Miscellaneous for Jo Daviess County Researchers

The 1916 and 1917 Diary of Lillie Trudgian - Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV
The 1887 Diary of Lewis Wainwright - Part I, Part II, and Part III

Lead Mining

Jo Daviess County Poor House

1930 Farm Directory

Index of Our Own Cookbook
    by the First Presbyterian Church of Galena

Jo Daviess County Books Online

1937 Jo Daviess County Home Bureau Cookbook

Jo Daviess Family Reunions

Census Poem - "The Census Taker"

1878 Marriage Announcement - Mary C. Clay to J. M. McLaughlin

1884 Marriage Announcement - Magdalene Clay / Fred Fayettee Goddard

John B. Flack

Wedding Announcement - Amos Ford to Olive Spencer

Mrs. H. L. Heer - District Club Head

Ancestry of Michael John Skoworn and James Whitney White

Copies of Massbach Marriage Registers for Sale

Naturalization Record - Richard Tressider

Fatal Accident - Mrs. Mary Bonny/Boney

Murder of Tom Ross

Colored Veteran Dead

Land Donation for Mt. Hope Cemetery by Mr. Bayless

Jo Daviess County Honor Book Has Been Completed

Orrin Michael Kelly Interview

Jeff Davis Marriage

Illinois State Archives - Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home Residents (1887 to 1916)

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