Dubuque Daily Telegraph
30 August 1877

Death of William McQuade

One of America’s Greatest Acrobats Passes Away

William McQuade expired at the residence of his mother on Dodge street, Sunday at 10 a.m., the cause of his death was paralysis of the heart, caused by an injury to his spine, received while performing with King, Franklin & Co.’s circus, at Cameron, Mo., on Tuesday, Aug. 16.

Billy, as he was familiarly called by all who knew him, was born in Galena, Ill., twenty-two years ago, and was brought to Dubuque by his mother when an infant, and has always called this his home. His early life was given to athletic pastimes, and while yet a boy he developed into a fine acrobat. When 16 years of age he carried off at the Central Music Hall, Chicago, a magnificent gold medal emblematic of the champion amateur acrobat, again in Peoria the next season the same luck greeted him. From that time onward he started and continued on a brilliant professional career. His first season was as one of the Coyle brothers with Burr Robbin’s show, next he appeared with Forepaugh’s. As a member of the Wertz brothers acrobatic trio he traveled two seasons with Wallace & Co., and Myers & Robison, and this season, his last, as a member of the Albion Brothers with the circus in which the fatal accident occurred. He was a grand performer, his services were much sought for, and he was looked upon as one of the finest acrobats in America in all the principal cities of which he has appeared either in the sawdust arena or upon the variety stage.

He was a kind and dutiful son to his mother, who together with three brothers and four sisters mourn his loss. The funeral will take place to-day at 1 p.m., from the family residence, and his remains will be taken to Galena for interment along side those of his father and brother. Peace to his ashes.

Submitted by Tim Doser.