Warren Sentinel
March 20, 1890
Page 4

Rachel Latshaw

The funeral of Mrs.. Rachel Latshaw, grandmother of Mrs. James Bayne, Jr., took place at the home of her granddaughter on Saturday, March 8, 1890.

Grandma Latshaw was born in Pittsburg, Penn., Aug. 27, 1798. She was a remarkable woman in her day, and none of her old time friends were left to mourn her death. Her entire life was lived in the hope of immortality and now she is doubtless enjoying the fruits of her labor. She chose God in the day of her strength and He kept her in the day of weakness. She came into the world a child hopeful, trustful, faithful, and she went out the same conflicting way. Where the tree grows there shall it fall. Let us all grow by the river that makes glad the city of our God.