The County History states that the records of the County Commissioners Court on 6th September 1838 the following order was made.

"For the purpose of affording relief to the sick and helpless individuals now in this county, the commissioners have this day contracted with Isham Hardin to furnish, on his part, house room in the dwelling now occupied by him for such persons as shall be directed or sent by the direction of a committee hereinafter mentioned, to the house of him, the said Hardin, and that he shall give such attention and assistance as shall be required by the persons thus sent or directed to his house, after being furnished by the committee aforesaid with the necessary provisions, etc., at the rate of one dollar and fifty cents a week for each person thus brought or sent to his house. And it is further ordered by the court that Philip Barry, R. W. Carson, George W. Fuller, P. F. Schimer and J. P. DeZoya be appointed a committee to attend, as often as necessary, at the house of said Hardin, for the purpose of furnishing provisions and other things which they shall deem necessary for the comfort and health of those in the care of Mr.. Hardin aforesaid, and that they furnish the provisions necessary aforesaid, at the expense of the county."

The Poor House in the county was built ca 1850 on a different location than the present buildings reside upon and the fire at that place was on January 8, 1870. The Poor House was rebuilt at a different location in 1871.

Contributed by Susan Wilson

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