Death of Mrs. Hoefle
March 6, 1907
Posted in the Hanover Journal

The people of Stockton were greatly surprised and shocked about two o'clock last Wednesday afternoon to hear of the sudden death of Mrs. Mary Hoefle, wife of Prof. H. C. Hoefle, of that place.

It was not known that the lady had been ailing, as she had only complained to her husband that day that she was not feeling as well as usual, although it was subsequently learned that she had gone to a local physician a week or two before for medicine for her heart, but it seems that she had said nothing to her husband about her ailment.

Mr. Hoefle was alone with his wife at the time of her death, and she had been lying on a couch, but arose and made some remark to her husband, who is blind, and then he heard her fall heavily to the floor. He attempted to resuscitate her, but failed, and then rushed from the house without hat, coat or cane, and found his way to Dr. Stafford's office, but that gentleman was not in, and then he went to Dr. Smith's office, and the physician rushed to the house as quickly as possible but the lady had been dead for several minutes before he arrived, and Mr. Hoefle thinks that she was dead when he reached her side.

A coroner's inquest was held, and the jury decided that Mrs. Hoefle's death was caused by hear failure.

The funeral services were held from the M. E. Church at 10:30 Saturday forenoon, and the remains interred in the Stockton cemetery.

Besides her husband, Mrs. Hoefle leaves two children, a girl aged six years and a boy three years of age to mourn her loss, and also her mother, two brothers and a sister, all of whom live in the central part of this state.

The case is a sad one and Stockton people have done everything in their power to show their sympathy for the bereaved husband and children in their sad affliction.