Menominee Township

Jo Daviess County, Illinois

The Township of Menominee has a history peculiar to itself. At first it was mostly covered with heavy timber. Its surface is rolling and, for a number of years, the land was thought to be of little value except for its mines and its timber. Gradually, however, as time passed, it began to be settled up by a thrifty class of Germans who grubbed out the timber and have made valuable and productive farms. Its population is now almost entirely German. Politically it is called by Republicans the "Black Belt," as nine out of every ten of its voters vote the Democratic ticket. There is not an incorporated city or village within its borders, and no plat of any village therein has ever been made. Among its earlier settlers were Joseph Shipton, Nathaniel Laird, Thomas Prowse and Joseph Finley. The latter was at first Supervisor of the Township, but later joined the Mormon Church and went west.

(This section is taken from the book "History of Jo Daviess County  1904)

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