Fatal Accident

Galena Daily Gazette
23 February 1880

A distressing accident occurred at East Dubuque last evening, about 7 o'clock, resulting in the almost instantaneous death of Mrs. Bonny, wife of Mr. Bonny, the wagon-maker of that city. It seems that deceased had gone up stairs for the purpose of cutting off a piece of meat for the supper of her son, who had been absent from the house since morning. The lady had a large knife in her hand at the time, and being in considerable haste, she slipped at the head of the stairway, and fell forward in such a manner as to plunge the point of the knife into her throat, severing the jugular vein. The son heard the noise made by his mother in falling, and rushing up stairs found her lying upon the floor, in the throes of death, the blood streaming from her neck. A physician was instantly summoned, but before his arrival, the spirit of the lady had passed from earth.

Investigated by the Coroner

Galena Daily Gazette
24 February 1880

An inquest was held by Coroner Scott, yesterday, over the remains of Mrs. Mary Boney, of East Dubuque, whose accidental death on Sunday evening, was reported in the last issue of the Gazette. From the evidence adduced, it appears that Mrs. Boney had repaired to the smoke house at the rear of the dwelling, for the purpose of cutting off a piece of meat for supper. That while attempting to slice off the meat which hung above her, the string by which it was suspended was cut, causing it to fall. The supposition is that it either struck her arm in such a way as to pierce her neck with the sharp pointed knife, cutting the jugular vein, or a hasty movement of her arm produced the same unhappy result. The verdict of the jury was that the deceased came to her death from an accidental cut produced by a knife in her own hand, while in the act of cutting meat hanging over her head. Various rumors were circulated concerning the manner in which Mrs. Boney met her death, and not until the investigation by the Coroner were the true facts brought out.

Note different spellings of name, "Bonny" and "Boney."

Submitted by Tim Doser