Will Be Captured

Galena Daily Gazette
16 January 1907

Negroes Accused of Killing of Companion at East Dubuque

The authorities are confident that Wm. Fields and Ed Betz, who are accused of killing their colored companion, Tom Ross at East Dubuque recently, will be caught, and they will be brought to Galena for trial. The men worked together as track laborers at Stockton. Before leaving Stockton, Ross cashed a check for $22.40. For this sum it is alleged Fields, who is known as a hard character, doped Ross at East Dubuque while the three were drinking together. The other two negroes had little or no money, and when Ross' body was found in the alley at East Dubuque, the pockets of his clothes were turned out, and the money he was known to have was gone. Fellow workmen of Fields and Betz at Stockton declare the men wanted are hold-up men of the worst kind. The body of Ross was buried at East Dubuque. The man was a native of Maryland where his parents live and they will be notified of their son's death.

Submitted by Tim Doser