Derinda Township

Jo Daviess County, Illinois

The Township of Derinda derives its name, as has heretofore been noted, from a woman. The first settlement was made in the township about the year 1836 and, among the first settlers if not the very first were the Olivers, the Hermans and the Hendershots. It is claimed that one Robert Campbell was the first individual to own land within the township. After the persons just named came Robert McGrath. The face of the country is rather hilly and rocky, but is quite well timbered. Farming is the principal business of the inhabitants. There are some signs of mineral deposits in the township. Considerable iron ore has been found, and an attempt has been made to develop an iron ore mine. The township has no railroad facilities, however, and, so far, the ore has not been found in sufficient quantities to prove profitable. There are a large number of Germans within the township, and it was first proposed to call the township New Germany, but the proposition failed. There are no organized cities or villages within the township but there are two places--one called Derinda Centre and one Massbach--at which considerable business is transacted. Its inhabitants are a well-to-do, law-abiding people.

(This section is taken from the book "History of Jo Daviess County  1904)

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