the piano. Mrs. Combellick had quite a lot of flowers. The spray the Ladies Aid gave were very pretty. It was ink rosebuds and little white flowers. They did not have any carriages or hearse. Took the corpse on a long hack with runners. The mourners all went in sleighs. We got home again before twelve o'clock. Ruby coat and dress came today. They are very nice. Motherís waist [blouse] is quite nice.

Thu. 25 Papa went to town and to the sale today. Didnít buy anything. A nice day but quite cold. Fri. 26 Snowing a little today. We had a pasty for dinner. Washed a little this afternoon. Another little calf by this morning. Flossie Ford was married this evening.

Sat. 27 Didnít know what to do all day. Wether I should go to Apple River or not. Ruby isnít able. At last this afternoon I did make up my mind to go. Papa took me over the Station in the cutter. Aunt Annie [Tippett] and Uncle Herman [Dittmar] were on the train too.

Sun. 28 We all staid at Grandpaís [Dittmar] last night. We all went to the dedication this morning. Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] sings in the choir. The church was about full this forenoon. Rev. Warren of Galena preached this morning. Read Liston read and prayed. Grandpa didnít have anybody extra for dinner. They were expecting lots of people. We all went to church this afternoon. the real dedication was this afternoon. They announced it dedicated without dept. The church was full this afternoon. Uncle Herman [Dittmar], Aunt Annie [Tippett] and I were up to Uncle Georgeís [Dittmar] to supper this evening. Just about six o'clock as we were eating supper the building just shook. the windows and doors all rattled. We heard afterward that a powder house at the Birkbeck mine exploded. I telephoned home. They felt it terrible at home. It made a terrible noise. Went to church again tonight. The church was crowded to the utmost. The church class room, mothers room and entry. Uncle Henry + Raymond [Dittmar] were up this evening.

Mon. 29 Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] got a letter from Hattie Taylor said she was coming for a short visit. She and her husband were up to Lindon Wis. Holding meetings. Aunt Annie [Tippett] and I were just ready to go to the depot to come home (12 o'clock) when Mr. + Mrs. Taylor came. They just ate a lunch and then went on the same train up to Scales Mound. Aunt Tillie + Uncle Herman [Dittmar] went along up. Uncle Edd [Tippett] came to Galena after us in the cutter. Sleighing is very poor. Very watery. Aunt Lizzie Dittmar of Sclaes Mound is dead. She died last night at two oclock. will be buried Thu. Morning at eleven o'clock at the Pres. Church. [in Schapville]

Tue. 30 We got a letter from Uncle Thomas [Trudgian] today. He said Anna [Trudgian] had a operation yesterday morning for appendicitis. at the Pres. Hospital. Mamma went over to see Mrs. John Weis a little while this afternoon. She is sick. Then she called at John Tresidders awhile. They butchered today.

Wed. 31 We baked bread today. Not a very nice day. Quite windy.

February 1917

Thu. 1 Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie [Tippett] drove up to Scales Mound to the funeral in the sleigh and took Mother, Ruby + I along. (Papa had to help saw wood at Fiedlers) The funeral was at eleven o'clock at the church. The church was full. She had lots of flowers. She looked very natural I think. Rev Noeding preached both in German + English. They went down to Schapville in sleighs. We and lots of others had dinner at Duersteins. Uncle Herman [Dittmar] came along down with us. Is going to stay here all night. It was terribly cold all day.

Fri. 2 Wesley Dittmar went to Kansas C. to study automobiling today. Didnít hear from Anna [Trudgian] since Tue. Was expecting to hear today. It has been just terrible cold today. It was eighteen below here this morning. At some places it was twenty-five. Could hardly stand to go outside the house. Uncle Herman [Dittmar] went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] this eve.

Sat. 3 A little bit warmer than yesterday. Uncle Herman [Dittmar] went down to Woodbine today. We got a card from Uncle Thomas [Trudgian]. He said Anna [Trudgian] had a swollen face. Dr. said it was swollen glands. It pained her so awful. Said her side pained her some. And that she was quite weak.

Sun. 4 A very very stormy day. It snowed just a little last night and a terrible wind blew it so all day. Didnít have much fire. We wore coat most all day. And it is just terrible cold. Didnít go to church. Weather to awful.

Mon. 5 Better weather today. Papa and Ruby went to town in the cutter today. Traded at the Sandlinís. Mamma Ruby + I went up to Uncle Edds [Tippett] this evening to ask Uncle Edd to help butcher. John + Ethel [Weis] were there too. But Aunt Annie [Tippett] was not at home she staid in Galena today.

Tue. 6 Uncle Edd [Tippett] came down and helped Dad butcher two hogs. Quite a nice day. Got a card from Aunt Rachel [Trudgian] today. Annaís [Trudgian] face is very painful. Old Fannie [a horse] has been sick with the colic I guess all evening. Donít seem much better yet.

Wed. 7 Well Fannie was dead this morning. Lying in the front stall. Papa thought when he went to bed last night that she was a little easier. Pulled her up on the hill with Violet and Della [horses]. Donít know what we shall do now. We drenched her twice once this soda and then with salt water. Donít know what caused her to be ill unless she ate to much hay seeds. We washed an awful big washing today and baked bread.

Thu. 8 Papa went over to Wallace Fordís sale today. It was a large sale and most things brought good prices especially the cattle. Aunt Annie [Tippett] came along down here when the men went to the sale. We ironed today. I have an awful cold.

Fri. 9 Mamma + Ruby cleaned the stable today.

Sat. 10 Papa drove to town and out several miles south of Galena to a sale. With Della in the cutter. Didnít buy anything. We want to buy a horse. I have a terrible cold.

Sun. 11 A lovely day but cold. Pa. Ma + Ruby went to church this afternoon. I staid at home alone. Had to bad a cold to go. Mamma staid at [John] Tresidders after church then Papa went down this evening. There is two little lambs this eve. First of the season.

Mon. 12 Quite cold today. One poor rooster froze his feet + legs just solid last night. staid out I guess. Had to keep him in the house for a long time.

Tue. 13 Aunt Annie [Tippett] came down today. The men went to Broderickís sale. Papa didnít go. Mamma ground the sausage today.

Wed. 14 Mamma frying sausage today.

Thu. 15 We got a card from Anna [Trudgian] today. She said she was at home. Could go around the house but wouldn't go out on account of her ear. Had it lanced again.

Fri. 16 Mable Tresidder talked to Agnes [Tresidder] today. Said Uncle Nick [Dittmar] is quite poorly. Another little lamb today. Papa hauling some wood for stakes down from the woods today. Adam Virtues sale today. We all have very bad colds. I am some better.

Sat. 17 Nearly all the snow is gone. It is awfully icy. Papa was chopping this afternoon.

Sun. 18 Ruby + I went to church this forenoon. Papa and Mamma had to bad a colds to go. Ruby went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] this afternoon. [John] Tresidders were up there too.

Mon. 19 Snowy this forenoon. With thunder and lightning. Nicer this afternoon. Papa went up to Scales Mound this afternoon with Della in the cutter. Brought home a hundred flour and a few other things. Uncle Nick [Dittmar] is quite poorly. It is hard for him to breathe. Stella was up there to today.

Tue. 20 We washed an awful big washing today. Papa had an awful ear ache this evening.

Wed. 21 Mamma went up to Scales Mound with John, Agnes + Blanche [Tresidder] in the sleigh today. To see Uncle Nick [Dittmar] Milton [Tresidder] stayed here. He has been having a cold. Agnes wouldnít let him go to school. He was a good boy. Uncle Nick thought he was feeling a little better today.

Thu. 22 Washingtonís birthday today. Ma went up to help Aunt Annie [Tippett] with the butchering business. We went up this evening. There is two more lambs today.

Fri. 23 Lots of mail today. Gazette, magazines, and a letter from Uncle Thomas [Trudgian]. Anna [Trudgian] has still been having a time with her face. Papa hauled some wood and some manure today.

Sat. 24 A very nice day. Ruby walked over the station to go to Apple River on the five o'clock train. Papa went to town today with Della in the buggy. Brought home some flour and sugar and things.

Sun. 25 A very lonesome day. No services at Union today. Rev. Palmer has gone to Apple River and Rev. Liston preaches at Council Hill and Station today. I went down to Tresidder awhile this afternoon.

Mon. 26 Ma + I cleaned stables today. Pa cutting wood. I had an awful scare tonight. We were all sitting here reading. When I heard the telephone wire make a little noise. I was scared. The was nothing out to shake the poles. My first thought was, some one is cutting the wires. I went to the telephone and rang it. It didnít make a sound. I nearly fell over. I had a hard time to make Pa + Ma understand. I had them blow out the lights. I grabbed the gun down. Gave Dad one kept the old one myself. Dad loaded one. Went out on porch and shot it off. After a while we all went out to look at the line. It was wrapped tight out in the cow yard. A bird must have flown against it. Donít see what else it was.

Tues. 27 Didnít do much today. It is very icy can hardly walk around.

Wed. 28 Ma + I went over to meet Ruby this forenoon. Aunt Maggie [Dittmar]+ Grandpa [Dittmar] isnít very well. Bessie Weis came over this afternoon. Will [Weis] went to Scales Mound and she rode over.

March 1917

Thu. 1 March came in like a lamb this year. A beautiful day. Ma went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] this afternoon. Two more lambs today making seven. We had strawberry ice cream today.

Fri. 2 Mamma called up Uncle George [Dittmar] this morning to find out how Gramdpa [Dittmar] was. He thought he was a little better. But about noon Uncle George called up and said that Grandpa has pneumonia. Mama + Aunt Annie [Tippet] went out to Apple River on this evening train. We were just in the midst of washing. Ruby + I had to finish that. Ruby + Dad had to look after a sheep that is sick. Ma called up tonight but couldnít hear well.

Sat. 3 A lovely day. Ma called up this forenoon. Said thought Grandpa [Dittmar] about the same but couldnít tell much for a few days. He canít lie down. Has to sit up in bed. The nurse came last night (Miss Murthey). I went up to Ethelís [Tippett] after some grocerys Ma sent out yesterday. I got a card from Anna [Trudgian], she started to work Mon. wanted to know if I would sell that tatted yoke for $4.oo. Said a girl said she would pay that much for one. Think I shall send it out there Monday. Got seven eggs today most yet

Sun. 4 Ruby + I went to church this forenoon. Only three men, and the minister + Mr. Meyer the YCA man of Galena. He talked about this old preacher friend. Didnít get any subscriptions. Uncle Edd [Tippett] was out to Apple River last night. Grandpa [Dittmar] is very sick. Uncle Edd came down here this evening.

Mon. 5 Talked with Mama today. She said Grandpa [Dittmar] was quite delirious yesterday. His fever was higher to. But that it wasnít so high this morning. Uncle Henryís Marvin [Dittmar] is sick to. Has Bronchitis. Papa hitched up and knocked down the fodder stocks. Ruby called over to Mrs. John Weis this afternoon.

Tue. 6 Well Aunt Annie [Tippett] came to Galena today. She called out. Said Grandpa [Dittmar] isnít any better. Only knows them for a few minutes at a time. Mr. Charlton died this morning. Papa went up to Scales Mound with Della today. We needed some kerosene. He called at Uncle Nickís [Dittmar]. He is pretty poorly. He was feeling a trifle better today. This evening Rev. Palmer came. While we were doing chores. He staid all night. He is calling around about old members.

Wed. 7 Havenít heard from Apple River today. So we called for Apple river, said it was out of order. Then we called again some one was talking with Dittmars. Now, Our phone is out of order. Everything that can be. Ruby + I have awful bad colds.

Thu. 8 Mother called up today. Grandfather [Dittmar] isnít any better. Mr. Charlton was buried this afternoon at two-Oclock. Ruby + I cleaned out the cow stable today.

Fri. 9 Quite warm today and clear. And very muddy. Aunt Annie [Tippett] called out today from Galena. Today Grandpa [Dittmar] is about the same. I guess tomorrow will be the ninth day. The nurseís very nice. Uncle Edd [Tippett] went out to Apple River this evening. I baked oatmeal drops today.

Sat. 10 Mother called up this evening when we were out. Ethel [Tippett] told me said Grandfather [Dittmar] is better. She said Mother talked like she was coming home tomorrow. I baked bread and coffee cake and a sponge cake today.

Sun. 11 Mother came home on the noon train. Ruby + I met her when we went to church. Only John Tresidder, William Bastian and Ruby + I were the only ones there besides Rev. Palmer. Grandfather [Dittmar] is quite a bit better. His fever is one degree below normal. Uncle Edd [Tippett], John + Ethel [Tippett] came down this evening.

Mon. 12 Ma + Ruby sewing some today. I tatted some. Getting colder tonight. Very windy.

Tue. 13 Very stormy today. Raining and freezing. Had a terrible time getting the water out of the cow shed.

Wed. 14 We washed today. Just terribly windy. I got a card from Mary Tippett from New Mexico. She said she was sending me some tatting patterns She found in some magazines.

Thu. 15 We ironed today. Got a card from Aunt Annie [Tippett] today. Grandpa [Dittmar] is doing nicely. I have been tatting on a yoke today.

Fri. 16 Aunt Annie [Tippett] came home from Apple River today. Quite stormy.

Sat. 17 Awful windy today.

Sun. 18 Mother and Ruby went to church this forenoon. Uncle Edd and Aunt Annie [Tippett] came here to dinner. Fiedlers came down this afternoon and Tresidders came up so we had quite a crowd here.

Mon. 19 Quite a nice day. Dad hauled manure this forenoon. Mother is making herself a dress. Iíve been tatting. We heard today that Uncle Joe Dittmars have little girl. [Mary, born 16 March 1917]

Tue. 20 Iíve been busy tatting. Mother sewing on her dress.

Wed. 21 We washed this forenoon. This afternoon Mother and I went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett]. Ethel [Tippett] was there too. I finished the tatted yoke today.

Thu. 22 I sent the yoke and three handkerchiefs out to Waterloo today.

Fri. 23 We baked bread and coffee cake today. Dad walked over the Station took over six dozen eggs and got a few grocery and nails. For the smoke house.

at. 24 A lovely day. Ruby + I walked over the Station and went up to Scales Mound on the six train. We staid all night at Uncle Nickís [Dittmar]. We went to the school play. We also went to the movies before the play.

Sun. 25 Ruby + I went to church this forenoon. To the Methodist church. We came home on the noon train. And walked home. Then we walked up to Union church this afternoon. A nice day.

Mon. 26 This morning we all went up to uncle Eddís [Tippett]. Victor Engel is dead. He died Sat. evening. Heís going to be buried tomorrow at nine o'clock.

Tue.. 27 Dad went to Galena. With Della in the buggy this afternoon. He says the roads are fine. We washed today.

Wed. 28 We ironed today. Papa + Ruby hauled manure. Lots of people going along to the trial.

Thu. 29 We got a card from Aunt Rachel [Trudgian] this morning. Said Anna [Trudgian] is going through on the five train. Ruby + I wanted to go in to hear the trial. Didnít know if we should drive Della or not. We started out to walk. Mr. Spensely gave us a ride in. We went to the trial awhile this forenoon. We had our dinner at the Merchants cafe. We were in the courtroom all afternoon until a little after four. We heard August Shultz, John + Charlie Tobin, Leo Werner and Mr. Werner the former sheriff testify. Quite exciting. The courtroom was just full. Anna [Trudgian] went through on the flier. She came out on the platform a few minutes. She gave me four Dollars and seventy-five cents. Four dollars for the tatted yoke and seventy-five cents for one handkerchief. She is going to stop at Rockford over night. We started to walk home. Mr. Spensley came along again when we were out by the railroad track and gave us a ride. We are quite tired tonight.

Fri. 30 Busy as usual today. I sewed this afternoon and raked some leaves. I heard some one say there was more people than ever at the trial today. Harrold Monnier had to testify today.

Sat. 31 I guess it was quite an exciting day at the trial today. A good many people went along. This evening Mother went to Apple River. She walked over the Station.

April 1917

Sun. 1 Dad, Ruby + I went to church this forenoon. Quite a few there. We went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] to dinner. Cloudy all day. This afternoon it snowed. The roads wonít be quite as nice as they were.

Mon. 2 Well Papa + I went up to Scales Mound with Della in the buggy. It took us over two hours to go. Both had to walk now and then. I ordered my grocerys. Dad bought a grass seeder and horse collar. Papa went down to the garage. Then Mr. Anton Grube took us riding in a Ford car. Went towards Apple River on the south road, then we went out north of town. I got in behind the wheel. And Dad sat in the back seat. My first trial at running a car. I went very crooked at first. We went out about two and one half miles or so. He had to help me a lot. Dad would say look out for that ditch, turn it this way and so on all the time. We came back to Uncle Nickís [Dittmar]. When we went down town again Dad ordered the car. Donít know when it will come. Then we came home.

Tue. 3 Mother came home this forenoon. Walked home from the Station. She says she saw on this mornings paper that war is declared. Oh its terrible. Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] is nearly worn out. Iíve been raking lawn today.

Wed. 4 Well Aunt Annie [Tippett] came down this forenoon. Cloudy today. I raked some lawn. We got a letter from Uncle Thomas + Aunt Rachel [Trudgian] today.

Thu. 5 We washed today. Papa started to disc today. Well in the Gazette in the Scales Mound item it say Mr. Grube sold sixteen Ford cars this season. Then it said Charles Trudgian was in town Monday and ordered one of them.

Fri. 6 A Beautiful Grand day. I nearly finished raking the lawn today. Mother + Ruby went up and swept out the church today. We ironed today. There were numerous number of cars on the road today. roads are in very good condition.

Sat. 7 Mother went to Galena today with Tresidders. Took some eggs and got some supplies. Snowy this afternoon.

Sun. 8 Easter Sunday. A beautiful day but quite cool. We all went to church this afternoon. Rev. Matlock preached and administered the sacrament. Rev. Palmer didnít come to church today. He went down to Apple River. They are holding meetings near there some where. Quite a few at church. The roads are just lovely.

Mon. 9 A very nice day. Papa Ruby + I cut down the evergreen tree today. It was struck by lightning and it died. Mrs. Will Studier is very sick. Got appendicitis. Had a operation today. Had three doctors and a nurse.

Tue. 10 Papa was discing today. We washed today. Mamma, Ruby + I went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] tonight.

Wed. 11 Dad sowed oats this afternoon. I baked bread and a cake. Ruby ironed. Mrs. Studier is very sick. I donít know how it will go with her. This evening Josie and Helen [Weis] came up. They didnít stay very late. Helen has to go back to Madison Sat.

Thur. 12 Mrs. Will Studier died today at twelve fourty-five. Its so sad. She wouldnít have been twenty-one until next June. The baby is just a week old today. Its name is Pauline Bertha. She wanted to take the baby along with her. She was conscious. Mother and Mrs. Fiedler went over this afternoon. Mrs. Joe Weis and Bessie were there to. They were washing. There seemed to be no one there that knew what to do.

Fri. 13 Yesterday + today we cleaned my room. And baked bread, coffee cake, patty cakes and two cakes. Ruby and I were over to the wake tonight. We went with Mrs. Fiedler. Berthaís sister Rosie Dininger was there. She takes it very hard. I think Mrs. Studier looks quite natural. She has lots of beautiful flowers already.

Sat. 14 Papa and Mamma went over the house to the funeral. Mother, Mrs. Weis + Mrs. Wachter staid at the house. And Mrs. Weis took care of the baby and Mother the Fiedler kids. Father was to drive Fiedlers team then there wasnít nobody to go but Mrs. So they had Dad unhitch the team again. So he couldnít go to town either. The funeral was at eleven o'clock from the house and one at the Lutheran church in Galena. The pall bearers were Mr. Fiedler, Sigerman + Herman Studier, Leo Bonesock, Will Weis + Henry Zarndt. I wanted to go to the funeral so badly. A very nice day. Autos went by here in great numbers today.

Sun. 15 Mother and Ruby went to church this forenoon. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippett] came down to dinner. This afternoon Tresidders came up this far in their car. Uncle Georges [Dittmar] also came in this afternoon. Had quite a crowd here. They staid to supper, all but Tresidders.

Mon. 16 Dad plowed the garden today. I made an auto cap. I wish our car would come soon. It rained a little today.

Tue. 17 We made garden this afternoon. Made nearly all. A few things yet and some we wonít plant till later. Dad hauled manure today. Galena votes on the wet and dry question today.

Wed. 18 We planted all the early potatoes today in the garden. It stormed tonight. It rained quite hard and hailed. Heard that Galena went wet again.

Thu. 19 We washed today. Threatening rain.

Fri. 20 I ironed today. Ruby cleaned her room today.

Sat. 21 Dad went to Galena today. Took in twenty-four dozen eggs. They are thirty cents per dozen. Everything is so high now on account of the war. Dad bought a bu. Potatoes for three-seventy-five. They arenít so very good. They are selling for four dollars per bushel sugar at ten dollars per hundred. Flour is awful high to. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippett] went out to Apple River today on the noon train. Are coming back to Galena tonight.

Sun. 22 A nice day. But the flies nearly eat a person alive. This forenoon John [Tresidder] came up with his Ford. Milton [Tresidder] too. Pa, Ruby + I rode up and down the bottom with him. He doesnít like to run only on the level. This afternoon we all went to church. Quite a few there. The anemonies are out. This evening we all went down to Tresidders.

Mon. 23 Ruby cleaned the rag room today. Mamma, Ruby + I went up to Aunt Annies [Tippett] tonight. Quite cold.

Tue. 24 Cleaned país and maís room today. I made a cake but it was a total failure. Cold today. Some garden stuff coming up.

Wed. 25 We washed today. We got a letter from Anna [Trudgian] today. She is in the diet kitchen.

Thu. 26 We ironed today. Quite cold all day. Mother and Ruby washed carpets.

Fri. 27 Well this is [General] Grants birthday. John Tresidder asked us to go to town with them if we wanted to. So Ruby + I went with them this afternoon. Papa drove Old Della in. A great crowd in there. A great parade. All children in town marched and more I guess. We went up the hall. A Mr. Lee, General Leeís son talked quite a nice speech. And a former Secretary of War spoke a short time. They had nice singing. Had quite a nice time. Hope our car will come soon. A sheep had a little lamb today.

Sat. 28 Cloudy and cold today. Just doing our Sat. work today.

Sun. 29 I got the tooth ache today. I didnít go to church. Pa + Ma + Ruby went this forenoon. Only they and Agnes + Milton [Tresidder] + the minister there. Dark cloudy + cold as usual again. It rained last night. We all went up to Uncle Eddís [Tippett] to supper.

Mon. 30 Cold and rainy. And this afternoon and evening it snowed. Almost enough if it was clod for sleighing. Everything is white. evergreen limbs hanging to the ground.

May 1917

Tue. 1 Ruby painted the bedroom today. Mr. Spensley came and got some setting eggs today.

Wed. 2 We washed today.

Thu 3 We ironed today. Tore up the parlor today and took down the dining room stove.

Fri. 4 We churned today. I went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] this afternoon. But they had gone to town. So I called at Ethelís for a while. I called in at Agnesís [Tresidder] and borrowed to yeast cakes.

Sat. 5 Dad went up to Scales Mound today. Wanted to ask about the car. Mr. Grube thinks we may not get it till the first of August. Iím so disappointed. There is nine orders in ahead of ours. Mother chanced it to Galena today. Rode with Blums in a ford. Rode home with Tresidders. She purchased a new hat.

Sun. 6 This afternoon we all went to church. Aunt Annie [Tippett] came down from church. Uncle Edd [Tippett] came down to supper. John, Ethel + Mrs. Bauer came down this evening. Full moon tonight.

Mon. 7 A lovely day. Quite warm. I sent for some pumps, a waist and a house dress today to National Cloak + Suit Co. We washed. Ruby cleaned hall. Planted out some cabbage and tomatoe plants. Also planted some beans + sweet corn.

Tue. 8 We ironed today. Also baked bread and a cake. Tore up the dining room today.

Wed. 9 Ruby cleaned the kitchen. Ma whitewashed the ceiling of the dining room. Mr. Rob Gill bought two cows with calves from us today. Sold them both for one-hundred-fifty-five dollars. One a heifer and the other a four year old. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippett] went out to Uncle Joes + Henrys [Dittmar] today.

Thu. 10 Gill got the cows today. Tied the cows together poor things. He was here to dinner. Papa helped drive them up to the crossroads. We got a letter from Uncle Thomas [Trudgian] today. Says he had a letter from Alice Trudgian. Uncle Joe [Trudgian] is quite sick had an attack of gall stones. Now he has paralysis. Mary Fiedler called up this evening inviting us to the school picnic.

Fri. 11 We planted our late potatoes today. And pa + Ruby planted some of the corn. Baked bread and coffee cake today.

Sat. 12 Worked hard this forenoon. Ruby + I went to the school picnic. Rode up with John Tresidderís in their car. He took them up. Had a nice time. I think about fourty there. Mary Fiedler got a necklace for going to school, not missing a day or being tardy. This evening rev. Palmer came to stay all night. He was going to stay at Fritzís but they werenít at home. He was feeling kind of sick tonight. His twin brother is going to preach tomorrow.

Sun. 13 Papa, Ruby + Mr. Palmer went to church. Ruby thinks he + his brother look quite a little alike. I was sick all day. Ruby went with Tresidders out for a ride this afternoon. They went up to ____ys. Cars went by in great numbers today. Roads lovely. Uncle Eddís [Tippett] + Youngs went out to Apple River this forenoon.

Mon. 14 Dad went to Galena today. Got fifty pounds flour for four dollars ten cents. We stretched parlor curtains today.

Tue. 15 Ma + Ruby whitewashed both cellars today. I made bread. Dad + I went up on Tresidders hill and got asparagus roots this evening. Had Della in the buggy.

Wed. 16 Quite warm today. We washed today. Dad and I planted the asparagus roots today. Dad also planted melons. Aunt Annie [Tippett] came down today. She was here for dinner and supper.

Thu. 17 We ironed today. This afternoon John, Ethel + Aunt Annie [Tippett] came along in the car going up to Scales Mound. Said one of us could go along if we could get ready quick. So I went along. We visited at Uncle Eheartís [Dittmar] first. Then we called up at Uncle Nickís [Dittmar]. They had just returned from Warren. Quite warm today. Had a nice ride.

Fri. 18 Baked a batch cookies this forenoon. Baked bread and coffee cake also. I went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] this afternoon. Got some strawberry plants.

Sat. 19 We got a letter from Aunt Rachel [Trudgian] today. Also one from Anna [Trudgian]. Papa + Ruby went to Galena today.

Sun. 20 We were ready to go to church this afternoon when Agnes [Tresidder] called up. Said some of us could go to with them to Apple River. Didnít know what to do. Ruby + I went along. Had a fine ride. Only it was quite cold. First time I ever went to Apple River by road. We called at Grandpaís [Dittmar] awhile. Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] had gone down to Uncle Henrys [Dittmar] with Uncle Georges [Dittmar]. We got home at half-past five. Pa + Ma didnít get home until about seven o'clock. They went in to Wilbur b after church and stayed to supper.

Mon. 21 A band of gypsies went along here today. Very, very cold today. I went down to Tresidders and picked some asparagus today. Ma + Ruby made curtains for dining room.

Tue. 22 I sent back the slippers today. Want to get a pair of shoes in exchange. I also sent for shoes and slippers to Montgomery Ward and Co. Mother went up to Aunt Annies {Tippet] this afternoon. She was feeling quite sick this afternoon. Very cold.

Wed. 23 It froze last night. I hope it wonít harm the blossoms. We put in some more garden today. I started to cut the lawn today.

Thu. 24 Papa went to Galena today. Looked for a horse. Saw a nice one only it is smaller than Della. We washed today.

Fri. 25 Papa got a chance to Galena again this morning. He expects to go to Elizabeth + maybe Woodbine today. Horse hunting. He will stay overnight I guess. We ironed today. Ruby cleaned the summer kitchen.

Sat. 26 Dad got home this afternoon. Got a chance out. He didnít find anything at Elizabeth. Was down to Uncle Benís [Dittmar] all night. Slattery has one to sell. May get that.

Sun. 27 We all went to church this forenoon. I had to play the organ. We all went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] to dinner. She was sick in bed all day. Ruby + I came home and did the chores.

Mon. 28 We ashed today. All doing other odd jobs. Hope our car will come soon.

Tue. 29 We ironed today. Ruby put out the geraniums and other plants today. Mother went up to Aunt Annies [Tippett]. She washed up there. Rainy this evening.

Wed. 30 This is decoration or Memorial day. I made a big collar for my white dress. Aunt Annie [Tippett] is feeling very poorly.

Thu. 31 Well Papa and Ruby went to Galena today. Brought home a horse. Bought it of Slattery for seventy-five dollars.

June 1917

Fri. 1 Hitched up the new horse with Della today. Papa + Ruby drove up to Uncle Eddí [Tippett]. Then this afternoon they went to Scales Mound. Mother went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] and I called at Tresidders. Then I picked the asparagus. Well Papa + Ruby didnít like the horse at all. Awfully afraid of autos and isnít a bit quiet. Dad said he wouldnít hitch it up again for any thing. Dad called up Slattery told him he wasnít satisfied with the bargain. They are going to take it back tomorrow.

Sat. 2 Rained nearly all night and nearly all day. Dad started off walking leading the horse. Got a ride part way. But cold mean Slattery wouldnít take it back. I donít know what we are going to do with it. Ruby went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett] this afternoon.

Sun. 3 Dad, Ruby + I went to church this afternoon. Mother went up to Aunt Annieís [Tippett]. Only six to church with the preacher. I had to play the organ today.

Mon. 4 Rainy again today. Pa, Ma + Ruby replanted corn. I worked a little in the garden and cut some lawn. All of Jesse Fords are back in their car. Saw them go by today.

Tue. 5 We washed today. Pa + Ruby hauled around stakes.

Wed. 6 It stormed last night. It rained all day. And just terribly windy. Uncle Edd [Tippett] came down for some plants this afternoon.

Thu. 7 Reading day. It say in Scales Mound items that Mr. Grube received a car load of Fords and expects to receive another car load in a few days.

Fri. 8 Dad + Ruby went to Galena today. Drove the new horse again. She wasnít afraid of autos in town but they didnít meet any in the country. My slippers came today.

Sat. 9 We received a graduation card from Helen today. She is going to graduate next Thursday June fourteenth at nine o'clock a.m. A nice day today.

Sun. 10 We all went to church this forenoon. I had to play the organ again! Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippett] came down to dinner. John Tresidder came up this afternoon awhile. A lovely day.

Mon. 11 Dad took a calf over the Station with Nellie the new horse and Della was awfully worried but he got along alright. This afternoon he and ruby went over to Hackerís to see if they could get some little pigs. They would sell two sows with 9 pigs each for eighty-five dollars. And one sow with seven pigs for seventy-five. They didnít buy any. I cut lawn.

Tue. 12 We washed today. It rained last night.

Wed. 13 We ironed today. Quite a nice day but had a shower again this evening. Agnes [Tresidder] called up today saying they are going to Dubuque tomorrow and some of us could go along.

Thu. 14 Well we got up early and Ruby + I went to Dubuque. Aunt Annie [Tippett] went to Galena and went along to Dubuque with us. I bought a skirt. Navy blue for 4.98. Ruby bought a white waist and skirt 1.98 each. The time seemed so short. We had dinner at the Y.W.C.A. Very cold all day.

Fri. 15 A nice day. Dad + Ruby went to Galena today. Heard today that Mrs. Pearson committed suicide. By cutting her throat. I donít know if sheís living now or not. Uncle Edd [Tippett] sheared our sheep today. Got nearly sixty pounds from eight sheep.

Sat. 16 Busy today as usual on Saturday. Dad started to plow corn today.

Sun. 17 We all went to church this afternoon. Tresidders were up with their car. Ruby + I rode down with them. Tresidders all came up here this evening. They say our car is up to Scales Mound. I believe Mr. Durstein told Fiedler. Fiedlers have a new interstate car, they say. They all rode to town in it Saturday.

Mon. 18 We were very busy all day. Dad plowing corn. Ma + Ruby replanting. I hoed potatoes. Expected to hear or see something of the car today. But didnít. A nice day. Mrs. Pearson is still living. A Keaster boy twenty-eight years old committed suicide by hanging himself. In his brothers barn in Guilford.

Tue. 19 We washed, churned and baked bread today. Also ironed some. Havenít heard anything about the car yet.

Wed. 20 Mother walked over the Station and went to Apple River this afternoon, to take in the reunion tomorrow. We went up to Fiedlers this evening. Saw their car.

Thu. 21 I wanted to go to the reunion so bad but didnít get there. Dad talked to Mr. Durstein today. He says our car is up there. One that came several weeks ago in the car load.

Fri. 22 Mother called up from the Station this forenoon. Said she may go up and call on the Palmers. Later it came to a storm. Didnít last long. Papa + Ruby went up to Scales Mound this afternoon. They saw the car. His brother said he would bring it down when the roads got a little better. Ma didnít get home until about half-past three. I was very worried. I called up Mrs. Palmer. She didnít start out from there until after the storm. The minister came over with her as far as Wilbur Bastians. Mrs. Popp had her baby baptized.

Sat. 23 Busy with Saturday work. We got a card from Uncle Thomas [Trudgian] yesterday. They moved to a house on Lafayette St.

Sun. 24 We all went to church this forenoon. Uncle Edd + Aunt Annie [Tippett] Tillie {Dittmar] came down to dinner. Tillie came with Aunt Annie yesterday. Aunt Tillie staid down. Dad + Ruby went over to the Station to childrenís exercises. Drove Della in the buggy. The church was full. Had the church wonderfully decorated.

Mon. 25 It sprinkled rain this forenoon. Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] went up to Aunt Annies [Tippett]. This afternoon Mr. Grube called up wanted to know if it would be alright if one of them would bring down the car this afternoon. We said yes. So his kid brother brought it down. He gave me a lesson. Dad or ruby could have gone but it seems we went off before they were ready. Went up to the cross roads went down as far as Mt. Zion and came back + went up to the next crossroads. Went down the sand. Came up around by Keanan went past the Lutheran church went west a long way. And then came home. We went over some terrible roads. I think I did quite well for a beginner.

Tue. 26 Young Grube came again this morning. Papa and ruby went along. We went to Scales Mound. Took the eggs and wool along. Got sixty-two cents per pound. $34.41 all together. We went out north of Scales Mound quite away towards Shullsburg. We bought some gasoline at S. M. also paid for the car. $373.40. Also got an inner tube.

Wed. 27 Grube came down again this morning to help me turn and back around. He, Ruby + I were turning around down above Johnís [Tresidder] mail box and as we neared the ditch I tried to stop. As it didnít seem to stop I was going to shut the throttle. Instead I opened it as far as it would go. It just jumped in the ditch. Broke down trees also went through the fence. But a tree stopped the car. Nothing harmed that we could see of but the fender bent and a few scratches. It was a very lucky accident. Tried to pull it out with our big team but they couldnít pull it. He run it through the creek and down Weisís bottom and got out their gate. Then I drove it up the road and back again.

Thu. 28 We washed today. Canít get much done and their is so much to do. We didnít try the car today.

Fri. 29 We ironed today. Also baked bread + coffee cake. We washed the car today.

Sat. 30 Very, very busy all day. Picked and put up some cherries today. Aunt Tillie [Dittmar] came down this afternoon to stay all night. Dad cut alfalfa today.