Biographical Directory
From "The History of JoDaviess County Illinois"
by H.F. Kett & Co., 1878


ADAMS, SAMUEL, miner; Elizabeth

ADAMS, WM. J. laborer; Elizabeth

ALLEN, JOHN. Retired Farmer; Elizabeth; born in Derbyshire, Eng., March 25, 1811; came to Springfield, Ill., in 1840 and to this Co, in 1842; owns a farm on Sec. 7, Woodbine Township; married Miss Elizabeth A. Clark, in 1851; she was born in Jo Daviess Co. in 1830; they have nine children living: Sarah Ann, now Mrs. Gosnay, William John, Charles, Alfonzo, Samuel Robert, Joseph Wilber; Mr. A. Owns 330 acres of land; was one of the Co. in the Wishorn Diggings; he has now left his farm to be carried on by his sons and is now living in the retirement of his village home where he can enjoy the product of his energy and toil during the remainder of his declining years.

ARMYTAGE BENJ. painter; Elizabeth

ASHMORE BOWNMAN, printer; Elizabeth

ASHMORE CHARLES, Farmer; Sec. 25; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Derbyshire, Eng., June 15, 1829; came with his mother to America in 1836, his father having come two years previous; has 186 acres of land; oldest settlers nearly all gone; very few here now that were in this section when they came; the Old Fort and a few cabins were all the marks of the settler's axe where now the village of Elizabeth is; Frank Flack built the first business shop and in that he sold whisky to the miners; his father bought the claim for the land where they now live, from Valentine Brazzel.

ASHMORE HENRY, Farmer; Sec. 25; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Jo Daviess Co. July 2, 1842; his father moved to the Co. from England in 1833; a great many Indians passed through the county after his family came, committing some depredations, marauding, and stealing from the white settlers; one day, while his father was mowing, a party of Indians came along; the one that seemed to be the chief rode up to Mr. A., and drawing out a long knife and brandishing it over his head, demanded a whetshone; Mr. A. Being a stranger to their customs, hardly knew what was best to do, but not wishing to let them know that he felt any fear, gave him the whetstone; the Indian whet his knife, and then rode away, beckoning Mr. A. to follow, but he chose to remain and let Mr. Indian pass on; soon after a bee-tree was found a little way from the spot, and Mr. Ashmore always supposed the Indian wanted to show it to him. Henry Ashmore, the subject of this sketch, married Belle Claypool, October 20, 1867 they have three children: Cora B., Jos. Sherman, and Nonie Elizabeth; Mr. A. has a farm of 160 acres of land.

AVERY WILLIAM, Retired; Sec. 5; P.O. Avery; born in Chenango Co., NY., Aug. 15, 1807; his father moved to Olean Point, Pa., by wagon; from there on a raft of pine lumber to Cincinnati; rented a piece of land near there, and raised a crop of corn; sold it in the Fall and started for the Wabash, but falling in company with Mr. Linsey, who told him of the transcendant beauties of the prairies of Illinois, he decided to abandon the trip to the woody banks of the Wabash, and, in company with his new friend, purchased a flatboat which had come from Pittsburgh with iron, embarked upon it with their families, and floated down the Ohio to its mouth; there procured passage on a keel-boat, which was officered by Spaniards and negroes, to St. Louis, Mo   The two families remained at St. Louis almost three years, with the exception of a six months' trip up to the Illinois River, but owing to disappointments by their employer, they were compelled to make their way back; they constructed a rude canoe, on each side of which they fastened a cottonwood log, to give the craft sufficient weight to withstand the surging waves of the Mississippi and rough Missouri; upon this the two families again embarked for St. Louis; to lessen the freight Mr. A., the subject of this sketch, was allowed to get into a canoe with some U.S. soldiers; soon a furious storm came up, and it was feared that the feeble barks would go down in the tempest's billows, and all be lost; but imagine the joy of the anxious mother and the little boy when they met again, safe, on the landing at St. Louis; they started late in the Fall for Peoria on a keel-boat; when about half way up the Illinois River, cold weather came on, and they found their boat fast in the ice, away from communication or civilization, but having sufficient provisions, they remained in their ice-bound vessel till navigation opened in Spring, and they sailed up to Peoria   Mr. A. came to Jo Daviess Co. in 1828, at the age of 21   He served as Captain of the U.S. troops during the Black Hawk War; he saw the council fires which glared on the wise and daring warriors go out, their arrows broken, their springs dried up, their cabins fall to ruins; the echoing whoop, the bloody grapple, the defying death song, all gave way to the onward march of civilization   Mr. A. was one of the very few settlers who beheld the remnant of Black Hawk's warriors take up their line of march toward the setting sun; after he had served his time, and peace spread her protecting wings over this part of the land, Mr. A. returned to Peoria and married Phoebe Reed, in March, 1834; she was born in Delaware Co., NY.; have five children: Col. Geo.S. Avery, at present Co. Clerk of Jo Daviess; Sarah M. Hallett, of Galena; Amos W., of Virginia City, Nev.; Cyrus R. Of Virginia City, Nev., now at home taking care of his father; Alonzo M., M.D., of Iowa; Mr. A. is suffering at the present time with general paralysis, which has confined him to the house for many a year.


BAINBRIDGE JAS. miner; Elizabeth

BARKER ROBT. farm; S. 22; P.O. Elizabeth

BARNES J. farmer; Sec. 16; P.O. Elizabeth

BARRETT HERBERT, merchant; Elizabeth

BARRETT MICHAEL, retired; Elizabeth

BARTON JAMES, Farmer; Sec 28; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, in June 1818; his father moved to this country and settled in Philadelphia in 1826; Mr. B. came to Galena and remained during the Summer of 1835; took a claim near where he now resides and had a cabin erected; returned to Philadelphia; the following year his father moved to this Co.; lived in the cabin upon the claim; in 1838 took a trip down the river; spent the Winter in New Orleans; worked tow years for Wm. Goldthoy, near Galena, smelting; married Miss Elizabeth Tonkin in 1864; she was born in Jo Daviess Co.; have three children: George A., James W., Emma; owns 340 acres of land.

BARTON JEREMIAH, Farmer; Sec.16; P.O. Elizabeth; born in the City of Philadelphia Jan.27, 1828; came to Jo Daviess Co. in 1838; Mr. B. has 160 acres of good land and a fine residence, but the charms of the fair have never been sufficiently seductive, and he remains a single man; Mr. B. had a brother, John, wounded at the battle of Chicamauga and died from the wound, leaving a widow and five children; they have lived with him; the children are: Annie E., Samuel, Alice, Henry and William.

BATEMAN GEORGE, retired farmer; Elizabeth

BATEMAN JAS. H. constable; Elizabeth
BANWARTH CHARLES, blacksmith; Elizabeth

BAWDEN RICHARD, SR., farm; P.O. Elizabeth

BEEBE E.W. Physician and Surgeon; Elizabeth; born in Livingston Co., N.Y., Jan 26, 1828; at the age of 24, having completed his course in medicine, he left his native state and commenced the practice of his profession in Michigan in 1852; during his residence there he returned to N.Y. and married Lucy Budrow, Jan. 2, 1860; came to Jo Daviess Co. in 1862; moved to Iowa in 1867; remained there nine years and returned to Jo Daviess Co.; they have four children living: Livingston, Edith, Gertrude, and Constance; Dr. Beebe is a gentleman of quick perceptive faculties and literary tastes; is engaged in an extensive practice, takes a lively interest in the prosperity and progress of schools and churches, lending his influence to every enterprise calculated to encourage the young.

BENNETT JOHN, miner; P.O. Elizabeth

BINNS ABEL, farmer; Sec. 3; P.O. Elizabeth

BINNS MATTHEW, Sec. 3; P.O. Elizabeth

BLACK DANIEL, farm; Sec 29; P.O. Hanover

BLACK SAMUEL, farm.; S. 29; P.O. Hanover

BLEYER JOSEPH, Farmer; Sec. 1; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Elcass, Germany, February 13, 1836; came to America in 1866; lived in Rochester till the next Spring; went to Chicago, Bloomington and St. Louis; spent the next Winter in Louisiana; returned to St. Louis; went to Macon, Ga.; had ague; was owa; then, returning to this Co., bought the farm of 40 acres where he now lives.

BLEWETT JOHN, farmer; P.O. Elizabeth

BLEWETT THOMAS, farmer, P.O. Elizabeth

BLOWER RALPH, laborer; Elizabeth

BOWDEN GEORGE, miner; Elizabeth

BOWDEN CHARLES, Farmer; Sec.11; P.O. Box Elizabeth; born in Cornwall, England, May 16, 1829; came to this country by way of Quebec, direct to Jo Daviess Co.; married Miss Ellen Shimmin in 1851; she was born on the Isle of Man in 1837; came to America in 1845; Mr. B. has worked in the mines of Canada, Lake Superior mineral regions, and has traveled through nearly all the states and territories of the Union; visited California in the Summer of 1877; have ten children; Thomas P., now in Cal., John H., Eleanor A., Margaret J., Charles R., William C., George E., Joseph I., Clara A., Alice Mabel; owns 114 acres of land.


BOWLESBY JAMES, stonemason; Elizabeth

BOYLE M. farmer; Sec. 8; P.O. Elizabeth

BRAY THOMAS B., Elizabeth


BREED O. Farmer; P.O. Avery; born in Butternut, Otsego Co., N.Y.; came to Jo Daviess Co. May 12, 1835; started with a team, traveling through Canada, around Lake Michigan and crossed Rock River where now the beautiful City of Rockford is situated; at that time the only sign of a settlement was the cabin erected by Germanicus Kent, on the banks of Rock River; the cabin of James Flack, in Jo Daviess Co. was the next mark of a settler's axe on his route; disposed of his team and came on foot from Rockford to the mineral regions; Mr. B. followed mining for about seven years; now owns 240 acres of land, a part of which he has pre-empted; married Mary A. Cook, July 23, 1844; she was born in Sheffield, England, Feb. 26, 1826, and came to Jo Daviess Co. with her parents at the age of six; they have had thirteen children: Lovisa, Melinda, Ann, Harriet Vesta, William, Nelson, Lucy, Mary, Lincoln H., Florence J., Olive and Ansel; Mr. B. is one of the Co.'s practical men; is extensively engaged in growing fine stock; has in his house one of those home comforts, an old fashioned fired place, almost a novelty now-a-days.

BREED WM., Avery

BROMLEY ALBERT, Sec. 12; P.O. Elizabeth

BROMLEY RICHARD, Farmer; Sec. 12; Elizabeth; born in Montreal, Canada, April 11, 1823; his parents emigrated from the north of England, in 1815; he settled in this Co. in the Spring of 1844; came on the lakes to Chicago; from there on foot; would occasionally get a ride with teamsters; married Miss Harriet Williams; they had three children, Albert and Walter G. Are living; lost the other child and his wife; married Mrs. Moyle; her maiden name was Miss Elizabeth Kemp; she was born in England, Co. Cornwall; came to this Co. in 1849; she had five children: Thomas Moyle, Elizabeth, Jane, Harriet and Mary; their home exhibits the evidence of a charitable and hospitable one as they now have two orphan girls for whom they care with all the fondness of a parent's relation.

BROWN SAMUEL, Elizabeth.

BRYANT RICHARD, farmer; P.O. Elizabeth

BYERS GEORGE, Retired Farmer; Sec. 5 and 6; Derinda Tp.; resides in village of Elizabeth; born in Huntingdon Co. Pa., May 29, 1806; came to Jo Daviess in 1838; followed mining in this and adjoining Cos. Till 1852 when he went to the gold regions of California; returned in 1855; lived on his farm in Derinda till the close of the war; married the widow of Wm. Wayman May 20, 1856; her maiden name was Miss M. Price; born in Bucks Co., Pa., Jan 16, 1811; came to this Co. in 1840; lost her husband in 1847; she has six children living: Thomas, Margaret G., Mrs. Ester Shipton; William, Mrs. Caroline Gable and Henry; have two grandchildren living with them: George Shipton and John Edwin Shipton.


CALVIN MICHAEL, farmer; P.O. Elizabeth

CHAMPLIN WM. laborer; Elizabeth.

CLARK FELIX, laborer; Elizabeth.

CLARK SAMUEL, miner; Elizabeth.

CLEGG WILLIAM T., Agent; Elizabeth; born at Weston, Jo Daviess Co., April 16, 1856; his father came to the Co. in 1845; Mr. C has resided in Jo Daviess since his birth except about six years, which he spent in the copper regions of Lake superior; attended the High School in Galena; learned the trade of cigar maker; has a fine collection of specimens of copper, silver, crystals, English agates, Brazilian agates, etc., which show much care and taste in their selection.

CLEGG WM. miner; Elizabeth.

COCHRANE SAMUEL, carpenter; Elizabeth.

CONNER P. farmer; Sec. 6; P.O. Galena.

COOK HENRY, farmer; P.O. Avery.

COOK JAS. farmer; P.O. Avery.


COOK WM., Avery.

CORKERY J. farmer; Sec. 2; P.O. Elizabeth.

CORNMAN G. miner; Sec 10; P.O. Elizabeth

CRUMMER JAMES, Farmer; Sec. 25; P.O. Elizabeth; born in the State of Delaware. July 24, 1824; his father and mother came from Ireland and settled on the Brandywine in 1818; Mr. C. Came to Jo Daviess Co. with his mother in 1835, and his father came in 1834; first settlers in that section of county; has 240 acres of land; served as School Director for many years; married Miss Araminta Tart Oct. 7, 1847; has seven children living: B.F. Crummer, M.D., of Warren, Edwin M., Willis, Fremont, Lillis M., Schuyler Colfax and Joseph; lost his wife and one child, Horace; married Miss Sarah Wright July 1, 1865; she was born at Yellow Springs, Ohio; she went from Ohio to New York City, where she resided with an elder brother for eight years; lived in Chicago for four years; came to Jo Daviess Co. in 1865.


CUBBON T. farmer; Sec. 15; P.O. Elizabeth.


DANIEL WILLIAM, farmer; P.O. Elizabeth.

DAVY W.J. miner; Elizabeth.

DOANE WM. stage driver; Elizabeth.

DRAPER WILLIAM, retired; Elizabeth.


EADE JOSEPH, miner; Elizabeth.

EADE SAMUEL, miner; Elizabeth.

EADIE JOHN, Farmer; Sec. 33; P.O. Hanover; born in Renfrew, Scotland; came to America in 1842; remained a short time in Fulton Co., and came to mining district of this Co. same year; married Mary Statham Aug. 8, 1845; she was born in Derbyshire, Eng.; she came to America in 1828; remained in Albany, N.Y., till 1842, when she came to this Co.; Mr. E. Was engaged in mining during the early times; spent eighteen months in California; visited Scotland in 1871; they have nine children: Benjamin, Elizabeth, Thomas, Hannah, John, Margaret A., Robert, Catharine S., Wm. Wallace; Mr. E. Has a farm of 290 acres; fine residence and good stock buildings.

EADIE THOMAS, Sec. 33; P.O. Hanover.

ETLING GEORGE, saloon keeper; Elizabeth.

EUSTICE D.L. farmer; Elizabeth.

EUSTICE JAS. P.O. Elizabeth.

EUSTICE JOHN G. P.O. Elizabeth.

EUSTICE RICHARD, Teamster; Sec. 22; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Cornwall, Eng., July 15, 1840; his parents came to America in 1841, when the subject of this sketch was quite young; they came direct to Jo Daviess Co.; Mr. E. Has teamed from Hon. H. Green's smelting furnace, near Elizabeth for 16 years; married Miss Mary Tippett, Jan 1, 1865; she was born in Weston, near where they now reside; Mr. E, has served for two terms as School Director, and five years as Commissioner of Highways; has five children: Edith A., William M., James E., Richard J., Charles R.

EUSTICE RICHARD W. retired; P.O. Elizabeth.


EUSTICE THOS. W. Harness Shop; Elizabeth; born in Jo Daviess Co. Jan 4, 1850; has lived in the Co. since, except three years spent in the copper regions of Lake Superior and Michigan; was there from 1872 to 1875; married Kitty Toben April 2, 1877; she was born in Galena July 14, 1849; they now reside in the village of Elizabeth, Jo Daviess Co., where Mr. Eustice is doing an extensive business in the line of harnesses, saddles, etc.

EUSTICE W.H. retired; P.O. Elizabeth.


FARRELL JAMES; laborer; Elizabeth.

FLEMMING PATRICK, farmer; Sec. 29; P.O. Hanover.

FLEMMING WM. P.O. Hanover.

FRASIER JAMES, Merchant; Elizabeth; born in Lanarkshire, Scotland, Sept. 24, 1822; came to America in 1842, landing at New York; went to Canada and lived there two years; came on to Apple River, in Jo Daviess Co. in 1844; during the gold excitement of 1850 went to that country across the plains; returned in 1852, and has since resided in Elizabeth; was employed as clerk in the store of Richard Brown for seven years; in partnership with Mr. D. Robinson-purchased Brown's stock; remained in the firm two years, and then purchased the store and stock from Mr. Barker, and has since been in business by himself-doing an extensive business; during an interval of two years that he was out of business visited New York; was in the city during the great riots; in 1845 married Miss Jane Pringle; she was born in Roxburyshire, Scotland, in 1826; she came to America in 1838; have ten children: Mrs. Sidney Marshall, John, Mrs. Margaret Crummer, James, Nettie, Fred, Frank, Wallace, Grant, Mable; Mr. F.'s father is still living in Canada, at the age of eighty-three.

FRASER JAS. A., P.O. Elizabeth.

FRASER JOHN P. merchant; Elizabeth.


GALE WILLIAM, farmer; P.O. Elizabeth.

GATES EDMUND, shoemaker; Elizabeth.

GILL W., Sr., farm; Sec 22; P.O. Elizabeth.

GLESSNER H. retired; s. 24; P.O. Elizabeth.

GOBLE JNO. G. carpenter; Elizabeth.

GOARD JAMES H. Blacksmith; Elizabeth; born in Cornwall, Eng., Nov. 19, 1839; his father came to Galena with his family in 1841; Mr. G. has called Jo Daviess Co. his home ever since; served in the War of the Rebellion, 140th Regt. I.V.I., first corporal of Co. C; was in Memphis at the time of Gen. Forest's famous raid; married Margaret Z. Linsey; she was born in Jo Daviess Co; they have six children: Cora A., Helen J., Fred, Maggie, Jenny and Harry; Mr. G. has an enviable reputation as a horse trainer and teacher; has two fine horses, and for him to command is for them to obey without halter-strap or bridle; has been in blacksmith business for fourteen years; is also the inventor of the Jim Goard Patent Harness Oil, which is known throughout the country as the best in the market.

GOLDSWORHY THOMAS H. Merchant; Elizabeth; born in Cornwall, Eng., June 12, 1831; came to this Co. in 1845; remained in Penn. One year; went to California in Fall of 1855; lived there thirteen years; once during the time visited the Eastern States; returned to this Co. in 1868; married Miss Mary Eustice March 11, 1869; she was born in Wales April 6, 1844; they have three children living: Adella May, William A. and Thomas Eustice; lost two children: Nellie, died Feb. 16, 1870; Joseph Henry, June 5, 1877; his sickness was lingering disease of the spine; but a short time before he died there were some signs of improvement, and it was fondly hoped that he might recover; he was the delight of his friends young and old; his manly bearing and mature mind made him a companion of the old as well as the young; about a week previous to his death he told his father and mother that they must give him up, he could not live; he knew that the silver cord was almost loosened and the golden bowl was breaking at the fountain, but he was resigned, for he knew he had a friend in the great beyond who had said: "Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of Heaven."

"Put away the little garments, Harry needs them now no more; Jesus watches safely o'er him On that bright and happy shore."

GOLDTHORP J.E. Farmer; Sec. 28; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Galena March 6, 1842; his parents moved to Elizabeth when he was two years of age; has been in Co. since except about two years at Rock River Seminary, Mt. Morris; married Miss Sarah E. Rankin Jan. 1, 1864, the day known as the cold New Year, a day to be remembered especially by some of our soldiers who were on duty that day; Mrs. G. was born on the American Bottoms opposite St. Louis April 20, 1842; they have two children: Elmer Elsworth, born Oct. 7, 1864; Clara W., Nov. 28, 1870.

GOLDTHORP T.R. Farmer; Sec. 27; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Jo Daviess Co.; married Miss Salina Angwin, March 10, 1868; Mr. G. and wife were reared and have always lived in this Co.; were born in Weston.

GOLDTHORP WM. Farmer; Sec. 22; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Yorkshire, England, April 5, 1812; came to America in 1829, settling at Philadelphia, Pa.; remained there three years; came to Jo Daviess Co. in 1832; went from Galena to Blue Mound, Wis., in 1833, mining there for 18 months; made his first $500 at that place; went to Lost Grove; remained there for one year in smelting business; then went on the Fever River, where he remained in the smelting business till 1844; moved to farm upon which he now resides; married Ellen Ellis Nov. 12, 1831, at Philadelphia; she was born in Yorkshire, Eng.; they have four children living: Elizabeth, Joseph E., Thos. R., and Araminta; has 1,380 acres of land; was Postmaster for 15 years at Weston; has been School Director for many years.

GOTT RICHARD, laborer; Elizabeth.

GRADY PATRICK, farmer; Sec. 8; P.O. Galena.


GREEN GEO. carpenter; Elizabeth.

GREEN GEO. H. Retired; Elizabeth; born in Yorkshire, Eng., Nov. 23, 1832; came to America with his parents, landing at galena in the spring of 1841; the family resided about two years near the new diggings in Wis., then moved to Elizabeth Tp., Jo Daviess Co.; Mr. G. resided with his parents till 1853, after which, being 21 years of age, he commenced work with a firm in which his uncle, Henry Green, was a partner; remained in their employ for 10 years, then went to Washoe Valley, Nev.; engaged there on a ranch, where he remained for five years, becoming, at the expiration of one half the time, the superintendent of the work, a position which he sustained with dignity and honor; he was married July 4, 1854, to Mary T. Tredinnick; she was born in Cornwall, Eng.; they have had two children; lost a little girl, Martha Ann; Walter Henry, born March 30, 1868; Mr. G. has served as a member of the Board of Trustees for the corporation of Elizabeth for three years; has been on School Board for five years; is a member of county Republican Central Committee; also of Town committee; family attend M.E. Church; Mr. G. is at the present time living in the retirement of his home, enjoying the confidence and respect of all with whom he is associated.

GREEN HENRY, HON. Lead Smelter and Farmer; Sec. 23; P.O. Elizabeth; was born in the Village of Horbury, near Wakefield, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, Eng., on Feb. 13, 1819; his early life was passed as an operative in various branches of the woolen business, in which his father was a small manufacturer; in his twentieth year he left home and became superintendent of power-looms and "Jaquard Machinery," and designer and pattern-worker in a manufactory of ladies' dress goods at Shelf, near Halifax; in the Fall of 1841 he migrated to the United States, making his way directly to Galena, and entered the employment of the late Samuel Hughlett, Esq., with whom, two years later, he became associated in the lead smelting business under the firm name of Tart, Greer & Co., and soon afterward Goldthorp, Greer & Co.; this business, after several changes in partnership, fell into Mr. Greer's hands, and is still carried on by him; he has also at the same time been engaged in mining, farming, and store-keeping; he was married May 23, 1845, to Miss Sarah Roberts, of Horbury, who was born June 3, 1818; he brought with him to this country British free trade notions, but becoming satisfied that the true policy of a new country like this is a moderate, steady protection to manufacturing industries, he at once affiliated with the Whig party, and continued to act with it till its dissolution and the organization of the Republican party; his first Presidential vote was cast for Henry Clay; the confidence of his fellow-citizens has been expressed by repeated elections to the State Legislature; he has served six years in the House of Representatives, and four years in the Senate; for five years he participated in the county government as member of the Board of Supervisors, and from 1862 to 1865 was Chairman of the Board - the period in which the resources of the county were so freely used in support of the war; in early boyhood he united with the Methodists, and during most of his adult life has sustained some official relation to the church; he was lay delegate from Rock River conference to the General Conference of the M.E. Church, which met in Baltimore in 1876; his early educational advantages or opportunities were very limited, the greater part of all acquisitions being made by study at home, with very little assistance; in his 33rd year he thought he saw the long-sought opportunity for more extensive study and culture; he went to school, but after two years, when nearly ready to enter college, the demands of business called him home, and his projected collegiate course was abandoned forever; has 1,900 acres of land in Jo Daviess Co.; has a fine residence near Elizabeth; Mr. G. is known in the State of Illinois as one of its best financiers, and has a well-deserved reputation for high executive ability in any department of business, public or private; when he was chosen to fill the various offices of trust, he was not heralded by trumpets of fame or any desire on his part to be brought before the public, but for honest purposes and the good of his adopted country, allowed his name to be used; has decision and independence of character; is not afraid to express an opinion in advance of public sentiment; does not wait till public opinion is formed, and then step up to swell a majority.

GRUNDY JOHN, farm; Sec. 20; P.O. Hanover.


HANCOCK JOSEPH, laborer; Elizabeth.

HANCOCK STEPHEN, laborer; Elizabeth.


HARKNESS JAMES, Farmer; Sec. 34; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Edinburgh, Scotland; came to America in 1843, settling in Fulton Co., Ill.; March 21, 1844, came to this Co.; first engaged in mining; bought a farm, and now has 300 acres of land; married Miss Hannah Statham Oct. 17, 1844; she was born near Manchester, Eng., March 18, 1827; her parents moved to America the following year; has seven children: Eliza, James, John, Peter, Benjamin, Mary, Hannah; Mr. H. is extensively engaged in growing stock.

HARKNESS JAMES, Jr., S.34; P.O. Elizabeth.


HASSIG LEOPOLD, Painter; Elizabeth; born at Baden on the Rhine, March 13, 1842; his parents moved to America when he was quite young; stopped at Buffalo a short time; from there to Chicago, where they resided six years, and in 1847 came to Galena; Mr. H. was in the Quartermaster's Department during the war; belongs to I.O.O.F. and A.F. and A.M. lodges; has traveled through Iowa, Montana, Nevada, and California; married Miss Araminta Pilcher, Jan.4, 1865; she was born in this Co. Jan. 31, 1843; has town property to the amount of $1,500; has six children: Raymond A., Jennie, Odell, Effie E., Franklin, and Mary A.

HARVEY JOSEPH, miner; Elizabeth.

HAZELETT C. farmer; Sec. 19; P.O. Hanover.

HAZELETT D. farmer; Sec. 19; P.O. Hanover.

HEFTY JOHN, woolen factory; Elizabeth.

HOFFMAN JOHN, Grocer; Elizabeth; born in Zurich, Switzerland, Dec. 16, 1840; came to Jo Daviess Co., July, 1864; served in the Union army, 42d Regt. I.V.I. for one year; Mr. H. married Kunigunda Snyder who was born in Saxe-Coburg Gatha, Germany, Feb. 6, 1849; they were married April 23, 1868; have four children living: Maggie, born March 7, 1869; Annie, July 12, 1872; Edward, Oct.27, 1874; John, July 4, 1876; lost one child, George F., born June 23, 1870, died Aug. 19, 1871. Mr. H. engaged in farming after returning from the war; traded his farm for town property in Elizabeth where he now resides; has a billiard Hall and Grocery Store.

HOLLAND E. farmer; Sec. 10; P.O. Elizabeth.

HOLLAND THOMAS, Retired Farmer; Sec. 9; P.O. Avery; born in Cheshire, England, Dec. 10, 1805; married Miss Mary Hamilton in Aug., 1830; came direct to this Co. from England in 1837; bought the claim of the land upon which he now resides from N. Morris; he is one of the pioneers of Jo Daviess Co.; has ten children living: Mrs. Ann Ransom, Mrs. Elizabeth Cook Ralph, of Page Co., Iowa; Thomas of Mossville, Edwin on Homestead, John of Kansas, George of this co., Mrs. Mary Williams of Weston, William of Nevada, Enoch of California; lost his wife in 1875; married Mrs. Spencer: one child; married Mrs. Shimmin; lost her and is now living in a neat cottage of which he is the sole monarch, at the age of 72.

HOSKINGS J.W., Jr., farmer; Sec. 12; P.O. Elizabeth.

HOSKING RICHARD, AND HOSKING JOHN, Farmers; Sec. 12; P.O. Elizabeth; John was born at Old council Hill, this Co., April 7, 1850; parents came from England in 1834; resided at Hazel Green, Wis., Council Hill and Elizabeth; John went to California in 1871; lived there 18 months; returned and married Miss Mary Ransom in the Fall of 1875; she was born in Elizabeth Tp.; have one child, Lawrence Edgar. Richard was born in Elizabeth Tp. July 9, 1852; they hold an undivided interest in the homestead of 200 acres, and are engaged in farming and stock growing.

HOWARTH JAMES, clerk; Elizabeth.

HOWARTH THOMAS, painter; Elizabeth.

HOWARTH WILLIAM, Farmer; Sec. 16; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Yorkshire, England, Dec. 25, 1820; came to America in 1833, landing in Philadelphia; resided in Middletown, Pa., for about 10 years; moved to Floyd Co., Ind.; was foreman in a saw mill preparing timber for boat and ship-building, and was part of the time watchman on a boat running to St. Louis, while he lived in Ind,; came to Jo Daviess Co. in the Summer of 1845; teamed from Galena to Chicago; has not been out of the Co. more than three weeks at a time for 32 years; married Miss Fannie Lawry Oct. 27, 1859; she was born on the Isle of Man, March 8, 1841; have ten children: Lewis P., Clara, Nettie, Dora, Bertha, Sarah, Hattie, Walter, Jane, and William; has 100 acres of land; has served as Supervisor 5 years and as Assessor 4 years, and has always been one of this Co.'s substantial citizens.

HOWARTH W.T. Physician and Surgeon; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Jo Daviess Co. Aug. 30, 1850; commenced the study of medicine Oct. 12, 1870; attended the Chicago Medical College and graduated March 21, 1876; was known as an industrious and faithful student, and left the halls of the school with the confidence and respect of its Faculty; is now engaged in an extensive and lucrative practice in his native town, where he, by his frugality, temperance and industry has the esteem of all who know him.

HUTCHINSON JOHN, farmer; P.O. Elizabeth.


IRWIN JAMES, farmer; Sec. 30; P.O. Hanover.

ISBELL JOHN K. miner; Elizabeth.


JENKINS EWD., laborer; Elizabeth.

JENKINS JAMES D. Retired Farmer; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Cornwall, England, Jan. 28, 1820; came to Jo Daviess Co. in 1837; in 1847 Mr. J. married Grace Rowe; they had five children: James H. now at Yankton, Dakota; the others Edward R., and Frances M., reside in Jo Daviess Co.; Mr. J. lost his first wife in June 1873; married Elizabeth Rogers Dec. 25, 1876; Mr. J. has spent most of his life in America in and near Jo Daviess Co.; was in the copper regions of Lake Superior eight months; during the years 1837 and 1838, was at Mineral Point, Wis.; he is not out of business, and with his wife is living in retirement at Elizabeth, Jo Daviess Co., Ill.

JENKINS JOHN, farmer; P.O. Elizabeth.

JOHNS NATHAN, farmer; P.O. Elizabeth.

JOHNS WM. L., laborer; Elizabeth.


JONES WILLIAM, lime burner; Elizabeth.


KAWL JOHN, farmer; Sec. 15; P.O. Elizabeth.


LAIGN JOHN, farmer; P.O. Elizabeth.

LAWTON J.J. Farmer; Sec. 20; P.O. Galena; born in Columbia Co., N.Y., near the City of Hudson, Feb. 13, 1837; came to Jo Daviess Co. with his father's family in 1848; married Miss Eliza. J. Blake, July 8, 1858; she was born in Jo Daviess Co.; her father was among the earliest settlers; have six children: John, Ann, Byron, Ada, Hannah, Alice; Mr. L. Has a farm of 118 acres; is engaged in growing fine cattle, hogs and horses.

LEVENS ALEX., Sec. 7; P.O. Galena.

LEVENS EDWARD, farm; Sec. 18; P.O. Galena.

LEVENS JAMES, farm; Sec. 17; P.O. Galena.

LEVENS PATRICK, Retired Farmer; Sec. 7; P.O. Galena; born in County Louth, Ireland, May 15, 1805; married Miss Elizabeth KcKeown, June 9, 1831; she was born in County Down, Ireland, April 11, 1810; they came to America in 1833, landing at Philadelphia; remained there four years; came to Jo Daviess Co., in 1837; lived in Galena two years, then laid claim on land where he now resides; has 320 acres of land; has five children: Edward, James, Patrick, Alexander, Margaret; Mr. L. Is among the oldest living settlers; visited his native country in 1875; traveled extensively along the eastern coast; attended the famous O'Connor celebration at Dublin in 1875; 10,000 Americans in attendance.

LEVENS PATRICK, Jr., Sec. 7; P.O. Galena.

LEE JOHN C. Bridge contractor; Elizabeth.

LINGFORD ELECTA ANN, Mrs. Farm; S. 25; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Plattsburg, N.Y., Aug. 31, 1838; her maiden name was Electa Ann Holcomb; was quite young when her mother died; her father came to Jo Daviess Co., leaving her with friends in New York; her father married again, and she came on to live with them; married Mr. Robert Lingford Oct. 5, 1852; her was born in Nottingham, Eng., Feb. 23, 1818; came to America in 1849; settled with a colony at Rydott; has eight children: Eliza Viola, Florence A., Carrie E., Robert H., William A., Lawrence A., Wallace A., Thora May; has 80 acres of land.

LONG JOHN, harness maker; Elizabeth.


LOWRY HENRY, retired; Elizabeth.


MCANNEY FRANK, farmer; Sec. 2; P.O. Elizabeth.

MCCABE JAS. farmer; Sec. 6, P.O. Galena.

MCCORMICK MICHAEL, farmer; P.O. Galena.

MCDERMOTT THOS. Miner; Elizabeth.

MCDONALD WILLIAM, farm; P.O. Elizabeth.

MCGOUGH EDWARD, Sec. 4; P.O. Avery.

MCGOUGH PETER, farm; Sec. 4; P.O. Avery.

MCGUIRE HENRY, Sec. 1; P.O. Elizabeth.

MCGUIRE JOHN, Sr., farmer; Sec. 1; P.O. Elizabeth.

MCGUIRE PHILIP, Sec. 1; P.O. Elizabeth.

MCMATH WM. miner; Elizabeth.

MCQUAY JOHN, laborer; Elizabeth.

MCQUILLIAN PATRICK, farmer; Sec. 3; P.O. Elizabeth.

MANKEY THOS. W. Miner; Elizabeth; born April 11, 1812, at Devenport, Co., Devon, Eng., of Cornish parents; married Frances Hicks Jan. 25, 1840; she was born Oct. 25, 1819, near Chacewater Parish of Kea, Co. Cornwall, Eng.; emigrated to the U.S. of America March 21, 1840; resided at Sharpsburg and Elizabethtown, near Pittsburg, Pa., two years; came to Galena, Jo Daviess Cp. In April, 1842; Mr. M. has served the people in the capacity of supervisor in the State of Wisconsin, where he lived for a while; he is now Street Commissioner Town of Elizabeth; they have four daughters living: Frances, Elizabeth, Annie Cly and Susan Ellen; lost two, eldest daughters, Mary and Frances E.; the others daughters are married, leaving Mr. M. and his wife living alone at their home in Elizabeth.

MASON MICHAEL, miner; Elizabeth.

MATTHEWS JOHN, Confectionery; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Town of Elizabeth Nov. 19, 1858; parents came to Jo Daviess Co. in 1857 from Cornwall, Eng,; Mr. Matthews is nineteen years of age; was left with two sisters early in life, having lost his father in 1863 and mother in 1868; has supported himself since he was twelve years old; is faithful and reliable having worked three years in one place, nearly three and a half at another, one for another man, and lately has opened business in the confection line and is doing well.

METER J. farmer; Sec. 1; P.O. Elizabeth.

MICHAEL J.M. farmer; P.O. Elizabeth.

MILLER WM. ST. CLAIR, Miller; Elizabeth; born Feb. 17, 1837, in Greencastle, Franklin Co., Pa.; married Rebecca Miley Dec. 5, 1855; she was born in Bridgeport, Franklin Co., Pa.; Mr. Miller came to Ill. In 1856, settling in Carroll Co.; superintended the flouring mill of Holderman & Co. for nine years; was with Abram Polsgrove 4 years, and J.B. Shirk 2 years in the milling business; at the present time is foreman in the flour mill of Edward Mitchell; has no children except an adopted daughter, Hattie Victoria Jane Campbell; Mr. M.'s mother, a lady upward of 80, resides with him; she is very active in mind and body, often going to the neighbors and stores on errands.

MOUNIER C. Farmer; Sec. 2; P.O. Elizabeth.

MOORE JAS. farmer; Sec. 31; P.O. Hanover.

MOORE WM. farmer; Sec. 31; P.O. Hanover.

MORRIS A. farmer; Sec. 10; P.O. Elizabeth.

MORRIS NATHANIEL, Farmer; Sec. 10; P.O. Avery; born in Logan Co., Ky., Oct. 1, 1806; came to Jo Daviess Co. May 10, 1827; landing at what at that time was called "The Point", an Indian trading place of two or three cabins, afterward became the City of Galena; married Elizabeth Johnson July 4, 1829; she was born in Tenn., but reared in Randolph and Jackson Cos., Ill.; she came to Jo Daviess Co. with her parents in 1828; they were married in a cabin on the farm where they now reside; the dismal howl of the wild wolf in her lair, the screeching of panthers and the echoing whoop of the native savages, was the only music with which they were surrounded; they have seen the wigwams and huts give way to the palatial residences of advanced civilization; they passed through the dangers of the Black Hawk War and beheld the curling smoke of peace after the tiger strife was over; Mr. M. now owns 200 acres of land; they have had eleven children: Mrs. M. is now a lady of 65 years but is as active as a bright-eyed girl of 20, and during the past year has woven 550 yards of carpet upon her foot and hand loom, an article of furniture which she prizes higher than any other about her house.

MORRIS NATHANIEL, Jr., farmer; Sec. 10; P.O. Elizabeth.


MOSLEY RICHARD, Sr., Retired; Sec. 35; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Derbyshire, England, May 10, 1802; married Miss Mary White, in 1838; she was born in Derbyshire, England, Jan. 13, 1808; Mr. M. emigrated to Philadelphia, Pa., in 1830; his wife came in 1832; in 1833 came to Jo Daviess Co.; have one son, Richard Mosley, Jr., born Aug. 27, 1842, in this Co.; he married Miss Sarah L. Eastman Dec. 3, 1868; she was born in Delaware, Ohio, Nov. 27, 1847; came to Wis. With her parents in 1851; to Ill. In 1852; to Afton, Ia., in 1860, where they were married; their children are Wm. Ira, born Sept. 22, 1869; Cora E., June 24, 1871; Clara B.,July 10, 1873; James R., May 29, 1875; Frank E., Aug. 22, 1877.

MOSLEY RICHARD, Jr., S. 35; P.O. Elizabeth.



NEAL GEO. P. retired; Elizabeth.

NASH A.H. Jeweler; Elizabeth; born Nov.4, 1853 at Yankee Hollow, Jo Daviess Co,; his father was among the first settlers of the Co., having come here in the Spring of 1845 from Chenango Co., N.Y.; Mr. N. Is the youngest of a family of eight children; his father died when he was only a few months old, leaving the family in literally poor circumstances; he was obliged to work on the farm till he was 19 years old, having little opportunity of obtaining any thing more than a common school education; but having true courage and determination, Mr. N. Went to Humboldt Co., Ia., where he spent two and a half years attending Humboldt College; taught school and learned the trade of watchmaker and jeweler; since then has spent most of his time in Jo Daviess Co., teaching school and working at his trade; is now located at Elizabeth, where he is doing a thriving business as a jeweler.

NEWKIRK CYRUS, miner; Elizabeth.

NEWKIRK DAVID, miner; Elizabeth.

NEWKIRK REUBEN, miner; Elizabeth.

NOBLE JAMES, miner; Elizabeth.


no names beginning with 'O'


PAUL WILLIS, laborer; Elizabeth.

POWDEN JOHN, butcher; Elizabeth.

PERRY WM. clerk; Elizabeth.

PILCHER PAYTON J. Carpenter and Joiner; P.O. Elizabeth; born near Fredericksburg, Va., May 15, 1808; his parents moved to Ky., near Lexington; the family came to Ill. In 1829, settling in Vandalia, Fayette Co.; remained there and in St. Clair Co. 8 years, and moved to Jo Daviess Co. in 1837; married Miss Anna B. Mitchell Nov. 8, 1832; she was born in Logan Co., Ky., Feb. 27, 1813; she came to Ill. In 1830, settling in St. Clair Co.; Mr. P. enlisted at Vandalia, in the Illinois Volunteers and served through the Black Hawk War; was mustered into service at the place where now the City of LaSalle is situated; only one log cabin at Dixon, only one at Rock river above there; was discharged at Dixon; he is the oldest living resident of the Village of Elizabeth; has five children: Sarah E., Wm. J., Araminta, Robert H., Amanda M.; Wm. J. is a deaf mute; was educated at the asylum; married a young lady in the same condition; have three bright, intelligent children: Sarah, James W. and Ettie, who understand two languages well; they converse freely with their father and mother in the language of the mute and can readily interpret into good Queen's English; Mr. P. owns a village residence and lots valued at $2,000; is a member of I.O.O.F.

PILCHER WM. carpenter; Elizabeth.

POGEN FRANK, potter; Elizabeth.

POTTER ED. renter; Sec. 20; P.O. Elizabeth.

POTTER JOHN, Elizabeth.

PRICE JOHN, constable; Elizabeth.

PRISK PAUL, retired; Elizabeth.

PRISK WM. P. clerk; Elizabeth.


no names beginning with 'Q'


RANKIN GEO. W. Merchant; Elizabeth; born in this Co., Feb. 18, 1848; married Miss Margaret Etling, Nov. 15, 1871; she was born in Jo Daviess Co.; have two children: Carrie May Rankin, born Aug. 16, 1872; George Otto Rankin, April 27, 1874; in 1875 Mr. R. Visited California, Montana and Nevada; has lately sold his farm and is now engaged in mercantile business in the Village of Elizabeth.

RANSOM JAS. G. farmer; Sec. 10; P.O. Elizabeth.


REED J. farmer; Sec. 1; P.O. Elizabeth.

REED JOHN, miner; Elizabeth.


REESE H. farmer; Sec. 12; P.O. Elizabeth.

REESE J. farmer; Sec. 12; P.O. Elizabeth.

REYNOLDS D. renter; Sec. 22; P.O. Elizabeth.

REYNOLDS JNO. E. wagon maker; Elizabeth.

RICHARDS JOSEPH, Farmer; Sec. 12; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Elizabeth, Aug. 21, 1854; never been away from his native village; born in a log cabin near his father's present residence; married Miss Parmelia Wishon March 6, 1873; she was born in Elizabeth Tp., near the famous Wishon Diggings, Sept. 7, 1865; have two children: Martin Wishon Richards, born Jan. 11, 1874; Joseph E. Richards, May 14, 1876; Mr. R. Has 163 acres of land, a fine house, and a well 228 feet deep, said to be the second in the Co. in point of depth.

RICHARDS THOMAS, Farmer; Sec. 24; P.O. Elizabeth; born in England Nov. 11, 1815; came to America in 1837; settled in Pottsville, Pa.; went from there to Big Sandy, 35 miles south of St. Louis; from there to Wisconsin, and then returned to Pa.; came to Jo Daviess Co. in 1850, and his home has been here ever since; married Peggy James at Bloomsburg, Pa., July 4, 1840; she was born Sept. 10, 1824, and came to America at the age of 6 years; they have six children living: John Henry, born Sept. 24, 1843; Thomas, June 27, 1849; Tobias, Aug. 21, 1852; Joseph, Aug. 21, 1854; Geo. W., June 29, 1859; Susan H., Jan. 27, 1866; have lost two children; Mr. Richards has been an extensive traveler during his life; he delights to talk of Pennsylvania as his home in America around which many pleasant memories linger.

ROBINSON DAVIS, merchant; Elizabeth.

ROBINSON J.Q. merchant; Elizabeth.

ROBERTS HENRY, farmer; P.O. Elizabeth.

ROBERTS WALTER, farmer; P.O. Elizabeth.

RODDEN JAMES, Farmer; Sec. 19.; P.O. Galena; born in Galena in 1836; married Miss Eliza Bevard in May, 1858; had five children, three living: Eliza, George, Franklin; lost his wife and two children; married Miss Margaret E. Johnson March 10, 1871; she was born in Irish Hollow, in this Co.; they have had three children, two living, John and Matilda; lost one; Mr. R. Has 160 acres of land.

RODDEN JOHN, Sec. 19; P.O. Galena.

RODDEN WM. Retired Farmer; Sec. 19; P.O. Galena; born in Holywood, Co. Down, Ireland, march 3, 1806; came to America in 1832, landing at Baltimore in August; lived in Philadelphia two years; came to Jo Daviess Co. in 1834; worked at bricklaying during Summer at Galena; located on the land where he now lives in Fall; only two cabins between there and Galena; advertised an estray on court house in Galena as being taken up by Wm. Rodden of Irish Hollow, hence the name of the ravine; married Margaret Flemming Aug 31, 1832; she was born in Lisburn, Co. Down, Ireland; lost his wife in 1875; has three children: James, John, Eliza; sold wheat at 35 cents per bushel; has been back to Ireland since the War of the Rebellion in the U.S.; visited American Consul at Holywood, his native town; shook hands with him like any other American, without putting his hat under his arm or bending his knee, to the great astonishment of his acquaintances in the old country; has 480 acres of land; Protestant; Republican.

RODMAN JOHN, P.O. Elizabeth.


ROGERS T.B., P.O. Hanover.

ROGERS WM. Retired Farmer; Sec. 18; P.O. Hanover; born in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, Sept. 10. 1797; married Martha Todd Dec. 26, 1828; she was born in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, Aug. 20, 1809; they came to America in the spring of 1837; lived in Pa. A short time, then came to Jo Daviess Co.; have been here since; have five children living: Michael, Joseph, Mary, William, Thomas B.; lost two girls and one son; four sons served in the Union army during the War of the Rebellion; William is at Omaha, Neb.; the others at home; have two grandchildren living with them, William E. Mahood and Margaret M. Mahood; has 343 acres of land; obtained land upon which he resides from government; very few people living here now that were here when he came; Presbyterian; Republican.

ROTTMANN JOHN, Farmer; Sec. 11; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Bavaria, Germany, March 29, 1829; came to America in 1854; married Miss Regina Barbara Waldtman in Galena, Dec. 6, 1854; she was born in Bavaria, Germany; Mr. and Mrs. R. Came to America in the same vessel while single, landing in New York, then went to Detroit, Mich. From there to Galena, and were married in the Fall; have 74 acres of land; have no children; they are educated and industrious people.

ROWLEY CHAS. shoemaker; Elizabeth.


SAUCER GEORGE, Grocer; Elizabeth; born in Prince George Co., Md., Oct. 10, 1808; his parents moved to Kentucky, and from there to Ohio, where he lived about six years; in the year 1827, at the age of 19, he came to Jo Daviess Co.; Galena was called "The Point;" worked at the New Diggings two years; frequently run into The Point by reports that Indians were coming; in 1829 went on foot to Beardstown, on Illinois River; married Miss Ann E. Delany June 25, 1831; returned to Jo Daviess Co. about 1837; had three children: Eliza married Greenberry Powell Nov. 30, 1853, now living in Mo.; Nancy J. married J.M. Wier Jan. 1, 1857, died soon after her marriage; lost an infant son, William H.; lost his wife in 1876; has 136 acres of land besides his business property in town.

SCHRADER AMBROSE, wagon maker; Elizabeth.

SCOTT ROBERT, Butcher and Shoemaker; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Fifeshire, Scotland, Oct. 22, 1831; married Catherine Smith, Aug. 1, 1851; she was born in Fifeshire, Scotland; the following year after their marriage they left their native land, arriving in Jo Daviess Co. in July, 1852; have four children living: Christina, Robert, Catherine and Mary; Mr. Scott established the first meat market and the first ice-house in the town of Elizabeth; is now engaged in conducting a meat market and shoe shop; also in superintending the work upon his farm; has 80 acres in the Co., and 120 in Iowa; Mr. Scott is the champion of champions at the game of checkers; he now holds the first prize awarded him at a contest held in Galena, having carried off the palm where the states of Wis., Ia., and Ill., were represented by their best players; he is independent in politics; his family attend the M.E. Church, of which he has been an exemplary member for many years; Mr. Scott is known in this community as an affectionate husband, a kind, indulgent father and a good citizen; he is honest and upright in business, loyal to the government and generous toward his fellow men, always extending a helping hand to the needy and elevating the fallen to a higher and better manhood.

SHAW CHARLES, farmer; P.O. Elizabeth.

SHAW THOMAS B. Proprietor Union Hotel; Elizabeth; born in Jo Daviess Co., April 21, 1839; his parents came to the Co. from England at an early day; married Azildia Pogue June 8, 1862; she was born in Elizabeth Feb. 22, 1849; her father came to Jo Daviess Co. in 1830; he was a soldier in the Mexican War and died at Jalapa, Mexico, Dec. 8, 1847; Mr. Shaw has been in Nevada and Montana twice; went there first in the Spring of 1867; returned home in one year and went back to that country again in 1871 remaining three years; he is now the proprietor of the Union Hotel in the Town of Elizabeth; he is a genial, accommodating landlord and evidently knows how to "keep hotel;" they have four children: Eva, born March 26, 1863; Alma, Aug. 4, 1865; Reuben, May 22, 1867; Robert, Oct. 17, 1871; Mr. S. Has in his possession an old English Bible, published in London, in 1772, which has been handed down from his forefathers with many other old books all of which are precious mementos and heirlooms in the family; an old family horse which his father always liked so well and cared for so kindly, died in Oct., 1876.

SHERARD GEO. Sec. 30; P.O. Hanover.

SHERARD WM. farm; Sec. 30; P.O. Hanover.

SINCOCK BENJ. laborer; Elizabeth.

SMITH E.R. U.S. Mail Carrier between Elizabeth and Galena and Justice of the Peace; born in Barre, Orleans Co., N.Y., Nov. 6, 1844; Mr. Smith went from N.Y. to St. Clair Co., Mich., in the Spring of 1861; from there to Sanilac Co., Mich., in 1863; came to Jo Daviess Co., settling in the Town of Elizabeth, Sept. 12, 1865; married the eldest daughter of John Weber, Sept. 12, 1872; has been engaged in carrying the mail from Elizabeth to Galena a great portion of the time, either as driver or contractor; Mr. Smith has been elected Town Clerk for two terms, 1876 and 1877; was elected Justice of the Peace in the Spring of 1877; his wife was born in the Town of Elizabeth and has been a resident of the Co. all her life; their home is surrounded by comforts that embellish life and make it happy.

SMITH EDWARD, farmer; Sec. 6; P.O. Galena.

SMITH GEOGE, miner; Elizabeth.

SMITH PETER, laborer; Elizabeth.

SPEER WM. farmer and stock dealer; Sec. 8; P.O. Galena.

STAKER J.J., Elizabeth.

STATHAM JNO. farm; Sec. 29; P.O. Hanover.

STRONG JOHN, miner; Elizabeth.


TART BENJ., retired; Elizabeth.

TIPPERT W. farmer; Sec. 21; P.O. Elizabeth.




TREDINERICK RICHARD, retired; Elizabeth.

TRESIDDER MRS. CATHERINE P. Farmer; Sec. 10; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Constantine, Engl., Sept. 23, 1825; her maiden name was Miss Rowling; married Mr. John Tresidder May, 1854; came to America May, 1869, and settled in this Co.; have four children: Richard Rowling Tresidder, born Jan. 4, 1855; Mary Jane, Aug. 16, 1859; Laura Annie, Jan. 21, 1863; Mrs. T. has 82 acres of land; lost her husband May 1, 1874; Mary Jane lives in Galena; she is an intelligent, industrious young lade and is interested in educational interests.

TREWARTHA ELISHA, retired; Elizabeth.

TURNER JOHN, laborer; Elizabeth.


no names beginning with 'Q'


VIRTUE JAMES, Sr., farmer; Sec. 26; P.O. Elizabeth.

VIRTUE SAMUEL, farm; S. 26; P.O. Elizabeth.

VIRTUE THOS. Farm; Sec. 30; P.O. Galena.


WADLEIGH JOEL, laborer; Elizabeth.

WATTS JAMES, Farmer; Sec. 26; P.O. Elizabeth; born in Co. Monmouth, Eng., Dec. 25, 1827; came direct to Jo Daviess Co. in 1851; went to Wisconsin, lived there two years, and returned to this Co.; married Miss Lydia Jacobs, April 7, 1858, in Hazel Green, Wis.; she was born in Franklin Co., Ind.; came with her uncle, Wesley Jacobs, in whose family she was an adopted child, to Jo Daviess Co., in 1833; Mr. M. worked by the month many years for Hon. H. Green; now owns 164 acres of land, and is engaged in growing fine stock, especially hogs; have four children: William James, Mary Elizabeth, George Thomas and Charles Arthur.


WATTS ROBERT, farm; S. 22; P.O. Elizabeth.

WEIR JAMES M. Of the firm of Weir & Weir; Elizabeth; born in Mercer Co., Pa., July 21, 1832; came to this Co. in 1846; has been in business in Elizabeth twenty years; was married to Miss J.E. Marshall in 1860; she was born in Ill.; one child by this marriage, Winnie M.; wife died in June, 1867; married Miss M.R. Berry in March, 1870; she was born in Pa. April 28, 1846; three children: Annie M., James E. and Ira T.; has been P.M. at Elizabeth for seventeen years; Township Treasurer since 1864, Town Clerk three years; family members of Baptist Church; he is a member I.O.O.F.; visited Centennial via Niagara, N.Y., and Washington. A.H. Weir was born in Pa. July 3, 1836; married Miss M.J. Olney, of Mt. Carroll, in 1862; she died in 1863; was married again to Miss Maggie Huston in 1867; she was born in Champaign Co., Ohio; three children: Nellie, G. Russel and Sadie L. This firm is now extensively engaged in the hardware business, and will not be undersold; repairing and jobbing done to order.

WEIR J.S. merchant; Elizabeth.

WESTPHAL JULIUS, boot and shoe store; Elizabeth.

WENNER IRA H. Teacher; Elizabeth; born in Galena, Ill., Sept. 4, 1853; his father came to this Co. from Schuylkill Co., Pa.; his mother came from Syracuse, N.Y.; they were married in Jo Daviess Co.; Mr. W. was educated at the Normal School of Galena; has been engaged in teaching for seven years; married Miss Jennie Barns Nov. 25, 1875; she was born near Newark, N.J.; came to Jo Daviess Co. with her parents in 1855; have two children: Raymond E. and Leroy.

WHITE SAMUEL, farmer; P.O. Elizabeth.

WHITE SAMUEL D. Farmer; Sec. 19; P.O. Galena; born in Irish Hollow, this co., Dec. 20, 1840; Mr. W. served three years in Union army during the war, Co. D., 45th Regt. I.V.I.; was in the engagements of Fort Henry, Donelson, Shiloh, Corinth, Port Gibson, Ringwood, Champion Hill, Vicksburg, and many other hotly-contested battles; his regiment was the first to enter Vicksburg; was honorably discharged Nov. 20, 1864; married Miss Josephine Mongin Sept. 20, 1865; she was born in Rice Tp. July 29, 1849; has five children: Emily, Kittie J., Matilda, Nevada, Ida; lost a little son, Elsworth.

WILCOX ISAAC, miner; Elizabeth.

WILKINSON JOHN, laborer; Elizabeth.

WILKINSON ROBERT, Renter; Sec. 35; P.I. Elizabeth; born in Northumberland Co., Eng., June 8, 1824; married Miss Margaret Peart July 24, 1850; came to America same year; remained in N.Y. for two years, Pa. four years, and came to Jo Daviess Co. in Fall of 1856; engaged in mining twenty years; has been farming four years; have been members of M.E. Church twenty years; he has been a member of the I.O.O.F. for twelve years; have seven children: Elizabeth J., John W., Margaret A., William J., Mary H., Robert A., Sarah M.

WILLIAMS GEO. Elizabeth.

WILLIAMS GEO. W., Sr., farmer; Sec. 21; P.O. Elizabeth.

WILLIAMS GEO., Jr., farmer; Sec. 21; P.O. Elizabeth.

WILLIAMS G.W. farm; S. 21; P.O. Elizabeth.

WILLIAMS HENRY, saloon keeper; Elizabeth.

WILLIAMS ISAAC, Farmer; Sec. 15; P.O. Elizabeth; born near the famous Natural Bridge, in Virginia, April 23, 1816; parents moved to East Tennessee, where he grew up to manhood; came to Jo Daviess Co. in 1850; married Miss Theresa Reynolds July 23, 1842; she was born in Tenn. and married there; they have seven children: William, Nancy J., James W., George, Thomas, John W., Isaac A.; have lost three children; Mr. W. has 160 acres of land is engaged in growing cattle, sheep, hogs and horses.

WILLIAMS J.B. farm; Sec. 21; P.O. Elizabeth.


WILSON HARVEY G. miner; Elizabeth.

WILSON W.H. Farmer; P.O. Avery; born in Burlington, Iowa, July 8, 1852; came to Jo Daviess Co. when one year old and it has been his home since; married Angeline Lathlean, who was born at council Hill, in Jo Daviess Co.; they have two children: Walter H., born Dec. 25, 1875; Winn, April 4, 1877; Mr. W. was thrown upon his own resources at an early age; was fond of social gatherings, and during his younger days played the fiddle for the dance many nights, and participated in the amusements of the gay and jolly, but now Mr. W. has changed his course of life and prefers to spend his leisure in some good cause; is now the superintendent of Col. Avery's farm and stock.

WINTERS EDWARD, miner; Elizabeth.

WISHON MARTIN, Retired; Elizabeth; born in Cumberland Co., Ky., Dec. 19, 1822; came to Jo Daviess Co. in the spring of 1841; has since resided here; owns the land on which the famous Wishon diggings were struck, from which more mineral has been raised than any diggings in the mining regions; owns 400 acres of land; has a fine residence in Elizabeth, surrounded by beautiful evergreens and shrubbery, which Shenstone might have envied; married Catherine Tenyck, July 20, 1850; she was born in Dutchess Co., N.Y., Sept. 27, 1831; they have five children living: Permelia, born Sept. 7, 1854; Nancy Jane, Sept. 25, 1858; Julia, Jan. 20, 1863; Cora B., March 16, 1867; Edith, Aug. 11, 1871; have lost five children; two of the daughters are now attending the Mount Carroll Seminary; Mr. W. is a genial, generous man, full of noble impulses; feels disposed to give his children all the chances for education and the accomplishments of music, drawing, etc., that wealth can purchase or fancy can suggest.

WOODWARD ELI, laborer; Elizabeth.


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YOUNG CHARLES M. Farmer; Sec. 4; P.O. Avery; born in Mercer Co., Pa., June 24, 1836; came to this Co. in 1855; served three years and eight months in the Union army during the War of the Rebellion; enlisted at first call for 3 months' troops, in Co. I (Jo Daviess Guards), 12th Regt. I.V.I.; discharged at expiration of time; enlisted again under Maj. Avery, Oct. 1, 1861; was in many severe engagements, Little Rock, Camden, Hartville, Saline, charge of Chalk Bluff, etc.; during the advance on Camden was under fire of the enemy 26 days out of 30; was honorably discharged; married Miss Nancy E. Reed June 30, 1865; she was born in Washington Co., Pa.; have five children: John T., Chas. J., Charity M., Annie May, and Ida Clara.

YOUNG JOHN S. Farmer; Sec.4; P.O. Avery; born in Mercer Co., Pa., July 22, 1838; came to this Co. in 1854; Mr. Young's mother still lives in Galena at the age of 72; he married Miss Amanda M. Keithly in 1859; she was born in Mo. And came to this Co. when she was quite young; have nine children: Horace H., born Aug. 25, 1860; Chas. L., Aug. 19, 1861; Ettie A. March 23, 1863; Elmer E., June 15, 1866; Minnie L., Nov. 30, 1867; Wilbur R., Sept. 24, 1869; Lillie S., April 22, 1872; Bertie May, Sept. 25, 1873; Edna Beatrice, Nov. 12, 1877; Mr. Y. Has taught school every Winter but one since 1858; Assessor two years, Collector one year, and at present time is Supervisor of Elizabeth Tp.


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