William Schultz

The subject of tips notice owns and occupies a snug homestead on section 17, which, although not extensive, is very comfortable and weir located. He has a good stone-dwelling which with his barn and out-buildings, is in excellent repair, and denotes the thrift and industry of the proprietor. Among his neighbors and fellow-citizens, Mr. Schultz is held in high esteem, and has made for himself a clean record as a man and a citizen.

Mr. Schultz is a native of this county, having been born in Guilford Township, Sept, 20. 1848. His parents at that time lived on a farm now occupied by John Baus, who is represented elsewhere in this volume. His father, John Schultz, was a native of Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, and married Miss Dora Maria Schrumpf, a native of the Kingdom of Saxony. They both, however, came to America in their younger years, and were wedded in Galena Township, this county. John Schultz landed at Galena, July 4, 1847, in the midst of a big celebration of the National Independence. After his marriage he took up his abode in Guilford Township, where he spent the remainder of his days, dying in 1873 at fifty-seven years of age; the mother is still tiring, and makes her home with her son, John A. She is one of the revered grand-en of the township, has lived to see her children grow up around her, prosperous and respected, and has six grandchildren. She proved a most devoted and affectionate helpmate to her husband, likewise a kind and wise mother to her children. Although in the seventy-fourth year of her age, she is in the enjoyment of good health, and is spending her declining years in the midst of many friends by whom she will be held in tender remembrance long after she has departed hence.

Our subject pursued his early studies in the first and only brick schoolhouse erected in Guilford Township. He was reared on the farm, and trained to habits of industry and economy. Upon reaching manhood, desirous of establishing a home of his own, he was married, June 2, 1881, at the home of the bride in Council Hill, to Miss Florence Rozella, Leese. This lady is the daughter of James and Alice (Branton) Leese; the father is a native of Ireland, and the mother of Council Hill; they are both living, making their home in Franklin County, Iowa. Mr. Leese is about fifty-five years old, and his excellent wife forty. They are the parents of thirteen children, namely: Francis, Emma, Mary Ellen, Florence R., Willie, Thomas, Carrie, Bertha, James, Nellie, Henry, Charles and Oscar who died in infancy.

Mrs. Schultz was born in Council Hill, and was reared amid the peaceful pursuits of farm life. Her father was an agriculturist and wheelwright combined. Of her union with our subject there is one child only, a son, William James, born Sept. 12, 1883. Mr. Schultz. in 1884, purchased 190 acres of land in Guilford Township, which he remained upon until 1888, then secured that of which he is now in possession. Here he has effected many improvements, repairing the house and other buildings and putting up a new barn in 1888. In former years he was quite largely interested in the breeding of Percheron and Norman horses, and is considered an excellent judge of horse flesh. He lost two valuable stallions not long since, and has concluded to run no further risks in this direction. He now gives his attention exclusively to farming. Politically, he uniformly votes Republican ticket. He has served as School Director in his district a number of years, and was collector three years. Mr. Schultz is a member in good standing of the German Lutheran Church.

From: Jo Daviess County, Illinois Portrait and Biographical 1889 by Chapman Brothers