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The towns of Massbach and Poppenlauer, Unterfranken, Bavaria

Apple River
Apple River Methodist Church
Apple River Opera House

Council Hill
Council Hill Photograph
Council Hill Photograph

Derinda Schoolhouse Photos

Miscellaneous Elizabeth, Ill. Photographs
Catlin Street, Elizabeth, Ill.
Georgetown Bridge - Elizabeth, Ill.
Remnants of Georgetown Bridge - Elizabeth, Ill.
Weston Bridge - Elizabeth, Ill.
Springvale Farm - Elizabeth, Ill. - Read Farm
Elizabeth High School Basketball - 1935
Elizabeth High School FAA - 1935
Elizabeth Tower, Elizabeth, Ill.

Photo of Dowling House in Downtown Galena, built 1826
Photo of Pagh House (now a Bed and Breakfast in Galena)
600 Park Avenue
Galena Cityscape
Galena Main Street
Cover photo of Harpers Magazine-May, 1866 showing Grant's return to Galena
Galena Library Basement (3 photos)
Miscellaneous Galena, Ill. Photographs
Burton's Mill Ruins (on Stage Coach Trail just east of Galena)
Galena Fire Station 1
Liberty Hood & Ladder - Galena 1913
Cutting Hay at Galena Farm
Galena High School - 1913 Graduating Class
Galena High School - 1913 Graduating Class Schedule
Galena High School - Basketball - 1919
Galena High School - Basketball - 1922
Galena High School - 1919 Declamatory
Galena High School - Senior Declamatory Contest
Galena Choral Club
Court House, Galena, Il.
Franklin Street, Galena, Il.
New High School, Galena, Il.
New High School, Galena, Il., 1931
Galena High School Football Team, Galena, Il. (c. 1930?)
Galena High School - Students - 1917
Galena High School - Students - 1931
Galena High School - Students - 1938
Galena Street Scenes - 1971
Belvedere House
719-721 Park Avenue
St. Matthew Lutheran Church
Antique Rod Show - 2010
Galena Breweries
Galena Class of 1914

Hanover, about 1952
Hanover Main Street
The Woolen Industry in Hanover
Hanover Woolen Mill - Photos
Spinning Room - Hanover Woolen Mill
Ad - H. White, Jeweler, Hanover
Card Room, Hanover Mill, Hanover, Il.
Hanover Barberry Eradication - JoDaviess County - 1928

Jo Daviess County
Early Settlers of Jo Daviess Co.
Horse & Buggy - Jo Daviess County
Blackjack Mine
Fishing at Plum River

Loran School circa 1910-1920

Nora, Ill.
Chelsea Church - Nora Township (1890-1900)

Supposed Pitcherville General Store

Pleasant Valley
Alexander H. Lyons - Threshing Crew

Scales Mound
Scales Mound Group Picture

1929 Schapsville German Confirmation Class

First Airplane to Land in Stockton
Pitcher Telephone Company, Stockton
Stockton Methodist Church
1st M. E. Church, Stockton
O'Rourkes Store - Stockton
Group of Women, from the town of Stockton ca. 1890.
Stockton Ladies Aid Society (about 1912 or 1913)
News Stand in Stockton, June 11, 1941
Stockton Basketball Team - 1930
High School, Stockton, Il.
Masonic Temple, Stockton, Il., 1916
Columbia Street, Stockton, Il.

Terrapin Ridge
Terrapin Ridge School - 1927

Wards Grove
Early Women of Wards Grove

Warren, Illinois 1918
Warren, Illinois Championship Basketball Team 1919

Woodbine Railroad Depot

Unidentified Photos

A large wonderful portrait collection from the 1920's and 1930's
Our Sincere THANKS to Tim and Paul Doser!!!

Francis Tippet Angwin
Angwin Family
Valentine and Catherine Appel

The Jesse Bird Family
Elizabeth Moyle Bromley
Richard Burton
Richard Burton (older)

Dr. W. S. Caldwell
Grandma Carpenter's 90th birthday
Juli Humbert-Droz Chetlain
Nellie Chetlain
Henry Chetlain
Esther Clark
Hester Clark
Lewis Clark Family
Old Bill Clay
Jeremiah Clay Family
Jeremiah Clay Family
Lavinia Jane Clay Nuss
Martha Staley Clay
Mary Barbara Hoy Clay's Barn

John Henry DeBord
John Henry DeBord and Mary Elizabeth Bennett DeBord
James and Mary Ann (McCarthy) Duggan

Amos Eaton
Edward Eaton
Mary Eckstein
The Eustice Brothers
The Richard Eustice Family
The Richard Eustice Family
George Evans
Lena Bonjour Evans Evans
Richard Evans Sr. & Hanna Jones Evans
Unknown Evans

Oscar Fahrig and Gertrude Knapp
John W. Foster
Tom and Alvira Foster
Samantha Fowler Hammond (Wife of Merwin Kingsbury Hammond)
James Fraser
James and Janet Pringle Fraser

John C. Gardner Family
William H. Greene Family

James Lafferty Hartsough
Christian Heer
Christiana Haush Heer
David Heer
Grave Marker for Henry Heer
John and Walter Heer
Marie and Martha "Muff" Heer
Peter Heer
Richard Walter Heer
Walter Heer
Walter Heer (child)
Tina Heer and her sister Stella Heer
Michael Hileman Jr., and wife Amanda
Hoy Family
Anna Maria Kern Heller

Ezekial & Doreathea Knapp (or August Knapp and Christina Plosch - Unsure)
Florence Elizabeth Farrell Knapp
George and Amelia Knapp
Homer Harry Knapp

Tamar (Raine) Leekley (1832-1920)

Emma Menzimer
George Jason & Evalina (Bainbridge) Miller
Sarah and Leo Molitor
Philip and Annie Moore house in Stockton
Herschell Morris
Herschell Morris Family?
Melbourne S. Murphy
Melbourne S. Murphy and Elizabeth A. Pitcher Murphy

Daniel Nuss

Lena Oldenburg

Charles George Parkins
John Barzilla Parkins - Infant
John Barzilla Parkins with his goats and Renny Bethel
Children of Stella and Charles Parkins
John Barzilla Parkins at Council Hill, Illinois
Mae Estelle Parkins Heer
John B. and Ida Knapp Pearce Family
John and Ida Knapp Pearce
Blanche A. Peters Johns
Children of William F. and Mary L. (Pitcher) Peters
Blanche A. Peters and Anna Neeseman
William F. and Mary L. (Pitcher) Peters
William F. Peters - Stockton Dray 1896
Harriet A. Pitcher and her 3 Children
Harriet A. Pitcher - Four Generations
Leicester 'Lester' Delos Pitcher
Mary Lavina Pitcher
The Children of Ransom and Mary Gertrude (Price) Posey, taken abt 1906
Harry Posey, as a child in about 1904
Charles Titus Pulfrey
Gazelle Sarah Townsend Pulfrey
Irvin Pulfrey 1887
Irwin and Edith (Kiplinger) Pulfrey & Betty
Irvin Pulfrey
Irvin Pulfrey Family
Pulfrey Family

Arthur Marshall Read - Abt. 1920
Isabelle Read - 1924

Will Ritter and Jane Heer

Michael Schreck

Henry E. Thomas
George N. & Mary Townsend
Richard Tressider
Josiah Tubbs

Caroline (Zigler) (1857-1926) & Nicholas Wantz (1848-1889)
Wenner Family
James W. White, Harriet White, and House
James Whitney White
Jessie White and Birth Certificate
Orrin Augustine White
White Reunion from the late 1800's

Jane Wilkinson
Martin S. Wilkinson and wife, Emeline Gates
William Wilkinson
John Devers Winters

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