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Note:  It is important that researchers verify all information in these cemetery transcriptions.

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and Hylene Anderson for her update and this clarification of the cemetery history.

Bell Cemetery was located on the farm owned by the Parrott family. The remains originally interred at Bell Cemetery were moved and their final resting place is unknown at this time. It is possible that the remains were transferred to Ebenezer Cemetery as it was close by and room would have been available. Bell Cemetery was named for a man who was buried there:

Arthur G. Bell
Died on October 6th, 1875
Pvt., Co d, 45th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment in Civil War
(In a book by Ed.Coltrin, Arthur G. Bell is listed as a Black Hawk War Veteran also.)

To date, no marker has been found at Ebenezer Cemetery for Mr. Bell.


Ebenezer/Bell Cemetery is located approximately 8 miles from both the Scales Mound four corners and Galena's Main Street. It is one and one-half (1.5) miles off Stagecoach Trail on North Ford Road.

Richards	Martha, w/o Henry, b Nov 11, 1808, d Aug 6, 1880, 71y 9m 25d

White		William, d May 26, 1861, 53y 2m
		Ann, wife, d Dec 10, 1861, 49y 4m

Oatey		William, b Cornwall, England, July 17, 1817, d Oct 3, 1880, 63y 2m 15d
		Jane, wife, b Devonshire, England, Apr 10, 1827, d Feb 25, 1891, 72y 10m 15d

Thomas		Thomas F., b England May 24, 1819, d Apr 18, 1882, 63y

Oatey		William C., d Feb 19, 1868, 2y 10m
		Harriet F., d Jan 21, 1865, 5y 6m
		Dorothey A., d July 30, 1868, 11y 11m
		Mary J., w/o John, d Aug 22, 1868, 26y

Edwards		Richard, b Jan 14, 1789, d Jan 18, 1881, 92y 4d

Pooley		Sarah Ann, b Dec 8, 1853, d Oct 2, 1855
		Elizabeth, b May 5, 1854, d Feb 21, 1864
		Sarah Ann, b May 5, 1857, d Feb 19, 1864
		Ellen, b May 9, 1860, d Feb 15, 1864
		    Children of John & Elizabeth

Pooley		Irena, d Aug 12, 1879, 4m 8d
		Minie, d Sept 6, 1878, 1y 1m 12d
		    Children of James & Maria

Davis		Jane, w/o Jacob, b Dec 14, 1831, d May 11, 1869, 37y 4m 27d

Combellick	John Sr., d Feb 2, 1874, 75y 11m 2d
		Caroline, wife, d June 6, 1869
		Lydia, dau, 2m

Tresidoer	Elizabeth, d Jan 27, 1875, 73y

Webster		John, d Sept 30, 1879, 66y
		Mary, wife, d Jan 11, 1858
		Mary, dau, 4y

Webster		William [no dates]

Sincock		William G., d July 6, 1876, 48y 9m 18d
		Grace, wife, [no dates]
		Thomas A., d Mar 17, 1860, 2y 11m
		John H., d Dec 23, 1864, 10y 2m 12d
		John, d Mar 10, 1865, 24y

Oatey		John R. J., s/o William & Jane, d Sept 20, 1863,
		(Cpl Co F 96th Ill Vol Inv, died Battle of Chickamaugua)

Curtis		Hannah, w/o William A., b Apr 22, 1819, d Oct 10, 1872

Ross		W.A., d: August 20, 1869, 30y 4m.

Holman		Catherine, d: July 4, 1887

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