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Houses in JoDaviess County

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Tim Doser recently bought some slides of houses located in (and around?) Galena. A few he recognizes and some he doesn't. Here is an excerpt of the description that was posted by the seller:

Up for sale are 16 original 1940's Kodak Kodachrome 35mm 2x2 photo slides of General U.S. Grant's home in in Galena, Illinois and a number of other homes and buildings.

These slides are from a roll taken in Galena of various houses, buildings and scenes sometime in the early to mid-1940s based on slide mount design and other slides in the collection. These slides started at the 1939-40 NY World's Fair (sold in separate auctions) and end in 1945 or 1946 when the photographer moved to California from Chicago. The photographer was Adam Szwejkowski (1910-2001).

Can anyone identify them? There are 15 total.

I ask your assistance in identifying anyone not already identified. If emailing me, please type "JoDaviess County Slides" in the subject box.

Enjoy, and thank you.

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Art House

Clapboard Houses

Grant House - West Side

House - Full Porch

House in Tall Grass

House With Addition

House With Clothesline

House, Shed, Doghouse

Rectory Painter

Rock House

Ryan House

Shaded Yard

Stillman House

Two Porches

White Brick House