Biographical Directory
From "The History of JoDaviess County Illinois"
by H.F. Kett & Co., 1878


ANDERSON J.H. farmer; Sec. 35; P.O. Hanover.

ANDERSON J. farmer; Sec. 24; P.O. Hanover.


BABCOCK, CHAS. carpenter; Hanover.

BAILEY, CHAS. farm; Sec. 23; P.O. Hanover.

BAILEY, J.R. farmer; Sec. 13; P.O. Hanover.

BAILEY, W.S. laborer; Hanover.

BAIN, ROBT. farmer; Sec. 33; P.O. Hanover.

BARRETT, P. farmer; Sec. 35; P.O. Hanover.

BEATY, JOHN. Farmer; Sec. 4; P.O. Galena; born in Ind. Jan. 1, 1825; his parents emigrated to this Co. in an early day, and his father was the gentleman for whom Beaty's Hollow was named; was married to Miss Sarah J. Black in 1854; she was born in County Antrim, Ireland, Feb. 10, 1835; Mr. B. is known as a genial companion, of kind and generous impulses; his wife is no less remarkable for her generosity than for her faithfulness as a companion and a mother; they have two children, James and Mary E., who are the delight of their young friends and respected by all; Mr. B. owns 333 acres of land.

BELDEN, THOS. Laborer; Hanover.

BENNETT, H.V. farm; Sec. 28; P.O. Hanover.

BENNETT, M. farmer, Sec. 32; P.O. Hanover.

BENNETT, WM. factory hand; Hanover.

BLAKE, DAVID. Boarding house; Hanover.

BLAKE, JOHN. Farmer; Sec. 2; P.O. Hanover.

BLAKE, JOSEPH. Factory hand; Hanover.

BRENNAN, JAS. farm; Sec. 23; P.O. Hanover.

BROWNTER, R. Retired; Sec. 6; P.O. Hanover.


CALE, J.M. Sec. 16; P.O. Hanover.

CALE, P. farmer; Sec. 24; P.O. Hanover.

CARLEY, WILLIAM W. farmer; Sec. 28; P.O. Hanover; born in Petersborough, N.H., May 29, 1835; his father's name was Dexter D. Carley; he was drowned in the North Factory Pond at Petersborough; his mother's maiden name was Miss Nellie White; she died at Hanover, Ill., Jan, 1874, aged seventy-two years; Mr. C. Came to Jo Daviess Co., in 1855; married Miss Mary J. James June 17, 1857; she was born in Syracuse, N.Y.; they have one son living, Fred Daney Carley, born April 9, 1858; lost one child, Clarence White Carley, died July 28, 1872.

CALVERT, JOHN. Laborer; Sec. 5; Hanover.

CARY, WM. R. Laborer; Sec. 26; Hanover.
CHAPMAN, ASH. Stone mason; Hanover.

CHAPMAN, GEO. laborer; Hanover.

CHAPMAN, J.R. Justice of the Peace; Hanover.

CHAPMAN, JOSEPH. Stone mason; Hanover.

CHAPMAN, THOS. Teamster; Hanover.

CHASE, AUGUSTINE. Merchant; P.O. Hanover; born near Jamestown, N.Y., May 12, 1815; came to this Co. in 1840; married Miss Lavina Puddy of N.Y.; one child, Seth M. of Delhi, Iowa; lost first wife; married Miss Nancy M. Barnaby of Vt.; no children; she died and he married Miss V.E. Fohs of this state; one child, Albert R. Chase; Mr. C. Has been in the milling business fifteen years; has farmed some; merchandising twelve years; served as Collector four years, Assessor and School Director seven years; has been a prominent and influential member of the M.E. Church for thirty-five years; has served in the capacity of class leader most of the time.

CHASE, EDWARD. Sec. 1; P.O. Derinda.

CHEEK, HAMILTON. Farmer; Sec. 26; P.O. Hanover.

CHASE, HENRY. Farm; Sec. 25; P.O. Hanover.

CHASE, JOHN. Farmer; Sec. 11; P.O. Hanover.

CHASE, WM. farmer; Sec. 2; P.O. Hanover.

CLARK, GEORGE B. Prop. Hanover Hotel, Hanover; born at Westfield, Hamdon Co., Mass., Dec. 9, 1826; moved to West Springfield; was there four years; from there to the City of Springfield and remained fifteen years; came to Freeport in 1854; to Galena in 1856; married Miss Mariah C. Strickland in Sept. 1853; she was born in Palmer, Hamdon Co., Mass.; were married in Thompson, Conn.; have two children living, George A. and Clara E.; lost one child, Eva. Mr. C. Served in the army during the war, 45th Regt. I.V.I.; was in the severe engagements of Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta, Jackson, Nashville, and many others; was honorably discharged at close of war; returned and came to Hanover; purchased the hotel property, the business of which he has conducted since; on the 29th of Dec., 1877, Mrs. C. picked from the garden and had for dinner a dish of green lettuce which had grown spontaneously from the seed of the former Summer, something never before known; for the truth of this the writer of this sketch can bear witness, as it tasted as fresh as if served on a June morning.


COBIM, THOS. In factory; Hanover.

COBIM, WM. retired; Hanover.

COCHRAN, ANDREW E. Farmer; S. 35; P.O. Hanover; born in Hancock Co., Ill., May 1, 1853; came to Hanover in 1856; married Miss Effie Farquher Feb. 25, 1875; she was born in Hanover, Jo Daviess Co.; they have one child, Bertie A. Cochran, born Feb. 9, 1877; Mr. C. owns 265 acres of land.

COOPER, JACOB. Farm; Sec. 34; P.O. Hanover.

CRAIG, NATHAN B. Merchant; P.O. Hanover; born in St. Charles Co., Mo., June 13, 1822; came with his parents to Galena in 1827; in the Spring of 1828 his father came to Hanover and took up the water power, and commenced at once the erection of a grist mill and a saw mill; the family came on in 1829; his mother was a granddaughter of the celebrated Daniel Boone, of Kentucky; her father was Nathan Boone, after whom the subject of this sketch was named; the family were here during the Black Hawk war; Mr. C.'s father served as Captain of Volunteers during the war, and was honorably discharged at it's close; Mr. C. has his old muster rolls now in his possession; he also has in his possession an old family Bible, the property of his grandfather, Nathan Boone; the record of his mother's family is in it; Mr. C's first wife was Miss Nancy Chandler; they had six children, only one is living, Mrs. Frances McLaughlin; married the widow Calamer, whose maiden name was Miss Margaret Pilcher; one child living, Olive M.; lost one; married Miss Elizabeth Milburn, born in Ind.; three children, viz.: Eva, Jessie, James E.; lost one; owns 527 acres of land.

CRAIG, JAMES. Farmer; Sec. 20; P.O. Hanover.

CRAIG, JOHN. Farmer; Sec. 20; P.O. Hanover.

CRUTTENDEN, ZEBULON. Farmer; Sec. 12; P.O. Hanover; born in Ferrisburg, Vt., Jan. 24, 1824; came to Ill. In 1834; remained one winter near Dayton, Ohio; went to Fulton Co. in 1843; came to this Co. and settled on the farm where they now live in 1848; married Miss Margaret May in 1846; she was born in White Co., Ill., Jan. 19, 1825; her people were among the first settlers in Hanover; three children living: Henry, in California; Mrs. Clara Pilcher, and Matilda; owns 126 acres of land.

CUTLER, SUEL. Painter; Hanover.

CUNDIFF, R.H. Farm; Sec. 20; P.O. Hanover.

CUNIFF, THOS. J. Farm; S. 15; P.O. Hanover.


DARLAN, LAWRENCE. Farmer; Sec. 14; P.O. Hanover.

DAUGHERTY, JNO. farm; S. 25; P.O. Hanover.

DAVIDSON, WM. Farm; S.22; P.O. Hanover.

DAWSON, G.H. Blacksmith; Hanover.

DAWSON, JOHN R. Farmer; Sec. 16; P.O. Hanover; born in Galena Nov. 22, 1838; lived in this Co. ever since, served in the army during the war from the first to the last; was the first to enlist in three months' service, in Spring of 1861; in Sept., 1861, enlisted in 45th Regt. I.V.I. for three years or during the war; was promoted from a private soldier to the rank of First Lieutenant; as a private he was known as a brave and willing soldier; as an officer, kind, generous and efficient; served four years and six months, only losing thirty days from duty; was in the severest engagements, as Vicksburg, Donelson, Shiloh, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta, Meridian, Champion Hill, Jackson, and many other very severe fights and skirmishes; honorably discharged at close of war; married Miss Martha Miller Nov. 8, 1865; she was born in New York City Dec. 25, 1838; have two children; Mary R. Dawson and Elizabeth Dawson.

DAWSON, ROBERT. Retired farmer; Sec. 9; P.O. Hanover; born hear Belfast, Ireland, Jan. 20, 1812; came to U.S. in 1832; lived in Philadelphia till 1834, when he came to Galena; married Miss Mary Robinson Oct. 13, 1836; she was born in Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, May 12, 1812; came to America with her parents in 1831; had ten sons, nine of whom are living: William, John R., George, James D., Eugene, Robert, Edward, Gibson, David, Benjamin; Joseph deceased; Mr. D.'s six eldest sons served in the Union army during the war; were on duty constantly, participating in the severest engagements from the first to the last; had their clothes shot, some slight wounds, but were all honorably discharged at close of war; Eugene contracted rheumatism, however, from which has since lost a limb. The six served what would have been nineteen years for one man; Mr. D. has assisted his boys to a start in the world, and retains as a homestead 80 acres of land.

DEAN, WALTER. Retired farmer; Hanover.

DEGEAR, ABLE. Fisherman; Hanover.

DICK, JOHN E. farm; Sec. 2; P.O. Hanover.


EDGERTON, ASHER. Farmer; Sec. 11; P.O. Hanover; born in Coventry, Conn., Feb. 12, 1816; came to Illinois in 1831; to Quincy in 1832; came to this Co. in 1840; lived there four years; owned the land at one time upon which the City of Cedar Rapids has since been built; returned to Wisconsin and run a furnace one year; followed mining on Apple River two years; spent one year in the gold regions of California; owns 440 acres of land upon which he is now engaged in farming; married Miss Julia Deal in 1840; she was born in Ashland, Ohio; two children: James L., Mrs. Annie J. Griffith; lost a son in army, Washington Irving.

EDGERTON, FRED. Farm; S. 13; P.O. Hanover.

EDGERTON, S.D. farm; S. 13; P.O. Hanover.

EDGERTON, THOS. E. farmer; Sec. 11; P.O. Hanover.


FABLINGER, GEO. Farmer; Sec. 3; P.O. Hanover.

FABLINGER, JOHN. Farmer; Sec. 14; P.O. Hanover; born near Cumberland, Md., Oct. 2, 1844; came to this Co. with his parents at the age of 4 years; mother died in 1861; father still lives in Co.; enlisted in 96th I.V.I. Aug. 8, 1862; served with his regiment till at the battle of Chicamauga was wounded through the upper part of left lung, fracturing shoulder bones; was there captured and remained in the hands of the enemy about two weeks; there were so many to look after that his wounds were not properly dressed; was paroled and remained in hospital one year; never was able for active service again, and the disability go with him to his grave; was honorably discharged at close of war, and is one of our country's defenders, disabled in the conflict, toward, whom the government should ever extend the hand of charity; married Miss Jane Young in 1868; she was born in this Co. Jan. 22, 1845; her father, one of the earliest settlers, still lives with them, at the age of 81; have four children: Ellen May, John W., Mary J., Annie B.; lost one child; owns 80 acres land.


FISHER, JOHN G. wagon maker; Hanover.

FLANIGAN, M. farmer; Sec. 3; P.O. Hanover.

FRANK, H. farmer; Sec. 10; P.O. Hanover.

FRANCKE, GUSTAV. Farmer; Sec. 10; P.O. Hanover; born in Rossia, Province of Prussia, June 26, 1826; came to the U.S. and settled in Milwaukee, Wis. In 1850; came to this Co. in 1852, and married Miss Christine Miller, same year; she was born in the same place March 31, 1833; she came to Milwaukee in 1849; has five children living: Herman H., A. Julius, Charles F., Wm. A.H., Wm.; owns 288 acres of land and is one of that industrious, intelligent class of whose adoption in this country the people may well feel proud.

FREEMAN, MRS. JULIA. Farming; Sec. 30; P.O. Hanover; her maiden name was Miss Julia May; born in white Co., Ill., May 3, 1821; she came to this Co. with her parents in 1835; among the first settlers; married Mr. John Freeman in 1843; he was born in Edensburg, Pa., in 1812; has four children living: A. Annie, Laura, John and May; owns 428 acres of land.


GALDEN, JOHN. Farmer; Sec. 8; P.O. Hanover.

GARROW, P. farmer; Sec. 18; P.O. Hanover.

GEORGE, JOHN. Laborer; Hanover.

GEORGE, LEWIS. Plasterer; Hanover.

GIBBONS, W. farmer; Sec. 6; P.O. Hanover.

GILLETT, O.H. farmer; Sec. 27; P.O. Hanover.

GILLIS, J. farmer; Sec. 10; P.O. Hanover.

GREEN, ANDREW. Farmer; Sec. 14; P.O. Hanover; born Steuben Co., N.Y., June 24, 1819; came to this Co. in 1835; David Williams, one of the three men who captured Major Andre, the British Spy, was his great uncle; married Mrs. Grotton whose maiden name was Miss Mary A. Collier, Oct. 15, 1861; she was born in Staffordshire, England, March 12, 1819; came to the U.S. in 1844; had ten children by her first marriage, only one of whom is now living, James B. Gretton; they now have two children, Marcus de Lafayette, and Louisa Montez; owns 200 acres of land.

GREEN, L. Farmer; Sec. 14; P.O. Hanover.

GREEN, M.B. Farmer; Sec. 6; P.O. Hanover.


HANNAH, JAMES. Farmer; Sec. 7; P.O. Hanover.

HANNAH, WM. farmer; Sec. 7; P.O. Hanover.

HAMMOND, C.M. farmer; Sec. 18; P.O. Hanover.

HAMMOND, J. farm; Sec. 13; P.O. Hanover.

HAMMOND, J.H. farmer and justice of the peace; Sec. 12; P.O. Hanover.

HARDY, G. farmer; Sec. 28; P.O. Hanover.

HARPER, MRS. JANE. Farming; Sec. 2; P.O. Hanover; her maiden name was Miss Jane McCall; born in Co. Monaghan, Ireland in 1840; came to the U.S. with her father when she was quite young; lived 12 years in the City of New York; came to this Co. in 1855; married Mr. M. Harper in 1857; he was born in same place in 1817; has three children living: Mary J., Elizabeth M., Ester; owns 400 acres of land.

HASLAM, J. Sec. 1; P.O. Hanover.

HASLOM, MOSES, farm; Sec. 1; P.O. Hanover.

HODGUES, E. retired; Sec. 6; P.O. Hanover.

HULL, B. Farmer; Sec. 12; P.O. Hanover.


HUNT, HIRAM B. Farmer and Engineer; Sec. 21; P.O. Hanover; born in Zenia, Ohio, April 19, 1822; in 1823 his father and two other families moved to what is now Galena-old town; first permanent settlers of Jo Daviess Co.; came up Mississippi on keel-boat "Col. Bumford" ; no steamer had ascended the river so far up as that; the steamboat, "Old Virginia: went up same Summer; came out to his farm in 1850; has been engineer on river boats for many years; married Abigail Comstock in 1843; have six children: Emma, Abbie, Arthur, Ernest, Kittie, and Irene E.; lost his wife in 1872; married Miss Amelia Vandorn; she was born in Ohio; Mr. Hunt crossed the plains in 1849; and remained in Ca. One year working gold mines; owns 565 acres of land; Republican; Rationalist.

HUNT, JAMES. Farmer and Engineer; Sec. 28; P.O. Hanover; born in Galena Oct. 9, 1824; first male child born of Anglo-Saxon parents in Jo Daviess Co.; commenced engineering on steamboats at the age of 19, and has been on the river nearly every Summer since; lived in Bellevue, Iowa, five years; married Sarah Armstrong in 1849; had five children: Edwin, William, Stella, Lewellen, and Lizzie; lost his wife in 1868; married Miss Mary Chapman in 1871; she was born in Lyons, Iowa, March 30, 1843; have four children: Charles, Frank, Eva, and Mary; owns 120 acres of land.

HUNT, ORSON A. Farmer and Stock Grower; Sec. 28; P.O. Hanover; born in Delaware Co., N.Y., Dec. 16, 1834; his father moved to Galena in 1840; they settled on Sand Prairie, where his father died in his 78th year; married Miss Emily Galpin in 1857; she was born in this Co., April 27, 1838; have six children living: Mrs. Cora Evans, wife of W.O. Evans, editor of Bellevue Leader, William T., Elmer S., Anna D., Florence A., and Fannie Fern; owns 750 acres of land.

HUNTINGTON, A.C. Superintendent Hanover Woolen Factory; P.O. Hanover; born in Middlebury, Vt., Jan 3, 1834; went to Wis. In 1861 and started the Appleton Woolen Mills; was trained to his business in Middlebury and Burlington; has been engaged in his business in many of the Eastern cities; has been his present situation since 1872; married Miss Sarah E. Stearns in 1858; she was born in Middlebury, Vt., March 6, 1837; have two children, Carrie F., Sarah L.

HUNTINGTON, JAMES P. Has charge of the Dyeing Department in Woolen Factory; P.O. Hanover; born in Middlebury, Vt., March 22, 1822; trained to his trade in his native city; came to Galena in 1854; in 1861 went to Fishkill, N.Y., where he followed his trade two years; came to Hanover in 1864; married Miss Charlotte E. Heath March 30, 1843; she was born in Molone, N.Y.; her parents moved to Middlebury, where they were married; they have one son, Howard H. Huntington, born May 24, 1844; his son has charge of his store in Hanover, where they are doing a lively business.


IRWIN, ROBERT. Farmer; Sec. 4; P.O. Hanover; born in County Monaghan, Ireland, Aug. 1, 1819; came to New York in 1845; came to Jo Daviess Co. in 1848; returned and married Miss Helen Williamson in 1850; she was born in same Co. in Ireland Sept. 5, 1827; came to this Co. with her parents in 1840; parents died in this Co.; his father lives in Dubuque Co., Iowa; eighty-four years old; mother died here; they have seven children: Mrs. M.E. Kilpatrick, Thomas D., Ellen, Matilda, Robert, Rebecca, William D.; owns 343 acres of land.


JABE, JEREMIAH. Farmer; Sec. 20; P.O. Hanover.

JABE, S. Farmer; Sec. 20; P.O. Hanover.

JABE, T. farmer; Sec. 20; P.O. Hanover.

JAMESON, S. Farmer; Sec. 20; P.O. Hanover.

JEFFERS, A. farmer; Sec. 9; P.O. Hanover.

JEFFERS, GEORGE. Merchant; P.O. Hanover; born in this Co., Dec. 21, 1844; has lived here since except four years spent in the Union Army during the war; enlisted in Aug., 1862; in the 96th Regt.I.V.I.; served with his regiment one year, and was on detached duty in the quartermaster and commissary departments; he shared the toils and hardships of army life till the close of the Rebellion, when he was honorably discharged at Nashville; returned home about Jan. 1, 1876; married Miss Louie Rowan Jan. 14, 1867; she was born in New York City in 1845; came to Galena with her parents; removed to Chicago where they were married; Mr. J. is now in business in Hanover, is Postmaster, and known as an efficient officer.

JEFFERS, STEPHEN. Farmer; Sec. 15; P.O. Hanover; born in Broome Co., N.Y., Sept. 20, 1820; came to Whiteside Co. in 1836; resided there three years, and came to Jo Daviess in 1839; returned to Whiteside and married Miss Julia Maxwell Feb. 14, 1844; she was born in Delaware Co., N.Y., Feb. 22, 1819; they came from N.Y. in the same emigrant train, consisting of twelve wagons; were on the road twelve weeks; have four children living: George, Perry, Albert, Willard; lost two children, William and Ellen; only four houses in Hanover when he came to the place; Mr. J. enlisted in 96th Regt.I.V.I.; mustered in at Rockford Oct. 6, 1862; elected Quartermaster and served with the Regt. Till commissioned Captain in Commissary Dept.; remained in army till close of war; was honorable discharged and returned to his home in this Co.; was in business for twelve or fourteen years; resigned his commission as P.M. when he enlisted; Supervisor ten years, Justice of Peace four years; has served as School Director, School Trustee, and Collector several years; owns 700 acres land.

JEFFERS, WILLARD. Farm; S. 15; P.O. Hanover.


KEAMAGHAN, ED. farmer; Hanover.

KEELER, HENRY. Constable; Hanover.

KILLOUGH, THOS. Physician; Hanover.

KILPATRICK, ANDREW. Retired farmer; Sec. 4; P.O. Hanover; born in Co. Antrim, Ireland, Jan. 27, 1801; married Miss Elizabeth Stuart March 19, 1824; she was born in Co. Antrim; came to this country in 1825; lived ten years in City of Philadelphia; came to Galena May 11, 1835; came from St. Louis in the Warrior, a steamboat bearing marks of service in Black Hawk War; took a claim in Irish Hollow; sold, went back to Galena, settled on farm west of Galena; lost his wife Sept. 20, 1871; has five children: James, Andrew S., Eliza, Ellen and Robert; they own 300 acres of land; Mr. K. is now in his 77th year, hale and hearty, and during this Fall shoveled 6,000 bushels of corn.

KILPATRICK, A.S., farm; Sec. 4; P.O. Hanover.

KILPATRICK, ROBT. farm; Sec. 4; P.O. Hanover.

KITTY, JOHN. Farmer; Sec. 24; P.O. Hanover.

KIRK, JAMES. Laborer; Sec. 4; P.O. Hanover.

KLEMPER, HENRY. Farm; S. 24; P.O. Hanover.

KLEMPER, JOHN. Farm; Sec. 24; P.O. Hanover.

KLEMPER, JOS. Farmer; S. 24; P.O. Hanover.

KNAPP, CHAS. farm; Sec. 21; P.O. Hanover.

KNAPP, HENRY. Farm; S. 15; P.O. Hanover.


LAMB, JOHN. In factory; Hanover.

LIGHTNER, F. Farmer; Sec. 8; P.O. Hanover.

LIMAGE, ANTHONY. Carpenter; Hanover.

LIMAGE, JOS. Teamster; Hanover.

LOVE, JOSEPH G. Physician and Surgeon; Hanover; born in N.Y. City Jan. 9, 1840; educated in the public schools of the city; went to Detroit, Mich., there completed his education; took first course of medical lectures at Queen's College, Canada, in 1858; second in Buffalo Medical University in 1859 and 1860; graduated at the American Medical University of Pa. in 1861; enlisted in 40th Regt. N.Y.V.I.; served during war as Asst. Surgeon, rank of First Lieutenant; participated in all the engagements and endured the hardships of the Peninsula campaign; honorably discharged at close of war; practiced in Kankakee three years, in Richmond, Mich., two years; came to Hanover in 1868; married Miss Nellie M. Reynolds July 21, 1870; she was born in Elizabeth, this Co., May 12, 1851; have two children: Charles R. Love, John G. Love; the Doctor is a member of the Council and Royal Arch Masons.


MCALLISTER, DANIEL. Farmer; Sec. 12; P.O. Hanover; born in the north of Ireland June 18, 1822; married Miss Elizabeth Patton Feb. 8, 1844; she was born same place Oct. 3, 1823; emigrated to Philadelphia in June, 1844; worked in the city at the wheelwright business eleven years; came to Galena in 1855; in Spring of 1856 purchased the farm upon which they now reside; have five children: James H., Anthony, George, in California, Mrs. Annie Arnold, Mrs. Jane Burns; Mr. M. has served as Justice of the Peace; was commissioned by Gov. Palmer, Commissioner of Highways and School Director; owns 340 acres of land.

MCALLISTER, J.H. farm; Sec. 13; P.O. Hanover.

MCCABE, ED. farm; Sec. 16; P.O. Hanover.

MCCALL, THOS. Farmer; Sec. 5; P.O. Hanover; born in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, July 4, 1831; came to the U.S. in 1836; they settled in N.Y. City and lived there eight years; came to this Co. in 1844; married Miss Maria Coline in 1860; she was born in Ireland in 1840; have five children living: Elizabeth, William, Annie, George and Elsie; lost two children; Mr. M. owns 273 acres of land.

MCCAUN, JOHN. Blacksmith; Hanover.

MCCORMACK, D.W. Sec. 7; P.O. Hanover.

MCCORMAC, D., Sr. Farm; Sec. 7; P.O. Hanover.

MCCORMAC,D., Jr. Farm; Sec. 7; P.O. Hanover.

MCCORMACK, GEO. Sec. 22; P.O. Hanover.

MCCOY, J.H. farmer; S. 22; P.O. Hanover.

MCDERMOT, MARTIN. Laborer; Sec. 22; P.O. Hanover.


MCKINLEY, WM. Farmer; Sec. 25; P.O. Hanover; born in City of Philadelphia Nov. 4, 1830; came to this Co. with his parents in 1836; lived in Galena till 1848, when they moved on to farm; Mr. M. has circumnavigated the globe, went around the world; started in 1852 overland to California; from there to Sandwich Islands, Navigator Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Liverpool, and returned to his birthplace, N.Y. City; from there to Philadelphia, then home to Illinois, consuming a little more than three years on the trip; married Miss Ann Kearney in 1860; have eight children living: John M., Emma G., Wm. E., George L., Lillie J., Eva May, Ira J., Robert M.; works 280 acres of land; has been School Director 16 or 17 years; a member of A.R. & A. M.

MCLAUGHLIN, MIKE. Shoemaker; Hanover.

MATHESON, JAMES. Retired farmer and stock dealer; Hanover; born in Sutherlandshire, Scotland, in June, 1800; came to British America, the Red River country, in 1821; came to Hanover in 1833; married Miss Margaret Southerland; had seven children, only one of whom is living, Mrs. Elizabeth Donelson; wife died in Hanover in 1846; married Margaret McGan, of Scottish birth; she died in 1871; Miss Maggie McKenzie, a granddaughter, lives with Mr. M.; he owns 400 acres of land.

MATHESON, JOHN. Farm; Sec. 15; P.O. Hanover.

MAY, ALFRED. Laborer; Sec. 10; P.O. Hanover.

MAY, BALAAM. Farmer; P.O. Hanover; born in White Co., Ill., Sept. 15, 1827; came to this Co. in 1835; father died in 1875; his mother, Mrs. Amanda May, born in 1805, still lives on the homestead where they settled in 1835; Mr. M. learned the blacksmith trade in Hanover; has worked at the business over eighteen years in this Co.; married Miss Eliza J. Nesbitt in 1852; she was born in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, in 1830; have six children: Alfred W., Mary E., George W., Wm. H., Charles R., Clara Belle; lost three children; has been School Director fourteen years.

MAY, JAS. farmer; Sec. 12; P.O. Hanover.

MILLER, JOHN. Retired farmer; Sec. 12; P.O. Hanover; born in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, Dec. 14, 1801; came to U.S. in 1823; settled in City of New York; lived there fifteen years, being a part of the time in Brooklyn and Jersey City; worked in carpet and hat factories, and was engaged in a publishing office; married Miss Eliza Gray Aug. 13, 1828; she was born in same place in 1805; were schoolmates in old country; came to this Co. May 1, 1838; bought claim from his brother; among the earliest settlers; eight children living: Mrs. Mary Jane Campbell, Joseph, Robert J., John Q., Mrs. Martha Dawson, Dr. George, of Savanna, Phoebe E., William N.; the original homestead contained 441 acres.

MILLER, JOHN Q. Farmer; Sec. 18; P.O. Hanover.

MILLER, N. Hanover.

MILLER, R.J. farmer; Sec. 12; P.O. Hanover.

MILLER, SAMUEL. Laborer; Hanover.

MILLER, WM. G. farm; S. 22; P.O. Hanover.

MILLER, WM. N. Farm; Sec. 12; P.O. Hanover.

MILLIGAN, ED. farmer; Sec. 20; P.O. Hanover.

MILLIGAN, JAS. E. carpenter; Hanover.

MONTGOMERY, WM. farmer; Sec. 29; P.O. Hanover.

MOORE, THOS. Clerk; Hanover.

MOORHEAD, ALBERT. Farm; S. 6; P.O. Hanover.

MOOREHEAD, T.A. farm; S. 6; P.O. Hanover.

MOORHEAD, THOS. Painter; Hanover.

MORRIS, LEVI. Teamster; Hanover.

MURPHY, MIKE. Laborer; Sec. 9; P.O. Hanover.


NESBITT, CHAS. farmer; Sec. 10; P.O. Hanover.

NESBITT, JOSIAH. Farm; Sec. 10; P.O. Hanover.

NESBITT, JAS. farmer; Sec. 10; P.O. Hanover.


PEARCE, MOSES. Farmer; Sec. 2; P.O. Hanover.

PEARCE, R.M. farm; Sec. 2; P.O. Hanover.

PHILLIPS, J.L. carpenter; Hanover.

PILCHER, REV. LEWIS A. Sec. 2; P.O. Hanover; born near Lexington, Ky., March 16, 1824; son of Jane and Nancy Pilcher; they were born in Va., respectively June 2, 1783, and May 5, 1787; father died in 1857; his mother had fourteen children; she is now 91 years old; has eighty grandchildren; sixty-five great grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren; Mr. P. is a Baptist Minister, and has preached the Gospel for many years; married Miss L. Beer in 1847; she was born in Ill., Oct. 23, 1825; had three children, one of whom is now living, Mary A., wife of David P. Kuhns, a carpenter and joiner; he was born in Guernsey Co., Ohio, Aug. 10, 1852; came to this Co., in 1864; they have one child, Leroy D.L. Kuhns, born Dec. 2, 1877; has 49 acres of land; Mr. P.'s wife died Dec. 22, 1852; since which time he has kept his family together by aid of his mother.



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REYNOLDS, ABRAM. Proprietor Carriage and Wagon shop, Hanover; born in Rome, Oneida Co., N.Y., July 21, 1821; lived in St. Lawrence Co. 8 years; Chautauqua Co. 10 years, La Fayette Co., Ind., 2 years; came to this Co. in 1841; resided here until the California gold excitement in 1850, when he crossed the plains with ox teams; was four months on the route; were harassed by Indians who stole their horses and other property; after losing horses walked 1,000 miles in order to get provisions to send back to the train; was compelled to depend on shooting game sufficient to supply them while footing it ahead of the teams; was there 2 years; Mr. R. Entered the land on which the Village of Elizabeth stands; was there at the land sale in 1847; the sale was at Dixon; Mr. P. J. Pilcher is the only man there now that lived there at that time; Mr. R. learned the trade of blacksmith in his native town and has followed it for 42 years; married Miss Ellen Marshall in 1848; she was born in New Hampshire in 1827; came to Rock Island in 1836 and to Elizabeth in 1843; have four children living; Mrs. Mary Moore, Mrs. Augusta, wife of Dr. Killough, Carrie and Hattie.

REYNOLDS, JNO. B. wheelwright; Hanover.

ROBINSON, ARCHIBALD. Farmer; Sec. 8; P.O. Hanover; resides in the village; born in Co. Donegal, Ireland, in 1807; came to the U.S. in 1826; settled in Philadelphia; remained there till 1834, when he came to this Co.; his sister Catherine, born in 1802, and another sister who died in 1839, came with him; his sisters Eve and Ann lived at home in this Co. till 1849; the moved to Galena; where there 15 years; removed to St. Louis and were there 8 years; have lived in Hanover since; Catherine married James Robinson, who died Dec. 24, 1871, since which she has lived with her brother; Mr. R. is one of the pioneers in this Co.; there are only two persons in Hanover Tp. Now who lived here when he came; owns 80 acres of land.

ROBINSON, CHAS. T. Farmer; Sec. 34; P.O. Hanover; born in Carroll Co., Ill, Feb. 10, 1845; his grandfather, John Armstrong, came to this Co. from N. Carolina, about 1827; Mr. R. moved into this Co. in 1870; married Miss Abbie Hunt in 1868; she was born in Galena May 17, 1847; have five children: Arthur, Ella, Mylus C., Lillie, Ada; owns 160 acres of land; Mr. R. served the last year of the war in the 15th Regt.I.V.I., was honorably discharged at the close of the war.

ROBINSON, G. farmer; Sec. 5; P.O. Hanover.

ROBINSON, H.G. Hanover.



ROBINSON, J.H. Hanover.



SANDERSON, WM. Sec. 25; P.O. Hanover.

SMITH, REV. J.D. Pastor U.P. Church; Hanover.

SMITH, JOHN. Sec. 2; P.O. Hanover.

SPEER, CHARLES. Farmer and Stock Dealer; Sec. 4; P.O. Hanover; born in Elizabeth Tp., this Co., Feb. 18, 1842; married Miss Nancy Campbell March 21, 1866; she was born in Galena Feb. 18, 1844; have six children living: Isaac, William J., James W., Mary E., Joseph A., Henry; owns 419 acres land; at the present time Mr. S. Is Supervisor of Hanover; takes a lively interest in the agricultural affairs of the Co.; a faithful officer and worthy citizen.

SPEER, JOHN. Farmer and Stock Dealer; Sec. 4; P.O. Hanover; born in County Monaghan, Ireland, July 20, 1828; came to Philadelphia with his parents at the age of five years; his father came to this Co. in 1834, and the family followed in 1835; remained in Galena three years, where Mr. S. Was sent to a select school a part of the time; no public schools; moved on farm in 1838; being the oldest son, his father being in delicate health, much of the business management devolved upon him and his mother; as he grew older found his education deficient; applied himself nights and so schooled himself as to fit him well for the business duties of life; in 1857 engaged to pay $21,000 for 945 acres of land in addition to the home farm; by the untiring industry of the family, farming, running threshing machines, etc., paid the debt, to the astonishment of some of their neighbors; the father died in 1862; mother still living at the age of 80 years; married Miss Mary Moore Oct. 20, 1857; she was born in Hanover; they have six children living: Josiah, Mary H., Elizabeth J., John M., Agnes I., Margaret T.; owns 316 acres land.

SPEER, J.R. farmer; Sec. 8; P.O. Hanover.

STEELE, CYRUS. Farmer; Sec. 4; P.O. Hanover; born in Peterborough, N.H., May 21, 1829; came to Hancock Co., Ill., in 1853; lived there three years and came to this Co. in 1856; married Mrs. Cochran, whose maiden name was Miss Susan Gates, in May, 1856; she was born in N.Y. Dec. 14, 1816; she had five children: Mrs. Nancy J. James, Charles A. Cochran, Andrew E., Anna E.; Mr. S. Has an adopted daughter, Eda Steele; owns 250 acres land.



SULLIVAN, FLORENCE. Sec. 23; P.O. Hanover.

SULLIVAN, JERRY. Sec. 23; P.O. Hanover.

SWIFT, D. Hanover.


TIPP, HENRY. Farmer; Sec. 24; P.O. Hanover.


UPSON, H.C. in factory; P.O. Hanover.


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WAUSEY, WM. Sec. 15; P.O. Hanover.

WATTS, JAMES B. farmer; Sec. 19; P.O. Hanover; born in Sussex Co., Engl., Aug. 13, 1817; went to Manchester in 1832; from there to London in 1833; lived in that city till he sailed for America; came to Chicago in 1834; clerk in court house two years; came to Galena in 1836; clerk for Amerys two years; moved to Elizabeth, and in a miner's cabin set up the first store in that village in 1838; started carding mill there in 1845; purchased grist mill in 1855, and introduced carding business and saw mill in connection with same power; remained there till 1867; moved to his present home in 1868; married Miss Abigail Hunt in 1842; she was born in Ulster Co., N.Y., July 28, 1825; four children: Eugenia A., Amelia C., Mrs. Ella A. Miner, Mrs. Abbie L. Batty; owns 296 acres land; is a member of I.O.O.F.

WELLS, JOHN. Harness maker; Hanover.

WHITE, A.B. Clerk; Hanover; born in Hanover Oct. 4, 1848; was educated at the University of Notre Dame, Ind.; married Miss Martha S. Reynolds in 1874; she was born in Jo Daviess Co.; have one child, Ella R. White, born Nov. 16, 1875; Mr. W. is a member of the Masonic Lodge, and has been "honored with supreme command" as Master.

WHITE, CHARLES. Supt. Of pulp mill; Hanover.

WHITE, JAMES W. General Manager, Hanover Manufacturing Company; P.O. Hanover; born in Amherst, N.H., July 2, 1818; lived there till 1837, when they came to Savanna, Ill.; Mr. W. carried on merchandising in Savanna from 1839; extended his business to Elizabeth, 1841, and moved to the latter place in 1843; married Miss Almira Jenks in the Spring of 1843; she was born in Beverly, Va., came to Savanna with her parents in 1838; she died in 1852; had three children, two of whom are living: Albert B. and Ella M.; lost one daughter, Anna; married Miss Harriet E. Fowler in 1853; she was born in this Co.; have four children: Mrs. Florence Howard, of Mass., Ralph W., Frank F., Wm.J.; in 1845 came to Hanover and purchased the water power and nine acres of real estate belonging thereto; commenced the improvement of the power, built dam, erected flour mill and saw mill; in 1845 the walls of the flour mill gave way, and in 1857 the present large and substantial stone building took the place of the former structure; continued the flouring business till 1864, when the present company was organized, and commenced the manufacture of woolen goods, using the stone building for a factory and erected a new one for flouring near by; Mr. W. is also the general manager of Hanover Paper Pulp Co.'s Mills, situated four miles below Hanover; owns 400 acres of land; Mr. W. and his kindred are known as unassuming, honest, and industrious people, having the confidence and respect of all who know them.

WHITE, JOHN KELSO. Retired farmer; P.O. Hanover; born in Peterborough, N.H., July 22, 1819; married Miss Mary H. Swan, Dec. 19, 1844, in their native town; she was born in Peterborough April 26, 1823; they came to Hanover, Jo Daviess Co., in 1855; Mr. W. has been engaged in farming till 1874, since which they have been living in the retirement of their village home; they have one child living, Mrs. Mary A. Dawson; lost one daughter, Mrs. Agnes J. Lightner, whose four children are now living with their grandparents: Claud O., Oma W., Charles A., Ray Albert.

WHITE, JONATHAN, JR. Miller; Hanover; born in Lowell, Mass., Dec. 25, 1833; his father, whose name the subject of this sketch bears, moved to Amherst from Peterborough in 1812; engaged in the manufacturing business til 1830, when he removed to Lowell, where he could have the aid of water power in carrying on his business; in Lowell he was many years a member of the Common Council, but declined other municipal offices; moved to Hanover in 1850, where he engaged in various pursuits, and was Postmaster of the village till he resigned in his 80th year; J.W. Jr., served in the army during the War of the Rebellion; in 1862, six months, in the enrolled militia of Mo.; returned to this Co. and joined the 45th I.V.I. at Vicksburg; was with Sherman on his "March to the Sea", was honorably discharged at the close of the war; married Miss Ellen H. Treganoun in 1855; have four children living: Jennie H., Harriet B., Caroline S., and Charles; lost first wife Jan. 1872; married Awilda J. Lightner Aug. 25, 1874; she was born in Mercer Co., Pa., in 1844.

WILCOX, F. Farmer; Sec. 27; P.O. Hanover.

WILEY, HENRY. Sec. 10; P.O. Hanover.

WILEY, J.H. farmer; Sec. 10; Hanover.

WILEY, WM. Sec. 10; P.O. Hanover.

WILSON, JAMES. Clerk; Hanover; born in Canada near Niagara Falls Aug. 2, 1836; his father owned a part of the ground upon which the battle of Lundy's Lane was fought; moved to Niagara in 1837; came to this Co. in1859; his parents came in 1862; father died April 14, 1866; mother died Aug. 5, 1870; Mr. W. married Miss Isabella Warner in 1859; two children living: Jenet M. and Nellie I.; lost one child, James M., in 1870; his wife died in 1871; was married to Miss Sarah Kaye of England; one child, Mary S.; lost wife in 1873; his present wife was Miss Elizabeth L. Dick, whom he married Sept. 4, 1876; she was born in Beaty's Hollow, this Co., Sept. 3, 1843.

WILSON, R.R. Merchant; Hanover.

WOLCOTT, HENRY O. Farmer; Sec. 24; P.O. Hanover; born in Ohio May 31, 1838; started in 1859 in a company with ox teams for Pike's Peak; went as far as Kan., traversed that state, and in Oct. With six others went 200 miles west on a buffalo hunt; returned to this Co., in Dec.; in 1867 with another party started overland for Montana; was detained fourteen days at F. Reno; Gen. Smith of Galena came up with a train of 120 government wagons bound for Ft. Phil Kearney; went to Ft. Smith; arrived at Helena Aug. 15; worked in the mines till following July, when he returned to this Co., where he has since resided; married Miss Helen R. Carpenter Dec., 2, 1863; she was born in N.Y. Oct 2, 1845; they have four children living: Etta F., Cyrus H., Lois O., Robt. R.; lost one child, John H., Jan 15, 1876; owns 200 acres of land.


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YOUNG, HENRY. Butcher; Hanover.

YOUNG, JONATHAN. Farmer; Sec. 3; Bellevue, Ia.; born in Manchester, N.H., Jan 3, 1825; married Miss Margaret Ann Moore in Aug., 1846; she was born in same city Feb. 12, 1829; removed to Dubuque Co., Iowa, in 1858; to Delaware Co. in 1859; lived in Londonderry nineteen years before coming West; came to this Co. in 1861; owns 140 acres of land; deals extensively in stock; they have four children living: Israel Hl, Lucy E., Addie A., David H.

YOUNG, Z.H. Teacher; Hanover.


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