Telegraph Herald, Dubuque, Iowa
Friday morning, December 17, 1897


Man Killed By Falling Through Drawbridge Early This Morning

At 2:20 this morning word came from the drawbridge that a man had fallen onto or through the ice. The man stationed at the draw heard him coming and as crossing the bridge is now allowed went out to meet him.

Either the sudden appearance of the bridgeman startled him or he staggered and fell through. The bridgeman immediately telephoned to the police station and two officers were sent down.

The bridgeman says he can see something dark down on the ice but whether it is the body of a man or a hole in the ice, he cannot tell. At 3 o'clock the bridgeman telephoned the police, reached the place, and found the man dead. It is believed his name is R. J. Heller, a cigarmaker, with a wife and family living in East Dubuque.

Submitted by Christa Hughes.