JULY 20.1893

Mrs. Maria Zawvar, of Scales Mound, died at the home of her daughter, in Dubuque, Monday morning at the age of 86 years. She was the mother of Joseph Zawvar, a prominent business man of Scales Mound, and leaves seven other children. A native of Germany, she was married there in 1836 to Joseph Zawvar. Ten years later they came to America and settled in Guilford, where Mr. Zawvar operated a large farm up to the time of his death in 1877. The mother's great wish was that she might live to again see her son, Peter, and hope of doing so no doubt prolonged her years, but finally when in two months more her wish was to be gratified she yielded to the infirmities of age. Mother and son had not met in twenty five years. The deceased was a good Christian woman and was highly esteemed in the neighborhood to which she lived. The funeral was held Wednesday. Burial in the Singer cemetery.

Submitted by Phyllis A. Heller