Galena Daily Gazette
2 December 1882

Jeff Davis

His Marriage at Galena with the Daughter of General Taylor

An interesting reminiscence of the past, in which the President of the late Southern Confederacy, John Lorrain, Esq., of this city, Capt. Warren of Bellevue and one Harrison, a Southern duelist were the central figures, was copied into this paper yesterday from the Belle Leader, which revives the following additional scrap of history in the life of the first named actor in the drama referred to: Davis frequently visited Galena during his period of duty at Prairie du Chien, and was well acquainted with many of our early settlers. Among the number was the late Reden Bennett, Esq., with whom he was very intimate.

When Davis ran away with General Taylor's lovely daughter, he came in a rickety conveyance as far as Burt's mill, in Grant county, Wis., owned by the father of Hon. C. S. Burt, of Dubuque, Iowa, and who is now living in the town of Dunleith, this county. Mr. Burt, knowing the young Lieutenant, and strongly sympathizing with him in his love affiar, loaned him a fleet horse and buggy, with which Davis drove to Galena with his sweetheart, and was married in the office of the late Justice Cormick, an exhorter as well as a magistrate. General Taylor was an enemy of Davis for depriving him of his daughter until the gallant charge of his son-in-law at Monterey, when he rode up to him on the field, and taking his hand forgave him and enthusiastically complimented him for his bravery. The circumstances attending the flight and marriage of Davis with the daughter of General Taylor, are well remembered by several of our older citizens who came here in early days, and from one of the number we have obtained the story as above detailed.

Submitted by Tim Doser -