The Galena Gazette, January 23, 1892

Thomas Burton Dead

A Well Known Citizen Succumbs to Paralysis.

Thomas Burton, one of the oldest and most generally known citizens of Galena, died shortly after one o'clock this afternoon at his home on Field Street, near the fair grounds. He had been ailing for some time with heart disease, but his condition did not become serious until last Thursday, when he was stricken by paralysis while walking, after which he sank rapidly.

The funeral will not take place before Tuesday. A definite announcement as to the time of holding it will appear Monday.

Thomas Burton was born of English parents on ship-board in the Irish Sea, Jan. 24th, 1824. Had he lived one day more he would have completed his 67th year. His parents were on their way to America at the time of his birth. After arriving here they lived for a few years in Philadelphia, but reached Galena in 1829, and his home was in this county from that time until his death. His father, Robert Burton, built the old stone mill one mile from the city which still bears his name. That was the original homestead and Thomas conducted a furnace there for years. He also spent some years on a farm in Elizabeth, still owned by him. The old Gratiot house was bought by him some years ago and there his last years were spent in peaceful retirement.

He was one of seven brothers, all of whom were well known citizens of Galena, and whom but one remains-John who lives on the old homestead and who is at this time dangerously ill.

Mr. Burton married Miss Lizzie Evans of East Galena, who survives him. She is a sister of Mrs. R. A. Oliver and Mrs. Edward Thompson. Four sons and two daughters also survive. They are Robert C, who is a practicing physician at Savanna; John A., in Caldwell, Neb.; James of South Riverside, Cal.; Edward a businessman of Murry, Neb.; Mrs. Scribe Whitmore and Miss Maude Burton of this city.

Submitted by Jennifer Heer Norman -