Stockton Ladies Aid Society, Circa 1912-1913

Lyman Carpenter can date the picture by the child in front (#4), Carson Yeager. Carson recently celebrated his 91st birthday and was born in 1916. He appears to be about 3 or 4 in the photo.

Standing in back, left to right:
1. Mrs. (James) Mary Jane Atchison Graham
2. Mrs. (Peter) Gladys Atchison Hartwig
3. Mrs. (Samuel) Sarah Flack Prisk
4. Mrs. (William) Bertha Barton
5. Mrs. (Edward) Rosella Atchison Vanderheyden
6. Mrs. (Grant) Hattie Hurd Atchison
7. Mrs. (Gilbert) Emily Atchison Inman (my grandmother)
8. Mrs. Reverend Roy Crocker
9. Mrs. Lennice? Nadig
10. Mrs. (Marcus) Myrtle Webb
11. Mrs. Lorena Burns
12. Mrs. (Pirl) Adeline Batchelder Reed
13. Miss Elizabeth Prisk
14. Mrs. (William) Dora Everhardt

Seated left to right:
1. Cora Hager
2. Mrs. (Virgil) Manie Hager
3. Mrs.(Peter) Mary Prisk Yeager
4. Carson Ward Yeager
5. Mrs. (Edward) Lillian Cowles
6. Mrs. Crawford
7. Mrs. (Rinaldo) Martha Perry Batchelder
8. Mrs. (Amos) Juliana Morse
9. Mrs. (Charles) Minnie Robinson
10. Mrs. (Willard) Carrie Pickard

These names were written on the back.

Our thanks to Lyman Carpenter for contributing this picture to the Jo Daviess Rootsweb website.