Biographical Directory
From "The History of JoDaviess County Illinois"
by H.F. Kett & Co., 1878


Adwards, R., farmer; Sec. 23; P.O. Warren.

Aikins, E.. Farmer; P.O. Warren.

Aikins, Lawrence, Engineer; Warren.

Alders, James, laborer; Warren.

Alderson, T., Retired; Warren.

Anderson, Eric, laborer; Warren.

Avery, A. H., Warren.

Avery, Henry M., Warren.


Backus, T., Sec. 14; P.O. Warren.

Baker, Joseph, teaming; Warren.

Baker, Solomon, farmer; P.O. Warren.

Baldwin, E. S., druggist; Warren.

Baldin, L. H., merchant; Warren.

Ballard, L. K., farmer; P.O. Warren.

Ballard, W. P., Farmer; Sec. 30; P.O. Warren; born in Cortland Co., N. Y., Nov. 24, 1815; came to this Co. in 1852; Republican and Liberal; owns 340 acres of land; he married Emma Thompson, Sept. 16, 1868; she was born in Wis.; have two children: Nellie and Bernice.

Barnes, A. T., tailor; Warren.

Barnard, A. T., farmer; P.O. Warren.

Barrows, James.

Barry, Patrick.

Barton, Major, Warren, whose portrait appears in this work, was born in Rochester, N. Y., Aug. 13, 1822. At the age of five his parents moved to Sandy Creek, west of Rochester, remaining there three years, when they removed to near "Daw's Corners," four miles north of Batavia, N. Y. In the year 1832 they again moved to near North East, Erie Co., Pa., where his father died. The subject of this sketch in the year 1839 went to Watertown, Canada, and was engaged for three years as a millwright. In 1842 he went to Lockport, N. Y., and carried on the grocery business until he moved to Chicago, in 1845, where he followed the auction business. In the spring of 1849, a freshet having carried off all the bridges there, Mr. Barton started a ferry across the river where the Lake Street Bridge now stands. The city soon purchased the ferry, when Mr. Barton went to Rockford, and was proprietor of a hack line between that city and Elgin, then the terminus of the Chicago & Galena Union R. R. He followed up the terminus of the railroad and settled at Warren, in the livery business, in the year 1853, where he has since remained for a quarter of a century. In 1873 he built the well-known and popular hotel, the "Barton House," of which he still remains proprietor. As a public spirited citizen, he has always been ready to help any enterprise that would benefit Warren. It is to the enterprise and energy of such men that this Western country owes its advancement and prosperity. He married Harriet A. Stowell, in Warren, Sept. 5, 1859. She was born in Paris, Me., May 16, 1832. They had six children; three dead, Jesse and Bessie (twins) and Belle; three living: Lola B., Josephine S. and Major Arthur.

Bayne, Chas., student; Warren.

Bayne, Jas., Justice of the Peace; Warren.

Bayne, R. J., clerk freight office I.C.R.R.; Warren.

Bedell, Seth, grocer; Warren.

Bedford, J. W., retired; Warren.

Benson, W. S., station agt. I.C.R.R.; Warren.

Biggs, Geo., laborer; Warren.

Biggs, J. D., grocer; Warren.

Bird, James, renter; P.O. Warren.

Bird, J. W., cooper; Warren.

Bird, John, miller; Warren.

Binz, Geo. H., engineer; Warren.

Black, James, laborer; Warren.

Black, Perry, farmer; Sec. 14; P.O. Warren.

Black, William, laborer; Warren.

Blackmore, Frank, laborer; Warren.

Blackmore, J. R., laborer; Warren.

Blackmore, Jeff, teamster; Warren.

Blackstone, B., agent; Warren.

Blake, T. M., salesman; Warren.

Boone, Chas., Farmer; Sec. 26; P.O. Warren; born in Somersetshire, Eng., Sept. 29, 1831; came to this Co. in 1854; Independent, Greenbacker and Liberal; owns 174 acres of land; was a member of the Nat. Guards, Nev. Ter., in 1863-4; married Sarah Leverett, of Adams Co., Ill., in 1859; have six children: two boys and four girls.

Boothby, N., Manufacturer of Inlaid Floors; Warren, Ill., born in Ohio, Sept. 1832; came to this Co. in 1858; Republican and Liberal.

Boothby, O., mechanic; Warren.

Brant, William, engineer; Warren.

Brandes, Henry, boots and shoes; Warren.

Bridge, W. H., miller; Warren.

Brink, Ead.

Brink, Abram L., Bakery and Confectionery; Warren; was born in Marathon, Cortland Co., N. Y., Jan. 23, 1829; came to this Co. in 1852; Republican and Episcopal preferred; has held the office of Town Clerk, and a member of the Town Board; married Rocklette P. Knapp in 1853; she was born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y.; she died Aug. 12, 1869; present wife was Catherine Williams; born in Wales, May 15, 1837; married Nov. 22, 1870; have four children: Earl C. and Henry Jay by first marriage; Chester A. and Messena by present marriage.

Brown, H. V., farmer; P.O. Warren.

Buckley, John, farm; Sec. 27; P.O. Warren.

Buckman, A. F., physician; Warren.

Burch, Senica.

Burd, George, laborer; Warren.

Burk, William, laborer; Warren.

Burnett, Alex. Miner; Warren; born in Franklin Co., N. Y., Oct. 15, 1810; Democratic and Liberal; Mr. Burnett was the first settler in the Town of Warren; laid out the town, and built the first house; built the Burnett House in 1854; Alex. Burnett came to this Co. in July, 1839, and first settled near what was known as "Cowers Mound," on Apple River; he was one of the first Trustees (for two years) of Warren after township organization, serving one year as President of the Board; he held office of Constable from 1857 to 1860, also Deputy Sheriff; some time in year 1850 he went to Minn. and spent two years building a saw mill 100 miles north of St. Paul; also built one in St. Paul; then returned to Warren; was captain of Company H., 96th I.V.I.; served one year; married Sarah A. Barlow, born in Florence, N. Y., March 24, 1841; have four children living: Warren, Phidelia, Nellie and Walter.

Buser, S. L., artist; Warren.

Butler, Selenus J., Livery man and dealer in Agricultural Implements; Warren; born in Trumbull Co., O., Aug. 5, 1837; came to this Co. in 1876; has lived in the adjoining Co. since 1845; Republican and Methodist; married Frances Galvin Aug. 5, 1857; she was born in Trumbull Co., Ohio, May 20, 1838; she died July 11, 1875; present wife was Martha E. Lewis, born April 2, 1847, in Smithfield, Penn; married Feb. 29, 1876; have two children, E. Grace, born Oct. 30, 1863; S. Erwin, Oct. 20, 1870.


Caldwell, W. S., physician and surgeon; Warren.

Campbell, Chas., traveling agent; Warren.

Campbell, Geo., Farmer; Sec. 36; P.O. Warren; born in Ireland in 1803; came to this Co. in 1848; Republican and Methodist; owns 40 acres of land; married Elizabeth Montgomery in 1830; they have five children living, Eliza Jane, Robert, Henry, Wm., George, Maxwell, Scott, Sarah Ann; lost two.

Campbell, M. S., Sec. 6; P.O. Warren.

Campbell, W. G., blacksmith; Warren.

Capron, W. W., express agent; Warren.

Carlton, C. W., salesman; Warren.

Carlton, H. M., merchant; Warren.

Carpenter, E., farmer; P.O. Warren.

Carr, J. H., farmer; P.O. Warren.

Canfield, A. J., traveling agent; Warren.

Canfield, M. L., butcher; Warren.

Chapman, Jerrie, merchant; Warren.

Charter, E. A., renter; P.O. Warren.

Charter, L. A., clerk; Warren.

Chaster, Chas. W., retired; Warren.

Cheney, Joseph, carpenter; Warren.

Clark, Fred L., grain dealer; Warren.

Clark, S. A., banker; Warren.

Claypool, Mrs. Rosan, Warren; she was born in Byron Co., Ky., in 1819; was married to Milton Claypool in Sangamon Co., in this state, in 1835; they moved to this Co. in 1847; Mr. Claypool was born in Ohio in 1814; came to this state with his parents when he was nine years old; he represented this town as Supervisor, and has held various other offices; had three sons in the army: William, Newton and James, all of whom served until the close of the war, and were honorably discharged; Mr. Claypool raised the first wheat in this Co.; he died at his residence, in this place, on the 27th Dec, 1869.

Clendenning, Jonathan, retired; Warren.

Clock, Eugene, farmer; P.O. Warren.

Colburn, W. R., miller; Warren.

Cole, Fred, nursery; Warren.

Coltrin, Alonzo, mason; Warren.

Coltren, E. C., retired; Warren.

Conlee, T. A., traveling salesman; Warren.

Conyne, A. V., Dealer in General Merchandise; Warren; born in Montgomery Co., N. Y., Jan. 1, 1829; came to Lafayette Co., Wis., in 1857, and to this Co. in 1867; Republican and Presbyterian; married Sarah Fox, of Montgomery Co., N. Y., Feb. 4, 1857; she was born Oct. 8, 1834; have two children, Charles D., born July 19, 1858; William F., Jan. 24, 1860.

Cooley, B., shoemaker; Warren.

Coppernoll, N., retired farmer; Warren.

Coppernoll, Z. G., blacksmith; Warren.

Coverly, E., farmer; Sec. 32; P.O. Warren.

Coverly, James.

Cowen, Mrs. Harriet, Warren, Ill.; was born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., in 1821; came West in 1844; was married to Luther H. Cowen Nov. 13, 1847; have three children living. Maj. Luther H. Cowen, the subject of this sketch, was born in Clay Co., Ill., March 11, 1822; he resided the most of his life in this Co., his parents settling in Galena in 1828; in his youth he evinced a strong desire for mental culture, and intellectual pursuits; notwithstanding the disadvantages for education incident to a new country, he succeeded, by his own efforts, in acquiring a liberal education, and particularly succeeded in the science of mathematics, and was skilled as a surveyor; modest and unassuming in his manner; he continued the pursuits of a private citizen, mostly engaged in farming, until the Fall of 1859, when he was nominated for the office of Co. Surveyor and was elected by a large majority, which office he held until he went into the army; he volunteered as a private soldier in Aug., 1861; was elected Capt. of Co. B, 45th Regt. I.V.I.; he distinguished himself at the battle of Fort Donelson by his cool and daring courage under the hottest fire during that terrible battle; he was in some other battles prior to his Regt. being ordered to Vicksburg, where he always exhibited the greatest skill and courage; he was promoted to the office of Major, for meritorious conduct on the battle-field, which office he held during the time that his Regt. was attached to Gen. Grant's department; he was engaged in a succession of battles fought near Vicksburg, up to the 22d of May, when he fell at the head of his Regt., bravely leading his men against the fortifications of the enemy in the face of a murderous fire; thus fell a noble and brave man in the discharge of his duty to his country; what higher tribute can be paid him? what greater eulogy can be pronounced or worldly honors conferred upon him -- he died in defense of his country.

Cowan, R. V., constable; Warren.

Crandall, S., butter and egg dealer; Warren.

Cropper, W. H., Stock Dealer; Warren; was born in Nottinghamshire, Eng., in 1831; came to this country in 1851 and settled in N. Y., where he remained one Summer; from there he went to Milwaukee, in which place he followed the business of milling for a number of years; married Miss H. Helena Gilden, in Iowa Co., Wis., in 1857; she was born in Lincolnshire, Eng., in 1841; they moved to this Co. in 1870, and it has since been their home; their children are: Eliza, born in 1858; Ann, in 1861; W. H., in 1864; Gracie, in 1870; Mr. Cropper has been engaged in stock dealing 15 years.

Crummer, Dr. Benj. F., Warren; son of James Crummer; was born at Elizabeth, Sept. 18, 1848; was educated at Michigan University, and graduated from the medical department in 1869; also graduated from the University of New York City, in 1875; practiced medicine at Elizabeth from 1869 to 1876, when he removed to Warren; married May Louise Donkersley, of Rockford, in 1871.

Crummer, Jos., Meth. clergyman; Warren.

Cummings, Alex., S. 21; P.O. Apple River.

Cummings, M., laborer; Warren.

Cunningham, A., miller; S. 33; P.O. Warren.

Cutiss, G. W., retired; Warren.


Dalrymple, S. L., traveling man; Warren.

Dawson, Frank W.

Dawson, J. C., farmer; P.O. Warren.

Dawson, R., farmer; P.O. Warren.

Dean, D. H., blacksmith; Warren.

DeBeque, R., laborer; Sec. 33; Apple River.

Delong, R.R., retired; Warren.

Delong, W. C., hardware dealer; Warren.

Dersham, John, retired; Warren.

Dick, A. C., carpenter; Warren.

Dick, Byron, brakeman; Warren.

Dobler, A., harness mkr. and dealer; Warren.

Dobler, J. F. H., retired; Warren.

Dobler, L. F., Sec. 25; P.O. Warren.

Dobler, Peter H., Retired; Warren; born in Lycoming Co., Pa., Feb. 19, 1823; came to this Co. in 1857; Republican and a member of the M. E. Church; has held the office of Town Trustee for several terms; Mr. Dobler has been engaged in milling, grain and general merchandising; also has followed farming; married Rebecca Follmer in 1847; she was born in Lycoming Co., Pa., Dec. 11, 1824; she died Nov. 7, 1866; his present wife was Harriet Young, born in Warren, Knox Co., Maine, Jan. 18, 1826; married in Oct. 1867; have four children: Jonathan A., Lewis F., Mary and Charles W.

Donkersley, Jay H., hotel clerk; Warren.

Dodd, Chas., laborer; Warren.

Dugan, Wm., laborer; Sec. 21; P.O. Warren.

Duncan, Frederic, sexton; Warren.


Easley, H. D.

Easton, B. F., laborer; Warren.

Eastman, Amos, retired farmer; Warren.

Eckman, D., lab; Sec. 33; P.O. Apple River.

Eckman, T., laborer; Sec. 33; P.O. Apple River.

Edwards, Mrs. Mary, Farmer; Sec. 14; P.O. Warren; born in Cornwall, Eng., Jan. 31, 1827; came to this Co. in 1849; have four children: Anna, now living in England, Mary, William and Alice Jane. Richard Edwards, father-in-law of Mrs. Edwards, and now residing with her, was born in Cornwall, England, Jan. 14, 1788; came to this Co. in 1842; Republican and Methodist.

Edwards, R., retired; Warren.

Elston, G., farmer; Sec. 27; P.O. Warren.

Emery, David P., agent of Jo Daviess co-operative association; Warren.

Emry, Wm., farmer; Sec. 22; P.O. Warren.


Fannin, A., postmaster; Warren.

Farnham, L. ., farm; Sec. 25; P.O. Warren.

Fleharty, W. H., farm; S. 17; P.O. Warren.

Flower, E. W., carpenter; Warren.

Fogerty, M., laborer; Warren.

Foley, John, laborer; Warren.

Ford, W. A., clerk; Warren.

Foss, H. W., dealer in agr. imp; Warren.

Francisco, H. S., mason; Warren.

Freeman, R., retired; Warren.

Frisbie, J. C., carpenter; Warren.

Frysley, E. H., shoemaker; Warren.


Gale, W. L., lumberman; Warren.

Gann, Herst C., Editor and Proprietor of Warren Sentinel; born in Lycoming Co., Pa., Jan. 25, 1844; came to this Co. in 1854; Republican; ree Will Baptist preferred; was in Co. M, 11th Regt. I.V.C.; served 8 months; married Sada E. Haynes Nov. 5, 1868; she was born in Rushford, Allegany Co., N. Y., April 20, 1849; have three children living, Herst C., born Aug. 11, 1871, Louis R., Nov. 14, 1873, Libbie Ella, Jan. 15, 1875; lost two.

Gardner, John, mason; Warren.

Gardner, Thomas, farmer; P.O. Warren.

Gates, W. H., laborer; Warren.

Gower, D. E.

Geeting, W. H., fruit and confectionery store; Warren.

Giles, C. L., Justice of the Peace; Warren.

Glover, Milton, laborer; Warren.

Godding, H. W., renter; P.O. Warren.

Godding, Luther, laborer; Warren.

Godding, M., laborer; Warren.

Graham, W. H., laborer; Warren.

Gray, S. A.

Greenbough, E., laborer; Warren.

Gregory, Charlton M., Co. Treasurer; Warren; born in Cayuga Co., N. Y., Jan. 21, 1838; came to this Co. in 1867; Republican and Liberal; Mr. Gregory is Superintendent of the North America & Ophir Silver Mining Co., of Wyoming Territory; is an experienced miner, having been in Nevada four years; married Julia Surprise, born in Lockport, N. Y., Sept 4, 1850; married Oct. 24, 1867; have three children: Charlton L., Myron S., and rancis W.


Harper, V., laborer; Sec. 33; P.O. Apple River.

Hart, D. W., carpenter; Warren.

Hawks, John, laborer; Warren.

Hawk, Samuel, laborer; Warren.

Hawk, Wm., laborer; Warren.

Hawley, Robert, armer and Stock Raiser; Warren; was born in Lafayette Co., Wis., Nov. 26, 1829, and was engaged in farming and stock raising; he was one of the Board of Supervisors and Assessor; in the Spring of 1877 he moved to Warren and resides upon a farm of 300 acres, still owning his farm of 240 acres in Lafayette Co.; he married Theresa E. Way in reeport, Ill., Oct. 20, 1854; she was born in Lewis Co., N. Y., Oct., 1832; they have five children, two dead, Stella and Alice; three now living: Elsie B., Dillie I., and May E.; Mr. H. is now largely engaged in buying and shipping stock; his father, Aaron Hawley, with five others, was waylaid by Indians during the Black Hawk War, while on their way home to Lafayette Co. from Sangamon Co., where they had been to purchase cattle, and only two of them escaped, Mr. Hawley's body was never found; his horse was afterward seen in the possession of Black Hawk, and ridden by that Indian Chief.

Hazen, M.

Hewett, Andrew, carpenter; Warren.

Heydon, Geo., retired; Warren.

Hicks, George, armer; Sec. 36; P.O. Warren; born in Cornwall, Eng., in 1810; came to this Co. in 1850; owns 160 acres of land; married Jane Osborne in 1831; she was born in England; have five children living.

Hicks, J. W., farmer; P.O. Warren.

Hicks, Joseph, cattle buyer; P.O. Warren.

Hicks, Patrick, laborer; Warren.

Hicks, Peter W., Sec. 36; P.O. Warren.

Hicks, Samuel, option dealer; Warren.

Hicks, T. H., farmer; Sec. 31; P.O. Warren.

Hicks, Thomas S., butter buyer; Warren.

Hicks, W., farmer; P.O. Warren.

High, M., laborer; Warren.

Hileman, Michael, House Mover; Warren; born in Huntingdon Co., Pa., Jan. 22, 1820; came to this Co. in 1852; Republican and Liberal; has held the offices of Town Clerk and Constable; was Sergt. in Co. H, 96th Regt. I.V.I.; served three years, and was 15 months in the following rebel prisons: Libby, Danville, Andersonville, Charleston and lorence; married Amanda R. Backus, of Erie Co., Pa.; she died the 9th of March, 1867; present wife was Phoebe A. Willots; married Jan. 9, 1869; have five children by former marriage and one by present: Mary L., Joseph M., Thomas B., Martha E., Georgetta and Lottie.

Hinckly, Lewis.

Hoefer, Wm., grocer and provision store; Warren.

Hodson, Thomas, armer; Sec. 21; Apple River; born in England, Jan. 28, 1848; Ind. Republican, and Meth.; has held the offices of School Director and Path Master; was in the 15th Regt. I.V.I., Co. E; served two years; was in Andersonville prison 7 months; captured at the battle of Keneshaw Mountain; married Alice Wright; she was born in Wis., May, 1848; married 17th of March, 1869; have two children: Henry Rollin and Sadie Bell.

Holland, John, laborer; Warren.

House, Peter, laborer; Warren.

Huett, George, Renter; Sec. 32; P.O. Apple River; born in Beaver Co., Pa., Aug. 4, 1827; came to this Co. in 1846; Republican and Liberal; married Sarah Ann Noyes of Pa., Oct. 11, 1857.

Huett, Wm., laborer; Warren.

Hussey, J. M., clerk lumber yard; Warren.

Hutchinson, H. J., farm; S. 18; P.O. Warren.

Hutchinson, J. H., salesman; Warren.


Inman, Henry, mason; Warren.

Isabelle, J. T., laborer; Warren.


Jackson, Lebron, laborer; Warren.

Jefferson, Thomas, laborer; Warren.

Jenkins, J. B., agricultural dealer; Warren.

Jewell, John, laborer; Warren.

Jewell, Wm., retired; Warren.

Johnson, Chas., laborer; Warren.

Johnson, J. E., printer; Warren.

Johnson, John, retired; Warren.

Jones, A. S., retired; Warren.

Jones, E. E., laborer; Warren.

Jones, Sylvester, carpenter; Warren.

Jones, Wm., mason; Warren.

Jones, A. M., real estate dealer; Warren.

Judd, Cyrus, teamster; Warren.


Keeler, John, carpenter; Warren.

Kellam, Cuthbert, farmer, P.O. Warren.

Kellam, L. M., baggage master; I.C.R.R.; Warren.

Kellogg, O., laborer; Warren.

Kenney, James, farmer; P.O. Apple River.

Kessler, L. E., druggist; Warren.

Kevern, Samuel.

King, Frank W., laborer; Warren.

King, J. B., teamster; Warren.

Kenney, E.

Kirkendall, John, laborer; Warren.

Knapp, C. E., blacksmith; Warren.

Knapp, James J., Druggist; Warren; born in Holland, eb. 12, 1843; came to this Co. in 1867; married Miss E. Corning Sept. 1, 1867.

Knight, Irvin, mason; Warren.

Knight, K., mason; Warren.

Knight, T., mason; Warren.


Law, J.

Lane, John, farmer; P.O. Warren.

Leach, Henry, Sec. 35; P.O. Warren.

Leverett, Joseph, Retired; Warren; born in Mass. Sept. 4, 1804; Republican; Liberal; has held offices of Town Clerk and Road Commissioner; married Mary Tanner, of Mass., eb. 19, 1828; have three children: Charles, Mary and Edith.

Lewis, T. O., farmer; P.O. Warren.

Lindsley, A. D., watch maker; Warren.

Lieb, J.

Lovin, Stephen B., harness maker; Warren.

Long, Charles, laborer; Warren.

Long, J. D., renter; Sec. 26; P.O. Warren.

Luke, M. H.

Lynch, James, laborer; Warren.

Lynde, I. P., retired; Warren.


McCarty, P., Sec. 28; P.O. Apple River.

McCauley, John, farmer; Sec. 21; P.O. Warren.

McCauley, Sam'l, Sec. 21; P.O. Apple River.

McClatchy, Wm., laborer; Warren.

McCormick, Andrew, armer; Sec. 34; P.O. Warren; born in the Co. of Tyrone, Ireland, Sept. 4, 1836; came to this Co. in 1872; Republican and Presbyterian; owns 230 acres of land; has held the office of School Director; married Elizabeth McCormick, of Ireland, in 1867; have five children, four girls and one boy.

Mcarland, P., grain dealer.

McIntec, M.

McJairssey, Robt., Sec. 22; P.O. Warren.

McKinney, J., farmer.

Marsh, John, retired; Warren.

Martin, Kent, laborer; Warren.

Martgall, Daniel, teamster; Warren.

Matthews, L. B., coal and cement dir.; Warren.

Matthews, W. C., retired; Warren.

Mears, John, laborer; Warren.

Menzemer, Geo., farmer; P.O. Warren.

Menzemer, Geo. A., farmer; P.O. Warren.

Menzemer, W., farmer; P.O. Warren.

Messersmith, J. W., wagon maker; Warren.

Messersmith, Z. T., wagon maker; Warren.

Metz, Samuel, farmer; P.O. Warren.

Meyers, C. G., laborer; Warren.

Mills, H. S., sewing machine agent; Warren.

Miller, A., fruit and candy store; Warren.

Miller, Geo. W., clerk; Warren.

Miller, L., farmer.

Miller, O. B., restaurant and bakery; Warren.

Miller, T. T., tailor; Warren.

Miner, E. B., laborer; Warren.

Moran, Wm., laborer; Warren.

Morrill, John S., Retired Miner; Warren; born in Monmouth, Kennebec Co., Maine, Dec. 6, 1816; came to this Co. in 1841; Republican and Spiritualist; Mr. Morrill was engaged in mining in Shullsburg, Wis.; married Mary E. Wilcox in 1852; born in N.Y. in 1832; have had two children, one living: Henry Albert.

Morris, E. H., provision dealer; Warren.

Morris, J. H.

Morris, L. E., provision dealer; Warren.

Morris, W. E., retired; Warren.

Morse, C. C., laborer; Warren.

Morse, R. C., salesman; Warren.

Morse, Watts, laborer; Warren.

Morton, C. E., farmer; Sec. 30; P.O. Warren.

Morton, Gus, farmer; P.O. Warren.

Morton, G. A., farmer; Sec. 25; P.O. Warren.

Morton, Mrs. Ruth J., arming; Sec. 30; P.O. Warren; born in Lincoln Co., Maine, March 30, 1825; came to this Co. in 1853; owns 80 acres of land; married Ward L. Morton May 8, 1853; he was born in Maine; was in Co. H, 96th I.V.I., killed in the battle of Chicamauga; have one child, Chas. E. Morton, born Sept. 21, 1855.

Murphy, John A., liveryman; Warren.

Murphy, Mort., liveryman; Warren.

Murphy, M. S., detective; Warren.

Murphy, T., yardmaster I.C.R.R.; Warren.

Murray, Chas., carriage maker; Warren.


Neusus, John, tailor; Warren.

Newton, Wilford.

Northan, A. J., retired farmer; Warren.


O'Neil, Arthur, renter; Sec. 28; P.O. Apple River.

Osterout, Peter.


Parsons, John, retired; Warren.

Parker Justin N., Shoemaker and Dealer; Warren; born in Chittendon Co., Vermont, Nov. 16, 1825; came to this Co. in 1846; Republican and Presbyterian; was Second Lieut. in 92d I.V.I., Co. G; married Hannah Edwards June 14, 1849; she was born in Johnson, LaMoille Co., Vt., Sept. 22, 1826; have three children living; Gideon H., born Oct. 6, 1850, Ida M., Oct. 6, 1857, Alice C., March 19, 1859; Eugene N., April 9, 1854, died Dec. 17, 1856, rank Eugene, April 28, 1861, died Sept. 12, 1862.

Pellett, David, Retired armer; Warren; was born in Windsor Co., Conn., in 1787; he removed from this place to N. Y. when he was 25 years of age; came from there to this Co. in 1866; married Polly Jones of N. Y., in 1837; she was born in 1802; Mr. Pellett's son William was in the army.

Pepoon, A., Sec. 35; P.O. Warren.

Pepoon, G. W., armer; Sec. 26; P.O. Warren; born in Painesville, Ohio, Nov. 4, 1832; came to this Co. March 19, 1850; Republican and Presbyterian; owns 186 acres of land; has held the office of Superintendent of Schools eight years; also, the offices of Collector and Assessor; holds the last mentioned office at the present time; was irst Lieut. in Co. K, 96th I.V.I.; served three years; also, was Provost Marshal of second brigade, first division, fourth army corps; married Miss Mary A. Abbey April 7, 1857; she was born in Painesville, Ohio, Aug. 26, 1835; have three children: Wm. A., born Jan. 25, 1858, Herman S., Jan. 21, 1860, Mary A., July 15, 1868.

Pepoon, M., carpenter and builder.

Perry, John, Sec. 13; P.O. Warren.

Pettibone, T., carpenter; Warren.

Phillips, A. E., blacksmith; Warren.

Phillips, Chas., prop. Barnett House; Warren.

Phillips, J. H., salesman; Warren.

Phillips, N. P., blacksmith; Warren.

Pierce, B. G., physician and surgeon; Warren.

Platt, J. A., machinist; Warren.

Platt, John D., Warren; born in Otsego Co., New York, Nov. 28, 1824; worked with his father on the farm till 21 years of age; came West in 1849, and located in McHenry Co., Ill., and engaged in merchandising; married Sept. 30, 1850, to Julia E. Carpenter, only daughter of Dr. Joseph Carpenter, of Otsego Co., N. Y., came to Warren Nov. 21, 1851, and started the first business house in town; was appointed Postmaster in Warren in 1852; elected County Judge to fill a vacancy in 1855; re-elected in 1857 for a full term; was a member of the celebrated Charleston Convention in 1860.

Powell, Albert, laborer; Warren.

Powell, John, farmer; Warren.

Powell, S., laborer; S. 33; P.O. Apple River.

Power, N., laborer; Warren.

Prescott, Chas., teamster; Warren.

Pritchard, Wm., retired soldier; Warren.

Propp, red, laborer; Warren.




Randall, A., switchman Mineral Point R.R.; Warren.

Redfeam, F., retired; Warren.

Reed, D. T., farmer; Warren.

Reed, J., Sec. 29; P.O. Apple River.

Reed, Wm. S., renter; Sec. 22; P.O. Warren.

Rembe, red.

Rembe, Phillips.

Reynolds, J. W., laborer; Warren.

Richards, E. J., laborer; Warren.

Richards, Wm., miner; Warren.

Richards, W. R., laborer; Warren.

Richardson, Geo., merchant; Warren.

Richardson, N. B., banker; Warren.

Robbins, A., painter; Warren.

Robbins, Geo., farmer; Sec. 17; P.O. Warren.

Robinson, C., retired; Warren.

Robinson, Hugh, laborer; P.O. Warren.

Rogers, Manley, Banker; born in Mt. Morris, Livingston Co., N. Y., Aug. 2, 1833; came to this Co. in eb., 1852; Republican and Presbyterian; Mr. Rogers was engaged in the mercantile business from 1852 to 1863; organized banking house of M. Rogers & Co. in the all of 1864; this was succeeded by the armers Nat. Bank of Warren; was President of this for 10 years; in 1874, the business was again changed to that of Rogers, Richardson & Co., as at present; married Miss Maria Abbey in 1859; she was born in Painesville, Ohio, in 1842; have four children; James Hervey, Wm. Eugene, Jennie A. and Lucius Henry.

Roper, J. S., S. 21; P.O. Warren and Apple River.


Sampson, G. A., feed store; Warren.

Sanford, D., drayman; Warren.

Sanford, E. H., carpenter; Warren.

Sawdey, Stewart, teamster; Warren.

Schadle A. C., dentist; Warren.

Schuster, Jno., retired; Warren.

Seace, Edgar, farmer; Sec. 24; P.O. Warren.

Serviss, Beri, armer; P.O. Warren; born in Montgomery Co., N. Y., June 30, 1810; came to this Co. in 1832; Republican and M. E.; has held the office of Justice of Peace for several years; also Supervisor; was a soldier in the Black Hawk War; married to Lydia A. Morton, of Maine, Oct. 2, 1846; have six children.

Serviss, Orlando, laborer; Warren.

Serviss, Wm., laborer; Warren.

Sherk, Joseph, undertaker; Warren.

Sherk, Joseph A., painter; Warren.

Sherk, Thos. J., farmer; Warren.

Shroeder, A. A., tinsmith; Warren.

Spofford, C. ., harness and carriage dealer; Warren.

Spofford, H. W., harness and carriage dealer; Warren.

Spofford, M., teamster; Warren.

Spore, A. J., teamster; Warren.

Spore, Benj., brakeman; Warren.

Spore, H., retired; Warren.

Stanbro, J., laborer; Warren.

Stansbrough, Edwin, laborer; Sec. 33; P.O. Apple River.

Stanton, J. E., constable and collector; Warren.

Sullivan, D., laborer; Warren.

Surum, M. C., shoemaker; Warren.

Switzer, Walter, retired; Warren.


Tallman, Wm., laborer; Warren.

Taylor, C. ., lumber merchant; Warren.

Tear, John, armer and Stock Raiser; Sec. 24; P.O. Warren; born in the Isle of Man, June 23, 1814; came to this Co. in 1854; Republican and ree Will Baptist; owns 425 acres of land; has held the office of Road Commissioner; married Betsey Buckman Dec. 24, 1838; she was born in Oneida Co., N. Y., eb. 29, 1816; died Dec. 22, 1864; have nine children: Rosetta, born Oct. 16, 1839; Wallace, March 11, 1841 (he is in the regular service, 14th Reg't., stationed in Texas), Rosina, Jan. 21, 1843, Harmony, Jan. 20, 1845, Josephine, May 18, 1848, Matilda D., April 7, 1853, Henry C. and Harriett, March 5, 1856, Ada, Jan. 6, 1859.

Teft, S. C., carpenter; Warren.

Tenyke, E., gardener; Warren.

Terner, B., baker; Warren.

Terry, Michael, laborer; Warren.

Terry, Pat., laborer; Warren.

Thomas, David, blacksmith; Warren.

Thompson, William, merchant; Warren.

Thornton, T. D., shoemaker; Warren.

Townsend, George N., Retired; P.O. Warren; born in Vernon Co.(sic.), New Jersey, Aug. 28, 1806; came to this Co. in 1827; Republican and Liberal; owns 800 acres of land, value, $32,000; has held the offices of Road Commissioner, Poor Master, School Director and Post Master; was Orderly Sergeant in the Winnebago War of 1827; married Mary Miner, of Schoharie Co., N. Y., Oct. 15, 1829; have 13 children: Samantha L., Amanda S., Samuel A., Geo. N., Annette, Joseph W., Jane C., Susan K., Olive A., Grazelle S., Hortense M., Hugh L., Emeline P.

Townsend, Halstead S., Warren, Ill.; was born in Steuben Co., N. Y., April 11, 1814; came to Ill. in 1830; served in the Black Hawk War in 1832 under General Dodge; was married in 1836 to Hannah Carver and settled permanently in the Town of Rush, where he bought a large tract of land and engaged in farming; ten children were born unto them, five girls and five boys, nine of whom are now living, and all married except the two youngest girls; their names are as follows: Robert K., Edward E., Samuel H., Winfield S. (died in 1869), John M., Matilda R., Servilda, Cynthia A., Alice C. and Della; in politics he was formerly a Whig, but now, and for many years, one of the staunchest members and workers of the Republican party; he was the first Supervisor ever elected in the Town of Rush and was re-elected for nine years; in 1858 he was elected and served in the State Legislature; in 1869 he retired from his farm and moved to the Town or Village of Warren, where he now resides; in 1870 he was again elected to State Legislature.

Totten, Albert H., urniture Dealer; Warren; born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, May 17, 1855; came to this Co. in 1856; Republican.

Tower, M., carpenter; Warren.

Trague, John, renter; Sec. 22; P.O. Warren.

Trague, Josiah, farmer; P.O. Warren.

Tuttle, A. M., physician; Warren.

Tuttle, Lloyd, barber; Warren.




Van Deusen, Rufus, salesman; Warren.

Van Deusen, John, armer; P.O. Warren; born in Albany Co., N. Y., in 1823; came to this Co. in 1870; Independent and Liberal; married Margaret Jones in eb., 1849; she was born in Albany Co., N. Y., Sept. 10, 1825; have four children: Robert (a medical student), Rufus P. (salesman), Rachel, and James H. (clerk).

Vandervert, H. S., grain dealer; Warren.

Vandyke, C. C., Sec. 33; P.O. Apple River.

Vandyke, C. C., Jr., thresher; Warren.

Vandyke, Perry, well-driller; Warren.

Vandyke, Wm., retired; Warren.

Volglesang, A. D., harness maker; Warren.


Wallace, Jas., Sec. 17; P.O. Apple River.

Ward, E. T., painter; Warren.

Warren, D. .

Wear, Robert, armer; Sec. 34; P.O. Warren; born in England in 1810; came to this Co. in 1850; owns 170 acres of land; has held the office of Path Master; married Mary Lauton, of England, in 1841; have 9 children; Thos. Wear was in 7th Ia. .C., Co. ; served 3 years and one month.

Wear, Thos., Sec. 54; P.O. Warren.

Wear, Wm., Sec. 34; P.O. Warren.

Weaver, M. S., butcher.

Wells, G. D., railroad man; Warren.

Wells, W. C., artist.

West, H., miner.

Weston, R., renter; P.O. Warren.

Whaley, D., laborer; Warren.

White, Chas., Sec. 25; P.O. Apple River.

White, Jas., farmer; Sec. 20; Warren.

White, Joseph, Sec. 16; P.O. Apple River.

Whitman, Jno., salesman; Warren.

Whitman, Jno., Jr., salesman; Warren.

Whitman, Wm., farmer.

Whitlock, B. C., Retired Grain Dealer; Warren; born in Union Co., Ill., March 25, 1833; came to this Co. in 1866 and engaged in the grain trade, which business he has followed for 20 years; married Miss H. N. Poole, in Lafayette Co., Ind., in 1867; she was born in Clark Co., this State, in 1842; Mrs. Whitlock had two brothers in the army, William C. and Livien E. Poole; they served through the war with distinction, and were honorably discharged; their father, Dr. Sydney Poole, was born in ermont in 1804; when he was 22 years of age he entered the Medical University at N. Y., from which he graduated; in a few years he came West and commenced the practice of medicine in Clark Co. in 1835, thus becoming the pioneer physician of that Co.; he was commissioned Col. during the war with Mexico; he died at his residence in Union Co. in 1861, respected and honored by all; Mr. Whitlock's father was born in Virginia in 1800; he came to Union Co., this State, in 1822, one of the first settlers in that Co., it being then a comparative wilderness, there being scarcely any inhabitants in that Co. at that time; Mr. Whitlock had a brother, James H. Whitlock, in the army; went in as Capt., was promoted to Major, and is at present a member of the State Legislature of Cal.; have four children: Laura M., born Dec. 9, 1868, annie J., Dec. 12, 1870, Maud, June 6, 1872, William Henry, June 27, 1875.

Wilcox, G. H. & E. P., Merchants; Warren, Ill.; came to this Co. in 1872; were born in Chenango Co., N. Y., G. H. born June 7, 1840, E. P. born Nov. 4, 1846; Independent and Liberal; Wilcox Bros. are dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Notions, Boots and Shoes, Clothing and Gent's urnishing Goods, Main St., opposite the railroad depot.

Wilkerson, James, retired; Warren.

Williams, Benjamin, Retired; Warren, Ill.; born in Saratoga Co., N. Y., May 7, 1804; came to this Co. in 1844; Republican and ree Will Baptist; has held the office of Road Commissioner and has been a member of the Town Board; Mr. Williams' parents were Quakers and he was raised in that belief; while a young man he experienced religion and joined the ree Will Baptist Church and is a regular ordained minister of that denomination; organized two churches in this Co., has always been a strong advocate of the temperance cause; an earnest abolitionist and is bitterly opposed to all secret societies; married Sophronia Norris, Jan. 23, 1828; she died in June 1830; present wife was Soloma Hall; born in Conway, Mass., March 5, 1811; married eb. 8, 1833; have five children living, two sons and three daughters.

Williams, B., Jr., teamster; Warren.

Williams, Benjamin, teamster; Warren.

Williams, I., farmer; Sec. 19; P.O. Warren.

Williams, Silas L., armer; P.O. Warren; born in Scales Mound, Nov. 22, 1850; Republican and Liberal; married lorence . Barron, Dec. 7, 1854; she was born in Milan, Cayuga Co., N. Y.; have one child, Elsie D., born eb. 19, 1876.

Williamson, R., Sec. 29; P.O. Apple River.

Wilson, George W., Sec. 22; P.O. Warren.

Wilson, James, Sec. 22; P.O. Warren.

Wilson, John A., Sec. 22; P.O. Warren.

Wilson, J. T., renter; Sec. 23; P.O. Warren.

Wilson, Robt., farmer; P.O. Warren.

Wilson, Wm., farmer; Sec. 22; P.O. Warren.

Woodworth, J. C., hardware mercht.; Warren.

Woodworth, Luther P., armer; Sec. 26; P.O. Warren; born in Bolton, Warren Co., N. Y., Oct. 16, 1812; Republican and Liberal; has held the office of Supervisor for 12 years, and Justice of the Peace for two years; married Marcia M. Babb, Dec. 13, 1832; she was born in Livingston Co., N. Y., May 19, 1816; have six children, Elmira, Martha, William, Benjamin, Eliza and Inez.

Woodworth, . H., farmer; P.O. Warren.

Wright, Jesse, Justice of the Peace; Warren.

Wright, W., drayman; Warren.



Zeigle, L. T., grocer.

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