Wenner Family

My name is Eric Hartsfield and I have some photographs to contribute to the Jo Daviess County Photo Gallery. A few years ago my parents were traveling through Oregon and visited my grandmother's cousin. She gave them an album of 46 cartes-de-visite from about 1850s to 1880s that had been passed down to her from her great-grandparents, Charles and Ann (Bedford) Wenner, who lived in Vinegar Hill Township from the 1840s until their deaths in 1905 and 1902, respectively. Only about one fourth of the pictures are labeled and none are dated. I scanned these at 100 dpi.

-- Charles Wenner, born 27 November 1819 as "Carl Friedrich Woerner" in Neuenburg, Schwarzwald, Wuerttemberg; died 24 May 1905 in Linden, Whiteside County, Illinois
-- Ann (Bedford) Wenner, born 22 July 1826 in Horbury, Yorkshire, England; died 3 May 1902 in Vinegar Hill Township, Jo Daviess County, Illinois

Their children, all born in Vinegar Hill Township:
-- Rebecca Hannah Wenner, born 27 June 1847
-- Lucy Jane Wenner, born 17 March 1853
-- Francis Charles Wenner, born 25 June 1855
-- Elizabeth Ann Wenner, born 14 November 1858
-- Mary Alice Wenner, born 16 March 1863

Francis Charles Wenner's oldest child was born in Galena:
-- Royal Edward Wenner, born 9 August 1881

Eric Hartsfield

Charles Wenner Ann Wenner FC Wenner
Lizzie Wenner Lizzie & Mary Wenner Mary Wenner
Lucy Wenner Lucy Wenner Rebecca Wenner

Roy Wenner


Pictures contributed by Eric Hartsfield